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Ryan Lochte: London Nightclub with Mystery Lady!

Ryan Lochte: London Nightclub with Mystery Lady!

Ryan Lochte and a mystery gal leave The Rose Club together on Thursday night (August 9) after a night out in London, England.

Earlier in the evening, the 28-year-old was spotted at director Guy Ritchie‘s pub, the Punchbowl, with fellow swimmer Conor Dwyer.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ryan Lochte

Usain Bolt is the man!! What a race Congrats” Ryan tweeted that same day about his gold medal winning race.

In case you missed it, check out Ryan‘s hilarious Funny or Die sketch about peeing in the Olympic pool!

FYI: Ryan is wearing an H&M t-shirt.

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43 Responses to “Ryan Lochte: London Nightclub with Mystery Lady!”

  1. 1
    Hepzibuh Says:

    It’s his sister.

  2. 2
    Fassdong Says:

    This guy is too close with his sisters, still hot though!

  3. 3
    monoi Says:

    What an UGLY outfit

  4. 4
    Cara Says:

    This guy does absolutely nothing for me. It’s fairly apparent that he has the brain the size of a pea. Hope he does The Bachelor if only to get a load of the gold digging desperate farewhores that he will undoubtedly attract.

  5. 5
    seeaaaa Says:

    eeeh tool too the bag…dont get me wrong he’s a hot tool

  6. 6
    lori Says:

    he’s kinda the olympic version of Jessica SImpson in her Daisy Duke days. Can’t you picture him saying “Is this chicken what I’m eating or is it Fish? Jeah!!!”

  7. 7
    Brooklyn Says:

    I think he’s funny. He reminds me of Spiccoli from Fast Times at Richmond High.

  8. 8
    Alexis Says:

    Love him!

  9. 9
    Sabrina Says:

    Whoever made Lochte wear that Justin Bieber’s outfit should be fired! LOL!

  10. 10
    sian Says:

    Adorable idiot.

  11. 11
    James Says:

    he looks like a douche.. fo’real

  12. 12
    Ford Says:

    @Cara: Completely agree! He looks like he spends WAYYY too long in front of the mirror before he leaves the house…

  13. 13
    lori Says:

    I take it back….he is what would have happened if John Mayer and Jessica Simpson had a baby. And Olympically sexy dumb d-bag. Even has a Parent that pimps him out.

  14. 14
    Tiffany Says:

    I like him, but if he continues this road to be a D rated celebrity, he is done. Wish he would stick with his sport and become classy and not turn into an embarrassment for the country.

  15. 15
    Ex Lochte Fan Says:

    That’s not his sister though! This guy is pathetic in so many levels. He used to be humble and cool but after Beijing, when Phelps stopped training hard, he began beating him in all the competitions and became a massive PR tool. He sold himself as the greatest swimmer alive and told everyone he was going to be better than Michale.
    You can like Michael or not but he always keeps it classy with the press. Now, Ryan is going to Hollywood and he will enjoy what it’s left og his 15 minutes. Lindsay Lohan is gonna ***** him, Paris Hilton is gonna **** him and he’s not gonna make it to Rio
    Not to mention that he’s leaving the person that trained him to this level, his coach Gregg, who is one of the best coaches in the world.
    i hope he doesn’t get an STD and he controls his partying when he’s in LA because he’s truly not making it to RIO.

  16. 16
    Um Says:

    Oh lord, he is an adorable manwhore idiot. He’s the type of guy that you would go “Aww” because he drooled on himself.

  17. 17
    flo Says:

    Ryan’s partying is not news though. He’s always been known for this. Also, I don’t know now but he used to smoke a lot of weed back in high school. And his brother got into jail for selling weed a couple months ago.

  18. 18
    Mel Says:

    Nice eyebrows, mystery gal. Now, shave that $hit.

  19. 19
    Pat Says:

    Resembles Paul Newman in his younger days….

  20. 20
    llws88 Says:

    hoein’ it out on the streets of London…do yo thang Ryan! I swear he’s cute for nothing

  21. 21
    isla Says:

    it is not adorable to be an idiot.
    like in any way.
    so unattractive.
    the gold medals dont do anything for me either.

  22. 22
    ONTD Says:

    I’m sorry, he’s disgusting..he always looks sweaty like he reeks of stale beer, B.O. and garlic. That combined with his dufus personality and the sure to be inane conversation or lack of. The girl he’s with looks like she can’t hit the bricks soon enough to get away. Blech.

  23. 23
    Rico Says:

    He’s cute. He just spent 4 years training almost everyday. Cut him some slack, let him party for a couple of weeks if he wants.

  24. 24
    KissThis Says:


  25. 25
    toni Says:

    massive facepalm…sigh.
    Who in theee hell (I cannot say the word I want to say) is his stylist or does he even have one? Come on man you are a 6 foot or taller athlete with an amazing body and an attractive face and you dress like this?
    Looks aside I’m still a fan and as long as he performs well in the pool and stays the guy who treats his fans nice (because he is one of the few people period where I have heard nothing but positive about his interactions with fans) I will still be there for support.
    Also I seriously hope he doesn’t move to LA. I’m from LA and love this city to death, but I just think there is too much temptation and distractions that will take away from his training and the women will be on him like white on rice if he moves here (I promise there will be Paris, Kim K or some young actress dating rumors with him if he came here).

  26. 26
    toni Says:

    This I wish he would just would stay in Florida and train there.
    I understand he has been training and working his butt off for 4 years and yes he deserves the right to have fun, but I just seriously hope this doesn’t get to his head and he begins to change himself and mess himself up for the next Olympics.

  27. 27
    dooliloo Says:

    smell a Laure Manaudou remake… she was the greatest French swimmer to date but the starmania got to her head back in 2004, she left one of the greatest coaches, bedded co-swimmers dudes, got naked pics leaked on the internet, became a pseudo-actress, met another swimmer dude only this one is tattoed and god knows what he does for a living (“I’m a swimmer Jeah!!!” hmmm right) and got preggers and had a baby girl, and she thought she could come back to swim without no much training… she failed miserably a both Beijing and London… Jeah!!!!!! *uh-oh starting to like that trend…*

  28. 28
    HAHA Says:

    This guy is not hot at all, Nathan Adrian is the best

  29. 29
    bobby Says:

    @Cara: Wow, bitter much. Sounds like you’ve been rejected by far too many guys that were way out of you league & now you’ve just started hating the world.

  30. 30
    Cara Says:

    @bobby: Rejected? Not even close…LOL. But thanks anyway:) Sorry, this guy is repugnant to me.

  31. 31
    Cara Says:

    Still hope he decides to become “The Bachelor”. Trainwreck scenerios complete with bimbos are always entertaining.:)

  32. 32
    loelr Says:

    He should become friend with Kanye West.

  33. 33
    L Says:

    he’s gross. just stop talking about him and he will disappear.

  34. 34
    Lili Says:

    He’s just trying to mend his inferiority complex…he’s obsessed with being better than Phelps. Since he wasn’t able to prove it in the pool, now he wants to beat him in being a bigger celebrity. He tweets places he’s gonna visit – so paparazzi can be there as well. He begs for followers and he will move to LA to ‘star’ in some reality shows. Errr…okay.

  35. 35
    Jj Says:

    He is soooo ugly. I don’t know why he is being labeled as a heartthrob yuck what a douche!

  36. 36
    Enough with the Dbags Says:

    I wish the media would stop shoving this guy down our throats. Yes, he won gold but he is one collossal douchebag and pretty much everything about him irks me. I would rather see Phelps busted face tha this guy.

  37. 37
    G Says:

    Ryan Lochte is destined to become the Kim Kuntrashian of males. He wants the fame, he’s so hungry for the attention, and he’s got his agent making sure he gets on the gossip websites for all the wrong reasons.

    He’s a world champion swimmer but at the rate he’s going, he’s going to be remembered more for being a world-class d**chebag than a sports hero. If his old tweets (before his PR took over) don’t convince you he’s an idiot, then the fact that he’s willing to take the sleaziest route to fame and fortune should be the kicker.

  38. 38
    Max Says:

    If this is his sister someone should sue him for incest!

  39. 39
    rada Says:

    at first glance, though not with these pictures but from the countless magazine articles and covers featuring him leading up to london 2012, i thought, oh nice, he looks good, he looks like the next wholesome american athlete. the second he opened his mouth, all of those thoughts went down the drain. he’s a complete do uc he.

  40. 40
    rada Says:

    and his hair is awful, as bad if not worse than kellan lutz.

  41. 41
    Pam Says:


  42. 42
    m Says:

    Love him! He is the best looking swimmer I’ve ever seen and that says a lot. He’s funny and ditzy, so what? He’s real and it’s refreshing, tired of all the fake robots. I’d rather have someone genuine! Go Ryan!

  43. 43
    D Says:

    not that one

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