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Liberty Ross Visits Lawyer's Office Sans Wedding Ring

Liberty Ross Visits Lawyer's Office Sans Wedding Ring

Liberty Ross leaves her house on her way to visit her lawyer’s office with her wedding ring noticeably missing on Wednesday (August 8) in Los Angeles.

Just the day before, Liberty met up with her husband Rupert Sanders at an office building to take a meeting and then they shared lunch at a deli, according to TMZ.

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Earlier this week, Liberty stepped out for the first time since news broke that Rupert cheated on her with his Snow White and the Huntsman star Kristen Stewart.

15+ pictures inside of Liberty Ross without her wedding ring…

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liberty ross visits lawyers office sans wedding ring 01
liberty ross visits lawyers office sans wedding ring 02
liberty ross visits lawyers office sans wedding ring 03
liberty ross visits lawyers office sans wedding ring 04
liberty ross visits lawyers office sans wedding ring 05
liberty ross visits lawyers office sans wedding ring 06
liberty ross visits lawyers office sans wedding ring 07
liberty ross visits lawyers office sans wedding ring 08
liberty ross visits lawyers office sans wedding ring 09
liberty ross visits lawyers office sans wedding ring 10
liberty ross visits lawyers office sans wedding ring 11
liberty ross visits lawyers office sans wedding ring 12
liberty ross visits lawyers office sans wedding ring 13
liberty ross visits lawyers office sans wedding ring 14
liberty ross visits lawyers office sans wedding ring 15
liberty ross visits lawyers office sans wedding ring 16
liberty ross visits lawyers office sans wedding ring 17
liberty ross visits lawyers office sans wedding ring 18

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  • Sara

    She’s so classy. Absolutely everything Kristen Stewart isn’t

  • Britt

    That’s 100% not her lawyers office. She’s leaving her home. It’s on video and it clearly shows her outside of her house. She is just getting in a chauffeured car outside.

  • Din

    She looks gorgeous. What man cheats on this, I just don’t get it…

  • http://gabbyrules ….yup

    Yes, look at your options, Lady. Once a cheat –generally always a cheat. I believe in second chances but the smug look on that cheating, home-wrecking, careless husband of yours reeks of his only being sorry because he got caught. If he did not get caught, he would still be parading and cheating right under your nose and would have went on to film Snow White with the other home-wrecker right under your nose.

  • ehhhh

    you do realize that’s her house she’s leaving in those pics, right?
    but if she really did, good. Get rid of the cheating bastard!

  • Xavier James

    She is so much prettier than bitched face Kristen Stewart!

  • Caroline

    She is gorgeous, and his children are adorable. I have a feeling that for him, this is a case of “you don’t know what you have till it’s gone.” He messed up in a big way.

  • Jane

    Liberty Ross is also religious? Tsk, Kristen Stewart such a vile bitch!

  • Jessa

    Oh no why are they havin lunch haha
    She forgave him? Boo.

  • Not a victim

    I may be the only one thinking that she’s too happy to be the betrayed one. It’s funny that Rob and Kristen are the only ones devasted by this situation. They can’t even leave their house,while Liberty Ross after 2 week, TWO WEEKS,is all smiling and radiant. It’s absurd! JS.

  • Gossipgirl

    I hope she is filing for divorce and takes all his money!

  • Nati

    she is pretty and young. Hopefully soon move forward and rebuild her life with someone who respects her.

  • sarah

    Yes what Kristen did was wrong. Question, for some of you. Why is it that some praise/worship Angelina for having an affair with Brad and cut jennifer up. Yet people are treating Kristen like cr-ap and Ruperts wife like a queen?

  • hahhys

    #11 hmm maybe but then again maybe it’s coz she’s decided to stop moping around over an asshole. or maybe it’s because she has kids that she has to be strong for. or maybe, just maybe the reason kristen can’t leave her house, is because she is so incredibly humiliated and hated right now, that she can’t imagine facing right now. but she will have to. you gotta face the consequences of your actions.

  • wren

    I think Liberty looks a lot like Kristin, and has an edgey attitude. She is more mature and in control. She is running this show…….

  • lol

    @sarah lol maybe it’s cause there was no evidence of that affair. Or that there was no kids involved

  • Toni

    She’s pretty scary looking!

  • Leann

    she seems to be loving all the attention!

  • Emu

    @sarah Though what Angie was WRONG, the thing is Jen didnt have children …I don’t know people choose favorites….. Jen and Brad relationship was going downhill anyway..Angie just did the finishing touches

  • yoyo322

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  • Miranda

    I don’t think it’s right that you’re all bashing Kristen. She’s 22 years old for goodness sake, Rupert is SO much older then her and he’s the one who should know better, after all he’s the one with the WIFE and 2 KIDS.
    Yes you say it takes 2 to cheat, but is it really cheating? Nobody, apart from Rupert & Kristen knows what happened. Pictures can be taken out of context, for all we know Rupert could have sexually assaulted her.

  • Pat

    Kstew likes living an edgy lifestyle, according to a Vogue article. If she wanted out of her relationship with Rob, she could’ve found a better way to do it. Ruining a family with children is just wrong……This director probably just got caught this time…

  • lisalue


    Why is it always necessary to bring up Angelina in a topic that is not about her. She is not involved in the Kristen/Rupert/Liberty drama. There are no pictures of Angelina/Brad kissing out in public. So stop trying to deflect from the topic. Some of you have a serious problem. You can say Angie and Brad cheated and believe it or not. It is all speculation. They were never photographed doing anything until AFTER Brad and Jennifer separated. And then to me He was single and so was Jennifer. Who by the way was photographed with Vince before the divorce was final.

    One has nothing to do with the other. Talk about people that were actually caught cheating

  • Britt


    While Jennifer didn’t have kids and it is definitely worse when there are children involved – vows are vows. It’s as simple as that. Marriage is supposed to mean something whether kids are involved or not.

    Angelina breaking up Brad and Jen’s marriage is still just as bad, whether there were kids involved or not. When you get married, you shouldn’t cheat and that’s that. Anyone who knows you’re married and still participates in a relationship with you obviously has no respect for what marriage means. Simple as that.

    Because their marriage was “seemingly” going “downhill” that makes it okay? No one gave a crap about Rupert and Liberty before this scandal, so who knows if their marriage was going “downhill” too? Would it then make it okay for him to cheat since that apparently made it okay for Brad?

    Again, not saying it’s not worse when there are kids, because it is …but Angelina shouldn’t get a free pass just because Jenn didn’t have children with Brad. It’s also sick that people PRAISE Brangelina. It’s one thing to be like “oh well, they cheated” – it’s another thing to literally obsess over a relationship that started out as infidelity. People refer to Angelina as “Queen” but Kristen is a “Trampire”.

    Same goes for Tom Brady and Gisele. He got a woman pregnant that he was involved with and then left her for Gisele. Granted he wasn’t married, but there were still kids involved and it was shady what he did but that doesn’t stop anyone from liking them either.

    What Kristen and Rupert did was wrong, I’m not excusing that AT ALL. But, they’re certainly not the first in Hollywood.

  • sarah

    @Emu: See what I just don’t get is how a woman could do that to another woman. You know the whole sister thing. Whether there are kids or not really shouldn’t matter..

  • Britt


    Hollywood is speculation. EVERYTHING is speculation. It doesn’t stop anyone from believing it. If a pap didn’t luck out with KStew pics, no one would have believed that either but it wouldn’t have meant it didn’t happen. I mean, really? Obviously Brad and Angelina weren’t dumb enough to do it outdoors.

    And this JJ ….other celebs always get brought up in conversations lol.

  • sarah

    @lisalue: Yeah actually it does. Both Ruperts wife and Jennifer were married. I like Angie I just wonder why people didn’t give her cr-ap like they are doing with Kristen. Kids or no kids. An affair is an affair.

  • boomchickaboom

    kstew probably did a few “extas” in bed that the wife was not interested in

  • Britt


    I totally agree with you Sarah. I like Angelina. I like Brad. Hell, I even like Kristen. Their relationships are not their careers. Even still, no woman should do that to another woman. Have some respect.

  • ANDY

    her see destroyed ¬¬ RUPERV AND LIBERTY FAMOUS FOR 5 MINUTS

    I Like her smile

  • jenfan

    YOU PEOPLE NEED TO READ…IT SAYS VISITS LAWYER..BUT IF YOU READ FURTHER YOU WOULD HAVE SEEN WHERE IT SAID “Liberty Ross leaves her house on her way to visit her lawyer’s office with her wedding ring noticeably missing on Wednesday (August 8) in Los Angeles”

  • helo


  • Britt


    We can read… it originally didn’t say “leaves her house” in the actual post…JJ updated the post after seeing our comments. :)

  • Reality Bites


    Brad and Jennifer had already announced their divorce was under way before Brad went off to pursue Jolie. And even then there was no PDA between the two of them until a year after the separation announcement.

    Jolie was not caught with Brad’s head between her legs in a car in a parking lot or grinding up against a railing while Jennifer thought they were happily married couple.

    There is a difference.

  • Reality Bites


    OMG you are on drugs or brain dead if you think that is a possibility. Stewart would be pressing charges in aheart beat and would not have issued an apology to Rob if that was the case.

    It is hard to manipulate/sexually abuse a starlet when
    1) she is the bigger star then you
    2) she has been in the industry longer then you
    3) you are a first time director
    a) the picture is already in the can
    b) she is already contractually obligated to a sequel

    If anything goes south the studio will always side with Kristen over a first time director which is why he will get the boot from the SW sequels and the spin off and Stewart will still star.

    Get the f out a town with that desperate nonsensical theory of yours.

  • lisalue


    what planet do you people live on. Angelina has gotten flack for whatever for over 7 years.. Do you all read or see any tabloid or gossip site. Please this is not about Angelina. She is the one that carries her past mistakes or miss steps. And to the KS fan.. she has to carry hers too.

    stop trying to make it about someone else. It is not it is about her.

  • sarah

    @Reality Bites: No, actually there is no difference. A month after Jen and Brad announced there separation Brad was in Africa with Angie then they did a cover of a magazine with a bunch of blonde kids. Jen’s response was Brad has missed his sensitivety chip. Don’t get me wrong what Kristen did was wrong. But why was it ok for Angie. The reason I use Angie as an example is because EVERYTIME there is an article about Jen, Angie fans cut her up. As for Angie and Brad not being together, seriously? It was everywhere, when they did that movie they were having an affair and Brad said himself that sparks flew when he and Angie were together. I just don’t think it’s right that Kristen is being crucified yet someone like Angie is praised.

  • http://Justjarde Bt*ch Angie

    Both of them are cheater (ange joli and Kristen)

  • hello

    If Robert Pattinson had some sense, he would hook up with this beautiful cougar and leave the cheater and the trailer park girl behind.

  • sarah

    @lisalue: I’m from a planet called Earth. Where in ANY of the tabloids, talk shows did ANYONE have the b-alls to actually call Angelina out on what she did. Think before you speak.

  • right

    Does she wear the big cross against the trampare?

  • juju

    sarah @ 08/08/2012 at 7:41 pm
    after they split in january of 2004
    jennifer aniston n brad pitt
    were free to do whatever w/ their lives
    n they did
    brad w/ angelina n jennifer w/ vince
    by jennifer aniston n brad pitts
    own words n the words of their friends n family
    there was not cheating
    it’s not their problem that
    some of u n some press
    refuse to believe it

  • Stephanie

    Who’s the bigger whore between Kristen and Angelina?

  • juju

    they = their

  • juju

    sarah @ 08/08/2012 at 7:45 pm
    angelina didn’t do anything according to
    everyone involved
    u know
    the people that actually knew what went on
    u must have taken a trip to some other planet
    not to see that angelina was called everything by press
    for the last almost eight years
    the most vile articles u can think off
    were written about her
    because of something she had nothing to do w it
    jennifer aniston n brad pitt marriage
    was over long before he even met angelina
    n the only to people responsible for the
    n their fail or success a marriage r the 2 people on it

  • Annabell


    You must be not go on other site because people give Angilena crap about it all the time.If your going to mentchen Angie then you should also metchen.

    Ben Affleck who cheated on both his then fiance JLO and he cheated on Gwyneth Paltrow , Jennifer aniston who got together with her now boyfriend when he was already with someone for 14 years. Jennifer Garner also cheated on her ex husband with the guy she dated before she got with Ben. Daniel Craig cheated on his Ex fiance with his new wife.

    Now theses are the people who never get called out for there actions.

  • sarah

    @juju: Pretty sad that you are blinded by your love for Angelina. Brad and Angie didn’t do anything until he and Jen were separated, umm, sure yeah people believe that. So if Angelina did it, it’s ok that Kristen did it. Geez, hate to let my boyfriend around a chick like you. Oh sorry, maybe girlfriend? Nite

  • sarah

    @Annabell: I agree they were ALL WRONG. What I don’t get is why when something about Jen is posted “some” of Angie fans, lose it and cut Jen up. Also, interviewers, entertainment people have never called Angie, Tom, Ben, etc…out on there affairs. The only ones who comment are us the fans.

  • niagirl

    What Kristen and Ruperve did was wrong but I don’t like the hate once again directed mainly against Kristen. I have noticed in these situations the woman is always the one to get the brunt of the abuse. People praise even give standing ovations to Bill Clinton and he embarrassed the country. Tiger Woods got a standing ovation when he returned to the golf course and he embarrassed his family,Kelsey Grammar dumped his wife and kids to run off with a flight attendant and won a Golden Globe in the process,Johnny Depp has dumped his longtime girlfriend to run around with a much younger woman and people can’t get enough of him, and last but not least Newt Gingrich dumps his sick wife to be with the jump off but I guess that ‘s fine with everyone because he’s a politician. People need to give this young lady a break I believe losing her significant other is enough. Move on, half of your either cheated on someone or was cheated on. Self righteous hypocrites

  • Pat

    I can people are still talking about something that HAPPENED 10 years ago. Angie and Brad…..The only person who had a child was Angie. Jen didn’t want children then and now consider them “messy”. GET OVER IT ALREADY.