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Jennifer Aniston: Engaged to Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston: Engaged to Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are engaged, their reps confirm to!

Justin Theroux had an amazing birthday Friday, receiving an extraordinary gift when his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, accepted his proposal of marriage,” according to a statement from his rep.

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Jennifer and Justin began dating in May of 2011. Justin recently signed on to write and direct Zoolander 2, the sequel to Ben Stiller‘s 2001 comedy. Jennifer is currently working on a comedy of her own called We’re The Millers.

Earlier this month, rumors about Jen and Justin‘s breakup were reported but are obviously untrue.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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  • ZAZ

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are incomparably more beautiful couple

  • yep

    Jen and Justin = awesome! Justjen! Happiness! Happiness!


    JL-Please tell us that you do not vote, drive a car, have anything to
    do with children , or handle food stuffs.

  • JL


  • bonnie

    I like justin theroux very much! I think he truly is the right guy for jen! he is cool, incredibly hot, funny, talented, romanctic and totally love jen! plus he is a bad guy! he’s perfect!

  • JL

    @bonnie: He is perfect to make her look totally ridiculous.

  • OreaLLY?

    Lonny tonnies are so upset cause our girl is WINNING!

  • anch

    @OreaLLY?: Wow Jennifer Aniston fans are crazy. Smartest choice Brad Pitt ever did was dump Maniston.I bet Brad wakes up every morning with no regret.

  • Luvin It!

    I am so happy for Jen & Justin. Maybe now these J/P trolls will let the fact that Brad did cheat on Jen go. She obviously has. The trolls come on her site acting as if they hate her something terrible. The fact is they are so green with envy over her fame & fortune & now her love life that they can’t help themselves. They follow Jen’s every move & they are suppose to hate this woman. JustJen is the new “It” couple. J/P trolls need to “GET OVER IT!!!!” Brad & his tramp are supposed to be getting married right???? Be happy with that. Of course it is not big news like Jen getting married, but it is something for the trolls to hang onto. Congrats JustJen!!!!!

  • megatit

    Good for them.

  • http://! Liverwurst

    I wish them all the happiness in the world!

  • dee

    @African Girl:

    omg. you have nailed the last 7 or so years. I mean, whatever she chooses that doesn’t harm anyone is fine but that sounds like exactly what is going to happen based on her history.

  • dee

    I liked Jen on friends but I have to admit that it does seem like she rushed to get the news out that she’s engaged. usually she’s a little more coy than this. could it be that she thought the rumors of her ex & his fiance getting married this weekend rumors were true & wanted to get the so called triangle talk going again. seems like its been a little dead for at least a little while. congrats, although for some reason based on her past I don’t see this happening. time will tell.

  • Heidi has feelings too

    Why do Jen’s fans think its right for Jen to fall for a guy who was in a very long term relationsip. Jen knew Heidi and Heidi’s guy were like a married couple for 14 yrs b/c she was friends with them for 5 yrs before they acted together in Wonderlust. I don’t understand how Jen gets a pass for messing up another couples love relatioship.

    Heidi was lied to when they could have been honest and told the truth.

    Heidi was devastated when told to hit the road after living with Theroux for 14 yrs. Justin T was sleeping with Jen and Heidi at the same time. Jen knew heidi was waiting at home for JT but kept the lie going.

    JA moved a few doors away from Heidi and Justin when they were filming together. Jen was cruel making her move going after JT
    . She was counting on her PR guys to make it sound like Heidi and JT’s relationship of FOURTEEN YRS was a big fat nothing just b/c they never married .

    There are many relationships where the couple don’t walk down the isle but still love each other and consider themselves married.
    J T is no catch b/c if he would do that to Heidi he will do it to Jen.

    Red flags were going off in JT’s head b/c he knew how much Jen was worth. It’s easy to use the words’ I Love You’ when thinking heres my chance to get rich quick. Thats is precisely whats going on here.

    But when it comes to JA for whatever reason her fans think it’s perfectly fine …..It’s NOT and both should be called out for the lousy way they handled the shocking news to Heidi.

    Due to thier unscrupulous behavior …i say just wait and see how long this partnership last when Jen finds JT out doing to her what they both did to Heidi..

    Keep spending Jen b/c you will end up going thru the same agony you put Heidi thru.

    No congrats from me. I hate cheaters.

  • http://! Liverwurst

    @Heidi has feelings too: You are telling the exact same story about Jennifer and Brad with Angie doing the very same thing you’re trying to blame Jennifer for. Justin was NOT married to Heidi and by all accounts never was planning on marrying her after 14 years. Heidi’s friends told her to get out but she didn’t. Justin wasn’t happy. He met someone who makes him happy now and he asked Jennifer to marry him. You loons are absolutely beside yourselves because Jennifer is happy. Justin loves her and they’re planning the life they want together. GET OVER IT. Cause Jen sure did;)

  • Maniston is a Homewreker w*ore

    I think JohnM is laughing at poor JT. John escaped the wicked fatty and oh how she tried to ruin his rep as we knew she would. But hey, JohnM is happy with a young and rich singer. The laugh is on Maniston. Even with her fake hair and turkey titz are not enough to sizzle her looks. The cig and the Brangelina bashing is getting to her. The interesting twist now is what Maniston is going to do with HeidiB? Why did Maniston feel privy to steal JT who is no hung to brag about but at least Heidi was faithful with him and they were happy. Where is Maniston’s engaement ring? When is the wedding? I bet she will blame JT soon for not agreeing to pre-nup when in reality this was all lies from Maniston’s tent. Well I hope Maniston keep her asz in NC and find a husband to chew her gigantic titz. LOLOL

  • TANZ

    CONGRTAZ to them both.

    Just a NOTE: Why is it that people still bring the JP’s into this when its JJ’s moment ? Why cant people jst be happy for them?

    JP have a family life. JJ jst got engaged pls dnt try and predict their FUTURE coz u’re not in it.

    Pre-nup or not its their life n their money.


    Whether u’re a JP Fan or a JJ Fan just once be considerate and wish them well.