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Zac Efron: John John Denim Campaign - Official Pics!

Zac Efron: John John Denim Campaign - Official Pics!

Zac Efron shows off his killer arms in this hot new ad campaign for John John Denim!

The 24-year-old actor was revealed as the face of the fashion line earlier this year and went to Brazil to announce his partnership.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zac Efron

Zac shot the campaign on the streets of Los Angeles with photographer Jacques Dequeker and styling by Jenny Richter and Felipe Veloso.

In case you missed them, check out stills of Zac and other celebs guest starring on the upcoming season of Sesame Street.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Zac Efron’s campaign for John John Denim?

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113 Responses to “Zac Efron: John John Denim Campaign - Official Pics!”

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  1. 26
    Derpina Says:

    @Fer: Actually he doesn’t even have to “try” it, he’s naturally sexy =)

  2. 27
    Jody Says:

    Zac is cool. My nigga!!

  3. 28
    guest Says:

    Why that kid face attached on such fit sexy body?

  4. 29
    EG Says:

    Ew. I like Zac but these are some ugly and cheesy looking pics. The styling, the framing, the whole look of the pictures is just cheap and tacky looking! I know lots of celebrities do adverts in other countries for the money but at least his other ads for Penshoppe in the Phillipines looked good.

  5. 30
    sharona Says:


    I did the math and came up with a different equation:

    Gossip + Vicious LIes = HATERS

  6. 31
    Derp Says:

    Extremely cheesy…hope he was paid well. At least his gay fanboys will be happy. Poor Zac:(

  7. 32
    Ad Says:

    Has anyone ever tried harder to be a “tough guy?” This whole look is ridiculous and completely disingenuous to his personality. He’s just posing (as he does in all of his recent films). Now he just blends in to all the other generic American actors who have emerged in the last ten years. Snooze.

  8. 33
    Derp Says:

    @Ad: You are completely spot on. He needs a complete cleaning of house in regards to his team of handlers. He got rid of his publicity team..they were incompetent. He needs to make a few more changes. Will he do it?

  9. 34
    Hello! Says:


    Obviously your math was wrong because if you’ve been keeping up with tweets in the past year, you will see who he’s been hanging with. Unfortunately his company includes drug users and alcoholics.

    I hope your right but anyone in that circle is not going to come up clean.

  10. 35
    lauren Says:

    he got a new publicists tho,
    he still has the same manager jason tho

  11. 36
    Kidding Right? Says:

    Is Zac’s team trying to make him look like a womanizer? Is this image supposed to make him a more bankable movie star or offer him more movie roles? I guess s@x sells. LOL.

  12. 37
    Jaz Says:

    @What!: I saw these tweets myself. They did not come from a site.

    One tweet came from a guy who was at LL’s BD party who said he was standing next to zac and there where other tweets from people late on where they were at a house party and Bootsy Bellows.

    Then there is this tweet from last Saturday from a guy who is friends with Lindsay:

    Fun last night in LA with @zacefron and @lindsaylohan … See u when I’m back in october! #sardiniatime

  13. 38
    lauren Says:

    um why do you care if he’s hanging out with lindsay or not.
    it’s his life so why do you seem to care so much about who he’s hangs with or parties with it’s his life.

  14. 39
    starsh Says:

    shame man, leave the poor kid alone. he’s just trying to make a living and get past his teenybopper past. he’s gorgeous, whether short, gay or straight and brings pleasure (ahem) to people so what’s wrong with that?

  15. 40
    Sara Says:

    @Jaz: Think that they could be dating on the DL?

  16. 41
    tina Says:

    Secondhand embarrassment. About who he hangs out with well you hang with druggies well what does that make you? I guess those reports about him being a womanizer and the next Hugh Hefner wanna be are true. Well so much for a good acting career just ask LIndsy Lohan and Rumer Willis. He already started he was at the Playboy Mansion for the Midsummer night’s party .

  17. 42
    lauren Says:

    lol on that thought, if zac and Lindsay were dating im 99% sure that would link to the media in a heartbeat,

  18. 43
    lauren Says:

    and apparently he’s been outta town the past couple days or w/e so anyone can say they ”saw zac efron”’ and tweet it just to get more followers.

  19. 44
    Darika Says:

    Like this page for the last fashion tendencies

  20. 45
    lauren Says:

    um from what i noticed, zac wasn;t even in LA on july 2nd, he was with his friend mo for his birthday in some destination some where, so maybe ppl get confused and spot a look alike

  21. 46
    Layla Says:

    always so perfect and hoooooooooooooooot !!

  22. 47
    Kidding Right? Says:

    I truly don’t think he is dating Lindsey Lohan but there is a strong possibility that he’s banging her. Zac has changed and he seems to have succumbed to the Hollywood life. Wasn’t he seen partying with Paris Hilton a few months ago? There were picks that he took with her at a party. I saw the tweets. So there is some truth to the rumors. You people need to stop being in denial and face reality. Your golden boy is living the party life and has fallen victim to peer pressure. Its a shame that he’s so caught up into trying be grown up that he’s chosen the downward spiral that has eaten up so many celebrities…Lindsey Lohan, Heath Ledger, and Brittney Spears to name a few. Its obvious that fame bring nothing but misery and sadness to many celebrities. So why is he searching so hard to find it and why take the east road? I don’t want him to become a male h@e for fame. I hope he wakes up soon and stays away from these venomous snakes.

  23. 48
    sharona Says:


    Tweets, Shmeetz.. WHERE ARE THE PHOTOS?

  24. 49
    ian Says:

    God.. he is so damn hot!

  25. 50
    Kidding Right? Says:

    Here are pics of Zac at Paris Hilton’s Birthday Party….

    What other proof do you need that he’s changed?

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