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Katie Holmes & Suri: Nobu Dinner!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Nobu Dinner!

Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri keep it cute and casual and stick close together as they head out for dinner on Tuesday (August 7) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress and her 6-year-old daughter reportedly dined at Nobu restaurant that evening.

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The day before, Katie and Suri spent some time together at the Museum of Modern Art! After visiting the museum, the mommy-daughter duo grabbed a bite to eat then headed back to their apartment.

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  • Jen

    Yeah-because all 6 yo want to go to Nobu. Maybe its time for Katie to get friends her own age.

  • Halli


    Yeah, Katie needs some friends for sure. Let the kiddo stay home and eat some home made food and get her something better to wear flip flops for the New York Streets, that’s just gross.

  • tsquared

    Geez. Katie has every right to eat at Nobu, but this is a well known pap hang out. Why would someone who supposedly want to avoid the paps eat somewhere that is known to be a pap hang out. And staff at Nobu often contact the paps.
    Sounds to me like Tom and Katie are fighting for supremacy as the best parent in the eyes of the public via the paps and their pictures and of course leaks to People and other reputable magazines.

  • karla

    Suri is crying! Maybe Katie told her over dinner that soon she will have a new daddy? “My daddy is Tom Cruise!!”

  • krix

    Katie’s side eye to Suri is saying – “You’re ruining my photo op”

    Let me get this straight, full blown make-up to have dinner with Suri at the famous celebrity hangout, Nobu restaurant, doesn’t scream attention seeker?

    If you have to go out to eat (which seems like whenever possible when Suri is in town) why not a less overexposed, papz infested place to eat and a more casual, non-theatre makeup choice of dress.


  • siennagold

    Nice to see Suri walk!

  • Hazey

    Here’s a thought, perhaps they are meeting someone. Perhaps she just wanted to eat there. Really we cannot know from just a couple of photos. Sheesh! I’d love to know where those cute brogues are from.

  • gosh

    Katie should learn how to cook decent meals for her child and herself, and not drag Suri around as if the kid is a tool. And no business meeting justifies to have a child with you. She has enough money to hire a babysit or even someone to cook for them at home. It doesn’t matter how spoiled Suri is, her body language is one of sadness, not one of not cooperating. Katie could be a bit more caring towards her daughter’s need in that pic.

  • OH
  • kizbit

    First of all, they live in NYC. It is pretty commonplace for people who live in NYC to eat out all the time. And to visit museums. And to go shopping. You don’t live in the City to stay in your apartment. You live there to enjoy the culture and food and lifestyle that is unique to it. Nobu is a very good Japanese restaurant. It’s not unusual for kids who live in NYC to be introduced to and love sushi at a very young age. And it’s extremely healthy! People of NYC also tend to eat later in the evening, just like in Europe. And it doesn’t matter where they eat…the paps are staked out at Katie’s apartment and follow her wherever she goes, as evidenced by them stalking her as Suri ate some lunch from Whole Foods on the steps of a museum. I haven’t been a big fan of Katie in the past, but I give her a lot of credit for trying to live as normal a life as she can with the mess that Tom Cruise created for her. Eventually she will start to blend in like other celebrities…at least we can hope.

  • Waaaaaa

    I grew up coming home to a home cooked meal every night, home work and then a little tv and games with my mom and siblings or friends or playing kid games outside. Kids need to be on a schedule no matter what city they live in. Suri isn’t an adult and shouldn’t be out for late night dinners at NY hot spots with her attention seeking mama.

  • ivy

    It is clear form the facial expressions that Suri is fussing and Katie is less than happy about it. If it is true that the scientology way of raising a child is to never say no, then Katie has an uphill battle on her hands as she trys to rein in Suri after 6 years of doing as she pleases. I give Katie credit for wanting her child to have manners and appropriate parenting. However, such opposite styles can be very confusing for a child…especially at Suri’s age. Suri just returned from time with Tom at Disney…probably being catered to and doing as she pleased. I think school will be a rude awakening for her. Learning how to work and function in a cooperative learning setting can be tough for an indulged, spoiled child. I worked with 4/5/6 year olds in a kindergarten classroom for a number of years and believe me, spoiled children have a very difficult time adjusting as they see the world only from thier own wants and desires. Katie needs to consider all aspects of her parenting , including the late night dinners and lack of a schedlue. Parenting is more than just instilling manners.

  • *****

    Leave Katie alone. She is trying her best. Divorce is painful no matter how amicable it is on the surface. I admire her for being strong and trying to accomplish raising Suri and restart her career.

  • dani


    Katie moved into a building that has secured parking and several “back” doors. As someone who has been to NYC many times a year I also know there are better Sushi restaurants and I most are not KNOWN pap hang outs and I bet some of them even ensure privacy by making it clear you are fired if you contact the media to alert them to famous guests. Katie wants privacy. So wait I know! I’ll go to Nobu with pap magnet Suri–and since Nobu is a KNOWN pap hang out and a KNOWN magnet for celebs who want their pic taken I’m sure I’ll have some privacy for us both. NOT NOT NOT

  • craig

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  • Kane

    I guess dragging Suri around for late night dinners at pap hang-outs wasn’t on Tom’s orders. Find some friends, Katie, and leave Suri home.
    You’ve lost some points in the Who’s the Best Parent PR contest.

  • Gale Forcewinds

    What is this? People turning on Kaite? What happened to the mother of year image she and people were going with WHICH was NEVER there?
    What happened to all that press and people too saying how fasincating it was for her to leave ToM?
    Ummm, Kaite knew all about Tom and his strange ways before she married him. Per prenup, she gets $15 MILLION AND THEN some.
    Yeah, she blindsided him with the divorce and obvioulsy so because of his strange ways.
    Yeah, she is a good mom in that she loves and cares for her child, thing is she doesn’t know how. Kaite is all Kaite Hollywood.
    I agree with all of you nand been saying this , like many of us, why does Tom and Kaite pararde this child out like she is a new pair of shoes or handbag.
    Kiate takes her kid to 9:30 PM dinner…Nobu, a celeb and papparriz hangout….umm WTF is wrong with this picture?
    Why cannot Kaite cook a meal for her child at home in their multimillion dollar apt. Kaite , then go join friends at 9:30PM for dinner. Move out to the Hmaptons for the summer to give Suri PRIVACY!!!

    Nooooo, because all of this makes sense, would be better for that child, and would avoid the papparzzi frenzy.

  • nancyw

    @ivy: It looks like Tom is trying his best to over indulge Suri! When Suri comes home to Katie, it has to be somewhat of a let down! Suri loves both of her parents, but unless Tom & Katie are on the same page, it is going to be a big problem.
    By the way, I thought that Tom was supposed to be supervised by Katie’s security and Suri’s nanny!! Just my opinion!!

  • nancyw

    It has to be very confusing for a 6 yr. old, when her parents have totaly different parenting styles!! I thought that Katie took command in this divorce, that is why I admired her so!! But, Tom is doing whatever he wants with Suri! He is making it even harder for Katie (what a surprise)!! I thought that he would somehow get back at Katie!

  • Waaaaaa

    Tom does not have supervised visits and can take Suri whenever and wherever he wants. That supervison nonsense was assumed by blog readers. No way would Tom agree to that. And, no way is Suri going to a catholic school. Tom didn’t just give up. He pretty much has the same rights as shared custody would have given him. Katie’s lawyers acting like she “won” was nothing but PR to make her look good. Yeah, Tom’s a nutcase, but so is Katie. Poor Suri.

  • come on

    I understand Suri is going through a hard time, but why is she always crying, whining etc? Is her mom taking her out too late? What is going on?

  • kjb

    I’m worried about Katie & Suri.

  • Hamlet

    None of your business, #5.

    Body language, #8? Quit playing shrink!

    Quit telling other parents how to raise their kids, #11.

    Don’t believe everything you read, #12.

    It’s not a contest, #12.

    What does parading even mean, #17? They shouldn’t have to move anywhere in any season!

    You don’t know how either is raising their kid, #19.

    I mostly back what you wrote, #20.

    She’s always been a moody child, #21. Not your problem.

    Why, #22?

  • Golfer234

    Tom Cruise and uhm Courty here word for word,,after this Tom Cruise has to disappear he gave me the Flaunt on Steve Sass issues,,,man those clips,now picture another Jackal like a Bruce Willis.

  • Golfer234

    So uhm lets get tot he point uhm comment above,before we all moved to Louisiana,ahh. good coffee.

  • http://yahoo dina

    Well, 1 thing I will say, is that Suri looks happier since the breakup. She smiles more often, but she looks like she has along way 2 go. Tom & Katie both need 2 stop spoiling their kids with toys, all of them.

  • Just like MOM