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Zac Efron: John John Denim Campaign - Official Pics!

Zac Efron: John John Denim Campaign - Official Pics!

Zac Efron shows off his killer arms in this hot new ad campaign for John John Denim!

The 24-year-old actor was revealed as the face of the fashion line earlier this year and went to Brazil to announce his partnership.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zac Efron

Zac shot the campaign on the streets of Los Angeles with photographer Jacques Dequeker and styling by Jenny Richter and Felipe Veloso.

In case you missed them, check out stills of Zac and other celebs guest starring on the upcoming season of Sesame Street.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Zac Efron’s campaign for John John Denim?

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  • lauren

    @ kidding right?
    i dont get your problem are you upset that he’s changing and growing up?
    he’s 24 he can do what he wants, i dont get why you have a problem with this? before you call me names or whatever yes i know zac isn’t perfect and i know he parties and etc but its his life and his choices in what he wants to do.

  • LOL

    oh god..those biceps

  • LOL

    @Kidding Right?: totally agree, even thought i am his fan for a year … I seriously hope he wont whore himself for a fame like 90% people in Hollywood and if he is already whoring( which i doubt it) ,i hope he someone will give him slap to reality..

  • Capoeira Moves

    Hahaha A couple of days ago somebody was saying he’s starting to look a little gay. The first pic totally backs it up. How to capoeira

  • EG

    @Jaz: Thanks for the tweets. You know I think Zac is a decent guy but he seems to run with a jerk crowd. Even if this Lohan stuff isn’t true he did go to Paris Hilton’s party and is friends with her brother and some of the people he hangs out with are pretty questionable, he was hanging out with some shady what we call Eurotrash types when he was in France and then there’s Rumer Willis and that whole douchey Ninja crew or whatever they are called he hangs out with.

    I feel like he really needs to clean house and re-evaluate career wise and in his personal life as well.

  • Vinci

    I predict the gay rumors come roaring back from this. Make the money while you can though I guess.

  • crrl

    He has always been a very good looking guy and I just enjoy looking at him. Are you people serious? This is definitely not a gangsta or tough guy look. I feel sorry for you if you really believe that. Besides he’s in his twenties most people party at that age celebrity or not, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to od or something. Some of you need to get over yourselves.

  • http://yahoo liz

    I think these pictures are hilarious – he looks like he’s been hit on the head with one of the dumb bells at the gym.

  • Daisy Kenyon

    I hope he is not gay.

  • sam

    Isn’t Barron Hilton one of Zac’s buddies? I’ve seen pix of them together. Do the math on that one. Barron has been arrested for DUI and drug possession starting back when he was 18 or 19? And he’s like only 22 now. Not sure the guy does anything but drugs and partying. Good person for Efron to hang with.

  • My 2 cents

    Zac looks incredible. As usual lots of hate and jealousy on this site. His personal life is his private life, I see no scandals with him , it’s nobody’s business . As long as he keeps making movies I will keep going to see him that is all he owes me is to keep acting. Then I am happy.

  • ew

    @CGamer: ew you nasty puke! get right with God!

  • ew

    @nonya: Since you are living for the one who hates you, pray to him.

  • elle

    Zac is GAY GAY GAY!!!

  • An observation

    Vanessa Hudgens’s head is flying in the upper right side of the first photo

  • kami
  • Lulz


    Yes, yes it does.

  • Wera

    Caro you as.s give me proof to that. nobody knows why they broke up and who broke up with who or if it was mutual.

  • EG

    @Kidding Right? I don’t think he’s anywhere at the Lohan, Spears level but I think there is an element of peer pressure with the people hangs out with. A lot of them party hard. I honestly think he is a nice, decent guy but he is young and rich and girls are probably throwting themselves at him 24/7 so it’s easy to give in to temptation.

    I know they were only casually dating but that’s one of the reasons I was hoping things would get serious with Lily Collins. She’s a really nice girl and keeps out of trouble. She’s doesn’t smoke, party, get drunk or any of that stuff and has a pretty, sophisticated social circle. But I get the feeling that might have been too boring for Zac which is why they didn’t work out. Compare her to the other rich, famous offspring that Zac likes to hang out with like Willis and Hilton.

    @My 2 cents: It isn’t hate or jealousy. His fans care about him and worry seeing him partying with this crowd of Hollywood idiots. I’m his age and I know it’s normal for 24 year olds to party but it’s the crowd he hangs that is the problem.

  • Kylie

    Holy smokes, look at those arms :) I definitely wouldn’t mind having them around me ;) that blonde girl in the picture better watch out

  • Bebe

    I actualy though lily was his type. kalm and quiet like him.

  • xo

    These are some awful pics. For someone as photogenic as he is, this is just bad. He looks better in candids than he does here.

  • somali girl

    Come out of the closet you midget Fa*got. He isn’t cute knowing that he had a nose job what a insecure pussy.

  • Bebe

    @Somali girl sure you’re a vanessa fan changing your name and commenting.

    b*tch please fu*k off. go and die over that sl*t vanessa. Leave us alone.

  • kiki23

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  • blah

    now that Mika came out, I can’t wait for Zack to announce his coming out status :)

  • lauren

    keep dreaming, why are you so convinces he’s gay?

  • Sleazebag alert

    He looks like an a$$…not just the clothes, but the sleazy, I’m too sexy, look he’s trying to give off. He just tries too damn hard. Maturing just happens, Efron. You don’t hafta try.

  • Marco

    He is why Im gay too lol wow

  • carly

    I like Zac and have nothing against him but this is one icky campaign. The word “tacky” is too favorable…”icky” is the only thing I can think of.

  • Rachel

    He looks amazing!

  • GracyBell

    Mmmm yammy! :DD

  • Dimi


    Haha! Yes, I thought the same thing. He looks greasy and smug.

  • Ann

    EWWWWW… gay looking in this photo. AWFUL!

  • Tyler

    @lauren: his poor publicist was tired of cleaning up all the tabloid stories. Nothing with his image is going to change unless he decides to wake up.

  • sag ich nich

    Well I think he looks quite like the unknown son of Freddie Mercury
    they should rather have had booked lady Gaga´s background
    dancers than theese chemical beauties from the land of plastic surgery…

  • michelle

    SELLOUT! He doesn’t make good films so i guess he needs to pay for his drugs somehow!

  • lauren

    well half of those tabloid stories were about him partying, how is that tried of cleaning up?

  • Tony

    Promiscuity is habit-forming (this goes for both men and women). The hormones released during sex are intended to create bonding. Ignoring that bonding feeling causes emotional harm, crippling the ability to form real relationships.

    There’s also the pain of tons of unsatisfying one-night stands, or satisfying one-night stands with people you never seeing again. There’s also the incidental damage from hanging around people who choose that lifestyle. It becomes too easy to see every girl as an object, every guy as a douche bag. Long term effects? Loneliness, drug addiction, alcoholism. Best to avoid that life style and the people who are into it.

    And once a person gets into this kind of life style, it’s pretty hard to get out of it. Charlie Sheen comes to mind.

  • Umm

    Zac is a big boy and who he hangs out with is his business. But I’ll say this..the only reason I can think of for hanging out with people like Rumer Willis, Paris and Barron Hilton, Simon Rex and God fordid Lohan as well as the other shady characters that he hangs out with apparently, is their connection and access to drugs. I really hope this is not the case for his sake. Can’t imagine why he would give them the time of day.

  • Derpina

    Since he broke-up with Vanessa, you are waiting a scandal (or a series of them) related to him announced in TMZ, I think it’s time to stop insisting in this subject, because it’s been almost 2 years and nothing happened

    (scares me to know that people who hate him follow his steps this way, searching messages from people close to him on twitter, maybe it’s time to zac increase security)

  • tc

    @Tony: I agree with you 100%. I hope that is not Zac but the people he hangs with are good for nothing. Let’s hope he wakes up soon.

  • kami


    i kinda think along these lines too. most of these ppl have no careers but have money and it’s well known they’re into drugs. so i do hope he distances himself from them.

    i was just reading about randy travis. that guy won over 30 music awards and look where he is now. a has been drunk. it can happen to anybody in the business. so sad.

  • R U sure

    Zac you look great here.Pparis Hilton’ birthday was on Mardi Gras in Las Vegas. These pics are old He could of just been there. So all you haters are responsible for what people you know do right? These pics were out then.

  • LMAO

    @R U sure: Doesn’t change the fact that he schmoozes and boozes with them.

  • R U sure

    @LAAO Doesn’t make all the stories true either. I’m no going to argue .
    with haters. They will just say and believe anything bad about Zac.

  • R U sure

    Sorry that should say @LMAO

  • Whatever

    @R U sure: Are you saying he wasn’t at Hilton’s party? Or at a party this weekend where Lohan showed up? Or that he isn’t friends with Rumer Willis? Please….we’re not talking tabloid trash. We’re talking real stuff here. If ya don’t think the company you keep doesn’t impact who you are, then you’re young and stupid.

  • ellie’

    Zac is so gorgeous..the pics are great..

  • oy

    How did he manage to look like a younger, less straight version of John Stamos? I didn’t think it possible.