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Miranda Kerr: Sydney Shopper!

Miranda Kerr: Sydney Shopper!

Miranda Kerr is fashionbly chic as she heads into some stores to shop on Friday (August 10) in Sydney, Australia.

In case you missed it, check out the 29-year-old supermodel’s spread for Harper’s Bazaar‘s September 2012 issue, in which she goes fully naked!

Miranda‘s mom Therese Kerr and the KORA Organics Team will be hosting a special workshop event to help people perform their own “Do It Yourself” facials on Monday, August 16 in Glendale, Australia.

Check out the KORA site for more details and how to sign up!

FYI: Miranda is wearing DITA Eyewear‘s Condor Frames and carrying a Valentino bag.

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Credit: Blue Wasp/Grey Wasp/; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • lola

    this is an absolute photo op – anyone who shops near Gucci is just asking for it. There are shopping centers not a minute away that are more private.

  • Brian

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  • Sam

    she doesnt seem to be drinking whatever it is she’s holding in her hand, just showing it nicely to the camera. wonder how much she was paid for that? so bored of her

  • Ohh no

    God! I am getting more embarassed for her now. Shes looking more and more desperate. You are already in every VS ad, isnt that enough?

  • gee

    So she isn’t even allowed to go shopping anymore? Why go somewhere else when the high end stores are where you want to shop?
    That’s ridiculous.
    And that doesn’t look like a drimk, to me. More like a jar of something or other.
    yet another ridiculous hater, reaching for something to whine about.

  • @4

    Desperate? how so? Looking beautiful while going out shopping?
    Don’t be stupid.

  • -

    @@4: she is desperate. everyone in sydney was told to stay inside today because of the crazy winds (i work 2 blocks away from the gucci store) and here she is ‘pretending’ to shop.

  • lucy1231

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  • mammamiama


    She goes over the street in big citys all the time and just sometimes the paps think she’s important…Don’t be naive man…Has nothing to do with being a “hater” or sth…It’s just the fact that we cannot believe anything that has to do with models, actors etc…

  • @7

    Uhm, the only type of winds that would force “everyone inside” is hurricand force winds, Otherwise it’s business as usual, unless you are planning on being on the open water.
    First you haters lie about having been on Hamilton Island, and claiming that it is only accessible by boat, when it has it’s own freaking airport! And now you are claiming that Sydney si about to blow away?
    And you have the nerve to claim that Miranda is the desperate one?
    You guys never fail to entertain.

  • @9

    But you see, she IS important in Australia. She’s extremely popular, and a lot of people want to see her every move.
    Denying that she is not famous enough for paps to follow her has EVERYTHING to do with being a hater, because it is in your own imagination, and not based in reality.

  • @7

    Funny. It sure doesn’t look that windy where she is.
    You’re just reaching, aren’t you.

  • -

    @@7: police were on the streets forcing everyone inside because cable lines/street signs were falling on the roads as*shole. (for people who believe her – DONT!) just look up sydney and you’ll see it’s all over the news (blogs), the streets are still closed. why would i lie exactly? i’m not 12 — i want you to remove yourself from narnia. it’ll help with the delusions.

  • -
  • -

    enough for you, or am i still lying?

  • so relieved

    so happy to see her once again. I was getting withdrawal symptoms from not seeing her yesterday and not knowing every little detail she is doing. So so happy to see her showing off her rings so we know she is really married. I mean that’s the proof right? i can hardly wait to see the pictures of tomorrow. maybe it will be more nude pictures. I mean the world hasn’t seen enough of her.

  • haaaaaa!

    @so relieved: lolll.. forreal!!

  • WELL


  • @7……

    I see the Miranda “hater” is out posting over and over again with your usual delusional comments.

    You need help with your obessession with Miranda, it would be sad if it wasn’t so pathetic the way you stalk her across all the sites that post her pics.

    What a loser, so full of hatred and envy all because Orlando loves her…….Jealous much????……lol!

  • -

    yes, i also live in narnia and ride my unicorn to work. (i see you’re scraping when you can’t win an argument)

  • @-

    So what does that have to do with where she is? Those streets aren’t closed. There are cars on the street where these photos were taken, And there certainly aren’t overhead power cables in downtown Sydney, so you are EXAGGERATING. Just like all idiot haters. SPIN, BABY, SPIN!
    It OBVIOUSLY wasn’t that windy where she was. Her hair is barely blowing for goodness’ sake.
    Keep up the lies, haters. We would miss you without them.

  • @@7

    “First you haters lie about having been on Hamilton Island, and claiming that it is only accessible by boat, when it has it’s own freaking airport! ”
    Did they really claim that Hamilton didn’t have an airport?
    So pathetic!

  • charlotte

    who cares…… i’m so over her

  • @23

    Then why bother posting on her thread?
    That makes no sense.
    I guess that you must not be really “over her”

  • KissThis

    So many haters! Why are you posting if you don’t like her? Just don’t look then, geez. Miranda is gorgeous, down to earth and a great mom!! Face it!!!!

  • fan

    @Ohh no: lmao she’s not in every VS ad, she’s hardly in any VS ad. She wishes

  • @26

    It’s not the quantity, but the quality that counts. While the other girls are slogging around doing group commercials, Miranda goes solo. VS knows that she is all they need to get millions of hits.

  • -

    @@-: it wasn’t windy? i work a few blocks away. and it’s stil windy today — “And there certainly aren’t overhead power cables in downtown Sydney” – so the 23 yrs i’ve lived here i’m just seeing things??? and EXAGGERATING?? does this look fake to you? — I’m not sure which crazy house let you out but please go back in.

  • @28

    If it was so horrible WHERE AND WHEN Miranda was photographed, why is she not being blown around?
    Pictures don’t lie. But we know that you haters do. And you love to twist facts to suit your agenda.
    Miranda was downtown for a meeting (working). If it was so bad at the time, the meeting would have been cancelled. I’m sure she was safe at home when the storm blew in.
    Facts are facts. You can’t deny that. No matter how desperate you are to insult her.

  • @30

    You got caught in a fabrication and you are calling someone else an idiot?
    Typical hater response.
    And since you live in Aus, and are fond of telling lies, are you the one that claimed to have been to Hamilton Island and said that it was only accessible by boat, even though it has an airport?
    How pathetic and desperate are you? Really?

  • -

    @@30: haha you just replied to yourself — and i have no idea about hamilton island. im from sydney. what fabrication?? there are 3 links proving my point as*shole. jesus please get some help, your belief that you’re right is bordering on schizophrenia

  • @31

    The post where you called me an idiot for pointing out your desperation got deleted. That was post #30, as you well know. Are you now going to add to your string of lies by pretending that it never existed? LOL!
    and those supposed links prove nothing. Yes, there were horrible winds around Sydney. But you claimed that Miranda was desperate because she went out in those winds, when it is OBVIOUS to anyone with a brain that it definitely is NOT windy in these photos. Twisting half truths is a delphi trademark. And hmmm, they have a member from Australia….

  • frisbee

    *stuffs face with peanuts*

  • ..

    @@31: you’re an idiot. theres really nothing to say besides that. and she is desperate. AND OH NOOOOOO my comment was deleted??? boo hoo.. lemme wash away my tears with all the fu*cks i dont give.

  • wow

    So you admit to knowing that your post got deleted, and you still pretended that she was responding to herself?
    You really are a classic hater. Using vulgarity while you lie and twist the facts makes YOU the desperate one.
    And it makes it so easy for us to laugh at you,

  • ..

    @wow: no i just don’t care that it was moron.i hope you and “her” are locked away and only allowed out with supervision. if you laugh at comments on this site then lord knows you’re not normal.

  • wow

    Still no defense, so you are still insulting people smarter than you.
    And since you are claim to be laughing too (see the “haha” in post #31), then you admit to not being “normal”. Caught in your own insult. Too funny.
    And before being called on it, you WERE claiming that the post didn’t exist. Otherwise why clain that she (yes, she) was responding to herself.
    Keep those lies coming. You idiots are always so very entertaining.

  • wow

    BTW. You’ve been here for hours.
    How much time do you devote to stalking Miranda on a daily basis?

  • ..

    @wow: seek help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wow

    That’s all you have left, is it?
    You really make this way too easy.

  • ..

    @wow: SEEK HELP

  • ta

    Yep, that’s all she has left.