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Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady: Patriots Training Camp with the Boys!

Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady: Patriots Training Camp with the Boys!

Gisele Bundchen shows off her growing baby bump while enjoying the afternoon with hubby Tom Brady after the New England Patriot’s football training camp on Tuesday (August 7) in Foxborough, Mass.

The 32-year-old supermodel and Tom were joined by his son John, and their little guy Benjamin!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gisele Bundchen

Tom spent his time after camp playing with John and Benjamin, sharing kisses and lifting them in the air. John even wore a “Brady” Patriots jersey. Tom and Gisele were also spotted smooching on the field!

The Patriots are hard at work training for the upcoming season – that day they practiced with the New Orleans Saints.

FYI: Gisele is carrying the Loewe‘s Flamenco bag. Benjamin is wearing a Fore!! Axel and Hudson hat and Junk Food Loves Gap Kids NFL tee.

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  • Addie

    Cute family!!

  • craig

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  • Shelly

    Adorable family. Gisele so pretty hair envy

  • Chace

    Congrats guys! Hope its a girl.

  • anon

    The window is closing, Tom; this is the year to GET IT DONE! GO PATS!

  • DC

    I know I’m going to probably get hate here, but John should have the Brady last name. He’s involved in the child’s life and I’m sure Bridget got huge child support from the start. So why be so vindictive?

  • rachel

    If i was Bridget i wouldn’t let Gisele near my son. Tom was vile to her and John should have his mothers name.

  • elle

    such a sweet family! They really love eachother.

  • Anon

    @DC: @DC:

    Jack lives full time with his mom. Tom only has visitation. They were never married. So why should Bridget feel the need to give Jack Tom’s name??? It is much more convenient to have her name, particularly when they travel.

  • Sayeree

    Tom looks “slow.” His wife looks “harsh.”

  • anon


    Good thing you aren’t the parent. If you were, little John would be constantly assaulted with accusations of how vile his father is along with only ever seeing his father on television. Obviously Bridget doesn’t feel the same way you do, to her credit.

  • Anon


    Thankfully, Bridget, Tom and and Gisele are acting like grown ups and doing what is best for Jack. He is happy and that is all that matters.

    At the same time, I am proud of Bridget, as she has maintained her silence through the media drama and has come out on top. Has anyone noticed that on all the media sites reporting on this, the media is now either mentioning Jack’s last name as Moynahan and/or stating that Bridget is his mother. Whereas in the past, the media would sometimes try to claim Gisele as Jack’s mom. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bridget’s lawyer sunk their claws into them! And good for her. No one can replace Bridget as his real mom.

  • ivy

    How was Tom vile? Bridget and Tom broke up the November 2006 and Tom didn’t start dating Gislel until that December. Bridget announced her pregnancy 3 months after the breakup in February 2007. Was Tom vile because he didn’t go running back when the pregnancy was announced?Woman have been using the “I’m pregnant” strategy for hundreds of years. It was very well known locally( in Boston) that Bridget was feeling the biological clock and wanted to get married and have kids. She spoke of it in an interview in The Improper Bostonian.It was also well known that Tom was not ready to do that which, I imagine, is why the breakup happened. In any case, it seems that all parties have resolved their differences.Tom has generous visitation and pays hefty child support and the two brothers look like they have a great relationship with each other, their dad and Gisele.

  • ladyb

    I remember when TMZ said that the perk of Kim dating Kaye West is that she gets to hang out Beyonce – Ha ha ha. I think the real perk is getting to hang with Gisele for that lady that married Wes Walker.

  • Anon


    Well, I agree with you that everyone seems to get along, which is a good thing. But generous visitation? During the year, Tom gets home game weekends (maybe amounting to one week a month, some months less) and half of the vacations. And also, Jack is starting kindergarten this year, so it is likely to be less than in the past. Personally, I think Bridget played her cards really well and got everything she wanted!

  • Fer

    He is handsome, but sometimes looks dumb

  • Floridian

    When did they have a baby .. ?

  • Ellen


    Just going to repost something Joyce said in another thread-

    You’ve never heard of bitter baby mama? Google that term, and read the horror stories.

    Bridget’s plan to use the baby to get Tom to marry her backfired on her, and she’s been the bitter baby mama ever since.

    It’s very convenient that Jack’s intials = JET as in New York Jets aka the Patriots hated division rival.

    The last name thing is something else bitter baby mama’s do. “If I can’t have his last name, then neither can this child” thing.

    It’s a slap in the face to any man who is father actively involved in their child’s life for their child not to have their last name especially if it’s a first born son.

    I knew as soon as Tom said that he hadn’t told Tom Sr. the gender of Benjamin that Gisele was having a boy. Read between the lines. Tom Sr. was wondering if the family name would live on. Tom is the only boy in his family.

    Bridget has zero problem disrespecting Jack, Tom, Gisele, and Ben. It was never about Jack. It was about Bridget, and what Bridget wanted. Jack was suppose to get Tom to marry Bridget.

    How does a 35 year old woman find herself pregnant just 2 months after telling a magazine that she had a 5 year plan to get married and have lots of children while her boyfriend of 3 years- (3 Y-E-A-R-S) who is almost a decade younger than her stated he wouldn’t marry until he retired from football?

    Jack just fell out the sky? How convenient. That bunk about her irregular periods is garbage. Just garbage. Bridget wasn’t fooling anyone least of all Tom Brady.

    Bridget didn’t get her way so Tom, Gisele, Jack, and Ben had to pay whether it be by tacky baby announcements (Page Six pregnancy announcement), last names and initials to hurt the father, playing and manipulating the horrible Minivan Majority hatred of stepmothers, passive aggressive interviews, “source” = Bridget publicist and Bridget, and marginalizing the younger brother or not mentioning his existence at all as source of love for Jack in statements/interviews.

    Bridget dug her own grave shamefully bringing a child into the world to get a marriage and exploiting him against his father when daddy didn’t marry her, and just doesn’t want to lie in her bed as another athlete’s bitter baby mama.

    For every man that stays or returns to relationship because of a baby there will be another who doesn’t.

    Kristin Cavallari will end up just like Bridget. Jay will head for the hills in a couple of months now that Camden is here, and we’ll hear a statement:

    “Kristin and Jay have decided to end their “engagement”, but remain committed to raising their son Camden as friends.”

  • Ellen


    How do you know their custody schedule? Every situation is different. Tom was already at 50% during his offseason 3 years ago.

    Nice attempt to marginalize Tom, but it won’t work.

    You’re just another bandwagon Bridget fan who doesn’t like to get called out with the facts.

    Keep on dreaming.

    You people love and uphold Bridget because she’s just like you-The women who see their ex move on to younger, more beautiful, and successful woman.

    Bridget tried to use Jack to get Tom to marry her, and failed. Bridget tried to use bad publicity to get Tom to come back to her, and failed. Bridget tried to make Tom just as miserable as she was/is, and failed. He and his wife have plenty of wealth, success, and happiness with their growing family.

    I laugh at how 5 years later it’s Tom who is married with children while Bridget is in another long-term relationship with McG aka Michael Bay Jr. with the bad chin at 42 (old and washed-up) hoping for marriage.
    Guess when people create these 5 years plans for marriage and family they better make sure their significant other wants to be a part of these plans.

    I don’t feel sorry for Bridget. She got what she deserved. If something is for you, then it’s for you. You don’t have to force, manipulate, coerce something/someone to get what you desire if it’s to be yours. The universe will always kick you in the face when you try to force things that aren’t meant to be.

    If Bridget wanted marriage, then she should have stayed with the fiancee’ she cheated on and dumped for Tom. The grass wasn’t greener on the other side.

  • ivy

    @ladyb: That is not Wes Welkers wife in the photos…maybe just a friend or there with some other player. Anna Welker is much shorter than Gisele

  • Anon

    @Ellen: Umm according to Tom’s own statement he sees Jack on average of one week a month. GET A CLUE! It is only during the summer when he gets Jack 50% of the time, and now that his season starts the end of July, that hasn’t even happened! And of course, now that Jack starts kindergarten in the fall in NYC, it is not possible for Tom to see Jack during the week at all, unless he is in NYC (not including holidays). You are just bitter that Bridget has full time custody and Tom only gets to see his son on occasion.

  • Anon

    I find it hilarious that in two years Ben will start kindergarten. So for ten months Ben will be in Kindergarten in Boston, Jack will be in NYC, and they have a mega mansion that they just built in California, sitting empty for 11/12 months (ten months for school and one month for August since Tom has to be back for practice by then)!

  • Rose

    @Ellen: Don’t be so stupid!
    She doesn’t get pregnant by herself, Tom put his penis without condom in her, he knew the risks. He’s a grown man, not a little kid to be fooled by a evil woman as you think.

  • Labal

    thanks heaven he got a haircut!

  • Patriot

    Finally, some new Tom and Gisele pictures.
    Gisele looks gorgeous. Even pregnant Gisele is a fantastic looking woman! Tom is an amazing doting Dad, and you can tell that he loves his two boys. Those two little men look so much like their Daddy. Jack looks a lot like Tom, and Ben is a blend of a lot of Tom and little bit Gisele. They’ll both be handsome men either way.

  • Puerto Rican Gurl

    She looks exactly like Steffi Graf!

  • ladyb

    Agree. I have always thought she is the beautiful version of Steffi Graff. Not to insult Graff whom I adore.

  • Puerto Rican Gurl


  • Frozoid

    @Ellen: What you say is pure, utter hogwash. Get a life.

  • rachel


    I would never say that to the child but its the truth.

  • John

    Gorgeous Gisele

  • Lu

    I love them!

  • Trevis

    @Anon: Specially the money she wanted .

  • Trevis

    @Rose: Tom trusted Bridget and she tried to trap him. that is just plain obvious

  • Frank

    Beautiful family! Gisele is gorgeous !

  • Kerry

    Gorgeous couple and adorable kids

  • shockadelica

    WOW! It’s amazing that so many strangers know Bridget m’s birth control plan! She tried to trap him!? both Tom and Bridget have publicy stated that they didn’t she was pregnant when they broke up!! WHY would you “Trap” a grown man after you’ve already broken up? yeah makes perfect sense.SMH! WTF!