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Mila Kunis: 'Two and a Half Men' Set with Ashton Kutcher!

Mila Kunis: 'Two and a Half Men' Set with Ashton Kutcher!

Mila Kunis visits boyfriend Ashton Kutcher on the set of his hit TV series, Two and a Half Men, on Friday (August 10) in Los Angeles.

The happy couple posed with fans on set including “Stalker Sarah“.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Mila Kunis

“With Mila Kunis [and Ashton Kutcher] on set of Two And A Half Men last night,” she tweeted.

The show kicks off its 10th season at 8:30PM ET/PT on Thursday, September 27!

Last weekend, Ashton, 34, and Mila, 28, were spotted holding hands during a romantic getaway in Bali.

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  • Justin Aniston

    I’m SO tired of stalker Sarah!

  • Lynn

    I would LOVE to see Mila making a guest appearance in Two & A Half Men one day! :)

  • Nicole

    I guess people don’t resolve their divorce before they start dating other people anymore. I guess that was in my grandparents days…

  • cami

    uh i don’t think a “stalker” can be inside the studio. she’s a girl with contacts, not a stalker.

  • Just saying

    @Justin Aniston: Why are u tired of Sarah? She is not stalking u..

  • krix

    something about her face makes me think she is pregnant,.
    probably wrong, but that’s impression I get from her recent pics and what I have noticed about women I know in their early months of pregnancy.
    like I said, I’m probably wrong.

  • !!!

    Please someone shoot that Sarah -.-

  • Harmony

    Mila is so beautiful :)

  • Knows the right people

    @cami: Her NAME on twitter and everywhere online is “Stalker Sarah”. People aren’t calling her a stalker, it’s her nickname! And she has thousands and thousands of pics with famous people it seems.

  • Gossipgirl

    mila is ugly when she isnt at a photoshoot.

  • Sad

    @Gossipgirl: Awwww, well you’re ugly all the time :) Inside and probably on the outside according to yourself.

  • nbr

    Mila is so beautiful. I love her smile.

  • Who Knows??


    I have been hearing that Ashton and Demi may not have been actually legally married and this is why we have not heard anything about the divorce proceedings. I’ve read that had a the ceremony but no legal marriage certificate is on file for them. I’m beginning to believe it because it seems Moore has moved on as well. So basically, if true they pulled a fast one on everyone.

  • Truth

    @Who Knows??: You are correct! They are not legally married, nobody is whining like a teenager over rumors, nobody is sneaking behind anyone’s back, nobody is pregnant and furthermore… it’s NONE of anyone’s business but them and their friends/families. Good for Mila & Ashton, they’ve known each other 15 years and are very close and cute with each other. Do people rather they be goin around with random hookers and football players every other week? Of course, people love drama lol.

  • kellyLove

    Mila looks cute , but very tired..

  • Gossipgirl

    @Sad: lol at you defending a celebrity

  • Effy

    Let the Mila and Ashton bashing begin! Cause apparently, the public get’s a say in who people date. Not.

  • Amy

    Stalker Sarah . ALWAYS HERE

  • marc

    Don’t see the appeal of Mila, Demi was way hotter even for someone who’s 50. Ashton downgraded and Mila is a homewrecker. The only reason she kept denying rumors of them dating is because she didn’t want people to think she was the cause of their divorce. It’s funny how these famous men always cheat on t heir beautiful wives with ugly bimbos…Ashton, Eddie Cibrian, Kim Stewart’s lover, that lovely blonde supermodel’s husband etc etc.

  • jt

    @marc: Funny how people can have vastly different opinions. To me Mila was such a major trade up over Demi. Far more beautiful, it’s not even close, and FAR more stable. As for the homewrecker comment, that is where you lose all credibility. It’s an absurd statement, she had nothing to do with the the end of that relationship.

  • csa

    is she black?

  • Compound Noun

    Why oh why Mila Kunis? Such bad taste in men! Take my advice and RUN, NOW!

  • t

    Mila’s adorable.

  • KissThis

    Mila looks different lately. Still super cute, but different.

  • Lili

    Hey look, it’s Mila Kunis and….Meg Griffin?

  • wiki

    Two and a half men is not ashtons hit show and never will be charlie made that show!!!!!!! Ashton can’t act!!!!!

  • Love The Shoes

    I like Mila and my lack of like for Ashton is that I think he married Demi more because he thought it made him look different, cool, evolved etc. Won’t say he didn’t love her, but I don’t think he was planning on staying around till death do you part and I believe he didn’t give the rest of it serious thought like wanting kids.

  • Love The Shoes

    @Nicole: I think you’ve romantized your grandparents day. There is nothing new under the sun and that’s from the bible Ecclesiastes 1:9 to be specific. The only thing difference between today and yesterday is the date.

  • marc

    @jt: Funny you say that as if you know them personally. Just hearing about their sightings together right after the rumors of Demi and Ashton’s troubled marriage, makes it too much of a coincidence. Don’t be so naive and use common sense. Mila may pretend to be a good girl but as we can see now, she’s just another Hollywood tramp.
    As far as the looks are concerned. Demi has perfect facial features, and she is still breathtakingly beautiful even at 50. Mila on the other hand has a joker smile, bug eyes, strange bulby nose, and a flat-shaped body. Even after gaining weight she still has no curves. No chest or hips.

  • soyon

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  • Liz

    Yup, seems preggy to me, too. Check out that photo of them in Bali, aindonesiq. Her tummy’s quite rounded.

  • jt

    @marc: I’m not the one that needs to work on common sense. They were friends for 14 years and have known each other well for a long time. His relationship came to an end with Demi around September or Oct of last year and Demi was the one that announced it as over in November. It wasn’t until March or April that there were any reports of Mila seeing Ashton. People are allowed to move on once a relationship ends, and it not shocking that a friendship can evlove into something more. Your bashing of her and making these absurd claims of being a tramp demonsrates you have no perspective other then an extreme bias. If you think Demi is that beautfiul good fo you, many don’t share tht opinion and Demi has spent a fortune on plastic surgery and botox to maintain what she has. Mila has not she is a natural beauty and is considered beautiful by many, not just me. But bring all the hate you want if it makes you feel better.

  • Jean M

    If you have not filled out marriage papers with the state, and don’t have a signed marriage certificate recorded and filed with the state, there is no legal marriage. Rumor is, this is the case with Ashton and Demi.

  • A

    This Ashton thing makes me think less of Mila. She seems like she would be smarter than date such a tool

  • csa

    Really what has she done to herself? She looks different? Is it because she grows old, fat or has stopped bottox????

  • stella

    All of these people calling Mila ugly, I’d really like to see a picture of your lovely faces!

  • Nick Martin

    @marc: I agree. Mila is so over-rated in her looks. Big head and pudgy face. Ashton could do better! Demi was and is beautiful.

  • Nick Martin

    Mila iss a homewrecker. She was seeing him before he splt with Demi. The whole romance since supposedly only April has been a publicity stunt to divert attention from that fact and the celeberity press are playing along with it.

  • cody

    Mila is beautiful, inside and out. Haters can hate all they want, it won’t change that fact.

  • Dan

    Hey Mila…once a cheater ALWAYS a cheater but I’ll guess you will learn that first hand eventually