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Gerard Butler: 'Playing For Keeps' Trailer, Poster, & Stills!

Gerard Butler: 'Playing For Keeps' Trailer, Poster, & Stills!

Check out the new poster and trailer for Gerard Butler‘s upcoming romantic comedy Playing For Keeps!

The film is about a charming, down-on-his luck former soccer star (Butler) who returns home to put his life back together. Looking for a way to rebuild his relationship with his son, he gets roped into coaching the boy’s soccer team. But his attempts to finally become an “adult” are met with hilarious challenges from the attractive “soccer moms” who pursue him at every turn.

Playing For Keeps also stars Jessica Biel, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Dennis Quaid, Uma Thurman, and Judy Greer!

The film is directed by The Pursuit of HappynessGabriele Muccino and is set to hit theaters on December 7.

Make sure to check out the gallery for stills from the film!

Watch the trailer below…

Gerard Butler – “Playing For Keeps” Trailer

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gerard butler playing for keeps trailer poster stills 01
gerard butler playing for keeps trailer poster stills 02
gerard butler playing for keeps trailer poster stills 03
gerard butler playing for keeps trailer poster stills 04
gerard butler playing for keeps trailer poster stills 05
gerard butler playing for keeps trailer poster stills 06
gerard butler playing for keeps trailer poster stills 07
gerard butler playing for keeps trailer poster stills 08
gerard butler playing for keeps trailer poster stills 09
gerard butler playing for keeps trailer poster stills 10
gerard butler playing for keeps trailer poster stills 11
gerard butler playing for keeps trailer poster stills 12
gerard butler playing for keeps trailer poster stills 13

Photos: Dale Robinette/Film District
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  • BEAN

    He’s such a bad actor, especially in romantic comedies omg lets just hope he is sticking to a Scottish accent and not that atrocious American one he puts on.

  • ALM

    Nice! Looking forward to seeing this movie !!! He looks so good!

  • Subby

    Yet another box office flop. You heard it here first.

  • Uh..

    Not a great poster – I’m hoping this is just a work in progress. Pity that gorgeous little boy isn’t on it. That picture of he and G sitting under the tree is really nice.

  • helo

    wow looks bad, all these actors reaching new lows

  • Ehm…no thanks

    Gerard Butler is such a w/h/ore.

  • angrybaby

    OMG he looks like cat here))) lol
    I dont like this poster ,but movie think gonna be good,light romantic comedy ,one of those movies what u saw and forget after .

  • Taylor

    @Subby: Agreed!!

  • Nita

    Look forward to the movie, Gerard is looking good – McDaddy!! :-)
    It’ll be 90 min of good time!

  • Milky

    Another piece of jUNK film. Does he realize he is a joke?
    And yes, Gerard Butlers entire career is in the BARGAIN BIN at Walmart.
    What a disappointment. His actions and women are more interesting than his film career -

  • English Rose UK

    A lame movie about women chasing him??? Ugh he is such a fool.

  • Nickelback

    Does he date any women under 5’8??? When I look at his roster it’s all women who are like supermodel tall :(
    I wonder if he realizes that NONE of those tall chicks would even look at him if he weren’t GB. Maybe he should just settle for a short girl like me :)

  • Ehm…

    Gerard isn’t ‘settling’ for anyone so give it up.

  • Roja

    You spoke my mind hehe. I’m short too and it’s so disheartening when the first thing he mentions on his ideal woman list is ‘tall’ (followed by dark skin, dark hair, etc.). It’s not like my height was my choice!!

  • Blonde in LaLaLand

    The tall girls are a status symbol for guys here in Hollywood/LA.
    Every guy wants to walk around and show off like he got a tall leggy model – LA is so lame.
    I’m 5’5 so to even get any attention I have my platforms for clubbing – otherwise I’d get overlooked.
    Gerard is fully Hollywoodized so the fact that he only goes for the exotic arm candy makes sense. Sad but it does :( I just hope some of them DUMP HIM.

  • Nickelback


    True. Sigh.
    I have the dark hair but I’m 5’3 :( why must he make it so hard for us
    LOL >.<
    And yes, as disgusting as he can be – I'll still drop trou for him in a heartbeat LOL!

  • Ehm…

    Catherine Zeta looks like an old lady.

  • Roja

    I also have dark hair and am 5’3″… but it’s just not enough!! Haha
    Never mind, plenty more fish :)

  • Nickelback

    @Blonde in LaLaLand:
    What platforms are those? lulz maybe I need a pair

  • Ehm…

    You woemn in here need to stop swooning over a true azzbag like this gerar

  • Roja

    @Ehm…: I know and I am the first to admit it! He’s just kinda cute.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Good Morning JJer’s! Looks like GB is still in Shreveport and not in Boston, Cleveland or NOLA:

    Jamison O’Reilly ‏@OReilly_Jamison 10 hours ago
    On a brighter note I just met Gerard Butler..hes filming a movie here in Shreveport.
    Chasing Mavericks article in Entertainment Weekly, courtesy of GALS:

  • niknoks

    Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to see it, romcoms are not really my thing and this looks like another generic Hollywood romcom.

  • Ehm…

    PLus we are tired of this arrogant asehol

  • Blonde in LaLaLand

    Jeffrey Campbell “Big Lita High”.
    I wasn’t kidding.
    5’5? Not with those on heheh

  • POS

    Wanna know what POS stands for?
    It’s Gerard. Figure it out, ok?

  • Vikious

    Muccino is great, and the cast is awesome…hope it will be successful!

  • fereshy

    trailer? …. more like the whole movie in under 3 minutes -_-

  • S


  • FYI

    Is someone having conversations with themselves? It rather looks that way.

  • soyon

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  • mo


    Yes, I wonder why that gets a role.
    The last film with its true disaster.

  • come to think of it

    So how come when Leo dates all those girls in short periods of time, he is not a man whore but Gerard is AND I might add it is always speculation that he is with those people. We have very few reports that point to the fact that he was ever with JA, she even denied it as did he. Cut me a break. Now he is going to be berated because he like tall women. I bet if he said short women you would be mad too. I just don’t understand.

  • angrybaby

    I think Gerard like a cat – always walking along and loking for yummy mouse :D

  • Juicy Lucy

    The only postitive thing postitive I can say about the trailer is the kid who plays GB’s son is absolutely adorable. The only two films I plan to see this fall are The Master and The Sllver Linings Playbook. I general, I find most rom-coms boring, with the exceptions of Love Actually and Definately Maybe.

  • cupccake

    Hello everyone glad to see a new thread. I think I’ll give the movie a chance. Have a relaxing Sunday.

  • angelsrock

    I am on of those movie-goers that likes most everything. It’s funny, but the comic book blockbusters bore me the most. I can’t remember the last one I saw at the movies. Maybe Transformers with my grandson. When I see them on TV, I usually see them in bits and pieces. I don’t think I’ve ever paid to see a romcom at the theater except PSILY and TUT. But I do watch most on DVD/cable. And I enjoy them. They’re light fare and fun. PFK looks like great fun. I already have a couple of dates to see this in the theater. First with my hubby who loves Jessica Biel. This ought to be interesting. LOL

  • angelsrock

    Wow! I just noticed the pic of Leo D. at the top of the page. Talk about droopy man boobs. That seems to be the body of a 50 yr. old. That photo does not do him justice. And he sure doesn’t mind getting photos with his current fling.

  • C.K.

    so many haters in there, it’s funny at all. ;D

    but this movie looks like a cute comedy romance and even better than the bounty hunter. mr. butler is a good actor (like in ‘dear frankie’), but his movie choices so far are unfortunately not the best, that’s true.

    nevertheless I like him as an actor, what he’s doing in his private life should be private and not affect our adjudgement.

  • Romance98

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  • photoshop hell

    Oh please, that poster has been worrying me all day! now taking a rare call into the mothership I can see what is wrong – someone is going photoshop crazy. Found a very very similar photo from 2007 (six years ago) and he looks older than here – quite frankly this is silly! He looks like a total d0uche in this photo.

    Pull up both images together and do a spot the difference – it is funny

  • Wondering

    Is JJ o.k. with folks advertising their own sites on this board?

  • photoshop hell

    maybe its lots of botox and fillers – either way, its not the same guy as 6 years ago. What a shame

  • Manny

    This trailer is … Well … Meh. Looks like the Disney formula again… Little Giants, Mighty Ducks, etc. Another romcom how nice… Sheeeesh…
    It’s kinda depressing when you have to hang your hopes for some box office success for him on Chasing Mavericks this year. A surfer movie without t&a probably won’t do that well, and the family genre won’t even make this bummer a hit because Disney and Pixar do it better. Oh well… At least there are more interesting movies coming out at that time of year… Sorry Butler but you gotta step up your game IMO.

  • Stella

    I’ll see it, and probably on the day it opens. I’m one of those people who like some romcoms, and I like everyone in this film except Biel. I don’t really dislike her, just don’t recall ever actually seeing her in a movie so I have no opinion of her acting. The last film I saw at a theater was This Means War, another romcom, and it was fun too.

  • really?

    This movie looks lame. He needs to get a new agent.

  • Stella

    @angelsrock: Agree on Leo. In movies, he’s either been a skinney kid or a doughy man. And his face has lost its Titanic appeal. The moobs? He needs to get to a gym quick.

  • angelsrock

    Remember, Manny, that this in not a kid’s movie. It is rated PG-13. It will have some very adult moments that will make it quite different than Mighty Ducks and Little Giants. My kids loved those movies. Their fave sports movie, though, is The Sandlot.

  • Eve

    @Blonde in LaLaLand:

    “Every guy wants to walk around and show off like he got a tall leggy model – LA is so lame.”
    “Gerard is fully Hollywoodized so the fact that he only goes for the exotic arm candy makes sense.


    Showing off “arm candy” doesn’t do you much good if you keep her hidden away.

  • Eve

    @Romance98: Note to “Brain”……You don’t like women liking you for your money yet you lead with the fact that you are a rich doctor. Try leading and showing off your charm first before you let them know your financial and social status. It might serve you better. You attract to you what you put out. It’s karma, baby!