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Leonardo DiCaprio: Shirtless Saturday with Erin Heatherton!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Shirtless Saturday with Erin Heatherton!

Leonardo DiCaprio goes shirtless as he walks back to his car with girlfriend Erin Heatherton on Saturday (August 11) in Malibu, Calif.

The 37-year-old actor and the 23-year-old model spent the sunny afternoon at the beach.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

The day before, Erin stepped out in Los Angeles wearing a cute summer outfit.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Leo‘s movie The Great Gatsby would be pushed back to 2013.

20+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio at the beach with Erin Heatherton

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leonardo dicaprio shirtless saturday with erin heatherton 06
leonardo dicaprio shirtless saturday with erin heatherton 07
leonardo dicaprio shirtless saturday with erin heatherton 08
leonardo dicaprio shirtless saturday with erin heatherton 09
leonardo dicaprio shirtless saturday with erin heatherton 10
leonardo dicaprio shirtless saturday with erin heatherton 11
leonardo dicaprio shirtless saturday with erin heatherton 12
leonardo dicaprio shirtless saturday with erin heatherton 13
leonardo dicaprio shirtless saturday with erin heatherton 14
leonardo dicaprio shirtless saturday with erin heatherton 15
leonardo dicaprio shirtless saturday with erin heatherton 16
leonardo dicaprio shirtless saturday with erin heatherton 17
leonardo dicaprio shirtless saturday with erin heatherton 18
leonardo dicaprio shirtless saturday with erin heatherton 19
leonardo dicaprio shirtless saturday with erin heatherton 20

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# 1

leo u can do so much better.

# 2

He’s Geroge Clooney 2.0. Everyone’s moved on to Chris Hemsworth.

# 3

I pray for the day when Leo comes to his senses! I sure hope it’s soon.

# 4

DiCaprio fell off BIG time. WTF is he doing?

# 6
Anne Marie @ 08/11/2012 at 11:55 pm

Dating one model after another (mostly much younger) is a sign that someone needs to come out of the closet already. Come on, Leo, it is 2012. Only silly bigots will judge you and they are hopeless anyway.

# 7

bunch of haters on JJ. People who comment on other people’s love life should look at their own. He’s a great actor and his acting is all we should criticize. its his business who he decides to date and spend his time with.

# 8

leo has so many sexy women, cant wait to see gatsby.

# 9

Can’t wait to see Django Unchained. Leo is a BOSS! Phenomenal actor and Tarantino is a beast.

@Alex: its a gossip blog which is why people COMMENT!!!! its called having an opinion


Ok but people who spend any time or energy making negative comments about anyone’s personal life need to get a life. I dont understand people who go on blogs to spew hate. People are pathetic.

i love u leo u r one of the finest actor in world

Another ugly and anorexic model.
Please Leo, you can do so much better!

ijijoiqdwn @ 08/12/2012 at 12:24 am

Erin’s and Leo’s boobs are like the same size.

Leonardo Dicaprio is a brilliant actor. Can’t wait to see The Great Gatsby.

let him have his fun, in time he’ll marry someone great and have kids. and if he doesnt do that who cares!

Hit the gym or keep your shirt on please!


HA HA. and what do you look like?


Yes I agree and they are called internet trolls.


you’re no better


he can’t handle greatness and greatness doesn’t want to play his game.


How so? I’m not commenting on his personal life. I dont go on the internet to spew hate.


keep dreaming. he can’t handle greatness and greatness doesn’t want to play his game.

Definitely not a couple in love. Look at the body language !!


I notice people do this all over the internet. What has the world come to that now people hide behind their computers and criticize people’s lives? Bunch of pathetic people. these people’s lives are so pathetic that they get pleasure putting others down on the internet. JJ is one of the worst. So dont be shocked. Is full of trolls.


True. All these women on JJ are probably so ugly they are hating. Cause Erin is hot as hell. This is coming from a guy. I can judge a women’s hotness because Im a guy.. They wish they could look like her.

His man boobs look like those nasty Jimmy Dean sausage patties but more dehydrated.

@Alex: why do you even worry about them? you can’t actually beat the internet so worrying about why people hate each other (or hate ppl they don’t know) is a waste of your time, no?

Leo why was The Great Gatsby pushed back to Summer 2013? I was so looking forward to seeing it this Christmas. Now I have to wait. But seriously you’re an amazing actor. Keep making movies.

@Samantha: what exactly does it say about you? you’re not saving lives by complaining! leo decaps spent most of the 90s & early 2000 with toby maguire(?) sleeping with everything that moved, making billions, and i’m pretty sure they dnt give a sh*t about anything so why do u??? whooooo carrrresss!!! people have hated each other since the beginning of time… move onnnnn.


What does it say about you? I guess you must be jealous that he was sleeping with all these women and not you.

Eh, Leo looks a little rough but if he just did a sit up or bench press once in a blue moon he would look much better. Also using sunscreen and moisturizer like, ever, would probably take years off his looks (although he still looks younger than most his age). But he seems like the type to run his body into the ground, not anything too terrible just overdoing it on some unhealthy habits (i.e. drinking/partying) and not worrying about the little things that add up like unhealthy eating or sun damage. Erin should take heed too, she’s looking a little tanorexic in these pics which could seriously hinder her already precarious modeling career later on.

Pretty soon Leo is not going to be able to get these models… He needs to take better care of himself!!


Chris Hemsworth can’t act. Leo on the other hand one of the best of his generation. Just look at his resume.

Keep the movies coming, and the shirt on Leo.

Resigned of see him dating a 16 years old’s look-a like.
Resigned to see him always looking ashamed and miserable next to her. Never smiling even once.
Resigned that apparently she’s going to stay for a long 5 years.
Resignation on her part which will be cheat over and over again during that time, and breaking up and getting back together million times.

@Jimmy: LOLLLLLLLL i almost cried from laughing. of course im jealous. that was my point. thank you.. how’d you know? (my problem is that the women get called whO*res and he gets away with it bcos ppl like YOU defend him)

By the way @ 08/12/2012 at 2:07 am


who cares about his acting resume?or the clowns are the great people for u?sorry but he is a clown, not an actor.


I’m defending him because any guy in his position would do the same. BTW I dont call women whores. I’m a guy and I think she’s hot. I just think is funny that women come here to talk trash about who Leo dates but I guess I got my answer: They are jealous.

By the way @ 08/12/2012 at 2:11 am

His real resume is his endless hypocrisy, dumb projects like mobli, pr for useless famewhores like vs models etc.


I think he’s the best of his generation. No one can’t compete with his resume. Just finished watching Shutter Island and wow amazing actor.

@By the way:

Who do you consider a great actor? Just curious. Cause all the things you mentioned are not his resume.

@Jimmy: yeah congrats. considering i just defended her.. of course that makes me jealous. you should study psychology.. obviously you found your calling.


Vs models are ugly and dumb.
There is nothing to say about them except unpleasant things.
Unfortunately even the most attractive vs model dautzen really sucks when she opens he mouth.

By the way @ 08/12/2012 at 2:31 am

If not his resume so what???titanicshutterislandhoover is his resume??? oh such a hard and intelligent work!

By the way @ 08/12/2012 at 2:35 am

no trashy clowns on this list. Check it out.…_100_Stars

By the way @ 08/12/2012 at 2:38 am

Yes hard and intelligent work I do because I am great without hypocrisy

By the way @ 08/12/2012 at 2:39 am


every piece of crap can get these dumb and ugly models without any efforts!so dont worry.

@By the way:

WTF does his personal life have to do with his resume. You sound like a jealous idiot. And if you’re judging actors by what they do in their personal life then some of the people on that AFI list are clowns as well. LOL

Hope the shirtless clown enjoys the list.

Haha!Maybe they forgot to add Lukas Haas there?

If Lauren Taylor Brando are clowns for you go and check again the ******-nipples pics of the vs gf and his own nipples pics.That is All they really can do and want to do – be the whores and being paid for it

Im a clown too. haha cause i like my nipples and get paid for it and also a *****.


Yeah,haas is clown too.


We’re both clowns. HAHA yes we are

Is Leo EVER going to shave? Maybe he’s becoming religious.


No,he is just lazy.


We’re both lazy. HAHA

who we, idiot?@Clown:

The lazy idiots dont deserve the high-paid jobs and fame but they have it.It is horrible.

Anne Marie

let me get this straight; because Leo dates much younger women, models at that, he is therefore gay. a lot you don’t know!!


He will shave soon. He starts shootin Wolf of Wall Street this month and has to be clean shaven for that role.

an opinion @ 08/12/2012 at 4:36 am

The dating models thing is a self esteem problem. But the covering of his face is stupid. If you do not want to be famous find another occupation.

Not a fan of Heathertardo

@Rene: They are probably just sex buddies. ;)

How to capoeira

I don’t want to believe that is his body! Ewwww, Leo still is 37! Oh well, he’s NOT an action hero. No problem.

The new Howard Hughes…

What a Boss!

always, tall, blonde, tanned skin…. so mannequin
Clones succed

He found his soulmate in Erin !!!!!!!!!!!!


leo is looking mighty fine in these pics ;)

What a fab looking couple, what a shame they cant even have a nice day at the beach without having a camera shoved in their face…that’s fame for you I guess!
Why so much negativity, why dont all you criticizing haters go and find something more to your liking and bring a little positivity into your lives?

the real shame is the publicity he gave to the whores.shame on them!



Dipopulation plan @ 08/12/2012 at 7:19 am

The dicaprio and f-on couple is the great capture ever for promoting the depopulation plan vaccines.

These pictures are… Interesting. He looks… Less miserable than usual? And she… Has great abs! Just trying to something positive to say. Umm. Yeah.

@Message: haha, methinks you are being sarcastic!!, but well done :)


Just shut up when u are trying to say something useless and dumb.

@Message: oooh, aggressive much !

Sugar Daddy and his latest project. Leo needs a little workout but other than that I think he looks fine. Poor company, they look miserable and after all this time not a trace of chemistry. Not at all. Erin has no appeal at all. I agree that the body language is obvious.
Why being so shy, Leo? I remember those biking photo from NYC when he had no problem being photographed. I guess he is OK with it when he is up for a photo op. When it doesn`t suit him he is hiding. Unlike Erin. Not like anyone cares about her too much… lol


My last

message was for the famous idiots(dicaprio,models).THEY promote prostitution,hypocrisy and now the depopulation plan.They even have money for self-education but instead of this people see only their butts, ***** and nipples.Great people for the dipopulation plan promo.

Well, well, well….. Another set of razzi pics where Leo feels the need to hide his face. What else is new?
Just a question: is she taller than him?

He is doing nothing but downgrading when it comes to women. He hit rock bottom with this toothpick looking boring girl. I think about women he was linked to in the past and they were so beautiful and exciting. Some of his in-between-relationship conquest are still really hot but the official ones? Ewww. Erin Heatherton? Really?

Leo just want`s sex!XD
I don`t know…

He looks so ridiculous. If he is not more into this young girl, why does he let himself invade by her like that? It’s embarrassing to watch these pictures.

The answer is yes. Her legs are definitely longer than his.

Isn`t it? I thought I was the only one. It`s embarrassing or rather makes me feel uncomfortable. It doesn`t seem like he is into her at all, it doesn`t seem like he is comfortable being seen with her, there`s no attraction there but she seems to be just fine. Everything ages around Leo ( including him ) except for his love interests. Yes, he can date these young girls and he has been doing it for decades. I think ( JMO ) people might wanna see him maturing in that field as well. I don`t talk about marriage or kids because that`s not for everyone. But even if he remains an eternal bachelor always dating the same kind of very young woman makes him look weird, immature and shallow. JMO.

Love Erin’s outfit. Leo looks kinda weird
I don’t think that was the original ‘Message’, Message is usually cool.
I think it’s the illiterate troll

She is so skinny because she smokes a lot. She is only in her early 20s for now but I would be curious to see what her skin and her health will be in her late 30s.
Just hope she is not thinking of trapping him into having a baby.


Brainless life.Shirtless Saturday.Shameless model.Yep.

The model is really ugly like her outfit.

how Leo ‘fans’ keep squelching/complaining how he has ‘downgraded’ and insist ugly his girlfriend/s is/are – I guess Leo ‘fans’ are every bit as shallow and superficial as they accuse him of being. Birds of a feather

He’s only finely dressed in movies… Come on doesn’t he know how to dress himself?

Spinsters Unite @ 08/12/2012 at 8:16 am

Lol at Leo thread on a lazy Sunday morning. Haterade alert. JJ is really made up of what people say it is. Peace Out!

Having a negative opinion doesn`t necessarily equal hate. Also being a fan doesn`t mean you have to love EVERYTHING about him. Nobody is perfect and that includes Leo as well. Seeing that doesn`t make me any less of a fan. Blindly accepting everything he does doesn`t make you more of a fan. Having an opinion that differs from yours is perfectly normal you just don`t like it.
@Weston: It`s Leo. It`s not that easy to trap him, he is smarter than that so I wouldn`t worry about it…

I’m the original Yep. You’re just a weirdo

Fashion alert @ 08/12/2012 at 8:26 am

Why was she wearing a bra under that top? It’s gross.

S/he just doesn’t like it? Seems to me that anyone who deviates from the script with perfectly normal alternate views is the unliked one here but whatever

Fan of real models @ 08/12/2012 at 8:37 am

@Fashion alert#96: She has no choice but to wear a padded pushup bra all the time. You didn’t know that? At 18, she already had sagging boobs with dark nipples. She has no choice but to wear a bra even at such a young age and wearing this type of top.

@spot on: yeah, you’re right.
Not a nice image. I have nothing against people who smoke once in a while but on a sidewalk….

On behalf of all women @ 08/12/2012 at 8:51 am


If you’re gonna date models half your age at least have the decency to stay in shape. Otherwise it’s just gross, man.

Put on a little muscle, focus on the pecs. No need to over-do it but you really need to tone up man!

Jenn Jenn @ 08/12/2012 at 8:57 am

I think that the man boobs come from the fact that he gained a ton of weight while he was vacationing and then suddenly lost it all for some reason.

I think that Leo wants to age so his fans will have to respect his body of acting rather than his looks. He stated in an interview that he gets tired of being treated like a piece of meat. I do agree that he is aging awfully fast, I think the booze and whatever else he does is catching up to him.

Yes, @Spot ON, unfomfortable is more appropriate. The Hawaii pictures made me feel the same. I

I don’t think dating these young girls inspire him to do anything ( meaningful ) including going to the gym. If he says ‘jump’ they ask how high ( and I think so far Erin was his easiest catch ) regardless of his physique.

On behalf of all women @ 08/12/2012 at 9:03 am

And I don’t get why you guys are so harsh on Erin. I don’t know anything about her. But she looks like a young, insecure, inexperienced girl who probably hasn’t had that many boyfriends before Leo.
I like Leo as an actor and he seems like a cool guy. BUT he also seems like a bit of a spoiled mommas boy who thinks he’s 20 years younger than he really is.
That said, it’s probably Erin that is in the most vulnerable position in this relationship from the looks of it. She’s a young model in the beginning of her fragile career. He’s an older, established Hollywood actor with a big fortune. So…I don’t see this relationship ending well for Erin.

@On behalf of all women:

Who cares about his next things?They dont have a decenty at all why he must stay in shape for them?

All the Angels get along so well with Erin’s because she is such a team player and not arrogant despite her being so beautiful !!!!!!

@On behalf of all women:

She will quickly find another guy to grabb her butt
!Didn’t u know it?Why here is always a naive idiot who cares about the fragile career of the most disgusting famewhores ever?why u dont care about decent women and his hard lifes?why u care about shameless whores?

I think you underestimate Erin. She is not that young as she looks, she is 23 if I’m not mistaken. Also she has been modeling for years so there’s no way she didn’t know who she started dating. Leo has a reputation and yet she is there following him everywhere with a new PR team behind her that really want to make her happen. I just don’t see her in a vulnerable position. JMO.
@ST: Yeah, the Gawaii photos, the first photo op in LA and the others in NYC. Pretty much every set if photo of them. No chemistry, attraction, he looks almost like her father. It makes me feel uncomfortable to look at them together.

Pics on the Beach @ 08/12/2012 at 9:21 am

This guy continue to be a huge disappointment for his fans…

And we can tell this pics want’s planned as the previous.

Though Erin is looking like she’s walking on the sunshine happy to see the paps as before, we know Leo is photographed when and only he want, so as he didn’t call the paps this time, he’s acting like his usual jackass covering his face, walking as far as possible from her. Showing what she really means to him BECAUSE with Gisele in the beach HE NEVER DO THAT.

Here is Leo walking on the beach with a woman he was actually attracted to and had chemistry with.

She will have a baby from him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cute imaginary babies!

Not all of us spend our lives cussing out his girlfriends. Some of us just enjoy gossip, analysis, humor. Message, ???, Philly Canada Girl
I agree with your view 105. And I also agree with #110 that he deffo did NOT want these pics taken unlike the Leo/Erin earlier snaps. He looks almost in pain actually. If its the hills I think it is paps lurk there and sometimes get lucky.


Really beautiful woman.

Comparing to her gisele is an ordinary uneducated german woman.But heatherton…that’s just disgusting choice!×613.jpg

@105: ‘spending lives’ here is a little dramatic. Some of you like what’s posted, some doesn’t like your comments, we all have different opinions and point of view. I agree it goes too far sometimes. No doubt about that and I doubt it’s gonna change.
I think these photos also show that Leo is up for photo ops from time to time. Now he doesn’t want to be pictured and I agree. Not being close to her ( body language and the space btw them ) shows what she means to him. Like those infamous photos in a parking garage with Bar. He was running from the paps leaving her behind, not bothering about her at all. These pics are not that extreme but still the same.

God that’s so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The infamous garage pics!!!!!!!!!!!! Even X17 who posted them were amazed. Poor show. I can’t even understand how any woman would have tolerated that. It’s like the chips are down and the guy bails, leaving you hanging.
I would be out of that relationship like a light. No joke.

Jess Loves Leo @ 08/12/2012 at 10:14 am

Loving me some Leo <3

But I HATE this Erin chick! She is definitely the worst GF that Leo has ever had!!

I used to be a huge fan of Leo but damn it’s soooo ridiculous to see he chooses younger girlfriends each time. And the fact he knows he’s famous and that his relations will be public knowledge it’s even worse… Do you see what i mean?

@Spot on!: Good god, those pictures where he was running from the paps and left Bar behind. I mean as an outsider it was funny, but seriously even if one of my friends ditched me like that I’d be pissed, let alone someone who was supposedly in love with me. I also remember those pictures of him with Blake at the supermarket where he ditched her in the middle of the aisle. I mean I completely understand not wanting to be photographed, but if it’s really that important he should walk separately from his girlfriends. It must be incredibly intimidating to be surrounded by photographers (as Sienna Miller recently pointed out, if you take away the cameras it’s basically a group of guys chasing a single person, it must be scary as hell), but to combine that with your boyfriend doing the dip on you must be pretty sucky.

@116@117: And that is probably why Bar was fed up with his behavior and decided to put an end to this relationship with an insecure guy. But there was a certain period he couldn’t care less about what the people were thinking…

riiiiiggghhht @ 08/12/2012 at 10:56 am

@No wonder: I agree with everything you said except Leo dumped Bar, not the other way around.

@On behalf of all women: experience isnt always related to having many bfs. Sometimes it is a matter of being mature and intelligent.


it is not about her/their age/looks – it is about who they are.

shameless – high-paid – uneducated dumb ******* s.

@121 What pictures of him ditching Blake in the aisle? I remember many upshots of her face at that market and only the back of Leo’s head in his blue/grey shirt. But I don’t remember seeing Leo running anywhere.
@121 That narrative again. Bar would take him back in a second, and after 5 years of cheating she still did not dump him.
@Spot On – What do you think of this narrative. Leo CAN’T grow up because this means his friends (Lukas,Kevin) would also have to grow up and I don’t think any of them are ready for that. How else would they be able to drop everything and go on luxurious cruises, nightclub jaunts, if they have baggage wife/babies at home?They are in the cycle together. It’s scary that Leo is stuck in the same time warp and his ex Paris Hilton. 31 and still acting like a 22 year old. No emotional growth whatsoever. Must be the LA water.

Leo! On of the best actors in hollywood for sure.
Why was the movie pushed back? Does anyone know?


since when hilton is dicaps ex?

No idea. And I’m sooooo ticked off. It was the perfect festive movie. It does not seem like a summer blockbuster imo

The dude looks homeless. WTF?!

I don`t know if he ditched Blake but he did ditch the shopping cart full of stuff. He ditched Bar and honestly I don`t think it`s gonna be any better with Erin. I don`t think he has respect for his girlfriends at all. I agree with Elena that the paps are annoying and I bet he hates them. But the photo is going to be taken anyway. Why not act like you belong and respect the girl who you are dating rather than acting like a stranger and leave her behind on her own. If you can`t control the paparazzi at least try to think about your image. JMO.
@Geez: I agree. It seems like Leo is stuck in his early 20`s. Acts and dresses like that and people around him enable that. His friends, his family and girlfriends. You are spot on. Not having a meaningful relationship allows him to go away with his boys whenever he feels like it, put the relationship on hold ( off ) when he feels like playing the field. Having a `soulmate` or a normal relationship wouldn`t allow him to do that. If that`s what he wants but he needs to accept that he is not getting any younger and being with younger and younger girls make him look older and creepier.

your posts are always so refreshing.
@122 yep. spot on. hehe

@Zombies: geeeez since when do you read celebrity websites?

@Spot on!:
Thanks for responding. If memory serves me correct. They both ditched the market shopping cart but Leo did not leave her hanging. I also don’t understand the face hiding. I COMPLETLEY respect the need to want your privacy and space. Famous or not everyone deserves that. But after almost 10 years of hiding your face with shirts/caps and they STILL take your picture. I dunno why Leo doesn’t just for f**k it, walk normally get on with it casually and quit acting like the elephant man. As he approaches 40 he’s veering into Michael Jackson territory with the constant face screening

CanadaGirl @ 08/12/2012 at 11:36 am

@Laura: I think that it was pushed back because of the Christmas 2012 line up. Leo has Django Unchained coming out at that time and there are tons of other films that could hurt its box-office.
Films being released over and near Chirstmas:
- The Hobbit
- Les Miserable
- Monsters Inc. (2)
- Jack Reacher
and of course Django.
Although the new Batman is doing well, it’s taken a hit for various reasons and I think that those involved in movie making need to be nervous about the bottom line.
I think it’s a smart move. I always contended that releasing it during the school year might boost its box-office, so it’s disappointing to see it pushed to the summer. I’m sure that many teachers would change their curriculum to include Gatsby during the year, so they could go on a field trip to see the film.
Speaking of literature tie in…. this has to be one of Leo’s smartest moves in his career. Each year he gets reintroduced to a new generation that studies Romeo and Juliet, and now he’ll have The Great Gatsby too. I really, really think that Leo should do Macbeth also. I love Shakespeare and I can say with certainty that the only good version of Macbeth was Polanski’s in 1971. No other has touched it in terms of quality. It’s time. Leo would make a PERFECT Macbeth.

CanadaGirl @ 08/12/2012 at 12:00 pm

PS – A Macbeth NOT done by Baz Luhrmann. It would need a learned director in this area.
Kenneth Branagh might be good, but he’d have to make it very dark and sombre (to suit my tastes, of course). Ohh…. if he’d put Colm Feore in it… Amazing. Leo as Macbeth, and Colm Feore as Banquo.

Hi Canada Girl. If the studio was only concerned with rival movies, why not move it to Spring rather than delaying it almost a year to summer????? Leo & Macbeth – not shabby CG but I hope in Leo’s next role ‘he does not look CONSTIPATED throughout the film’!

Reaching out @ 08/12/2012 at 12:04 pm

To those sayinghe’s being rude by running way I don’t think so. The pictures look like Erin moved away from Leo and in one it looks like he’s reaching out to her.

Here are the pictures of Leo and Blake taken in August last year when he was seen leaving her holding all the stuff while he ran away with the cart.
And please, don’t try to convince anyone that he is the one who dumped Blake.

Well unlike you I see it as he is saying to her: stay away while the paps are around. Pretty obvious.

@131: Thank you. I’m happy to hear that.
@Geez: again I agree. This is Hollywood and he is a top player. No matter what they will take your photo. So why look like a fool and be ridiculed? I think he said once he tries to ruin the shot by hiding. Whether they can see your face or not they will take your photo. Maybe that’s why they are trying so hard? To get the shot? As you said its been 10 years and nothing changed. He just has this weird image thing going on. Photo ops and no problem being pictured and when he is not in the mood hiding. It’s out of his control and I bet it annoys him! I think he is a control freak and that includes his love life!

@attention: \\

since ur mama was pregnant.

CanadaGirl @ 08/12/2012 at 12:23 pm

@Philly: The blockbusters are going to be hitting the theaters all spring and next summer too. If they were to do it in the Spring, I think April would be the best bet because there is only a Harrison Ford and a Cruise film that might block its box office.

I’ll only include the 2013 releases that I think are big pics:
January – Gangster Squad, Broken City, The Last Stand (might be a stinker)
February – Bitter Pill, A Good Day to Die Hard
March – Elysium, Oz the Great and Powerful, GI Joe: Retaliation
April – Dead Man Down (meh), Untitled Bullock comedy (considering recent female comedies, it might be a contender), 42 (meh), Oblivion (Team Katy)
May – Iron Man 3, Star Trek sequel, Hangover 3
June – Man of Earth, World War Z, R.I.P.D
July – Despicable Me 2, Wolverine, and TWO 3D re-releases (Jurassic Park and Independence Day)
August – 300 sequel
Where would a movie like Baz’s fit in this line-up. Right now I say April or August.

@No wonder:
No offence but I still don’t see it. Leo does not look like he was running away anywhere. Shes checking out the aisles and he’s pushing the trolley. Unless I’m seeing things, its standard shopping fare. he’s holding onto the goods and Blake seems to be picking them out.
It is likely they both left a full cart and ran to the car though.

CanadaGirl @ 08/12/2012 at 12:25 pm

… I guess July might work too, but you can’t underestimate the Disney flick in the summer…

A low point in any relationship. Lol at the commentary of the writer:

@Reaching out:

HAHAHA!Desperate and shameless model who is proud to share with almost everyone
her butt, nipples and other parts to be really proud of is moving away from dirty uncle leo!Such a queen!

CanadaGirl @ 08/12/2012 at 12:31 pm

@Geez: That’s what I see too. I’m a browser and would frustrate the sig. other when shopping to the point that I was politely asked to either a) do the grocery shopping myself, or b) let him do it. lol.
In the grand scheme of things, who cares. Bleo is over. X’s out of the picture. He’s got a new piece and films coming out. Let’s concentrate on that.

CanadaGirl @ 08/12/2012 at 12:33 pm

Have a good one Leo-fans. Cheers.

Gisele & Leo @ 08/12/2012 at 12:36 pm

Exactly. And the pics don’t look any different to earlier shopping pics
Seems typical for Leo or any random Joe.

The question is where is gisele and where is leo on that pic?gisele is on the left,right?

Shopping pic @ 08/12/2012 at 12:43 pm

OK, we’ve seen him food shopping with all his exs

When will the ones with Bubley appear?

@150 – that was the time when Gisele still had her huge breast implants.

@Shopping pic:
What a bizarre stalker request! I’m sure considering Erin stays with him in LA. She was seen driving his fisker karma they’ve probably already gone food shopping. Don’t worry about waiting for it. I’m sure their fridge is stocked.

Aww Barfbot. You’re still attacking Leos exes except for your ****** Playboy model. Gisele was top in Forbes and Time magazine this year where was Bar? Even with her ‘huge breast implants’ she was covering Vogue and dominating the runway. Move On


it doesnt make her intelligent beautiful decent woman.
all dicaprio girls are the is just the worst from the worst.

And you are still attacking his other ex, Bar. How are you any better????? It`s ridiculous that you are so upset with anyone attacking Gisele, Erin or Lively but you feel free to do the same to Bar. Hilarious!
@153: I think she was seen driving his Lexus just like his other exes. Big deal!
I bet he does go food shopping with her to buy food for himself ( it doesn`t seem like she eats much ) just like he took her to Disneyland, biking, got her a JM necklace, took her to Northern California, Hawaii. Same girlfriend, same habits. Nothing special about Erin or Leo&Erin. Same old pattern!
In an old comment it was said when you see Leo with a brunette who is over 25… Then you will know he is serious.

WOW I’m impressed….top of Forbes and time magazine??? For what? For showing her huge implants? Really impressed, thanks.
Wasn’t she once bashed by PETA for modeling fur? Yeah right.

You don’t have to be impressed, for many people and their industries Forbes and Times are prestigious enterprises and have been so for over 50 years. An internet poster reamining unimpressed will not cause an earthquake I should imagine
@Spot On. You really don’t see how we were mostly able to have a rational interesting debate when the usual solange/LOL/insertnamehere (who usually goes in on Leo’s girls but Bar) came in with an attack.? Then there’s nothing left to add

@Spot On #156
Bizarre. You went from being rational in your posts to utterly beligerent.
Take your own advice and ignore what displeases you
I’m off to watch the Olympics closing. Enjoy everybody

Hmmm, I don’t think I told anyone to ignore anything. I’m simply puzzled how is it OK to bash one particular ex meanwhile complaining about bashing other women involved with Leo. If that’s utterly beligerent to you… What can I say?

No Wonder You're a Spammer @ 08/12/2012 at 1:21 pm

@No wonder:

is a bitter Bar fan, if anyone had any doubts. He wiped his feet on her for five years until he finally dumped her for good. She was hanging on for dear life until the bitter end. He took a stand and dumped her in the most public and humiliating way possible. Erin is her replacement and you can’t stand it. Don’t worry, Erin has already been cheated on and will find herself in the same position as Bar if she continues to put up with it.

@158: Rational and interesting debate meanwhile you bash only one particular Leo girl? Everyone is attacked for ‘insulting’ Erin meanwhile the same thing is done to his ex. It’s not about Bar or being a Bar fan. This is hypocritical no matter how you put it. That’s all! I never liked double standards!

Thank God someone else can connect the dots concerning certain posts/posters. I’ll say no more

Yep, Leo has adopted one pattern with all his gfs over the years. But as much as I am not a particular fan with any of his exes, I don’t recall having seen them like this.

You’re right, @Spot On
You know what? I will feel free to insult Erin if I want. I don’t have to ask permission to his blind fans to do it? Hear me?

No Wonder You're a Spammer @ 08/12/2012 at 1:32 pm

@Spot on!:

Tell that to No Wonder. She’s the bitter Bar fan who is sl ut shaming Erin with nudie picspam in her sad attempts to make a cheap men’s mag coc ktease like Bar look classy. She’s no better.

btw… it’s not even “insulting”. It’s commenting or posting “public” photos.

I think it is “you” the bitter fan! And this obsession with Bar has become pathetic and quite unhealthy. Get some help.

Tell that to her followers also.
More than a year on and they still obsess too. Quite funny really

No Wonder You're a Spammer @ 08/12/2012 at 2:04 pm

I’m as tired of the nudie picspam and hypocritical attempts at sl ut shaming Leo’s current gf by a fan of his ex as I am of the comments about the “Jewish mafia” sent here to defend his ex. I have no dog in this fight. Bar and Erin are interchangeable at this point.

Absolutely. Still obv angry fans of one with their different monikers come into attack the other ( and I still don’t know what’s to be gained from that as its almost a year and apparently Erin ain’t going anywhere no matter what & who Leo does) while they are BASICALLY the same kind of women. They get upset to be called on it and f**kery ensues and an interesting Leo posts again goes to the crappers.
It’ll probably stop when anyone celebrates an anniversary or something. They would have given up by then surely. Maybe not

riiiiiggghhht @ 08/12/2012 at 2:23 pm

both Bar and Erin are both losers. Spot on is right. I will diss Erin just as much as I would diss Bar. Those people that say Bar is a **** because she takes her clothes off well Erin did the same thing and you even see the nips…ew…anyways…

It would be nice if no woman is attacked for nudity. The pic spamming by some seems so malicious. Then again I’m a Brit and our actresses and models (Kate Moss, Alice Eve, Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet e.t.c are practically always naked lol)
Its no biggie. Must be a European thing.
Off to watch the closing ceremony too. Waves at Canada Girl

No Wonder You're a Spammer @ 08/12/2012 at 2:40 pm

@On behalf of all women:

I don’t blame young women for having fun eith him or hoping he will be able to change but the longer they play his PR game and put up with his shabby treatment, the more they look like stereotypical bims out to cash in on their status as his official girlfriend. I’m not saying he is deserving of sympathy. He’s a pushing 40 man with a lot of power who knows what he’s doing.

He has models obsession and I hate his hats. But he is brilliant actor!

Leo make you all haters suck his donuts! AHAH! he has nothing to prove to ya and will remain far far far above where he was sent by you (or your eleders)!
Love him, The Great gatsby ‘s gonna rock !

Just wondering @ 08/12/2012 at 2:53 pm

Livia B – is she still posting here?

he looks very well and doesn’t give a f_ about sick people judging him by whatever they see under his t-shirt. most of us shouldn’t come out on a sunny day, yet we criticize those who should… guys, don’t be like that creature from the movie Gamer:)

My point is not that it`s OK to insult anyone. If I insinuated that I`m sorry. My only point is that people do insult Erin here and they are called out for it. But at the same time people continuously insult his ex. And often it`s the same person who doesn`t like it that Erin is insulted but in the same comment Bar is bashed. How is that different? That is my point. If it`s not OK to do it to Erin why is it OK to do it to Bar? I don`t have to be a Bar fan to notice that. That`s all I wanted to express.

I was wondering if we were going to get pics of them in CA,and I see he is hiding out in these.
Are they on a public beach?I thought he owned a couple of beach houses in Malibu,with beach access?Or is that the one he is renting out?I mean if i have private beach access thats where I would be.I’m a beach snob though…lol
@Geez#125,So agree with your comment about him,Kevin and Lukas.
@CanadaGirl: Agreed…lol..Hope you have a good one too and the rest of the Leo fans.

No Wonder You're a Spammer @ 08/12/2012 at 3:10 pm

@Spot on!:

I’d just as soon move on from the girlfriend topic altogether, but the picspamming is annoying. I don’t care which girlfriend it is.

None of these girlfriends really matter. They are all treated exactly the same. Most of us on this board say we wouldn’t put up with it, even for Leo. We have a different perspective, though. Who knows what we would do in Erin’s position. A small taste of money and fame would probably change the game. I guess I don’t see the point in trashing her or anybody else he is hooking up with, because they are being used and abused by him anyway. That’s what he does. At the rate he is going, this is never going to change. Whether it is Erin or the next model he chooses. They are all insignificant… Especially to Leo.

If someone using the monikor ‘Message’ and is spewing venom, it is definitely not me.

all women? @ 08/12/2012 at 3:52 pm

@No Wonder You’re a Spammer:

You don’t speak on behalf of all women.

@haha: I agree with haha that Leo looks good in these pics. It seems to me he has lost some weight.

I think you’re taking monikers too seriously. People on here and there called Geez, LOL, Message aren’t laughing, sighing or posting letters all the time either. Relax

@Message: I am someone who accepts the people in her life as is. I don’t ask for or expect change, that is just crazy! IF LD is the womanizing pig some here make him out to be he will be the one to suffer for it in the end. On the other hand, some here may be reading a bit too much into some pics. None of us were there. I would not stand for being treated the way LD treats women, IF it’s true, as I could care less about money, fame or furthering a career. Respect me as I would respect you or get out, no matter who you are. There are no stars in my world, just people.

CanadaGirl @ 08/12/2012 at 4:48 pm

“Who knows what we would do in Erin’s position. A small taste of money and fame would probably change the game.”
If we were models? Yes. Definitely. In my current profession? No. Not at all. If anything, he’d be a deterrent. lol
“Most of us on this board say we wouldn’t put up with it, even for Leo. We have a different perspective, though.”
Of course; I whole hardily agree. I don’t think that we should discount her age. 23, although not a child, is still young. Being a model gives Erin more maturity in some ways, but my guess is that she is just like every other woman her age. At 23 my boyfriends could still be a bit bossy with me and I’d tolerate it because at that age you’re inexperienced. I was well traveled, educated, I dabbled in modelling too (hated it because I’m not competitive in that regard), BUT by 25, 26 I was a force to be reckoned with. In just a few short years I gained a lot of maturity. I would NEVER tolerate shabby behaviour from a man. Ever.
Methinks this is where Leo runs into a problem. Most women start to come into their own at about 25, know what they want out of life, and are less willing to take a guy’s s**t. I think that LD would be fun to date, but “light” date, not a serious partner, and I have an inkling that Erin is looking at the relationship in this way. Leo’s mature and boyish at the same time, which is a fun combination for those who are like minded and not at the age where they’re on the marriage track.

@Canada Girl: I don`t always like your comments but boy, you nailed it in #187. The last two paragraphs…. There`s nothing more to add. He targets that demographic ( still young enough to be easy to control, in it for fun, no commitment …etc ) strictly under the age of 25. What does it show? That he is also very immature, reluctant to grow up or he is just shallow or a lousy boyfriend? He wants an easy and convenient relationship without commitment or effort?


I don’t have any idea what you’re even talking about. playschool.

Unlike many of you, I think Leo looks mighty fine here. The way he bends to hide his face makes him look a little awkward, but still, he has nice legs and wide shoulders. He is a lean man.
Don’t forget, any lens coming from any types of cameras add at least 8 to 10 pounds to someone’s real weight. So can you imagine how thin Erin is in reality? She looks skinny on these pics. So this is why she works for VS

@Canada Girl @ 08/12/2012 at 5:19 pm

Good to see you around. Missed you and your input.

Not a couple.Not in love. all.

CanadaGirl @ 08/12/2012 at 6:11 pm

I HATE moderation. Grr.

CanadaGirl @ 08/12/2012 at 6:13 pm

Take 2..
Interesting tidbit.
The original “Gatsby House” was demolished, but this home is along the same vein.

CanadaGirl @ 08/12/2012 at 6:18 pm

@—-: +1
@@Canada Girl: Thanks. :)
I’m back to flooding the board today. Just like old times. ;)

omg she is hot, he’s not.

I agree with CG (good to see you, btw). Add in the factor that LD is a huge movie star – whom she probably had a crush on before she even met him – and I could see her putting up with quite a lot. Okay, putting her aside, I think Leo looks pretty good in these pictures. He’s lost weight since Hawaii and the tan suits him.

Rick Lick @ 08/12/2012 at 8:57 pm

he put on a shirt over his hat? what a moron.

At least we have an improvement .. he neither has his cell phone or e cigarette in hand.
Now we need he dismiss the teenage gf models and begin acting like a grown man.

CanadaGirl @ 08/12/2012 at 10:56 pm

Hi, @Mari:. *hugs* Nice to see a familiar name.

canada beauty @ 08/12/2012 at 11:46 pm

@CanadaGirl: Ш\


Models are ugly and dumb. Why cant u be a model?


Unnecessary tirade..
Too much flood. Can’t figure out why u still analize something like models. Look at their pics. Still want to discuss and analize them?whats wrong with ur head or looks girl?

CanadaGirl @ 08/13/2012 at 12:30 am

Where’s the other thread? JJ, are you pulling a Lainey?


I’ll decide for myself what is necessary and unnecessary. I liked CanadaGirl’s post.I don’t care what you look like, but you write like you’re on drugs.

Deleted thread @ 08/13/2012 at 12:42 am


It was titled Leo and Erin at his Malibu beach house. Leo was in one pic, and another guy with three girls was in the other pic. One of them may have been Erin, but her face was not visible. JJ quickly deleted it.

One Russian letter? What’s the point in that?

I thought that it might be because of that. I don’t think that was his beach house. It looked grubby. Based on pics of his house he just rented it was quite tidy.
JJ has had other threads where he talks about one of Leo’s gfs and she’s not n the picture. Oh well. Perhaps it’ll be up in the a.m.
@@205: That letter is also used in Hebrew, I believe.

I’m not sure who has a nastier body, him or Joshua Jackson. They’re both pretty gross.

Canada Beauty @ 08/13/2012 at 1:27 am

@to 205:

I care what you look like. Because ugly people are usually not only dumb but angry and dangerous.

Canada Beauty @ 08/13/2012 at 1:29 am


It is letter from Russia.

Leo should really go on a date with Kate …
Maybe i sound like one crazy Titanic fan, but really, it’s true that the love between them is visible…
Why those models!?

Leo makes his girls walk 5 feet away frm him, its so disrespectfull. He need girls just to sleep around. Love, affection n respect for the girl is totally absent.

LeoLuver13 @ 08/13/2012 at 3:23 pm

i cant understand why people are so bitchy about him takin off his shirt – his abs are beautiful!! for gods sake hes almost as skinny as her

spanishlover @ 08/13/2012 at 5:20 pm

he doesn’t really have man boobs…they are always flat lol..even when he was kinda buff (Gangs of NY or departed)..they were still flat….he doesn’t gain muscle easily…he has always been a skinny man…now its just a skinny man with a beer belly lol but i love him… just STAY AWAY FROM THE BEERS AND EAT HEALTHILY!!

Nothing is wrong with his weight. I think he lost some recently but he needs to tone his upper body a little.

God Leo could not be any less interested in her. She continues to look like a puppy dog.

He is so damn HOT !! the things I would do to that man!! I love the way he looks now – older and manly – oh yeaaah!!! hottie!!

It makes me laugh and makes me sick at the same time when people come on here to hate on Leo…WTF do you look at the pics if you can’t stand him…why don’t you just shut up and get a life. He’s an amazing actor and amazing person and anyone negative – look at ur ugly self in the mirror and look at your pathetic life thats why you have to come on here to hate on someone like Leo! He looks amazing so anyone who talks crap is a hater!!!!

leo's fan girl @ 08/21/2012 at 12:55 pm

It’s Leo’s LIfe and I dont think he needs personal validation from anyone. What matters is how he feels and not someone else opinion. He is an incredible actor and has accomplished alot. Leo is a commendable person and has recieved many awards and accolades. He far exceeds most actors resumes with stunning intersesting movies with various genere. Leo is amazing and a beautiful person on the inside and out.

Love You Forever,
Maria Royse

It`s not validation from people who post here. It`s their opinion. I`m sure people commenting here know very well that Leo couldn`t give a sh^t about their opinion but this is the place where anyone can share opinion. That`s what these threads are all about not personal validation.

Facts are more valid than your opinion.

All u haters SOOOO WHAT?????!!!
It’s THEIR’S bussiness how much he’s older than her, and if u have any problems with super models who you can’t reach even in your whole life, so plz go away and STOP saying ‘Oh gosh, WHY DOES HIS DATES ARE ALL MODELS?????’ cause I personally think it’s NONE OF ANY OF YOURS’ BUSSINESS!!! Ok????

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