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Jennifer Aniston: Engaged to Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston: Engaged to Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are engaged, their reps confirm to!

Justin Theroux had an amazing birthday Friday, receiving an extraordinary gift when his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, accepted his proposal of marriage,” according to a statement from his rep.

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Jennifer and Justin began dating in May of 2011. Justin recently signed on to write and direct Zoolander 2, the sequel to Ben Stiller‘s 2001 comedy. Jennifer is currently working on a comedy of her own called We’re The Millers.

Earlier this month, rumors about Jen and Justin‘s breakup were reported but are obviously untrue.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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  • NotofaAnustonFan

    Oh yeah I forgot to add that Aniston is a big copycat of Angelina Jolie.
    She’s copied the “BLACK” outfits…, posing, etc.


  • http://google penelope

    so whats new? a gazillionaire actress with a hot, rockin ‘high maintenance’ body is engaged.

  • KissThis

    Congrats to them!!! It’s nice to see her happy!!

  • dana

    and now Jen is gonna marry on the same day as Brad, right?

  • dani

    Oh please, she has gotten little digs in constantly. She has made herself relevant by keeping her third of the triangle going. And her fans have followed blithely along with her mechanisms. Yet she has not been so cool herself. She broke up a 14 year relationship and she and her fans don’t seem to care about that–because they are still too busy whining about Pitt.

  • Canuck

    Oh good for them!

  • Marieme

    I see the paid hens are here to cheer their chicken goddess. Also known as Fugs. You guys are a sad lot.

    This pairing will be interesting. In a few years Justin will look like a super creepy old man with platform shoes. But then Fugs will look like a creepy ole lady too; still bra-less, silicone attachments hanging low, still making horrible films. So a perfect match? And trust: there will be no baby making. Not between these two.

  • sasha



    Lol. Who cares about these two trolls. Aniston is a bad actress that just won’t go away and Justin will go back to his ex in the end.

  • Sara

    Yes,Yes Yes

    Lucky pair good for Jen and Justin
    If she is happy that means that hope is for everyone broken hearteg girl and women

  • siennagold

    Jennifer deserves to be happy and I’m so happy about this news! I wish them a long and happy marriage! :D

  • Superpop

    Something is WRONG!

    The Silver Fox is being cheated on and Maniston just got engaged again.

    This just FEELS super wrong and I am worried the Sun may explode and destroy our Solar System!

  • With love from NYC

    Jen, you deserve to be happy….so don’t screw this one up like you did all the other times!

  • David James

    I wish I was engaged to Jennifer Aniston! She’s so gorgeous and funny! Damn it, I wanna fvck Jen every day!!!

  • LOL

    finally :D

  • With love from NYC

    Congrats to Justin for marrying a person who “plays dress up, and does it for a living like a ret.ard” LOL. It’s going to be one hell of a boring ride!

  • claire

    So happy for her.

  • fiorentino

    I hope that Justin will be a better husband than Brad

  • very happy for them..

    i am happy happy happy for her !!! May Allah protect this couple from the evil eyes of others and May Allah increase the love they have for each other yr after yr.. ( InshaAllah..God willing.)

  • Manu

    woooa so happy for them ! xx

  • Kriss

    Congratulations Jennifer Aniston
    I wish you all luck

  • AGA

    JL—Poor You. You must be devasated by this news,since you are a naughty Hen who does’nt like JT. Maybe bc you can’t stand the fact this loser gets it on with JA??

    I give 3-5yrs if they even get married at all.

    Maybe all you hens can now leave BP&AJ alone now that she has found a new sucker to possibly marry her. Hope she’s not dumb enough to marry without a pre-nup.

  • http://google penelope

    @NotofaAnustonFan: no one could still their thunder

  • sarah

    very lucky guy!

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Finally! Love Jen!!!

  • GottaLoveThe JPs!

    On the weekend they thought Brad & Angie were gonna get married *smh* but good luck to whatever

  • AGA

    @GottaLoveThe JPs!: That was Pure tabloid BS

    From Celebuzz—It seems poor old nearly 80yr John Aniston was told the news from the tabloids. She did not even have the decency to inform her Father of this so-called engagement–let alone Sqiggy actually asking her Dad first. THEY did not even bother with a phone call….Yeah She’s such a “nice person” LMAO at it all esp the timing!

  • Forever eX

    Can’t wait to see her TWINS as THE BRIDESMAID Chelshiit HOndler the FUGLYs with the stinky Vodka breath!!!

  • Helen

    @No babies: LOL I’m thankful that I’m not a b@stard and anyone who is born out of wedlock is called that. Truth hurts. The only people who would disagree are b@stards themselves or have b@stard children (born out of wedlock). Just like there are men who never want children, there are also women who never want children. Who cares what amount of money she spends to look good? She’s using her money! She is can do whatever the hell she wants with it. It’s part of her profession to look good and she can very well afford it. There are lots of celebrity mothers who spend even more money to get their pre-baby bodies back. Maybe you’re too broke to afford anything to look good. I personally hope I can look just as good or even better when I turn 43. Why should she announce if she doesn’t want kids? She said she is at peace with whatever the plan is. Maybe she isn’t one of those women who would do ANYTHING to have a child. She isn’t one of those women who would just sit & cry and try to harm themselves by going through extreme measures (like taking fertility drugs) just to have a baby….but If she ever gets knocked up, she probably won’t get an abortion. That means she is at peace with what the plan is and will go with the flow. I’m not going to talk big by saying that I will never have children…but I don’t think of it much. I don’t even think of it as one of my top priorities. Hell, if my doctor ever told me I can never get pregnant I’m not going to cry or cut my wrists about it. I’ll live.
    and p.s.: a child born out of wedlock is called a b@stard no matter how you look at it. Even the dictionary agrees.

  • Helen

    @you have a serious problem: Yes, I’m aware that lots of b@stard children are being born, but that doesn’t change it’s meaning. A child born out of wedlock is called a b@stard. That’s the dictionary’s definition. Don’t like it? TOUGH! I’m not saying that b@stard children are bad people. I just refuse to call it by a name like “love child” or “children born out of wedlock.” They deserve to be called by it’s true meaning. Maybe you’re one or have b@stard children that’s why you’re getting so emotional about it. Time to own up and face with reality, hun!

  • to helen

    jens mother consider her a,, and you are a bastard child of your mother..

  • DailyNightly

    @African Girl

    I think you laid this out EXACTLY as it will happen! I’m making a copy of you post so I can check off each item as it happens.

  • blah

    wish them well… I’m glad she is over Brad….

  • Emma

    very happy for them, it is about time that Jen had her turn at hapiness!

  • Crabby Patty

    Aww, Loons! U mad?

    Jen moved on. I know it’s hard to adjust to the idea that she REALLY doesn’t want that smelly old billy goat, but it’s true. Yes, I know Papa Pitt was the sexiest man alive 20 years ago, but really. Jen has moved on.

  • JL

    Helen is right.
    The kid born out of wedlock is a b@stard.
    It doesn’t mean this kid is a second sort person.
    But parents must be RESPONSIBLE.
    Of course Brad and Jolie have 6 bastards.
    Nice children, but – sorry – no wedlock!
    They will listen the ward ‘b@stard’ many-many times in their life.
    In the school first of all.
    It’s pitiful for their parents.
    And don’t say me about XXI Century or something.

  • Misty

    Brangelina’s reps put an end to rumors of a wedding this weekend at the speed of light so Jen announcing her engagement had nothing do with Brangelina. Is Jen supposed to wait until Brangelina gets married to have her own wedding! Grow up people and move on. The competition is from fans. These two couples do not care what the other is doing.

  • JL

    I love to repeat:
    Jolie and her PARTNER
    (HA-HA-HA-HA !!! 7 years and still a pitiful PARNTER)
    have 6 beautiful smart nice b@stards.
    It’s pitiful.
    No problems with money,
    lots of nannies and no wedlock.
    Just pitiful speculations about gays marriages.

  • Flo from Mel’s Diner

    Kiss mah grits!


    Yes, he wants to merry her because of her Money. Hes a Cheater and shes a homewrecker. I bet Heidi Bivens is thrilled.

    They deserve each other.

    a golddigger and his sugamama

    F@ck off Loonisters, go to your sick friends on femalefirst, thats your side!

  • Paul

    Great! Will Joe Francis officiate any have everyone flash the happy couple?? Will Chelsea Handler stumble drunk down the aisle as a bridesmaid, calling everyone a c*nt and then vomit at the bride’s feet?

    Such classless, disgusting friends say a lot about these two.

    The only one to act with any class is poor Heidi, dumped after 15 years together because Justin cheated with Jennifer. Homewrecker and douche – congrats!

  • HAPPY, but …

    Sincerely, happy for Ms. Aniston. If only the engagement wasn’t done in typical Theroux fashion (very narcissistic).

  • tsquared


    You don’t stay with a woman 14 years without loving her most of those years. And oh, you know the happy couple so you can speak for Justin? I bet he loved Heidi every bit as much as Jen when the relationship first started out. You know the rumor mill has him with Jen for a lot of reasons aside from love–power, money, opportunity. Do you honestly think if Jen had been an up and coming penniless starlet he would have looked at her twice? Get real.

  • Africa’s Best

    Wasn’t she engaged to Tate Donovan too and they did not wed?

  • Geovana


  • Geovana


  • Africa’s Best

    & Justin is about to hit that Mid-life crisis age! lmaoooo perfect timing !

  • yep

    Congrats!!!!!!!!! lovely couple!!!!!!!!!

  • Yawn

    @saira: jp are never going to get married. they are all talk and a just did that because Jen was getting more publicity than her.

  • camila

    I didn’t know that for you to be considered to move on you have to marry another person. Usually is the opposite. People jump into another relationship because the want to show that they come out on top but really a person thats has no reason to be ashamed or lonely stay on their own.