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Beyonce Visits the U.N. to Support World Humanitarian Day!

Beyonce Visits the U.N. to Support World Humanitarian Day!

Beyonce pays a visit to the United Nations on the eve of her live performance in honor of World Humanitarian Day on Thursday (August 9) in New York City.

The 30-year-old entertainer met with Secretary General Ban Ki Moon inside the UN General Assembly Hall.

Beyonce will be joined by songwriter Diane Warren to record a special music video for her song “I Was Here,” which will be released on World Humanitarian Day (August 19) with all proceeds being donated to the cause.

Please visit now to pledge your support!

Beyonce’s Message for World Humanitarian Day
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beyonce visits the un to support world humintarian day 01
beyonce visits the un to support world humintarian day 02
beyonce visits the un to support world humintarian day 03
beyonce visits the un to support world humintarian day 04

Photos: UN Photo/Mark Garten
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  • ME

    Congrats BEY! Love that you’re giving your time and song for this!

  • BEBE

    she pick the wrong earring, its so ugly, can she be more humble for humanitarian visit….

  • BabyXgirl

    Woah. Now those are some earrings!

  • Brian

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  • nikky

    those earrings are not even pretty

  • Meg


    I thought Angelina was insincere, when she dressed plainly to all the charity events that she attends. Now I`ve changed my mind. This outfit is simply disgusting and out of place :-|.

  • Bella

    Humanity doesn’t take place on just one day a year. We should show humanity on every single day of our life. When we see a hungry homeless person, we give him food, we see children get bullied, we help them, we see people discriminating each other, we stop it. We have to start in our own neighbourhood.

  • Jo

    Beyonce just doesn’t get it and unlike Angelina who has worked for the UN for over 10 years and done plenty of visits not all of them publicised I don’t think Bey is sincere at all. The earrings say look at me and are just ugly and inappropriate and then she wears no makeup but hooker red lipstick? I think was trying to “dress down and be like regular folk” but she fails miserably. Wow a whole song with all the money and JayZ have a bit of her own would have helped too.

  • Andy

    no make-up, but earrings larger than life… sure! if she would be that human, she would have used the money for charity and not those ridiculous things. truly disgusting!

  • rayray

    I knew I had misplaced my gold Christmas ornament. Huh,,odd place to end up on.

  • ibreathepop


  • myself

    At first look, I thought it was fake earrings, but I still think it, and if it’s true…

  • loelr

    Lol. Yes Beyonce has a biiiiiiiig heart…. what a liar, how can anybody says stuff like: “oh she’s like angelina!!” -_-

  • Mandy

    I used to absolutely love her…Now I simply can’t stand her…she is so full of herself is not even funny…she things she is this great unique thing to ever bless the earth…and now she wants a movie about her…B*itch please…

  • lucy1231

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  • kaddaffi’s

    It’s now definite they will giver her an Oscar, never mind she can’t act.
    How many murderous dicatators will she shake her booty for cash.

  • TOOL

    Black unemployment has risen by double digits and 4 percent among young people…yet she still campagning for Obama.
    But what do you expect from greedy, barely literate people that tried to cash-in on the violent OCCUPY movement with merchandising.

  • guest

    Beyonce is an annoying person who has 0 humanity. It´s a joke she even was left dressed like that, go into that building.

  • brr

    not with those earrings

  • Kiki

    Pathetic and predictable. Again, it’s all about her. Even at the UN! I take it she couldn’t find bigger earrings, because had she found bigger, she would’ve gone bigger. She doesn’t know the definition of class.

  • joseph jager

    she looks like jay z with makeup

  • Ava

    @guest: I agree, It’s disrespectful and tacky to wear earrings like that when you’re meeting other leaders. If people are required to dress decent when they go to work and business meetings, how is it any different meeting with the UN? Disrespectful. The earrings only show how it’s all about her. I don’t want to offend Beyonce fans but this makes Angelina look good. At least you can tell it’s genuine…

  • Torontodiva

    Ya, bad outfit choice. What happened girl? You had a baby, not a breakdown! Yikes!

  • HumorMe

    She believes she’s a legend and acts accordingly. That’s what makes her so unlikeable. I used to like her but her ego is just getting bigger and bigger. Some may argue that’s confidence, but ppl there is a difference between the two. And she’s NOT like Angelina!!

  • HumorMe

    Beyonce doesn’t care about that stuff, she’s paid!! She’s not with the Oamas because she feels they are making some kind of a difference! It’s all about power and who you know.

    Obamas make me sick! I was their supporter in 2008 but i’ve changed my mind, and for the right reasons. He’s a hypocrite and unworthy of that peace prize, especially in light of the two ongoing wars, illegal war in libya (he claimed he couldn’t wait for congress to give permission for war), illegal war in Pakistan, intervention in syria, desire to wage war in Iran–all this has drained the economy! Is it a wonder that there are no jobs, our education system sucks, and there’s an escalating debt which the younger generation will have to pay for? I am not saying all is his fault, as certain events were already in motion when he took office. However, there were things he could’ve changed. Why is Guantanamo still open? He promised to improve America’s image but ppl around the world hate us! If hollywood and the likes of Beyonce still want to support him against their better judgement, then i have no kind words for them. They are stupid and no sympathizers of the common American citizen.