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Beyonce: New Tumblr Photos Revealed!

Beyonce: New Tumblr Photos Revealed!

Beyonce swings high in this newly posted picture to her official Tumblr account!

The 30-year-old singer shared dozens of intimate pictures of her and family and friends including hubby Jay-Z, sister Solange Knowles, mom Tina Knowles, Rita Ora, and even a pic of baby Blue Ivy Carter‘s back displaying a “Watch the Throne” tour shirt.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Beyonce Knowles

Bey updated her Tumblr several months back with other personal pics – check them out in case you missed them!

FYI: Beyonce is carrying a Simone Camille Moon Bag in red in some of the pics.

20+ pictures inside from Beyonce‘s official Tumblr account…

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beyonce new tumblr pictures 01
beyonce new tumblr pictures 02
beyonce new tumblr pictures 03
beyonce new tumblr pictures 04
beyonce new tumblr pictures 05
beyonce new tumblr pictures 06
beyonce new tumblr pictures 07
beyonce new tumblr pictures 08
beyonce new tumblr pictures 09
beyonce new tumblr pictures 10
beyonce new tumblr pictures 11
beyonce new tumblr pictures 12
beyonce new tumblr pictures 13
beyonce new tumblr pictures 14
beyonce new tumblr pictures 15
beyonce new tumblr pictures 16
beyonce new tumblr pictures 17
beyonce new tumblr pictures 18
beyonce new tumblr pictures 19
beyonce new tumblr pictures 20
beyonce new tumblr pictures 21
beyonce new tumblr pictures 22
beyonce new tumblr pictures 23
beyonce new tumblr pictures 24
beyonce new tumblr pictures 25
beyonce new tumblr pictures 26

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  • Helen

    Her picture on the swing and jay z with her standing,looks they were having’s like they went back to thier childhood 

  • Helen

    And they say money can’t buy happiness.. It buys everything even the love of your family

  • Romance98

    I’m a doctor,55 ,rich but still single.It’s hard to get a girlfriend in my town ,most of them like my money more than like me.I just want to find my true i uploaded my hot photos on ŘichWöö.Ćoɱ.. ..under the name of Brain. ..if you girls see this comment,i hope you will check my photos out there.maybe you are the one whom i’m looking for!

  • T

    I actually like Beyonce now after seeing these pictures.

  • mahoganyblond

    What a clown my god…

  • Villain

    I wonder why she tries so hard to show how “normal” she is, when she’s buying diamond incrusted bottles for her baby girl and renovating almost whole maternity ward…she’s weird, but her voice is perfect.

  • http://google Cynthia

    fun photos but not the best pose with the feet……

  • amensister

    solange has better legs than Bey

  • Manoush

    Wow she’s so fun and natural. Not posing at all LOL

  • A.

    Lovely pictures, that ‘PRADA’ pic made me laugh!

  • Emily

    Beyonce is definitely someone who enjoys life, lovely to see!!

  • Hashim 100% Albanian

    Shameless! I don’t understand how American women can show their feet like this. This is against Allah and evrything holy. If this is normal in America, then I am proud to be Kosovo Albanian.

  • Cookie_Monster

    Everything looks staged to me…Beyonce and her camp controls everything we know about her….Now out of desperation to stay relevant she release pics on social media by herself…when the paps take real candid pics of her and her family I don’t see her and Jay-Z like that..when they are at award shows, one of them wins, they can’t even letr a kiss go on the lips. Husband and wife giving pecks and looking akward..

  • sara

    @Hashim 100% Albanian:

    you poor idiot, go jeark it off somewhere where you can still opress woman. in the west people are free. if you are so moral, what are you looking for in this place?

    and yes, I am a woman from Pristina and not proud when I see lunatics like you saying what proud Kosova Albanian is.

  • Andromedius

    @Hashim 100% Albanian:

    And why are you even on this site in the first place ? Shouldn’t you be praying Allah instead of wasting your time with such unholy topic ? You seem to me like a typical pervert who thrives on lust and depravity where everyone else only sees hapiness and joy.

  • anaïs

    @Hashim 100% Albanian:

    those are just feet, they’re part of everybody’s body, you have some too, get over it.
    she has nothing to be ashamed of

  • Love The Shoes

    I like Bey and I love Jay-Z but these are SO staged and SO not an intimate look at her world. If it were truly, we’d know what the front of Blue Ivy looked like. The back is precious btw.

  • dani

    Gee, doesn’t everyone go out in full make up for a “candid” photo op?

  • lola_uk

    Do you have to pass some sort of colour test to hang out with beyonce and her posse? the photos look staged and no matter how much money she and her husband have they will still be ghetto, hood rats, uneducated. money will never erase the fact that jayz was a drug dealer, selling crack to his own community.
    all their white friends won’t erase that!

  • eww

    Beyonce cant even form a sentence properly. And where’s your baby’s face? Is it too ugly for the camera? They all look like obnoxious ghetto animals

  • Cassie

    what is she trying to prove now….

  • lola

    She is obviously enjoying her money. Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s talented and has a great voice and I’m sure she dedicates a lot to her career but seriously, singing or acting that’s more fun than work no matter how much time you spend doing it. It’s just everytime I see some celebrity posting pics like look I have a normal life like every one else, it makes me kinda sad that teachers etc and other people working every day till evening or having two jobs to provide for their families – those are the people that should have money like that.

  • Miss Do-nut

    I’d rather look at candid shots of Celine Dion’s family. The Dion-Angelil are reallygenerous to their fans. Beyonce’s is Dion’s career copy cat. After Dion released a dvd all-access-pass backstage and into her personal lif, Beyonce wanted to do the same one year after Dion released her dvd,
    After she had vowed to keep her private life private and being famously secretive about her relationship with Jay-Z. There was a lot of hype about never-before-seen footage of Beyonce’s intimate moments behind the scenes on her world tour and family life, but it was a BIG fat Lie.

    All we saw was her talking to her webcam, whining about her fame and privileges, then cunting down days on card borads until she sees Jay-Z. I had wasted over an hour of my life, I would rather watch water boil on a low flame than believe Beyonce wants to give us access into her life.

    At the end of the movie, we only get a few secs of her coming out of her show where Jay-Z is waiting backstage and helps her in her a flash second..then cut!

  • Britt

    Beyonce stay winning! Some you guys wasting your time looking at pictures of a chick ya’ll claim is irrelevant, who does that? The haters rush in to a Beyonce post faster than her fans. I always say that Beyonce supposed haters are her biggest fan because the haters seems to know more and care more about Beyonce than her fans. Child, this girl have ya’ll so press, writing long paragraphs about how she is so fake; this is staged; her relationships with Jay-z, etc…….. Just admit you’ve been a fan.

  • Petra

    She never shows the face of her baby. I wonder why?

  • EndOfTime

    omg Leave her alone, she’s leaving her life. Just enjoy the pictures !

  • Bernard

    Illuminati. That’s all i have to say :)

  • BeyonceLover

    Can’t you all see that hashim is being SARCASTIC?!?!?

    I’m glad to see that Beyonce posts tasteful pictures and not TASTELESS ones like most celebrities, she is TRULY a star in all aspects…low drama, HIGH TALENT

  • Lisa

    Very staged pictures. There’s a reason why she’s putting these pictures out and its not out of the kindness of her heart.

  • DNP

    They are in Marfa, Texas!! It’s a really fun place!!

  • uh

    @Cookie_Monster: this is damage control after her ‘pregnancy’. its so staged. i cant roll my eyes enough

  • John

    favor pic: the one Jay-Z pushed her with the swing :)

  • meeeeeee

    @Villain: if she got the money, why not?

  • me


    ghetto animals?
    ahhh you need therapy.