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Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: Gelson's Shoppers!

Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: Gelson's Shoppers!

Adam Levine and girlfriend Behati Prinsloo stick close together as they step out for some late-night grocery shopping on Thursday (August 9) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 33-year-old Maroon 5 frontman and his girlfriend browsed the ice cream section for a while before deciding what to take home.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adam Levine

Adam and Behati were spotted out to lunch together earlier in the week – after eating, they went for a spin on Adam‘s motorcycle!

Adam also tweeted about the Summer Olympics: “McDonalds continues to be the “official restaurant of the Olympics.” That will never make sense to me.”

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67 Responses to “Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: Gelson's Shoppers!”

  1. 1
    yeah Says:

    His gf is what, about 90 lbs wet?

    He’s such a perv, dating these women so much younger than himself, gross.

  2. 2
    BEAN Says:

    I love Behati. Hopefully Adam doesn’t taint her. He’s such a joke

  3. 3
    LeeSeol Says:

    dont know what these women see in these guys.
    well, theyre vapid and dont know any better, guess that’s why he likes them.
    and why is she the one paying?

  4. 4
    wow Says:


    shes paying cause she can dumb ass. just because your poor and worthless doesnt mean she is. unless youre a guy, my comment is universal, applies to any gender

  5. 5
    Ohh no Says:

    What ice cream ? She looks like she doesnt even eat, probably just smells the food. She was taken off the runways because she is anorexic.

    There was a link to an article someone posted on the previous thread which warned girls from doing the behati prinsloo diet- smoke and pot yo kill the appetite.
    Btw, she isnt paying. Shes holding his wallet. Theres pics on another site showing him swiping his card.

  6. 6
    jessa Says:

    @wow: it’s not that she CANT pay, the point is he should be a gentleman and be the one. Get A Clue.

  7. 7
    miranda Says:

    @Ohh no: omg lol i barely have time to check out this site. u cross-check with others too? hahaha

  8. 8
    Cris Says:

    ahahahha LOOK AT HIS FACE? I think this will last 6 months tops.
    I think he’s not even there! Just hilarous, she looks like a kid having so much fun paying (????, what’s so funny about that??? such a kid) and he seems like he can’t stand being there. Poor model, being used like all the others. #rebounds

  9. 9
    isla Says:

    what’s with the skinny comments?
    she doesnt look that bad to me.
    isabel lucas is clearly too skinny.
    same with keira knightley.
    when u see them it is very clear.
    but this girl doesnt look that bad to me.

  10. 10
    ?? Says:

    Disgusting couple…. both need a good bath.

  11. 11
    Cara Says:

    She is very gangly..even for a model and just looks very homespun and plain faced. Wonder what became of her gorgeous ex-boyfriend?

  12. 12
    Sayer Says:

    Do these girls have NO self-respect? They don’t care that they are COLLECTIBLES for this dude?

  13. 13
    hannah Says:

    i dont think she looks gangly at all.
    anne v is skinnier.

  14. 14
    camden Says:

    @Sayer: they get caught up in the moment. and that he has the #1 single in the country etc it’s extremely easy to pull one over a girl tbh. it’s because most of them believe in some sort of fairy tale and all it takes is certain little gestures, say certain things and theyre hooked.

  15. 15
    kimber Says:

    the girl believes that SHE will be the one to tame the guy.
    that she is the one he will settle with.
    and they get blinded and ignore blatant signs, flags that the guy is a player.
    it is silly.
    it is ultimately the woman’s fault (in cases like this when it’s guys like adam levine).

  16. 16
    Hello Says:

    Can’t stand her after what’s she’s done to her Best Friend :P (I don’t like Anne V either , but no one deserves such things from best friend )

  17. 17
    Hello Says:

    @yeah: He’s not that old :D Ian somerhelder and Nina dobrev are the same ages as this couple :P

  18. 18
    Ohh no Says:

    @ miranda

    Noooo. I only look at this site. But unfortunately follow someone on twitter who flooded my timeline with photos from other sites! She seems to be a crazy fan of hers.

    The article i mentioned was from the previous post on jj that someone had posted.

  19. 19
    jayla Says:

    @Hello: yah that’s old. ian somerhalder and that chick are gross together.

  20. 20
    misha Says:

    ian used to be cute on LOST.
    when he was younger.
    now he always looks dirty and smarmy with that weird smirk he always has that he must think is so hot otherwise he wouldnt do it anymore.
    and that stupid hat he always wears.
    also he is short.

  21. 21
    just_me Says:

    Wasn’t he with the other Victoria’s Secret model Anne V like 2 months ago???

  22. 22
    Jaja Says:

    Looks like she’s filling out quite a bit! Good for her!

  23. 23
    Jaja Says:

    @isla: as I was saying – looks like she has taken to eating again. She looks quite healthy!!!

  24. 24
    Helen Says:

    Is that what super model look like?? Not mention the brain

  25. 25
    rikki Says:

    he’s so ugly. i hope she dumps him. and then i hope he can’t find another woman. he literally doesn’t deserve to be with anyone. total scum.

  26. 26
    uh Says:

    He had it so good with Anne, and he threw it away. He has no time for a woman, yet here he is with another? The break up with Anne was so hard it only took him a month to move on? Gross.. next please.

  27. 27
    Jaja Says:

    @Cris: I agree – I’ve seen other pictures of them together and she always seems to be the happier of the 2. She’s laughing, giggling and just plain old giddy. I don’t even think she worries that he might be with her so he could get back at his ex who dumped him! Dumped in early April and meeting this new girl later in the month. Just about a couple of weeks in between. Not sure if this girl is a hopeless romantic, just plain stupid or an opportunist.

  28. 28
    Jaja Says:

    @uh: Also – has anyone noticed what they are buying again? Ice Cream and Nyquil – AGAIN? Remember his tweet on “Yknow..the basics..”? No wonder she’s looking healthier – she’d better watch out for her big cheeks!

  29. 29
    Newbie Says:


    I was thinking the same too. Adam mostly looks bored/ indulgent in almost all the pics.
    In it for the sex , he has to look for intelligent conversations elsewhere. RTing quotes of others does not reflect intelligence. Her own tweets are quite childish. And she constantly mixes up you’re and your and to and too ! Sorry, pet peeve !

    I think shes cute and fun loving, but Not too smart otherwise.

  30. 30
    burco Says:

    Anne V is lucky ! she deserves better

  31. 31
    My 2 bits Says:


    I agree! Dont get me wrong, adam is pretty intelligent and smart and funny, but Anne seems far more intelligent and interested in a wide variety of things. Shes well spoken too for someone who came to this country without knowing a word of english. There are other russian/brazilian/european models who have spent the same amount of time in the US but are not even half as articulate as her. I think adam was holding her back. sexist, but men get intimidated by smarter women.

    I dont hate on behati, she looks like a fun loving person, but unable to hold deep conversations. if thats whats adam’s looking for, a fun loving partner, looks like he got it.

    Lucky escape Anne!

  32. 32
    Lalique Says:

    Late-night groceries? Yeah, right, otherwise known as “The Munchies” :-))

  33. 33
    JAY Says:

    He clearly has a type

  34. 34
    Jaja Says:

    @My 2 bits:Agree! I think Anne V is better off now and will eventually end up with a great guy. Adam Levine definitely traded down.

  35. 35
    unknown Says:

    Ok is it me or she a little to carried away with being happ like ok I’m bored. This is why I say it won’t last. I still can’t believe I am still on Annes side for how she has carried herself instead of attacking her ex like in HS. Behati is slick but like anne she to will be caught. Wonder if Gene tweeted about ice cream too! Just sayin!

    I mean with Anne he was smiling ear to ear even when not noticing the paps. Its like she is all laughs and shows out while he has this zombie look about him.

  36. 36
    melanie poulson Says:

    i hate brehati p. i hope adam levine dump her

  37. 37
    unknown Says:

    @Lalique: she could smoke a lot more, and get the munchies a lot more often. Would help her BMI.

  38. 38
    I love demi Says:

    I m not understandin munchies. What is mumchies? Also nyquil?? Is it drink?

    Sorri for my english. From mehico.stil lerning.

  39. 39
    Emma Says:

    Adam dates girls so much younger than him because his emotional maturity is the same as theirs. Most 30 year old women are ready to settle down and start a family, which he is clearly not ready to do yet. I don’t hate Adam, in fact i am a fan of his music, but he doesn’t tend to treat women all that well, and it didn’t take him too long to move on from Anne V, who he dated for 2years!

  40. 40
    Redhead Says:

    This Behati girl looks ugly in thiese pics! Lack of taste in clothes. The same goes for her hair. Seems like she’s just milked a cow on a farm or smth. and did not have time to change.
    Go AnneV!!!

  41. 41
    unknown Says:

    Has anyone seen Genes post again. God Love him!! He def likes to take jabs. Eventually he is going to snatch Adams head out of his ass and say look dude come on!! He is so funny!! But mostly honest! If anyone can reach Adam is def his friend Gene!! Unless Adam is a complete idiot which I doubt.

    Age is nothingg but a number, he just chooses unwisely as far as relationship goes. I’ve seen relationships with 20 year age difference and it worked out. Its the person that counts, but in this case its just a FU to his ex, and her being his lil groupie. She wanted him now she has him.

    But, you guys know the old saying, Careful what you wish for you may just get it.
    In this case its goes for both ends. Just waiting for when her tantrums really takes place and her possesive attitude.

    Which also again, a liar always gets caught. Just look at his ex!

    You guys know I’m right too!

    Statictics show that men, like Adam that date girls younger than them and all his exs were in fact yhounger, never truelly settle down with a girl that’s younger. Ok I’m sounding like that millionaire matchmaker here, but its one thing to have a type, but like on that show the few times I’ve seen it. The relationships that worlked out are the ones that totally are the opposite of what normally he has dated. Or as she put it, sorry don’t know her name just watched a few times, but he is being Superficial, and if he got therapy for his ways, he would realise the women he chooses are not in fact the ones he needs to be with!

    Sorry for the long statement guys!

    But until he finds the oppostie. A nonmodel, he will find happiness. He needs someone who is protective, nurturing, kind hearted, not a user or a liar. Not a fake. Not someone that uses him. Until that day comes, let him? Learn the hard way. Why do you think everyone wants this relationship to be for now. As far as his friends are concearned they know from past experiences, ex with Anne, that talking to him does no good. They are waiting for him to fall flat on his ass like with Anne.

  42. 42
    ??? Says:


    Sorry. I dont think anne used him so much. People are judging based on his present popularity. When they started dsting he was reasonably popular with a moderately successful career but not as popular as he is now. Most of his fame has come after Voice and Moves like Jagger which happened only mid 2011.

    Not to say shes without faults. I think they used each other. But unlike tomkat acontractual relationsjip, they did seem happy with each other.

    Did she call paps or did she not ? I dont know and honestly dont care. Looks like thats what most people in HW do. At least she never got papped on her own buying groceries or shopping ( like jenna dewan or minka kelly or even miranda kerr ). Shes at least kept her mouth shut after the breakup.!

    Plus adam seems to have this strange fascination to date women when
    they are 23 and dump them whn they are 25.

    Behati?? Again dont care. If he wants to have fun, let him! If he refuses to grow up even in his 30′s maybe he deserves to fall flat on his ass!

  43. 43
    Debra Says:

    Agree. I think Adam is not in love with this new girl. I think he is still in love with Anne and wants her back, that’s why he chose Behati

  44. 44
    unknown Says:

    @???: I don’t know if you’ve ever been to LA, and or NY. Some of the places, esp in LA where photos of Adam and Anne emerged were in fact places paps would never ever go unless they were tipped off. Like one photos in general, them on the bike. Why would Anne practically break Adams kneck to get a kiss on the HD and one pap was there not more than one. Just the one. And that pap got photos all the way around them. Her friends esp Jorge would post photos on his Twitter page and ironically you can either see Adams reclection in a mirror or him all together in a background. He is a proffessional photographer and ev en showed Anne how to do it. In fact when she was doiung an underwater photoshoot, ironically Adam and his friend Shawn could be seen in the far background perfectly. Also, photos emerged of Adam in private photos, however, it was through people that are associated with Anne and Jorge. And the only way those photos could be taken is by someone hat was actually in the room or in some cases his house. Not to forget personal photos of a drunk Blake Shelton at Adams house with a very drunk Adam. Also were posted to those friends pages. So yeah she used him to the extreme.

    As far as these photos, no one would know that late at noght at that particular store unless that pap was tipped off. If it was day time I would say he got lucky. Usually in W. Hollywood the paps are at LAX, Rest, or at clubs. Not a late night grocery store for ice cream. This was a tip off.
    As far as his popularity of him and his band. For a while there they couldn’t sell out a parking lot let alone an outside theater. Until he got on the Voice and finally the Moves like Jagger song came out. M5 had ran its course as another pop band going downhill. It saved his butt and the bands. And that’s the one time you should thank Anne, because as you all know Adam would never have done it unless he was coaxed into doing it.
    Behati started following everyyone and her mama, I can see if she loved their work or knew of them, but ironically it was anyone with a name that responded to Adam or his friends and some she hasn’t truelly met yet, and also ironically when I mentioned it on here she dropped a quite a few of them. I know on twitter we all follow people we dontknow, because of the fact we are fans, or inspires us in many different ways, but to jump on board of anyone that mentions your BFs name or even his friends without truelly knowing them is a bit weird to me and all the sudden she she dropped a lot of them as soon as it was mentioned. Soryy no coincidence there.
    And now Gene is posting comments in reference to Behati. Its a little to strange that his roommate and BFF would post things like that even in joking.
    Its a hit towards Behati, and the fact is he knows more than anyone that she is using Adam, he also knows how jealous, possesive, and obssessive she is about Adam. Its a known fact.

    These are just some of the things I know.

    Also, let’s not forget that Adams and Blakes friendship isn’t as close as they once were since Adam and Behati came together. All I’m saying is the truth and the facts come out.

    She is a liar, materialistic, and wants to be famous to the extreme. She saw her last relationship going no where and persued Adam before both relationship ended. If he says they met at Cochella, he is a liar. He has known her for a while. Just sayin.

  45. 45
    unknown Says:

    Its ok sweetie.

    Munchies are a term that people use when people smioke weed, marijuana, they get the urge to eat a lot. Its a side effect when you smoke it. So people refer to it as the munchies, because you’re so hungry that you just munch on food. @I love demi:

  46. 46
    ??? Says:


    Have been to ny but not to la. So will have to takeyour word for it.

    Perspnal photos…hmmm… I would still like to give the benefit of doubt. Lots of u s post pics of ourboyfriends and party pics. Everybody wants everybody to know we are in a relationship. Ad a woman, we seem to doit !I guess becos their relationship is so high profile it blew out of proportion. Again dont know any of previous history or the people mentioned so much so wont comment in it.

    I agree With the blake thing. I think that his twitter unfollowed anne by mistake ( whats up with that, on a diff note. twittervacts crazy these days ) . He immediately followed her back . I think esp miranda seems to be closer to anne. She has always said anne was one her fav people. So that could be the reason its spilling over to blake and adam.
    I dont follow behati so dont know. TBH she doesnt interest me much. If shes happy i am happy for her as a woman . Thats all.

    Ok, u have to explain the weed/ marijuana thing. If u smoke to not feel hunger, but then smoke pot and that increases appetite, how does that work?? Hve always been a hood girl, so never smoked! Ignorant !!!!!

  47. 47
    Jaja Says:

    @unknown: hey – I’d like to know where these pictures of Anne, Adam and others are that you are referencing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them! Can you point me in the right direction?

  48. 48
    buzz Says:

    LOL at ppl who keeps saying Behati and Anne is Best friends, for the rest of their career i only saw the pics of them together like 3-4x, best friends is like Behati and Coco Rocha or with Candice, now THAT’S BESTFRIENDS!!!!

    and Behati is beautiful!!! I think ppl in this site so Hypocrite!!! they called ppl who dresseup and all “attention *****” and now ppl who just being all natural not dressed up being called this and that!!!

    wow you guys never satisfied bout ALMOST EVERYTHING lol

    keep hating guys, not like adam and behati care bout your opinion!!!
    They will last or not, it’s THEIR BUSINESS!!! this probably just a Fling, she’s young, she can date whoever she wants and so does he!!

    did they harm you guys? NO!!! and please Anne V barely care, she DUMPED him in the 1st place!!! and she’s not bestfriends with behati!!! if she does, she never followed behati on twitter after behati followed her backthen!!! WHAT KIND OF FRIEND IGNORING A FRIEND ON TWITTER? can i call her A “*****” too? and the fact they NEVER EVER TWEETED EACH OTHER IN THEIR ENTIRE LIFE!! WHAT A FRIEND?!?!?!?! Get your Fact Straight before CLAIMING 2 ppl FRIENDS or Just Simple 2 Models who happened to crossed each other at shows and party

  49. 49
    SIGH Says:

    Cough syrup with ice creams??? Is she high???? Also Adam looks not happy and so zombie in photos. He looked like he is out and bored!!!! He need something more activity than just bum out. He looked getting fat and thought he stick to yoga!!!??

  50. 50
    SIGH Says:

    Cough syrup with ice creams??? Is she high???? Also Adam looks not happy and so zombie in photos. He looked like he is out and bored!!!! He need something more activity than just bum out. He looked getting fat and thought he stick to yoga!!!??

  51. 51
    Chill Says:


    Hey relax. If you are telling people not to worry too much about their business maybe you should also not !! This is a gossip site honey, thats what they do ! Its fun…. Just chill !

    @ sigh.
    Yeah, he looks fatter. And has a double chin! Sorry adam yoga and marijuana dont mix. Better get back to a healthy lifestyle. He did mention at the san diego concert that he was high in more ways than one! Hmmmmmm and the buzz is that his new GF is a known pothead! Tch tch….. Adam seems to be going the benjamin button way…. As he grows older hes becoming less mature!

  52. 52
    Sonny Says:

    Few things: If I had anything to do with Victoria’s Secret, I would fire this pothead on the spot. What a bad rep for your brand… Besides the fact that she’s not a very attractive girl, she is not a role model. Friends or acquaintances, you don’t date your colleague’s ex. Ick.
    Buying Nyquil and ice cream in the middle of the night is basically bragging to the world that you’re stoned. WHO DOES THAT?? How insecure they must be. Grow up, Adam. You’re 33.
    I think the reason Anne hasn’t commented on this disgusting new relationship of his is b/c she truly doesn’t care. She’s probably embarrassed for him.
    Adam’s friends/family need to stop showing fake support and kick his butt (and kick her out of his house!). Love that people think Gene has caught on, but I don’t see a Twitter post from him since May (except for maybe one). Am I on the wrong account?

  53. 53
    Newbie Says:


    Hey sweetie, you are pointing fingers at people for bashing behati, arent you doing the same to anne? And i know who you are on twitter, very apparent. One among the bee’s mermaid groupies rite? You have bashed Anne on Twitter. Calling her a bad girlfriend, how bee is prettier and more well known how bee doesnt pose for paps and all that ****. So sorry , practise what you preach honey. Rules work for everybody!

    Btw, if you think bee is the only one who gets all this hate you are mistaken. You should have seen the **** people have said about anne and still do. I remember people threatening her on twitter after the break up.


    I agree. These young girls are taken in by some bubbly videos posted on youtube and fall in love with her “personality”. A true angel should be
    able to inspire, dont see a cigarette smoking, pot head with low bmi doing
    that. If young girls get inspired by her, then god save them !

    If my ex bpyfriend did the things adam is doing now i will be embarassed too. I remember anne said she thought that adam was a douchebag musician when they met. Hes just reinforcing the opinion.

    I was kinda ok with anne in the beginning but now really warmed up to her. I think a lot of others have too. I dont know if the breakup was mutual or she dumped him as reported, i dont think we are ever likely to know. Adam is not very truthful , hes kind of a hypocrite and i dont see her talking about it. But now i am wishing that she dumped him as was reported. If they hooked up at Coachella , which was in april, he deserved to get dumped !

  54. 54
    marpril Says:

    Is it allright that she’s carrying all the bags while he’s only dragging his own ass? :-) Thougt, this fact doesn’t abate my crazy love for Adam anyhow……so if Behati has a crush on him or obsession or whatever, i totally understand her, and actually feel pity for her, cuz she’s way worse than Anne and he can’t not to understand that

  55. 55
    Jaja Says:

    @Newbie: Amen to that! I also did not have much of an opinion about Anne – was more of an Adam fan but after watching everything that had transpired – I just really had a better appreciation of Anne. She turned out to be just one of us, you know? Human, in-love and just plain old normal. I really felt bad about how she baked the cake for him on his birthday while she was in Russia and not even a thank you on twitter from him for the effort. Maybe something behind the scenes but hey, your gf bares her heart like that for all the world to see – you respond in an equal manner especially since you were already having issues. Oh well….. everyone’s doing better now so it should just be put to bed….

  56. 56
    My 2 bits Says:

    I dont know who mentioned the Blake thing but i noticed it too since i follow Blake. He was already following her for a long time and when he followed her again, realised that The Twitter witch must have acted up. She seems to be on good terms with friends she made thro adam like blake, travis, the haneys etc. As for hihs other close friends maybe shes talking to them, just not on twitter to avoid being talked about by cyber stalkers as us !

    Speaking of twitter, did you catch her live tweeting of closing ceremony. She was FUN ! Entertaining, funny, with a dry wit and self deprecating humor. Go Annie. Just be yr true self . And dont let the next man in yr life hold you back like adam did.

    Whoever he s, hes one lucky dude!

  57. 57
    Newbie Says:


    True dat! i am guessing distance would have been a problem already plus the issue of non commitment. But something must have happened between the birthdays till end of the month for her to decide to pull the plug.

    I remember in the stern interview adam was kinda evasive when the issue of cheating came up. They covered up, but anne said she had told adam she would cut his balls if he ever cheated. Maybe the dumping was her way of doing it.

    When that came out, it looked like adam was trying to get the sympathy and all the teen fangirls went overboard on the ” hate anne” bandwagon. And some grown women too ! Read between the lines people. The so called “friendly source” said she didnt want to look as if he broke up first. So that means he was planning to pull the pliug. Then why the ” he was heartbroken and thought they were still together” statement? Maybe this behati thing happened even before coachella and anne got to know.


    His friends , with maybe few exceptions, seem to indulge him like a child. First of all, stop accompanying him everywhere. Its like a scene out of Entourage! Let him get theraphy for his insecurity issues.

    And no, thats not because of adhd. My mother has adhd and like adam says it never goes away. So the ramblings, being distracted , hyper activity can be excused. Not the constant need to surround yourself with people. They are everywhere, on lunches, visits to drug store, vacations, shoots,! I shudder to think if and when he gets married eventually what will transpire on his honeymoon !

    I like adam, i really do. Hes a nice, funny guy. Behind his so called douche ness is actually a good heart. But adam you need theraphy dude. You are 33, not 3 ! Even suri cruise goes somewhere without her mom !

  58. 58
    Emma Says:


    i agree with what you are saying,
    it is funny, i only found out about Anne because she started dating Adam,who i was already a fan of, but because of it i started to follow Anne’s career and twitter etc. and now i think i like Anne more! I am still a fan of Adam’s music and even him, and have been for about 8 or 9 years now, but in that time he has had an extremely long list of women and although he may treat them well he isn’t a great guy if you want commitment!

    and despite what people on here are saying i honestly believe that they had a real relationship and that she wasn’t just using him for the fame.
    I can only judge by what i see, obviously, so therefore will never be able to say anything more than an opinion but sure, Anne broke up with Adam… big deal, people break up, it doesn’t matter who instigated it, all i can say is that AFTER the breakup Anne has certainly been more mature about it than Adam.

    There were obviously issues in their relationship before the ‘public statement’ made by Anne, so if Adam is playing the innocent ‘blindsided’ card he is just trying to get attention.I found it very awkward to watch the Howard stern interview they did together where Stern kept asking Adam why after 2 years he hadn’t asked Anne to marry him, and it has been alluded to by sources after the breakup that Anne is ready to have a long term commited relationship and settle down, while Adam says that he isn’t ready just yet.

  59. 59
    Casey Says:

    I just wanted to point that Gene’s tweets were in reference to the Citibank Visa commercials that played during the Olympics . . . you know, “I haven’t watched TV in over a year . . ..”

    I don’t think he was subtweeting about Behati. I think he was making fun of that Citibank Visa Olympic athlete training commercial.

  60. 60
    Newbie Says:


    Same here. Bcome a big fan of hers now. You know, after that blindside article came oit i at least expected some sort of reply/ rejoinder , just to reduce the effect of all the hate that article created. But nada… Nothing… Its like she just wanted to dust it off and move on. If she had wanted to she could have milked the situation, she didnt. People even questioned the timing of the annuncement since it coincided with the live shows of voice. So what was she supposed to do, wait till adam fi ishes all his appearances and then announce it?

    Hes always doing something, so that could be forever. Its over, just announce a clean break, instead of people speculating whether they are together or not, and just mve on .

    In face it served adam well….helllooo payphone ??? No personal rumours or announcements of any kind came from her side except the jared and then later on the alex rumour. That was after adam came out public.

    I know that both rumors have been shot down but i am also a huge fan of alex ( a true Truebie) and was secretly thrilled Jared , i am glad it was shot down since hes also a perennial bachelor, like adam. But i hope the alex rumor is true. Hes handsome, intelligent, mature but with a great sense of humor. Hes also a bit of a dork, like anne keeps saying she is. He is adorkable ! His jimmy fallon has to be hands down one of the best.
    And he has said he wants to get married and have kids. Now thats a mature man !

  61. 61
    Heather Says:

    Going thro all the comments. Its funny that except for handful of comments people have not talked aout behati whos mentioned in the article ! The focus is still adam and anne.

  62. 62
    Desiree Says:


    Adam will stick w/Behati until after the VS Fashion Show; you know he’s become famous for making an **** of himself at those; he’s all about the attention, not about the feelings.

    Also, @Newbie, good calling out @buzz. We all know they are a part of the bandwagon that clog up this site with all hate towards Anne; I am sure this person is also connected to a few posters on here that was kissing up to Anne, writing lovefest on their blogs about Adam and Anne’s personal life; but the moment they became exes, they changed their blog to all things Adam and Behati. Yet they want to call everyone else obsessed. Nothing obsessive of stating the obvious about this latest coupling; it’s whacked out and very tacky. A 33 year old man dumbing himself down to match the IQ of a 23 year old that looks about 12 and has the mannerisms as such. VS would be wise to do a random test on her.

  63. 63
    heather Says:


    I dont know much about the old gf or the new one, except that he used to/now dating them. so wont comment on that.

    But i have to agree about the fact that adam has become more of an attention seeker these days. As a long time fan of the band even i have to admit that pre voice the band was not doing so well, as far as recognition went. So Adam doing the Voice and even MLJ was a big favor to revive the band. But all the things he seemed to be doing post that is all ME ME ME .

    I can understand doing the Voice, but AHS, the movie, fragrance??? Hes all over the place and slowly becoming more and more disconnected and being recognised only as Adam levine and not part of the band. I know that every band has one frontman but hey, people at least know the other members of the band! I have met many who say they love maroon 5 but cant even name the other members. Its esp scary when even friends like Jason segal, who should know better tweets his support to buy over exposed as ” my friend adam levine’s and Marron 5 ‘s album “. No, its not a collboration bet adam and Marron 5, it is Marron 5′s album !

    I know Hes always said hes adam from maroon 5, but off late he deosnt seem to be showing that. I know the other band members have said they feel comfortable letting him talk and handle all the fame, but hey at least take them to a few talk shows. show their bloody faces so that these fangirls know that maroon 5 is a band and not a singer ! He takes James to some of these interviews and doesnt let him talk ! And James doesnt shy away from talking, so why dont you let him talk ?

    I know that his ADHD makes him hyper active and requires activities to keep that in control, but hey, arent there lots of things in the music industry itself you could do? its not like you are a model and need to diversify since you will stop working at 25! you can keep singing for a long long time. something, anything, related to MUSIC, Dammit !

    Whats more worrying is that they are already planning the next album to be released in 2013??Counting HAO, thats 3 albums in 3 years? No, as a fan , i dont want that. you need to sit and WORK on an album , not just turn out peppy, overproduced songs like in overexposed. Look at Adele, who at her peak, decides to take time off and work on her music. SAJ was so good, because he wrote from the heart, about the love that influenced him over the years. How much influence can he get from releasing this album till the next one to merit such a good album ?
    he just wants to release the album to coincide with the movie maybe so that could help in the publicity. or he could be thinking of timing his break up with this new chick and write about it !!!

    @unknown mentioned that his ex gf and prob even the new one are tipping off the paps. Looking at adam’s statement and actions, i now believe that some of them could even be from his side. Hey, we all know Gene is good friends with JJ. So dont rule that out.

  64. 64
    unknown Says:

    I totally agree with posting photos of our boyfriends and the key word is we. Not our friends catching our high profile BFs, if we were in a relationship with someone in the high profile range. If it was me I would asking why is it important for my friend to post photos of us or themselves w my bf in the background on more than one occassion if my man was in the public eye.
    In LA at a grocery store, paps, and even in nYC, wouldn’t be outside a store like that that late at night and only one pap too. If it was Leo, George or someone of more profolic than Adam. It would have to be a massive celebrity to get a pap to just go to the store for a few photos. Someone tipped them off. Esp that store in particular. And to get photos of them inside like that. The store would have called the police. Most paps are at rest, clubs and places they know they will get the money shot. Not some half ass celeb and his model GF. Sorry he isn’t worth that much money to paps to waste their time and energy on. in the day time I can totally see it, but that late of a night. I don’t buy it. @???:

  65. 65
    michelle joy valdez Says:

    , . ; ‘!

  66. 66
    michelle joy valdez Says:

    i really2 love this couple :)

  67. 67


    Adam is a good man , I think.. he deserves a girl who really love him and can make his life completely happy. :) just be happy for Behati and Adam :))

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