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George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Lake Como Boat Ride!

George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Lake Como Boat Ride!

George Clooney and his girlfriend Stacy Keibler walk up a dock after taking a ride on their boat with some pals on Thursday (August 9) in Lake Como, Italy.

The 32-year-old model and actress recently revealed her diet secrets to OK Magazine.

“I eat well,” Stacy said. “I make sure to have three meals throughout the day with two snacks in between. I keep snacks on hand to keep my energy up. You can usually find alkaline water, raw nuts and my favorite bite-sized snack, New York Style Mini Bagel Crisps, in my carry-on bag.”

FYI: Stacy is wearing Goldsign pants.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Stacy Keibler in Lake Como…

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george clooney stacy keibler lake como boat ride 01
george clooney stacy keibler lake como boat ride 02
george clooney stacy keibler lake como boat ride 03
george clooney stacy keibler lake como boat ride 04
george clooney stacy keibler lake como boat ride 05
george clooney stacy keibler lake como boat ride 06
george clooney stacy keibler lake como boat ride 07
george clooney stacy keibler lake como boat ride 08
george clooney stacy keibler lake como boat ride 09
george clooney stacy keibler lake como boat ride 10

Credit: LUCA SGRO; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • LeeSeol

    Eternal bachelors and woman-hoppers DiCaprio, Clooney & Adam Levine (he’s not as famous so he needs his first name).
    Only reason Clooney picks in the 30s age range is because he is 20 years older than the other two, but they’re all the same.
    Kinda sad.

  • Tony

    She may be beautiful, but she’s an opportunist.

  • jessa

    Also, they all date DOWN.
    Notice they never date another actress.
    or anyone that tried college.

  • keeley

    clooney is mega rich so any woman who dates him is gonna be seen as an “opportunist” so i dont think that’s really fair.

    i put more of the blame on the men because they do not choose intelligent women. they fear those kind of women.
    they can only feel like a man when they dont date on their same level.
    it says something really sad about them.

  • sarah

    GORGEOUS couple.

  • sarah

    No offense to people saying she’s after something or he’s after something. Did you ever think that they just really enjoy being together, laughing and having fun? I really like both of them.

  • Frozoid

    Does she ever work? Do they have the whole summer off?

  • Frozoid

    @jessa: I remember when Clooney was dating the French woman Celine Belitrain in the 1990s. She couldn’t get a work visa in the US so she was a volunteer kindergarten teacher. Clooney made a condescending remark that his work was more important and demanding than hers, and that she didn’t make any money.

    He’s very threatened by strong and successful women.

  • dani


    Clooney has dated several strong women including Renee Zellweger, Lisa Snowdan, Lucy Liu, Kelly Preston and Michelle Pfieffer’s sister Dee Dee. And Stacey K. is suppose to be plenty smart.

    Clooney has been adamant that he does not want kids and doesn’t want to get married again–once was enough. And although he has stated he isn’t against getting married again, he doesn’t see it happening.

    Why should he get married and have kids just to please you and others. He is honest about his feelings towards kids and marriage and any woman who tries to trap him is an idiot. I far prefer his honesty to that of say the women who have short term or one night stands with a famous man and they get pregnant on purpose so that they are set up for life or at least 18 years.


  • Phoenix

    Stacy should get pregnant and put an end to George Clooney’s eternal vacation.

  • oceanblue

    When did she become an actress?

  • Helen

    @Phoenix: if she gets pregnant ,she will have the upper word in colony’s life and he will walk behind her carrying the baby in a very funny way

  • Kikicohen

    @jessa: Well, Clooney isn’t as bright as he’d like people to believe. He has no formal education himself- “tried” University of Kentucky for a stint, but dropped out. He puts on a good act of being so cultural and intelligent, but take away the Armani suit, millions of dollars, and fancy cars, and he’s a college dropout of average IQ, from bum—– Kentucky, whose daddy and aunt got him into show business. LOL

  • Kikicohen

    @dani: Keibler is supposed to be “plenty smart”??? Lmao!! Where did you hear that?? Have you seen and heard her interviews?? She’s lucky to have more than a double-digit IQ. Thanks for the laughs!!

  • KissThis

    They’re still a couple???! I’m shocked

  • Hamlet

    How is it dating down not dating a fellow actor, #3?

    How do you know the women that George Clooney dates aren’t intelligent, #4?

    What he said was true, #8) (If he did say that.)

    Right, #9.

  • Comedy Hour


    Hammer, nail, head. :)
    It does make me laugh when people go on about Clooney being some intellectual heavyweight!

  • JillyRo

    I do find his last couple of GFs, Stacey and Elisabetta are not the brightest bulbs when you hear them speak. But maybe George chooses them “lower” so that he can seem so smart to them, they can stare at him in awe and adoration.

    I find lately though he looks like he’s with his daugther, not his GF. He often looks like a Dad out with his grown daugther.

  • Messenger

    #19, you are right about the awe and adoration part. too bad that bloom fades off the rose pdq. he will have to get them younger and younger to feed his ego or else continue in the “brain dead” category of those who make their living getting hit in the head and acting the tramp. why anyone would want admiration from those kind of people is a mystery to me. but the male ego is a frail and unfathomable thing. i prefer men who are made of sturdier stuff thank you very much. and ps. have these women never heard of boat shoes?

  • no one

    @Tony: She is an opportunist, but she’s not beautiful. She’s below average in looks. And why does this idiot keep trying to give out health advice? Yeah, I’m taking health advice who thinks having their head banged on the floor while “wrestling” and being a hooker are healthy behaviors. She’s as fake as can be and still only manages to be mediocre in appearance.

  • Kikicohen

    @no one: Agree 100%!!
    I especially got a chuckle from her comments about “indulging in desserts”, and then following it with a comment about “only taking 1-2 bites” of the dessert!! Lol. It would not surprise me at all if she has or had in the past, some form of an eating disorder. Bottomline: she is the LAST person I would take nutritional, fitness, or ANY advice!

  • no one

    @Phoenix: George would have to actually sleep with her for that to happen, and he’s not sleeping with her. This is just a publicity contract, albeit yet another one that makes George look like a desperate idiot.

  • Kikicohen

    @no one: Just curious: if he’s not sleeping with her, who is he sleeping with? He just seems like the promiscuous type- even at his age

  • uyv

    please NO more posts on this disgusting old guy!!!

  • Marmot

    The people around George have been jerking both George and Anna around. They told George that he had to finish the Canalis contract and do the Keibler contract. They lied to him that he would be done after the Keibler contract. They never intend to let him stop doing these contracts, and they never intend to allow him and Anna to be together. A few months ago, they planted clues that the Keibler contract would be over by Anna’s birthday, but it wasn’t. More recently, they planted clues that the contract would end by July 28, but it didn’t. Most recently, they planted clues that the contract will end by this Christmas, but it won’t. They knew full well that Anna would see these false clues. For the past two years, these people have been playing psychological games on Anna in the hopes that she would become so distressed that she would either kill herself (their preference) or come to hate George and completely give up. It’s a psychological experiment that never ends, and Anna is the guina pig. They lied to George that if he just did the Keibler contract, then he could do what he wanted. They have no intention of ever stopping the contracts or letting George go near Anna.

  • Kikicohen

    @Marmot: Who the heck is Anna??

  • two idiots

    Anna might be a fairy tale or a real person close to him in a certain way.
    He could be her special friend and these two like to play stupid games as they still don’t know what kind of relationship they are in.

  • justsayin’too

    Give me a break. Clooney is dating Keibler for whatever reason God only knows. They look awful together and have no chemistry at all, but I think that’s because he is determined to NOT fall in love. All the PR conspiracies are just crap! I think he is afraid to give his heart away so he continues in these superficial relationships that he knows the women will get tired of and then he is off the hook. If there is an Anna, then she must realize he does not love her or he would move hell and earth to be with her. That’s how real love goes, not Hollyweird love goes. If there is an Anna, and I sincerely doubt there is, move on sister, he ain’t interested, just stringing you along like the others.

  • ursweet

    She broke up with him for only he knows how many times, threw away his gifts telling him these were crap, asked him for money, offended him in ways all of his friends could take part, made fun of him in public permanently… is.flirting with other men all the time, she’s using him just for entertainment when she’s bored or if she needs a shoulder to cry on or his help..and finally, top of the pops, she refused dating him, telling him she would not love him. Yes, sure you would move hell and earth to marry her, she’s a dream!
    Can’t help, but maybe he’s the one, who needs advice, just saying…

  • ANNA


  • ANNA

    @ursweet: He is everything to Anna. she would never hurt him on purpose. Anna is madly in love with George.

  • ursweet

    Who said she did it on purpose?
    She’s got some big error in her system, perhaps she fell on her head too often, something does not work properly in this department.

  • anon3456

    Oh boy… we go with the “Anna” stories again. Wow…..


    Kiki- Someone who is far from the victim image Marmot is portraying, george wishes this was the case! Games! George dug his own coffin because he is resident Dumba.s.s. Central. George must be desperate for attention to resurrect this s*h*i*t*. Get over it! Smart and intelligent like Anna do not put up with this nonsense. My question is”What are we being distracted from for this s*h*i*t* to be starting? Oh right! Focus on this and we not pay attention to the fact George paid someone off so his paid poor excuse for a bed partner get a reality series. Reality is faked, and we know she cannot act out of a paper bag. Neeeexxxxtttt!!

  • marmot

    @ANNA: You are not Anna.

  • marmot

    @ANNA: You are not Anna.

  • marmot

    @TIMEKEEPER: I told the absolute truth about Anna. Anna is very angry at the situation and at George. I don’t know who the fake Anna poster is, probably one of the idiot publicity trolls.

  • marmot

    @TIMEKEEPER: Actually, you are probably the fake Anna poster since you have been one of the main people telling lies to Anna, jerking her around, and doing psychological experiments on her for the past two years in the hopes that she will either kill herself or start to hate George and completely give up. Obviously you lie to George, too.


    No you are the one posting stupid s*h*i*t* all over the place stating lies about her that is not true. You and your thousand aliases. Are you and George that bored that you have to stir this crap up for attention. Pathetic! Both of you!

  • Reboard

    To some extent each of you is right about Anna.
    Ursweet, you are right that Anna is a dream. In fact, she is such a great personality that some of those who loved her swore that they will never be with another woman. So they become gays, it’s real, I know myself. None of them had never been her lover, they dedicated to her music, songs, other things……and that’s all. Anna had her obligations and she fulfilled them.

  • Reboard

    As for George, she has never humiliated him and all his friends adore her.
    She does not need any money or something else. She is very calm, even-tempered, funny and never cries. Indeed she threw away George’s gift, it’s The Beatles CDs, she said that “Psychedelic music crippled whole generation, it is lifeless, mechanical, there is nothing natural in it”
    Anna is very great in writing, George has nearly encyclopedic knowledge almost on all questions. I know George and Anna have been writing the book, I was a witness of their correspondence when they were looking for correct theses and styles. Brad Pitt, Angelina, Matt Damon, they all helped them. A special role had Nick Clooney, George has a very smart dad. Maybe you’ve even had a chance to observe it here.
    I saw that George has got a very big briefcase now, which means the volume of the book has increased significantly. See pics him on boat, he takes it everywhere with him, it’s his most precious.
    So we are waiting for the book – Anna and George Clooneon … Smile.

  • suddenly seen

    I can confirm that I was a witness of such conversion, there was also Kirstie Alley, she was giving advices to Anna, and she seems to be a good a writer too?

  • ursweet

    Now you really got me, I forgot about the Beatles CD :)
    She still has it.


    All I want to know is what you clowns are trying to distract us from? What feeble-minded plot is going on, or what crazy idea you idiots ACTUALLY THINK you can create a diversion on? George must be fuming for drama and revenge? I actually took pity on you fools and post. That is EXACTLY what you want. Lord knows publicity is going downhill by other stupid means. Pathetic! Go to church, do some charity. Actually become a real member of society. Devote your time and energy to Pres. Obama’s re-election. Are you intelligent enough to do that????
    NOTE: I guess I got my answer since Pres. Obama and Michelle is gushing about how much George is a good “friend” and he is “cute”. Could that be that someone is being pi*ss*y about a remark sent to Pres. and all this nonsense about Anna being brought up? Oh I think so! YOU IDIOTS ARE ABOUT AS MYSTERIOUS AS TRANSPARENT TAPE, AND IMMATURE TOO! Yet people wonder why Romney is kicking President’s a*s*s in fundraising? Well that is not a mystery now isn’t it? Grow the f*u*c*k up! Abusing federal power, friendship and privilege to gain revenge? Thanks for the laugh. Good to see that some people do take the bait well. God bless you!

  • Cross

    Somewhere here I read that George experienced a political fiasco, considering that whole PR-group consists of Republicans-Scientologists why you wonder about such sizzling George’s reputation PR?! George supports Democrats, so how else it would be possible to throw him out!? Despite the fact that he was involved into disastrous wrester-contract he still was able to organize lunch with Obama at a good level. Kirstie Alley, Travolta, Tom Cruise… Stacy – they all scientologists, voting for republicans – you vote for Scientology in America. Be careful!


    Cross there has been a slight rumor for years that George was a secret Scientologist. Oh that would explain things now wouldn’t it? So are you saying secretly George is Republican? I am not following.

  • Cross

    @TIMEKEEPER: No, no way. His family always supported only Democrats. George was incautious and made some mistakes, so Scientologists have discrediting material on him. As we know today, the Scientologists have sprouted in Republican Party, and hold leading posts. Scientologists always promote their people and for this built the network in all structures of government and business. For each member of the organization they’ve got discrediting material, it can be a gay-context, bittches or others. Partner acts as an observer, that’s why understand that George cannot get rid of observer, as if to go against Scientology system. If the person wants to go away they destroy him. ‘Hatering’ is the part of this organization’s activities, for this members of organization being promoted in a rank. The foundation of this organization is Satanism. See also movie “Eyes Wide Shut”.


    Cross so you are saying that George is a Scientologist? WTF??? Incautious? I am so not following.