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Eva Mendes Heads to the Airport!

Eva Mendes Heads to the Airport!

Eva Mendes carries her bag as she leaves her house and heads to the airport on Wednesday (August 8) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 38-year-old actress looked lovely in a green floral dress.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Eva Mendes

Over the weekend, Eva attended an acting class in Westwood.

In case you missed it, check out the trailer for Eva‘s latest film Holy Motors, which premiered at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.

FYI: Eva carried the Marc Jacobs “Antonia” bag.

20+ pictures inside of Eva Mendes heading to the airport…

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eva mendes heads to airport 01
eva mendes heads to airport 02
eva mendes heads to airport 03
eva mendes heads to airport 04
eva mendes heads to airport 05
eva mendes heads to airport 06
eva mendes heads to airport 07
eva mendes heads to airport 08
eva mendes heads to airport 09
eva mendes heads to airport 10
eva mendes heads to airport 11
eva mendes heads to airport 12
eva mendes heads to airport 13
eva mendes heads to airport 14
eva mendes heads to airport 15
eva mendes heads to airport 16
eva mendes heads to airport 17
eva mendes heads to airport 18
eva mendes heads to airport 19
eva mendes heads to airport 20

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Shelly


  • Jo

    I predict she is going to meet up with Ryan and we will be seeing some of those awkward hand holding pictures. They haven’t been seen together is awhile and the relationship needs a push their movie hasn’t opened yet. I don’t think the dress is that nice and those shoes are awful.

  • A

    Great hair! Vile, vapid, talentless bitch though lol

  • Nessa

    Umm. There is no way she didn’t call the paps here, right? Like, she wanted everyone to know she is traveling, so she let them take pics of her leaving her own house?!

  • emma

    Those acting classes are not paying off, she cant even make a staged photo op look real…

  • Seriously?

    Makes me wonder if the recent story about him and Woody Harrelson caused her jump on a plane cause him doing things without her “looks bad”.

    Though nice of her to offer to watch George till he’s seen out and about without her. God forbid. She’s so desperate

  • yep

    gorgeous lady! cool shades!

  • Anne

    I tried to give her a chance because Gosling is one of my favorite actors. But, she obviously called the paparazzi so that the public knows she is going to meet him. She seems to be so annoying and silly! But, at least, she has great taste in doors. That door is beautiful!

  • @nessa

    You’re completely right. I find it interesting that they just happen to be at her FRONT DOOR as she’s getting picked up lol. They don’t seem to ever catch Ryan leaving for the airport, UNLESS she happens to be with him…then we get some pictures. And people are way more interested in him than her…but clearly she wants us to know she’s going somewhere lol…

  • @emma

    I really didn’t know bad acting could shine through even in still shots. Her look of open mouthed phony surprise at the photographers who’ve been out there in the same spot since she first opened the door to give the guy her bags (who I’m sure noticed them by that point as well) is f ing classic!! I fell out of my chair laughing. This woman is soooo transparent.

  • apple

    Well since she is been doing what she is been doing for almost a year now, and he has not decided to dump her yet, I am guessing he has no problem with her fame whoring on his expense, which does not make him look any better than her, honestly. Either that or he is terribly dumb, than I guess he probably doesn’t have much of a chance to land somebody better than some vapid bimbo anyway.

  • Phi Chi

    I think she’s meeting up with Ryan for a quickie…hence the short dress and get up.

  • BabyXgirl

    I don’t get the thing about her? She’s ugly to me

  • Ash

    She is so hot!

  • apple

    Which B-list beauty, who’s not even 40 yet, is about to go under the knife to get her upper and lower eyelids smoothed out? The actress is dating one of Hollywood’s hunkiest A-listers, but she’s worried she may lose her young lover if her peepers keep drooping!

  • Haha

    Shes officially contrived. She gets the crown.

  • Tessa

    @@emma: ahah! I thought the same. That fake expression of surprise was a terrible acting moment.

  • Jess

    Her legs are looking bigger, or maybe it’s the dress

  • Andy

    she looks pregnant

  • Marieme

    What’s up with her penchant for dorky loud sunglasses? She must have 100 pairs of these dorky things.

  • kara

    She’s either pregnant or gained a lot of weight.

  • mv

    Famewh*re extraordinaire. Ryan’s been with her for a long time now. Honestly, it does make me think less of him. He must be ok with her stupid attention getting antics. They are both such phonies.

  • Scarlett

    I wish I could think of something nice to say but, nope, not going to happen when it comes to Eva.

  • milly

    She is a dog abuser. I don’t care how beautiful she is. No excuse for her behavior. And Ryan is stupid enough to leave his dog in her care? What does that say about him?

  • shane

    @Haha: I agree. And they are the most contrived couple I have ever seen. It’s laughable. The king and queen of contrived.

  • So many haters on here. Don’t you have anything better to do with the short time you have on this planet? Ryan will never date you, regardless of how much you hate on the woman he’s chosen to be with.

  • Gia

    I seriously doubt anyone on here actually thinks they’re going to date either one of them, I think people really just aren’t willing to buy what Mendes is attempting to sell. I’d have more respect if she didn’t call the paps, didn’t dress for the paps, didn’t walk Ryan’s dog in Beverly Hills, etc., etc., etc. She just comes across as try-hard, phony, and desperate for attention. Everything she’s doing is an indicator that this isn’t a solid deep relationship, if it was, she wouldn’t be pulling so many shenanigans. I swear she must literally have a conference call with her publicists daily on their game plan.

  • @…

    Doesn’t Eva Mendes have anything better to do than stage photo ops on a weekly basis, including in front of her own door? Oh no, that’s right, she doesnt. She filmed a small part in TPBTP, and an even tinier one in Holy Motors. Other than that, she gets her hair done, shops, buys flowers, all while singlehandedly keeping Starbucks in business annnd….. follows Ryan around lol. oh…and acting class.

  • OrangeTree

    Dating Gosling must be a 24 hour job of endlessly dressing up, full make up, hair styling, calling the papps, just to raise their profile and garner interest in their movie. Must be pretty exhausting. Strange that actors 10 times more famous aren’t pappd nearly as much as Gosling/Mendes. These two are a joke!

  • Seriously?

    Let’s not get this twisted. There are celebrities 10 times more famous than HER that aren’t photographed as much. Remember not long ago JJ was posting about this woman’s daily whereabouts. At places that you wouldn’t think that photographers would hang out, but they were there ready to take her picture.

    Ryan’s been a photographed where…mostly at the gym, a daily routine rather than a staged photo op. He was able to leave LA and there were no photos of that let alone ones of him walking out his FRONT DOOR. He’s been in New Orleans and New York in the last week and managed to photographed only at the airport. Which may sadly change if that is, in fact, where she’s heading.

    Her “relationship” is the only reason anyone cares to put her in their magazines and she’s eating it up. She’s been using him from the beginning and it shows. She’s irrelevant and she needs him to attempt to stay relevant. Why he’s letting her is a mystery, but I’m sure many of us are hoping that he’s only tolerating her until their movie comes out since press junkets, film festivals, and premiere would be awkward otherwise.

    I also, I think it’s pretty sad and desperate of her that, since there haven’t been any pictures of them together recently, she offered to watch his dog long enough for her parade him around Beverly Hills just so SHE could make sure people knew they were still together.

  • Seriously?

    And if she can’t get him to go out in public with her I’m sure there will “witness” accounts that will make sure to mention how pretty or beautiful she looked

  • Sheigh

    Eva Who ? She is died a long time ago? No ?

  • Really?

    are you people serious?! do you really think she called the paparazzi just to have her photograph taken? to go to the airport of all places?! talk about falling off a chair laughing. quit speculating on her intentions and get a life. the paparazzi stalk celebrities outside of their homes all the time so i don’t think a phone call was necessary. also, she in no way has her mouth open as if surprised that they are there. quit reading into the pictures so much!

  • Nana

    @Really: you are truly naive! Celebs and their publicists call paps all the time, it’s common knowledge and practice in HW. Mendes has been doing it for years. I’m just amazed you actually believe the paps are waiting for Mendes for hours at her house/hairdressers/random starbucks etc. Really?????

    That dress is gorgeous and she looks great. Come on now. You can hate on her for a lot of things, but she looks great.

  • @really?

    You obviously have no idea how the game works. Paps dont sit ouside of someones front door indefinitely waiting for someone to happen to leave. They KNOW she’s leaving. I find it funny that you would be shocked at the thought of an actress in Hollywood calling the paps, that’s the norm, talk to any publicist. And as for her look of “surprise”, it’s right there in the photograph, actually in more than one. How else would you interpret her mouth clearly hanging open as she steps outside lol…

  • Pathetic!

    This woman’s team have been paying the Daily Mail to write very flattering things about her and spread “engagement” rumors. All the comments the Daily Mail accepts say “how gorgeous she is” and “what a great couple they are”. Seriously! Gosling is the first and the last actor whose personal life I have checked on, because besides loving his performances and movies, his interviews made me laugh. But it has been interesting to realize through his girlfriend how pathetic these “starts” can be. Ryan, what the hell are you doing?

  • lily

    She is such a bad actress, she cannot even convince me that she didn’t call the paps.

  • anon

    I’ve pretty much given up on Ryan, if this is who he chooses to associate with. I don’t buy his “private and humble” act anymore.

  • bonnie

    It’s no secret she loves to get papped. Ryan’s not that bright if he hasn’t figured that out yet.