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Liberty Ross Steps Out with Kids Post Cheating Scandal

Liberty Ross Steps Out with Kids Post Cheating Scandal

Liberty Ross steps out with her kids Skyla, 7, and Tennyson, 5, for the first time since news of her husband Rupert Sanderscheating scandal broke on Sunday (August 5) in Northern California.

The 33-year-old model and actress was not wearing her wedding ring, while Rupert was spotted out last week wearing his ring.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rupert Sanders

“I am utterly distraught about the pain I have caused my family,” Rupert previously said after photos of him kissing Kristen Stewart emerged. “My beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I have in this world. I love them with all my heart. I am praying that we can get through this together.”

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  • anne

    i want to see rob ):

  • Kirsten

    Beautiful woman and kids. It’s a shame that they have to go though this ordeal.

  • mlllllllllllle

    Here it starts.
    So no one heard about this woman before, but now that she has been deceived by her husband, you want to stalk her and her kids ?
    What a shame, Jared, you’re playing the nice guy, but you’re the worst.


    KStew’s victims

  • hoe

    This Kids are lovely:)

  • mlllllllllllle

    @SHAME: i think that she is actually Jared and Gossip blogs victim.

  • Lailah

    That’s right, walk with your head high Liberty! You go girl!

  • hoe

    Liberty is Beautiful much more than Stewart, Rupert bad move!

  • K-Stew

    Big F’n deal Fam.
    It was like just a mistake man.

  • http://gabbyrules ….

    … and some people want to pretend the cheating that took place was a trivial or insignificant act. Sorry, that’s not the case. Real people and real lives were affected. Not funny, not insignificant. A broken home or the mere possibility of divorce or potential of a broken home is no joke as it is exceedingly difficult to restore trust. Good luck to her and the children.

    As for the husband, well, he is a dirty dog, sneaky, lying scum cheat with no regard for his children. He is only sorry he got caught. As for Kristen, well shame on you too, as you knew the children and the wife, yet you carried on. Shameful, sneaky and malicious. The worst type of betrayal is from the ones posing as friends when they are really foes.

  • Nancy

    LOL. Maybe you should have thought with your other head you moron! I have no sympathy for you. You are an idiot. I hope she divorces your ass and takes you for all your worth. Hopefully your wife (soon to be ex) doesn’t badmouth you in front of your children. Then they can form their own opinion of you. Yes, we are all human. Yes we all make mistakes . . . you made a HUGE one. IDIOT.

  • Fassdong

    Am I the only one who though Rupert was kinda cute and charming..?

  • pat

    He certainly has a type. She almost resembles Kstew. He got her at a young age, too, 18 or so…….bordering on pedophile behavior.

  • busted

    Tennyson is an adorable name.

  • http://@FranKrug Francieli

    look at the calm face of her, and she was a armaçãoque Rupert made ​​to promote

  • evil b

    “momentary indiscretion” and absolutely no kind of “s-x’ led Liberty to take off her ring. This was not momentary and most certainly “s-x’ was involved. She would not throw away her marriage for some kissing, this was a FULL BLOWN affair. Kstews PR team thinks they can fool everyone, she is a B and Rupert is a stupid ‘arsh.’ My guess….. is this started during the promo tour in Austrailia, if you look at the pictures of all three Rup, Chris and Kris it looks like Chris Hemsworth knows and is disgusted with Kstew. Kstew looks pleased with herself. homewrecker.

  • casey

    The children are adorable.
    I hope Liberty divorces her cheating husband. If he did it once you can bet he’ll do it again.

  • http://@FranKrug Francieli

    look at the calm face of it, was a frame that she and Rupert made ​​to promote

  • hoe

    @Fassdong: you not are the only, I like Rupert very much.

  • Aubrey

    She is beautiful, and so are her children. Her soon-to-be-ex is a fool.

  • anne

    @Fassdong: i LOVE Rob. i think he’s the sexiest man alive. really. but rupert is kinda hot (but i still don’t like him,ew)

  • Myscaloppe

    Skyla does not want to know what her name means in Greek

  • Alicia

    His loss.

  • Ria

    What makes Kristen’s behaviour even more disgusting is that she pretended to be friends with Liberty and played with the children, all while she was sleeping with their husband/father. She makes me sick.

  • Delphine

    I hope Liberty leaves her rat of a husband and does what is best for herself and her kids. Good for her for stepping out without the ring. She shouldn’t feel she has to stay in and hide when she did nothing wrong.

  • Lilie

    @evil b:

    Oooh.. are you leaving with them? Either Kristen/Rob or Rupert/Liberty?
    No? Yes?
    Yeah, that’s what I thought..

    STOP WRITING F*CKING LIES when you don’t know what happen!!! You don’t believe it was only kisses? Good for you, but don’t come on blogs like JJ posting stuff like that when it was confirmed (even if it is a lie, still been confirmed!!) that any form of sex was not involved and that it didn’t start during shooting/promo!
    You have your own opinion, but stop bashing Kristen and writing lies like you 300% know for sure it’s true.. obviously, it’s NOT! or at least, you do NOT know!

  • Gossipgirl

    Good for her; I hope she divorces his cheating ass!

  • bobbi

    What does make this all the more disturbing is Stewart knew both Liberty and her children.

  • Frida

    oh my god, leave them the **** alone!

  • http://facebook linetta

    i love rob

  • http://facebook linetta

    i love robert patterson foreva

  • Lena

    God bless this woman! Head up high she deserves respect not the hate she is getting on Twitter by Robsten fans. She is a victim here too. I hope she divorces his ass for the well being of the children. Their father is a pervert

  • judsie

    i don’t know how old you are but they are both grown ups, nobody sneaks around this much for just a kiss, that’s ridiculous.
    and her publicist changed his 1st statement and said there were “several hookups”.. so yeah we could assume this means several weeks/months

  • Rosie

    The director you don’t have to see everywhere, but I don’t want to see Kristen Stewart in anything… she such a hoebag. She helped destroyed those cute little nuggets lives.

  • Daisy Kenyon

    @busted: Russell Crowe’s kid–same name

  • Daisy Kenyon

    Actually lack of ring doesn’t mean anything one way or the other. Other photos of LR with NO ring or non-wedding ring on left hand.

    They have kids in common and will have to co-parent even if there is a divorce.

    Is he a good Father and provider to the children? Are the children truly better off without him in the home?

    Is this the first time he has cheated?

    These are the things Liberty needs to ask herself before rushing into divorce court.

  • elle

    This whle situation is strange to me. I always thought (and still do) that Kristen is a LESBIAN. And that she and Rob had one of those fake hollywood publicity fake romances- so then she is caught with a married guy? I don’t believ it- I bet that was staged too

  • LaCroix

    What is even more sickening.. is this woman knocks Kristen Slutbag out of the park. Liberty is gorgeous..way too much for that cheating low life of a husband.

  • LaCroix

    @Lilie: I have to laugh at ppl like you srsly… What we do know is that Kristen was caught red handed in a public place out in the open for everyone & anyone to see her filth. She didnt even had enough respect for herself to hide. BTW that is the very first time any actress has been caught this way. This is a huge scandal that to me & many others think Kristen deserves NO respect for her behavior. SO shut it & stop telling others what to say & do. DOn’t like the K-Stew bashing? Go put your head under a rock cus the bashing will go on forever!

  • i hate her

    i don’t know what it is but i can’t stand this woman.

    also i feel bad for her kids having to be harassed by papps.

    i hate her in the pics going to the lawyer’s office and then out to lunch with that younger guy …
    i hate her.
    something about her pisses me off and rubs me the wrong way.

  • Lilie


    Did I say something about how I respect Kristen so damn much? And that what she did is totally ok with me? Please tell me.. No I don’t think so!
    I hate cheaters! I don’t think how you could do that, especially if you are sooooo in love blablabla..
    I am saying that the lies have to stop! We do NOT know what happenned and we will never know! And it’s not our business at all! But tabloids & people who believe them write lies all over the internet.. and as much as I hate cheaters, I also hate how you can go on & on about things you don’t even know for sure !

    And to judsie, I’m 22, I am a grown up as well ! ;) And you say it perfectly.. “we COULD assume”, yeah we COULD think and we COULD believe !!! Just get over the fact that we will NEVER know what truly happenned, if they did have sex or not, if this was going on for weeks, months or even more or if it was the only time..

    And let’s not forget about that basta*d of a husband shall we? ;)

  • SS

    I know what they did was despicable but I am feeling increasingly sorry for Kristen Stewart. I bet a lot of you commentors would be equally mortified if your lives and mistakes were ripped open and laid bare for all the world to see. As much as I hope Liberty Ross and her kids are okay and move on, I hope Kristen learns to forgive herself.

  • Marleyanne

    I like Kristen better.