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Jennifer Aniston: Engaged to Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston: Engaged to Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are engaged, their reps confirm to!

Justin Theroux had an amazing birthday Friday, receiving an extraordinary gift when his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, accepted his proposal of marriage,” according to a statement from his rep.

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Jennifer and Justin began dating in May of 2011. Justin recently signed on to write and direct Zoolander 2, the sequel to Ben Stiller‘s 2001 comedy. Jennifer is currently working on a comedy of her own called We’re The Millers.

Earlier this month, rumors about Jen and Justin‘s breakup were reported but are obviously untrue.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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  • Mickey12

    Yay!!! Congratulations to the lovely couple! I’m so happy for Jennifer Aniston! Team Aniston forever!

  • Sof

    It only took her 2 more nose jobs to get someone to put a ring on it :)

  • diane

    @Sof: sorry to break your bubble, but it seems to me like it’s the other way around. It’s Brangelina fans who just cant leave Aniston alone and always, always try to find a parallel in everything she does with their golden couple. Aniston posts are always flooded with haters most of them are Brangelina fans. Obviously, some Aniston fans get their revenge by doing the same on Brangelina posts. Do you see, it’s not even the media or the websites that keep this stupid feud alive, it’s each side fans.

  • lila


  • Happy!

    Mr&Ms Smith was the movie that started Brangelina. Everyone saw it. Wanderlust was the movie that started Jentins. No one saw that. They these two just go away now? And take Chelsea Hander with you!!

  • Cora

    omg congrats to her!! she seems like an actual sweet down to earth celeb…hopefully they will be very happy and we’ll see some cute babies in the future!!! i like her so much better than that ho angelina

  • Love The Shoes

    I am not a hater or a fan of Jennifer Aniston and I do wish her well, but I also know she ain’t trying to be out in the universe looking pitiful and alone while Brad is married to someone else. It was one thing for both of them to be unengaged. It’s a whole other celebrith stigma to be still trolling for love while your ex got it on the hook and is reeling it in.

  • marina

    I cannot believe hat some people are turning this into a race to the altar… just incredible.

  • Won’t Last

    They didn’t have the decentcy to call her family to announce the engagement but made darn sure the tabloids got the story!??? Yeah, they are a pr match made in heaven. I beginning to believe the rumbles this was done in response to the breakup rumors and the rumored nuptials of Aniston’s ex. Because it’s fishy when it’s his birthday and he proposes and Brad & Angelina were rumored to be marrying on his parents 50th anniversary. To much coiincidence for me. I call B@LLS#IT!!

  • Once a nobody, always a nobody

    Funny how all the other high profile men hit it and quit it, and along come this nobody and he’s the one to agree to marry her. Jen should feel really lucky that she has money LOL

  • ariele

    Theroux is now sitting in a lap of luxury courtesy of mansion. he will milk her forever. the man is a big time user!

  • Cora


    yeah i always thought brad was a big douche and he seems like a doof too–kinda like kris humphries. i never saw the appeal behind him

  • Hekku

    Haters gonna hate.
    Why the Loons care, we don’t know
    They should be happy!

  • goopiness

    FANTASTIC news!!!!!!!!!! Now maybe her friends and fans can focus on jen and Justin.

  • Surprise, surprise…

    Wow, I am happy for her. Glad she moved on. I wonder if the press and Jen’s fans will finally put to rest, the stupid love triangle with J-P. I hope so. Maybe J-P can finally be left alone. I bet there will be a huge pre-nup here since Jen is mega rich compared to him.

  • Steve

    Exactly, leave the Jolie-Pitts alone!!

  • With love from NYC

    I’m happy for them, and i hope her fans can focus on them, and not on the Jolie – Pitts anymore.

  • Love The Shoes

    @marina: But it is. I have a relative who’s in the bz up close and personally and he says that as forfetched and as conspiracy theoristic as it may appear, it’s not; it’s for real. He says where there’s smoke, there’s fire 9 times out of 10 and image is paramount. I am not a Jennifer Aniston hater. And in full disclosure, I am a major Angelina – Brad fan. I’m also one of the more objective posters where all three are concerned. Jennifer Aniston is not about to be seen as pitifully alone while Brad gets everything. She relished in being his oneand only wife and that is going to end. She will hold no place anymore in that orbit. Even the tabloids have stopped linking her to the JP’s since their engagement. Jennifer is not having it. She wil not be left looking alone and “Pitt-iful”

  • Jen

    Congrats to the happy couple!

    BTW, maybe some of you JP fans should take your own advice and focus on JP instead of focusing on every little thing Jennifer does. Just saying.

  • Mi

    @With love from NYC:

    Not going to happen her fans can’t even congradulat her with out 1) bring up BA and 2) trash talking them.

    The media has basically moved on but the fans won’t.

  • Anna

    I do not oppose this at all. I really like Justin especially after watching him on Ellen.

  • oceanblue

    Don’t really know anything about this Justin. His has never been in the media’s eye until he got with Jen. Time will tell. Hope she will finally be happy!!!! Amen.

  • SoSo

    I’m so happy for her!! She deserves it more than anyone in the Hollywood wordl!! Hope that it will stop people thinking about her like the “poor jen”" Congrats!!

  • me2

    i’m sooooo happy for jen…..i love, love….and i’m just glad jen found love…..i wish them happiness…i like justin for her!!!

  • LOL

    Finally, one butterface sucker is buying the stale milk from the horsefaced whiner!

  • B

    What a coincidence – the JP wedding watch was in full gear for this weekend and lo and behold Jenny put a ring on herself in front of witnesses.

    What? No JP wedding?

    I guess the pillow pregnancy announcement will have to wait until then.

    What a loser.

  • yes

    oozing jp anger and jealousy
    love it

  • So Funny…

    This news just bought her another year of front covers on the tabloids. She was fading fast and had to do something drastic!

  • Delusional twit

    To: 126 What makes u think jp fans are angry or jealous. Well,you are wrong. Anustain will always be pathectically pitiful and boring. Can’t stand the pr games on her behalf nor can stomach Chelsea HO or nasty Joe Francis.

  • Layla

    Congrats to the happy couple! Hopefully this will end the big “triangle” that has been pathetically played out in the media for over 7 years now. Seems like Jennifer is very happy and has a great man–best wishes for the two of them and hopefully they will have beautiful babies in the future!

  • boo

    I think he’s just nasty looking.

  • Ginger

    About time!! I hope this one will last.

  • No Babies


    Aniston is 43 soon to be 44 not 33 soon to be 34. Plus she’s to vain and self-centered for children and apparently so is he.

  • ayumi jane

    yey!!! Congrats Justin and Jen :)

  • PR queen’s poor old Dad

    Jennifer Aniston‘s engagement to Justin Theroux shocked most in Hollywood.

    But none more so than her father, John Aniston, who only learned of the couple’s news when Celebuzz contacted him late Sunday.

    The veteran Days of Our Lives actor, 79, was not aware that actor-screenwriter Theroux, 41, had proposed to his daughter on the North Carolina set of her new film, We’re the Millers, on August 10.

    “It’s the first I’ve heard about it,” the stunned, yet thrilled, soap star said, in an exclusive interview.

    “It’s a surprise to me. I’ll have to look online. When I find out more, I guess I’ll tell you!”

    When it was explained that his daughter’s rep had confirmed the news to Celebuzz — and Thereoux’s rep released a statement, declaring he had “an amazing birthday on Friday, receiving an extraordinary gift when his girlfriend accepted his proposal of marriage” — Jon gushed, “It sounds very romantic

  • Dd

    Again another calculated move by her!!!

  • Helen

    @No Babies: Not everyone thinks having babies is a great thing. Maybe she isn’t like other people who have b@stard kids out of wedlock. Maybe she’ll have kids when she’s ready and when she was a ring on it. Even if she doesn’t have kids, why is she considered vain? Lots of men don’t believe in marriage nor want to have kids…why do the clocks turn when it’s a woman who doesn’t want kids?

  • Barbara

    I hope she will stop stalking the J-Ps and that she finds happiness at last. Not feeling him, but to each her own…..

  • Ange

    I’m happy for her, but somehow I feel she could get a much better guy than him. Hope this marriage will last forever.

  • holly

    Wow lots of rah ‘rah Jen’ types on here. Frankly I’m just dreading all the hype and bs that’s sure to come now and the ‘who will get to the altar first’ nonsense. Besides, this marriage, providing it actually happens, has about as much chance of success as her first marriage. But hey, way to go Justin – you hit the jackpot dude, no more second rate crap for you. Just the second rate wife.

  • kisskiki

    wow! congrats! all the best.

  • Africa’s Best

    Something tells me she is pregnant or will soon become pregnant.

  • No babies


    First of all you’re an a$$hole for calling any child no matter whom they are b@stards because they are born out of wedlock! You’re probably one yourself!! Secondly, I was responding to someone else that the odds she wants children are little because she is vain! Anyone who spends over $100,000 a year to try and erase what was naturalluy given them is usually not interested in having children come in and mess up their paid for image. Third, she has drug you fans of hers along the wild chase that she did, do and will have children when all along she has never, ever shown interest in changing her lifestyle to fit a pregnancy in her life, even when given the chance during her marriage while on Friends! Lastly, just recently she half assed commented if it happens fine, if not then whatever. If the woman don’t won’t children she should just say it! Nothing wrong with it but she played the I did, I do and I will for 7 years too long and she’s too chicken s#it scared she will loose her last few fans if she admit she never wanted them. No one gives a darn about her ovaries but her fans and tabs. Also, it has been reported her new pay-toy doesn’t like children. That is why I responded to the other person HELEN!

  • Jessica

    Congrats!! She deserves to be happy…

  • Jasmine

    AHHHH!!! I’m so happy for these two! Congratulations to Jennifer and Justin! :)

  • goopiness


    Sorry — you need to do some remedial math. I am a huge fan of Angie and Brad’s and I rarely ever look at Jen’s items. I am thrilled she is marrying her boo and has sealed her irrelevance. Now, hopefully they will fade even more from the scene and live happily ever after!

  • re

    Congrats Jen and Justin!! I had a feeling this was a really serious relationship.

  • http://Justjarde Jen aniston fan


  • you have a serious problem


    No child is a bastard, no matter what their parent’s marital status is or is not. No one uses that term unless they dwell in a septic tank. You are among the lowest of the low, the vilest of the vile, just plain uneducated and ignorant. Are you aware that the majority of children in the US and the UK for example are now fast approaching being born to non formally married but cohabitating and loving parents? Are you aware that in enlightened countries there is no mention of the innocent newborn’s parents marital status on a child’s birth certificate because that is irrelevant in today’s world? Of course not because you can’t read and comprehend what is reality and truth beyond a 1st grade level.

    Just a disgusting and ugly biased comment.

  • NotofaAnustonFan

    OMG….of course, JA has to steal the thunder from the Brangelinas…she had to force Justin to ask her to marry him.

    A little over a year of shacking up….of course this had something to do with Brad and Angie’s upcoming wedding.

    She can’t be outdone….stupid Jen…. we know that this relationship is not going to last…it is doomed from the start.