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Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: Mustard Seed Cafe Lunch!

Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: Mustard Seed Cafe Lunch!

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo keep it classic and casual as they leave Mustard Seed Cafe after lunch on Tuesday (August 7) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 33-year-old Maroon 5 frontman and his model girlfriend were first spotted out as a couple at the same restaurant earlier in the summer!

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Adam recently tweeted some love for his fans – “Hey twits. Just wanted to share a moment of appreciation for your love! Thank you!!!”

15+ pics inside of Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo leaving Mustard Seed Cafe

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adam levine behati prinsloo mustard seed cafe couple 01
adam levine behati prinsloo mustard seed cafe couple 02
adam levine behati prinsloo mustard seed cafe couple 03
adam levine behati prinsloo mustard seed cafe couple 04
adam levine behati prinsloo mustard seed cafe couple 05
adam levine behati prinsloo mustard seed cafe couple 06
adam levine behati prinsloo mustard seed cafe couple 07
adam levine behati prinsloo mustard seed cafe couple 08
adam levine behati prinsloo mustard seed cafe couple 09
adam levine behati prinsloo mustard seed cafe couple 10
adam levine behati prinsloo mustard seed cafe couple 11
adam levine behati prinsloo mustard seed cafe couple 12
adam levine behati prinsloo mustard seed cafe couple 13
adam levine behati prinsloo mustard seed cafe couple 14
adam levine behati prinsloo mustard seed cafe couple 15
adam levine behati prinsloo mustard seed cafe couple 16
adam levine behati prinsloo mustard seed cafe couple 17

Photos: AKM-GSI
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68 Responses to “Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: Mustard Seed Cafe Lunch!”

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  1. 26
    Cheeky Says:

    Agree 100% Realist!

  2. 27
    Butter_Fly Says:

    Do guys like this not realize there are other women out there besides models? Skinny or not, they pretty much all look the same.

  3. 28
    craig Says:

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  4. 29
    I wonder Says:

    Ok, i dont think anne and behati are best friends or even close friends but i dont buy Adam,s version of them being just acquaintances. Arent they both represented by the same agency? I could be mistaken but i also think they have the same agent. So def there could have been other interactions apart from the VS fashion shows.

    Also behati follows anne on twitter, though Anne never did! She is in fact one of the earliest persons behati started following. Now, if you are merely acquainted with someone, would you be following them?

    My two bits? Behati could have had a crush on adam and maybe just wee bit jealous of anne. So once they broke up she went in for the kill! Still dont blame her, you gotta go after what you want, but the douche in all this is Adam!

  5. 30
    buzz Says:

    @I wonder:
    behati even follow ppl she’s not knowing personally lol she just follow all ppl she works with, doesn’t make them bestfriends, yes behati-anne are friends but not like they hang out and all,they met at shows then they talk,they met at party then they talk,but not like behati with coco or with candice whom hangs out even outside the show and parties, you get the differences right?

  6. 31
    buzz Says:

    lol i dont know why ppl believe in stupid gossip site saying she had a crush on adam, if she likes him she goes after him even before she dated jamie, anyway according to ppl who was in coachella, adam and behati met there during the party,they hang out and from there it’s history

  7. 32
    ... Says:

    I heard she was after Leo but since Erin casted first for his girlfriend she must have realized that Adam is the only choice left.

  8. 33
    ok Says:

    Well, he had it good with Anne, not sure why he could not man up and marry her. Schedules took up too much time? What are you doing now Adam? You are going on tour. Anne has everything going for her , and you just let her go. EPIC FAIL!

  9. 34
    huh Says:

    Serena is @jennlovesm5
    Jen uses Fame ***** all the time and HATES ANNE!

  10. 35
    mick Says:

    Wish Adam would bang me instead…the dude is so hawt. Plus, he cud drop his load on my chest (or vice versa).

  11. 36
    Libby g Says:


    U r right! She has an unhealthy obsession with adam levine and as a direct result of that bashes anne at every forum under diff names! How sad that even after the split she continues with that obsession. Shes a psycho! Apparently she freaks out the band when she manages to show up at their concerts !

    Shes supporting the new relationship becos she hated the old one. Wait till this one gets serious. Shes gonna start hating on behati also, under a dif name!

  12. 37
    Libby g Says:


    Loving your male taylor swift comment! LOL! From the number of maroon 5 songs about breakups , looks like hes constantly breaking up with someone.

  13. 38
    Oscar Says:

    @creed: You are mean! Get correct info! BTW Anne V stole Adam from her friend model Angela Bellote!

  14. 39
    Oscar Says:


  15. 40
    Layla Says:

    People on his site are pathetic! Adam is dating Behati? Ok! That’s their choice! They are single and free! Their previous relationships are …past! They all have to move on!
    BTW, I wonder how Anne is still single. Is it hard for her to get a new man? Or it was Adam who has dumped Anne and she is still mourning her great loss….?

  16. 41
    Carl Says:

    Disgusting! Full of comments by frustrated Anne V widows! Anne V is past for Adam! Forget her! She needs a new man fast! I wanna read your comments then!

  17. 42
    Libby g Says:

    Ha ha wa waiting for “carl” to post!!, another assumed name! Have mel and kay posted yet???

    Layla, why should she hook up immediately? Just because adam moved on so quickly,apprently very quickly, doesnt mean that she also has to!

  18. 43
    I wonder Says:

    Idont think anne stole adam from angela. True, they were good friends but i think that was a short fling for just about 3 months or so. Adam was writing his third album in late 2009 and i remember him mentioning for a french tel interview that he was single when he wrote it, and he had heard that his love of his life( jane herman) was getting married and thats why he wrote the song misery. So i think he was single when he met anne in feb 2010. Yes, the girl code was broken, but i dont think he cheated!
    Plus theres also an interview with howard where pj mentions what transpired when they met.

    Howard asked what happened to the girl Adam brought to the show 2 years ago, so Adam said he’d ended it: “There were shortcomings all around. It wasn’t a good relationship.” Adam said he was now dating Anne Vyalitsyna, a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, for “almost 8 months of a really amazing time…she’s so intelligent and so sweet, it doesn’t matter that she’s beautiful.”
    JP laughed that Adam met Anne when the band played at the release party for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in Las Vegas: “He was like, ‘I’m going to go in there and find my wife.’ And he did.” Adam said he’d been joking but ended up making a genuine connection: “We left Vegas together…it happened instantly.”

    I dont think hes likely to have said it if he had still been seeing angela. plus it was a very short relationship. Not like e two years he spent with anne.
    I even dont blame behati for hooking up with him if that happened afterthe break up. You want him, go after him! My issue is the speed at which he hooked up, after claiming to be heart broken at being dumped!

    I really like him but he s turning out to be such a douche in this. One thing, Anne has never spoken about the breakup and i really admire her for it. She went off twitter for a while,kept to herself and never ever spoken about it. Adam tweeted a lot of sad tweets, released the very appropriately timed payphone though there are a lot of better songs in the album. Btw, that was NOt written for anne, the collaboration with wiz was done way before ( wiz even tweeted something about meeting sis anne).

  19. 44
    unknown Says:

    I cannot believe I am going to take Annes side on this one. She has pretty much not said anything about her ex since the split as far as twitter is concerned. Besides setting rumors of her and Alexander.

    However, I am not hating on Behati, I won’t go there, but Adam needs to get hios head out of his ass and quit being such an egotistical jerk. This isn’t going to last. I said it before. He already is copying her a typical pisces move. She posted a few days ago a Dr. Seuss comment he all the sudden posts the same exact quote. Not being nevative and mean towards him, but that def tells me he is basically not his own person when it comes to dating. Which is lame as far as a man is concerned. As far as lil miss Behati, well she is going to show her true colors ev entually. She is very immatture and wants thiongs her way, and soon Adam grows a pair, he will kick her to the curb. Just hope her obssession with him ends when the relationship does. It doesn’t help the fact that all his friends respond to her. The difference between Anne and Behati is that Behati is a lot smoother when wanting publicity. She is 23 and knows she has some time left as far as modeling is concerend. When she hits 24 and 25 watch out because that’s usually the cut off to an extent for models.

    As far as Leo is concerned, Behati did in fact try to hook up but shockingly he shut her down. Then she got her now exBF.
    It doesn’t surprise me that so many hate on these two, with out kn.owing any facts, and so many support this relationship just becuz of Adam. That’s sad. To make judgments against these people in wrong becuz of who they are.

    However, those of you actually believe that Behati and Anne were not friends. You are going by what Adam said in an interview. When in fact he has a past of lying. He doesn’t want people to know the truth to protect Behati. Thas sad. And what’s interesting is the fact that so many on here are the same ones who bashed Anne and now are bashing Behati.

    And of course many of you know of all the things I said about Anne and I got bashed for, now you all realise how I was telling the truth.

    Adam needs to become his own man, quit lying to ev eryone to protect her, because at the end of the day the truth always come out.

    This won’t last!!

  20. 45
    unknown Says:

    Here is an interesting tidbit, watch Genes posts on twitter. He is blasting Behati, which for Adams BFF is interesting. You again have to read between the lines.

    Also noticed someone must be watching here for them and after I brought up in a past post that all the sudden Behati stopped following so many of the people that mentions him that has a name. So someone must have dropped it in her possessive lil fame seeking self.
    On a funny note, she needs to stop googling him every chance she gets. That’s a stalker Behati, not a GF!

  21. 46
    Quizzical Says:


    Whats this about gene and reading between the lines? What r v supposed to be looking out for?

    I also think shes lot smoother than anne when it comes to seeking publicity and showing how close she is to adam and his coterie. Check her instgram. Shes constantly posting pics without actually saying things. Foolish anne used to brag on twitter and got bashed by all, this girl is smooth!

    And anne and the alex thing, that kind of made her look desperate. If it had actually been leaked by her, wont you at least make yrself look good instead of desperate? Makes me wonder about her pr team really. Looks more like something someone from alexs side would say, but knowing him thats not possible. Looks like some over eager common friend who must have said something. I suspect that daniel newman, he seems to be friends with both and he was kinda blowing up everyones twitter asking them to ask sis anne to call him! Hes weird ! This was sround the same time the story came out.

    Dont know why, and i know there are no photos , but i do think somethings really brewing between anne and alex.

  22. 47
    Cheeky Says:

    @I wonder: I agree – very classy that she stayed away from twitter after break-up. She is handling the Adam-Bee hook-up well too. She picked up and moved on with her life. It’s sad that she is no longer with Adam but she may be better off. Look what he did after their break-up – immediately opened the pages of the VS catalogue and ordered!!! HA HA (kidding people!) I like Adam too. Maybe it will work out with Bee – she’s young and probably is not looking to get married soon – there’s the time he needs to prepare himself for settling down with one woman.

  23. 48
    Cheeky Says:

    @Libby g: He probably needs the break-ups to bring out his creative side??? HMMM – he may be going through a few more ladies then…. ;-)

  24. 49
    unknown Says:

    @Quizzical: if you go oon Adams twitter page and he posted a pic of junk food, ice cream, etc.. gene posted moments laterbsomething to the effect of so you say you haven’t had desert in two years.
    Gene is by Adams standards his BFF, and Gene loves him, but Gene also will call BS if needed and when needed. I like Gene and I don’t even know the dude. He doesn’t kiss ass.

    I did notice a pic from her page that she has one says margaritas, and u can def see a Adam in the background.

    You wanna know why all of them are happy for him and Behati, its their way of saying we aren’t getting envolved becuz of the last time they tried to talk him out of being with Anne he pushed harder to be with Anne. I don’t feel they actually like Behati, its out of love and respect for ADAM. Behati has already shown immuturarity on her twitter page, wait til she throws her tantrums and show her temper.

    Adam however is a typiczl pisces and until he stands on his own two feetand knows what he likes and can stand up and say I don’t care for that instead of lying to everyone especially to himself. He will never find happiness.
    Let’s start with his lying, first of all what man is going to go on Howard Stern and admit to cheating on his exgf to be with her friend. Esp after the fact NBC almost didn’t resign he ass to The Voice, aftewr the last Stern show. It was all trained. A monkey doing tricks for the show. That’s all that interview is. He was coached in what to say and what not to say. Its obvious. If you believe anything that was basically said on that interview then people you are all fools. James will back him up, that’s until JJAMZ really takes off. Then he will leave the band. And from what I’ve heard, James has been fed up for a long time. As far as PJ, give him a hit song he will leave, give him more credit and then split. The only thing they care about is making it with out Adam. That’s how far he has pushed them
    As far as his friends liking Behati, some are fooled, others won’t say what they really feel, becuz of the last time with Anne. They tried to talk him out of going with Anne and Adam just bucked like a stubboourn jackass.
    Since when has Adam liked sharks, since when has he restarted smoking?

    Since Behati that’s when
    He is trying to be with someone even if he has to do everything in his power to be a liar to himself. He hates being alone.

    However, he needs to realize lying and saying the best candy in the world is one type but actually loves another. Just like he carried on about brussel sprouts when he was with Anne. Its all about what they like so I’m gonna let the whole world know I love this tyyle, but in reality it what Behati likes, but no one will know but us. Its childish the way he is being, but he is growing he will learn the hard way.

    He needs to learn that lil Miss Behati is actually not his dream girl but his worse nightmare.

  25. 50
    Vanessa Says:

    Behati is gorgeous..she is so much better than anne,adam actually looks happy with behati

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