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Johnny Depp: Pink Taco Aerosmith After Party!

Johnny Depp: Pink Taco Aerosmith After Party!

Johnny Depp steps out in style leaving Pink Taco on Monday (August 6) in Los Angeles.

The 49-year-old actor joined Steven Tyler and others at a party celebrating Aerosmith‘s concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

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Steven recently revealed Johnny may be featured on Aerosmith‘s new album, Music from Another Dimension!, due out in November.

Johnny added backup vocals to the politically conscious rocker ‘Freedom Fighter’,” Steven told Rolling Stone. “But the song may end up an outtake or on a later deluxe edition of the album.”

10+ pictures inside of Johnny Depp leaving Pink Taco…

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johnny depp pink taco for steven tyler 01
johnny depp pink taco for steven tyler 02
johnny depp pink taco for steven tyler 03
johnny depp pink taco for steven tyler 04
johnny depp pink taco for steven tyler 05
johnny depp pink taco for steven tyler 06
johnny depp pink taco for steven tyler 07
johnny depp pink taco for steven tyler 08
johnny depp pink taco for steven tyler 09
johnny depp pink taco for steven tyler 10

Credit: Ryan, Aik Arshamian; Photos: WENN, INFdaily
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  • yui

    is that john mayer?

  • jj sucjs

    no one cares about this washed up loser

  • Evie

    Looking more and more like Keith Richards everyday. Ick.

  • wow

    he looks like a clown?wear clothes that suit your age dude,

  • mimi

    He looks kind of ridiculous in that get up. The man is 49… time to grow up Johnny boy. No one would expect him to start wearing polo shirts and khakis, but come on, even “Keef” has toned it down a little.

  • old has been

    Is that a black eyeliner on his eyes??? so ridiclous seriously, dude got confused with his character in pirates ..

  • my


  • http://Justjarde Johnny fan

    Johnny is hotter than Brad sitt

  • George Clooney

    Ugh, what happened to him?

  • sam

    Is this dude in full on makeup? And he’s 49? Guess he’s a wanna-be rock star. Wonder what his kids and their friends think of his mid-life crisis?

  • pol

    who cares?he looks ridiclous and he is such a looser

  • Good

    Shower maybe Johnny? Shave?

  • Louise

    Johnny Depp and Steven Tyler….. birds of a feather. YUK!! When do entertainers grow up? and in Tyler’s case, when do they retire and go away!!

  • Sheila

    I always liked Johnny. But lately not so much. It’s like he refuses to grow up and is going through a mid-life crisis. Dumping his partner, late night partying and concerts, stumbling out of bars, dressing like a teenage pirate boy, rumoured affairs, doesn’t seemt to be spending much time with his kids. I’m not respecting 50 year old Johnny, I cringe in embarassment for him.

  • somali girl

    I love Johnny he has aged far better than brad. Yay Johnny.

  • Babe

    @yui: uhhh Depp has had this style for years…. Mayer wasn’t even known; don’t even try

  • richard

    his last two movies flopped,his acting sucked in them,he cheated on his wife with a 26 year 0ld girl.his choices for movies doesnt respect to his age and he is always drunk.i am a fan but johnny realy needs to wake up.WHAT HAPPENED

  • Teri

    He didn’t dump his partner, they mutually broke it out. Because of his busy schedule, it was reported earlier.They tried to fix it, but it didn’t work out. As for his “rumor affair” its just rumors, considering that person Amber was still seen around w/her girlfriend many times. Its not true. Media makes this up for spice, they don’t like it that celebs are humans and have normal problems. If you dislike Johnny thats fine, but if u dislike him cuz of break up thats not. Johnny has been the same for years, even w/Vanessa he dressed like this, its always been his style. nothing new. Still a fantastic actor

  • Teri

    Amber Heard is still dating her girlfriend Tasya
    gifting a horse to her does not mean hes dating her, and he didn’t cheat

  • @19

    Of course!
    Giving a young beautiful woman a gift worth tens of thousands of dollars means NOTHING!

  • Qiz

    Johnny…Johnny…Johnny*sigh* I used to have serious dreams about you…what’s happening?

  • Adriana

    Why anyone ever found this man attractive will be a mystery to me.

  • Aboveall

    Too much haters here…he looks good and with his split with Vanessa, away from his children now (they’re on vacation in the south of France since a couple of weeks), with his mother admitted at ICU of the hospital last week, I think he deserves his first “night out” without all the scrutiny of the haters here!!

    @Sheila: don’t be exaggerated! he has not been seen “partying” all those weeks…this is the first time we see him since the announcement of the split six weeks ago!!

  • Meh

    Why the media aren’t saying that he was at the party because he took the stage at the concert of “Aerosmith” in the same night?

    To me is most important to know about his “guitar solo” than if he was at a party or not!

  • Anna

    People in the film industry should tell this man it is about time for him to grow up. He looks ridiculous for his age. He used to be one of my favorites.

  • Teri

    its a damn horse, wtf how is that romantic in any way
    also She has a gf

  • Eve

    I think some of the comments above are very disrespectful. Johnny has always been a brilliant actor and when he was still young most of those who now pay him no respect, were probably swooning over him. He might not be conform, but that’s what makes him such an outstanding character. Hollywood is boring enough as it is with all those botox clones. Let him be. I might not agree with what he may or not may have done in the recent past, but cut him some slack. For his age, he is still very charming!

  • Lala

    Johnny has always been himself and that what i like about him . Haters gonna hate anyway. He’s amazing actor! I am happy to see him, that he had good time! He’s very good looking and charming! Love you John!

    @Meh // 24. It was the same night. He took the stage after it that was the afterparty!

    He was awesome at stage! God bless his heart! <3

  • Jenna

    Folks, we’re talking about Johnny here. He’s always dressed like this, ALWAYS!! So why all that hate? It’s who he is. At least he’s authentic and not one of those stereotype HW main stream wannabe-celebs. Some people seem to forget that he’s a brilliant actor and has been well-respected for his incredible performances in independent movies long before Captain Jack came along. Not to mention that he’s probably one of the nicest guys on earth with a big heart and lots of love for his family.

    You don’t like his style? Fine. But show him some respect!! He sure deserves it!

  • dooliloo

    his morphing into Keith Richards is almost complete.

  • Mejay

    Cosign on that! He didn’t “always” dress like this, the fitted vests, jewelry and flair just so, the eyeliner…
    It’s funny because he was once regarded as unique and original, but there’s nothing unique and original about a midlife crisis.
    He’s a great actor, I just wish he would pick movies that showcase his acting. 90′s Johnny Depp, I’ll even settle for early 2000′s Johnny Depp, where did that guy go?

  • brenda

    Haters here are the ridiculous, why you all hating on him? you can’t criticize him only for his clothes,..HE ALWAYS DRESS LIKE THIS, this is his rock star look,what’s wrong with it? He is just having fun or..he can’t ?he deserves it,and he always loved music ,it not a sin.,and his age doesn’t matter,..what? because he is 49 he has to be in his house all day and dress a suit?..let him alone he is a good person and his fans know it,so stop changing your names to criticize him are all just plain JEALOUS PEOPLE..JOHNNY DEPP LOOKS BEAUTIFUL ,SEXY AND HOT IN HIS 49 ..DEAL WITH IT HATERS!

  • brenda

    And to @3 Evie..Neverrrr ! and @4 wow(is that a name?)’s funny,because it said:” wear clothes that suit your age dude”..what? a man in his 49 CAN’T WEAR a black jean , shirt and a vest?..ridiculous haters! And last @qiz and@ Adriane..what wrong do you see on him?..Johnny is cute and so attractive…or maybe you are lesbian?

  • brenda

    @dooliloo: @dooliloo: l said it before..Neverrrrr!!

  • Elena


    he didn’t just “dump” her,they were going through problems for 2 years and Vanessa said she had been unhappy for long and there was some problems since the beginning! he’s only been seen in a few events since his split,what’s wrong with that? and “rumored” being the functioning word about the completely unfounded alleged “affairs”. the tabloids just have to sell spice over his break up,can’t you see through that? there’s absolutely no evidence to link him to Amber Heard.

  • Elena

    oh and how could you possibly know how much time he spends with his kids? you don’t see many pap pics of Depp so when he spends time with his kids he’s not in front of paps,he never was.

  • Johnny depp fan

    @pol: i think the only loser here is you he’s handsome and rich and a-lister and oscar nominee and golden globe winner and he will looks x100 better than in he’s 80′s

  • Johnny depp fan

    @George Clooney: Nothing happent to him but he’s just againg stupid he’s almost 50 now and evnen that he looks great .. Did you seee men in his age looks great like him?

  • Johnny depp fan

    @richard: @Anna: He looks great for his age

  • Johnny depp fan

    @Mejay: The funny thing is his succes become after the early 2000′s 3 oscar noms 7 gg noms and he win it and he win the sag award and 2 movies nominated for best pictures .. All of that succes he did in the 2000′s and you miss the 90′s guy?