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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Breakup Rumors Are False

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Breakup Rumors Are False

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have not broken up despite reports indicting they have, according to her rep.

“It’s once again just another fabrication to sell magazines and has no relationship to reality,” her spokesman told MSN’s Wonderwall.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

Pictured inside: Jennifer filming a scene for her new film We’re The Millers on the roof of a building on Wednesday (August 8) in Wilmington, N.C.

Last week, Jen was spotted on the set of the film wearing a revealing white tank top.

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  • bree

    COuld someone please explain to me why this woman gets so many hateful comments on this site? Seriously, I am not being sarcastic, I really want to know, so please don’t just thumbs -down.

  • lilloo

    loooool people poke fun at jen cuz of her previous media manipulations with her bff agent huvane and how it all blew up at their faces when brad took off on jolie airways! Still i like her with dat guy but im a j/p stan

  • ab

    @bree: bored maybe? they don’t like her – she’s not angelina? – she’s old – she’s been in more relationships than leo decaps (these are all comments i’ve read btw) – etcetc i don’t really know because i’ve only ever seen her on friends so can’t say what people dislike about her personal life?!

  • LOL

    She needs to get rid of that short stumpy leprechaun

  • JL

    @bree: This hate is stared after the brea-up with Brad Pitt. People started to compare Jennifer and Jolie. And the result spoils Jolie’s publicity.

  • JL

    sorry: This hate STARTED after the break-up. And this hate in the internet is well organized by Jolie team. Jolie’s writers use the information closed for simple people. It’s a systematic work against Aniston.

  • Reasons

    @bree: I don’t understand the extent of the “hate” either, and I don’t like her. Never did, even before the divorce. Just a matter of preference, I guess. I just don’t find her attractive (except on magazine covers) and her personality grates on me. Then, we have to see that same personality in every film she’s in. So, I prefer not to see her films. But to each his own, right? But, you find the same amount of hate regarding Jolie on other sites, which I find unfair as well.

  • Simple

    @bree: Its really simple actually. She is fake, she poses to be a normal down to earth person when she is not. She would have had loads of fans IF she sticked to TV and didnt milked the divorce. She can’t act, she’s a plain jane AND she’s way beyond overrated. I hope that’s enough to explain

  • yep

    @Simple: agree! the ‘down to earth’ sh*t is so fake. i don’t like the passive aggressive way she presents herself. she insults someone then laughs. if u wana be a bi*tch own it, but don’t pretend to be something you’re not.

  • bree

    Yeah, I’ve seen a little of friends and a couple of her films, seems like she always plays the same character. I can see why ppl find her to be not a great actress and not worthy of all the movies she’s done. But I don’t think she’s ugly, I mean the bod looks good, she’s reasonably attractive. She isn’t that old, either, how old, like 40? Why hate someone for being old? And why hate someone for not being not pretty? I don’t know, I don’t think she’s all that in any way but I still don’t get the rage projected at her. Strange.

  • bree

    Is there a Youtube clip where I can see the passive aggressive bitchy thing? I’m really trying to get this…

  • yep

    @bree: try every interview.. (but its more obvious in magazines then t.v). i dont like to judge women but her passive aggressive attitude is pretty apparent.. shes a little like reese witherspoon.

  • JL

    @bree: You may see the same people (MJ, AGA, pumpkin, kikicohen) coming on this thread just to say “she is ugly”. No reasons to come here to see what you don’t like. And to repeat the same things once more.
    So, this is their work: to create a negative image to her.
    An undeclared systematical information WAR to protect Jolie.

  • bree

    Ok, I’ll go see some random clips, gotta admit I’ve never seen any, but it will have to wait til tomorrow, thanks for the input, all.

  • lola

    @JL: actually ppl here (for now anyway) seem to be replying in a non psychotic way……. give it a few hrs but for now it doesn’t seem like hate just opinions.

  • Media Storm

    Justin left her just like Brad, Vince, Mayer, Gerard, Scholfer, Cooper, Bloom, the camera guy, who else am i forgetting?

  • Reasons

    @bree: The hate could stem from a “revenge factor” for all the hateful comments that Angelina Jolie gets on other sites. People still hold a terrible grudge for something that they know nothing about. I mean, people can’t let go of BP leaving JA, because it probably hits close to home. But they have to realize that all situations are different and we can’t judge something that we know nothing about. And to see Jolie and Brad doing great after all these years, with their children and humanitarian contributions, it probably drives those people into a jealous rage. So, I think it’s revenge for the mean comments about Jolie. It’s a Team Jolie vs. Team Aniston game.

  • Jean

    Bree, I will list the reasons people do not like Jennifer Aniston.

    1. She is passive aggressive.
    2. She is superficial, petty, and a phony.
    3. She is not a good actress, yet she continues to crank out movies like cheap fast food franchises. She plays Rachel Green in EVERY movie.
    4.She is VERY unfortunate looking but her fans keep lying saying she is pretty. She only looks good on magazine covers because they are airbrushed to the max.
    5. She lead the way for the triangle that will not go away. Encouraging her trashy friends say awful things about Angie and Brad.

  • JL

    @lola: I’m talking about last YEARS, not about today.

  • Oh Really

    Some of the people on this site really need to find a better way to spend their nights. Clicking on EVERY Jennifer Aniston article for seven years straight just to spew the same hateful nonsense over and over and over again seems so unhealthy. If you don’t like Aniston, why bother obsessing over her endlessly? You people act like she murdered your entire family or something. She seems pretty harmless in the big scheme of things and lots and lots of people in Hollywood say she is sweet and down-to-earth. And while you all pretend to be nice people in your real lives you come on these sites to spread vitriol. CONSTANTLY. Doesn’t that make YOU the phonies?

  • JL

    Jolie had created this triangle.
    Jolie is guilty in this discussion.
    Jolie is a symbol of American sin.
    That is why Jolie looks so horrible.
    That is why Brad will never marry her.
    Because of her pervert nature and horrible look.

  • Haha


    The hateful comments against Jennifer Aniston have nothing to do with Jennifer Aniston. They click on all the other articles about all the other celebrities and spew the same kind of hate. According to them Michelle Williams is ugly, awful, untalented and a famwh@re. Same with Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson, who are a really harmless adorable couple.
    Just click on any article and you will find the same nonsense. They’re just a little more obsessed with Aniston than the others, but it’s pretty much the same here on this site with every article. Hate, hate and more hate. This site is basically a hater’s paradise.

    And this hate is really about the fact that the women on these sites are miserable, lonely self-haters who are jealous and bitter because Jennifer Aniston and Michelle Williams and pretty much everyone else in Hollywood lives a much better life than they do. You have to be a pretty massive loser to spend your Friday and Saturday night here, which is exactly where you will find these bitter losers. EVERY weekend. And pretty much every major holiday. Their hate never takes a vacation. Almost eight years they’ve been stuck on this stupid divorce drama, but for some reason that’s Jennifer Aniston’s fault.

    Hope that clears things up for you. My comment will soon disappear due to the negative arrows because nothing outrages these losers more than being confronted by reality. Enjoy the rest of your night.

  • lola

    @JL: how would i what you were referring to? what does it matter anyway? when it comes down to it we don’t know either women (jolie/aniston) just be positive because the negative comments become annoying rather then amusing.

  • uhoh

    Looks like a couple of big-time haters has arrived-Jean, Media Storm. They act like they know Jen personally. They hate her for being “unfortunate looking” (LMFAO!), they hate her for her acting, for being “old”, like that’s a crime, her choice of roles, for having a lot of boyfriends (and what exactly is wrong with that?) Dating a lot of people is not immoral, it’s fun! Marrying a lot of people is immoral. It does feel like a hate campaign.
    Funny thing is, the woman is always being offered a new movie, and laughing all the way to the bank.

  • bree

    HAHA, you are right, and I am thinking that i need to stop coming here and reading this hateful, cruel stuff. I probably will never understand it. I think I’d rather paint, read books, sew, almost anything else than this. I guess I can still catch up on celebs in the magazines.

  • Oh Really


    I can’t remember if it was this site or celebitch which is equally anti-Aniston and just as hateful against celebs who aren’t named Angelina, but on one of them I actually spent an entire evening reading comment after comment as they ripped Matt Damon’s wife to shreds for having olive skin and over the fact that she used to be a bartender as if it was a crime against humanity or something. The women who troll these two sites are unbelievably creepy.

  • SAra

    We like you Jennifer because you are not pretender

  • Observer

    No hate here, just comments.
    Why does Justin wear such heavy makeup?

    I only come to this site when I’ve had a super stressful time at work.
    Looking at the “stars” pictures and the stuff their PR puts out on them makes me appreciate my life more.

  • TheDudeAbides

    Jen is very alluring to men. And that makes the less attractive women angry. Check some image site that men criuse like and you’ll find that Jen is always at the top of their Peter meters.

  • kathy23

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  • Manny Tranny

    whiney and fugly, he’ll dump her soon. after the rep denies it for a month, lol!

  • Lol

    Jen is alluring to men, LoL. Yet men can’t wait to run away and the next woman they meet, get pregnant as soon as possible, Brad and Vince.
    Never thought I would say poor John Mayer, but after her dumped her twice, his life went into a tailspin.
    Butler and Cooper hit it and quit it, Cooper even denied he was dating her in French.
    Theroux is a paid escort, so he will be around for a while, he is JOBLESS.
    An alluring women don’t have to pay a man to stay with her.

  • Sheila

    Whenever I see pics of Jennifer A., I can never tell the difference between “real life” Jennifer and “acting” Jennifer because her own wardrobe and hair in her own life is the EXACT same as in her movies, she doesn’t change it up. She thinks putting on capris and a ponytail in a movie like she did the other day is changing her look for a role LOL.

    Anyway, when it comes to Jennifer Aniston, the word “acting” must be taken with a grain of salt, she got lucky with Friends (her best role yet, but she is Rachel so no stretch) and her divorce gave her career longer legs, considering she plays herself/Rachel in every single movie. But moving towards 50, the roles will dry up, her best bet is to head back to TV. I don’t dislike her, she seems sweet, but wish she would STOP trying to be a movie actress, her constant movie bombs indicate that the public is not buying her as one.

  • Ken

    Reps always deny a break-up, so that’s no proof of anything.

    I think people don’t like her because they think she has milked the Brad thing too long.

    She also hangs out with really despicable people, like that sicko that does all of the videos of girls on vacation flashing when they are too drunk to know better. That alone is a reason to despise her — that man (Joe something) is a disgusting person. Her relationship with Chelsea Handler is also troubling — Chelsea’s attacks on Angelina (calling another woman a c*nt is unforgivable in my book) make the two of them look like immature, catty women.

    I don’t particularly like Angelina, either, but she seems to at least have more interesting things going on than smoking, drinking, yoga and vacations.

  • Capoeira Moves

    But with no fire comes no smoke.
    How to capoeira

  • Justme

    Hmm, Jennifer must be feeling ignored lately and needed a story to go around. Between the Cruise and Depps split and the Twilight saga, Jennifer is not getting much press or covers lately. I always sense it’s her camp who puts these kind of stories out there, then they deny it immediately, be it baby, wedding or break-up stories, this seems to happen every couple of months. Fake story and then a denial. her PR likely does this to keep her name in the spotlight . Most reps don’t even acknowledge every little story,but hers reps do, so think it’s all a PR game.

  • allie

    Wtell guess what? As many hateful people on this site there are 10
    times as many people that love her. Certain people tried to destroy her after her marriage breakup to try and make them look better. But Jen is much stronger for it. She is much loved and there are many evil and jealous people. If the shoe fits? Obviously these people haven’t seen her recent movies. She played totally different character. She got got reviews.

  • allie

    sorry meant good reviews!

  • http://Justjarde Bt*ch Angie

    Love her

  • http://Justjarde Bt*ch Angie

    Jen in the top

  • http://Justjarde Jp

    Classy lady

  • http://Justjarde Jp

    Haters must go away

  • http://Justjarde M

    Joli bt**ch

  • http://Justjarde Jen

    Jen Rocks

  • ughhhh

    @allie: do you have dyslexia? what hate? this is possibly the most mature thread I’ve read in a while.

  • bree


    Excuse me!!!!! Why are you stealing my name?

  • Nymeria

    I started dislikin Aniston around 2005 when I read all those horrible hateful comments against the JPs.
    Not only in this site, but all over the web. Wishing death, illnesses and harm to an unborn baby / babies when the twins came later calling their adopted children evil, sick and digging their pasts to slash their doptive parents.
    In sume, I dislike Aniston because of The ugly work of her fans starting from 2005.
    Her, as an actress is in the range of that Adam Sandler, makes money and some people like him, but he is neither a good actor nor creates anything really worth for the art of movies. As a woman, what I see, well, she takes care of herself and works with what she has. Yes, I do think her PR and publicity agents make things to link her to the JPs because that gives her attention. Case on point, the robsten drama comparisons. Nothing alike, and she also is not an innocent thingy when her curewnt boyfried dropped his longtime fiancee to be with her after working in a movie. Sounds familiar?

  • Truth

    You guys do realize in a couple of years she wont be offered many role s right? There are so many young people to replace her now that its not even funny! She knows this too, that’s why she’s trying to get in producing!

  • Truth

    Also, I don’t believe anything anymore. Remember when she and brad broke up? There were denials of their troubled marriage, and not too long after they broke-up, even though they were seen together on vacation! So nobody can really tell anymore, even with photos!

  • JillyRo

    Judging by the small amount of comments, nobody cares much anymore who Jennifer dates or splits with. The interest with finally be what it should have always been, on par with Lisa Kudrow or Courteney C.

    She is probably freaking out about that and haha, her reps are probably freaking that their commission cheques are about to get smaller as her popularity fades to black. In a boardoom in HOllywood as I write this, her reps are likely freaking and saying “What should we do, what scandal can we cause?!! What?!! Think!!! We need to make her relevant and newsworthy again, c’mon people!!! Maybe the baby card again, are her eggs still ok, should we hire a surrogate, maybe Justin has a secret love child, ANYTHING, think people, Jennifer’s fame is fading!!!”