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Miley Cyrus: New Short Hair!

Miley Cyrus: New Short Hair!

Check out Miley Cyrus‘ new super short hairdo!

The 19-year-old entertainer chopped off her long locks on Sunday (August 12) with the help of celeb hairstylist Chris McMillan. She kept her fans updated throughout her haircut via her Twitter account. “Never felt more me in my whole life,” she posted once her cut was finished.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miley Cyrus

Miley also tweeted during the process: “if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all. my hair is attached to my head no one else’s and it’s going bye bye! :)”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley Cyrus’ new haircut?

10+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus‘ new ‘do…

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256 Responses to “Miley Cyrus: New Short Hair!”

  1. 1
    Kiley Says:

    gross…why would she do this right after getting engaged? Fame *****.

  2. 2
    cami Says:

    she looks like Draco Malfoy

  3. 3
    kiki Says:

    not a good look that ages her so much. her hair when he was on that hannah montana show was when she looked the prettiest. also, does it seem like she is way more into liam than he is into her.

  4. 4
    ivanka Says:

    daf*ck is that?? why would she do it? attention is the only thing that comes to my mind

  5. 5
    nope Says:


  6. 6
    mrs_fuzzybee Says:

    That is a great hair cut! And it looks terrific on her. Fits her tiny frame and features.

  7. 7
    wth Says:

    Big mistake

  8. 8
    BEAN Says:

    OH MY

  9. 9
    Anna Says:

    Only Robyn can pull of that haircut.

  10. 10
    KAY blood Says:

    I think that the photos aren’t very flattering but Miley is a very pretty young woman and regardless if her hair is long or short she will look adorable.

  11. 11
    tara Says:

    Oh Miley. Sure you’re edgy. We get it. Not Hannah Montana anymore.

  12. 12
    Asha Says:

    Well I was totally planning to rag on her after learning she was going to chop off her hair but it actually doesn’t look that bad. I wonder how Liam feels though. I don’t think he will like her with short hair.

  13. 13
    sarah Says:

    Here’s hoping she is not not marrying anytime too soon. Wow, what the he-ll was she thinking???? Hair does make a difference.

  14. 14
    Larissa Says:

    BREAKDOWN!!!! just kidding! But regardless if she wanted to make a statement she should of just chopped it all off ala Ms. Britney Spears :)

  15. 15
    rosie Says:

    she looks like a boy

  16. 16
    sookie Says:

    umm.. Harry Styles’s hair is better.. lol

  17. 17
    lana Says:

    why in the world would she do that?

  18. 18
    lucyinthesky Says:

    I can’t get over how bad it looks! are we sure she still has a boyfriend? because this SCREAMS break-up haircut!

  19. 19
    Emma Says:

    That haircut is too fierce for her.

  20. 20
    florence Says:

    at least she didn’t go bald?

  21. 21
    copycat Says:

    like Rhianna.

  22. 22
    Teri Says:

    did she get gum stuck in her hair? lol

  23. 23
    Uh oh Says:

    She looks like Justin Bieber.

  24. 24
    mike Says:

    LOVE!!! looks amazing…

  25. 25
    Lucia Says:

    She is so close to look like Britney when she shaved her hair.
    OH GOD! Those Disney Girls!

  26. 26
    WonderBoy Says:

    She’s lost.

  27. 27
    Looselipz Says:

    No haircut fixes a face like hers, and a snotty attitude to match. She and Ashley Simpson can compare notes.

  28. 28
    jane Says:

    she such a try hard. why so alty babes?

  29. 29
    HMA Says:

    Love the hair but not the girl.

  30. 30
    Steph Says:

    Helllll no, poor liam

  31. 31
    GK Says:

    Well, at least she can’t put that mess in a bun.

  32. 32
    Lou Says:

    I like it. Modern and edgy. But she has to choose the right type of clothing that go with that style.

  33. 33
    SoSo Says:

    Oh my god it’s so ugly!!
    I definetly don’t understand what loves Liam in her!!!

  34. 34
    Steph Says:

    Celeb stylist? Looks like she cut it herself

  35. 35
    alycia Says:

    that girl needs her extensions back asap. what was she thinking or should i say not thinking. she needs to stop trying so hard to a hipster.

  36. 36
    Kim Says:

    I’d like to know her reasoning behind this. Like it just doesn’t look like a hairstyle you’d just have done because you can.

    Liem isn’t going to know who he is engaged to now LOL.

  37. 37
    ....why, why, why! Says:

    I realize it’s her hair and she could do whatever she wants, but this look does not look good. Since she has chosen to make her life public, she gives me permission to comment… that’s what comes with celebrity. Not a good look. It’s rather severe. Sorry. Is she going through a mid-life crisis? Her behavior is odd lately.

    She just got engaged and chopped her beautiful locks off… and in case no one has noticed she is also losing weight in a dramatic way. She needs to relax, period. I’m tired of her so-called independence, when in fact she does things only to show she is a rebel… and for what? I have no idea.

  38. 38
    :) Says:

    Looks great! Idk why people are dising it, it’s her hair, leave her alone. She’s trying something new. Stop judging her! She still sings amazing, and she can act. She has a attractive fiancée who loves her. And if you people are true fans. Then you will like her no matter what!

  39. 39
    kekwd Says:

    She KNOWS it looks bad thats why she’s saying stuff like she never felt more her and if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything. Attention whoree.

  40. 40
    Kim Says:

    Did she have a Brittany Spears break down or something?

  41. 41
    Tami Says:

    Looks like a White Willow Smith gone wrong . Lol…. At least it works on Willow. Miley looks like she is trying oh do hard. What happened to little hill billy country girl! No?

  42. 42
    ha ha Says:

    omfg ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

  43. 43
    kendra mcintyre Says:

    @cami: LAUGH.MY.ASS.OFF
    I love Miley but your just so right.oh jeez.good thing the rest of her is pretty and if she loves it then good for her

  44. 44
    Lauren Says:

    Did anyone else notice she isn’t wearing her engagement ring?! Hmmm….

  45. 45
    LOLLLLL Says:

    Why is it like so uneven? It looks like a blind person cut her hair lmao. Ladies we can all breathe again, Liam is single! Or soon to be, most def.

  46. 46
    Brit Says:

    Id like to see her get married after this

  47. 47
    :) Says:

    I started to copy the Miley Bun. I can’t pull this look off though. She looks pretty no matter what. I’m glad she can make her own decisions. I bet while playing on Hannah Montana and doing other movies she probably had to sign a contract saying she wouldn’t cut her hair.

  48. 48
    jmho Says:

    Me like!

  49. 49
    wtf Says:

    Wtf is wrong with you people? OH MY GOD SHORT HAIR WHAT NIGHTMARE! Its a hairstyle for crying out loud. You people are pathetic

  50. 50
    oh please Says:

    Um she can always get extensions if she feels for longer hair again. it’s just hair. Anne Hathaway and Vanessa Hudgens cut off their hair. The world didn’t come to an end.

  51. 51
    Susan Says:

    I don’t give it but a few months before she has extensions in her hair.

  52. 52
    Ryan Says:

    Okay wow at everyone talking about how bad she looks–it honestly could be ten times worse.
    I personally like it–the short, boyish hair complements her small frame. She could have kept the color, though, although that’s probably just because I don’t like the look of bright, bleached blonde hair.
    I don’t really understand all the hate? Probably just because she’s a “Disney girl” everyone is quick to hate and judge any sort of change she makes about herself. Get over it, guys, it’s not your life, and she can make her own choices. And if her boyfriend breaks up with her just because of her hair, then he really shouldn’t be dating anyone at all because of how shallow that is.

  53. 53
    Ale Says:

    That’s a high fashion haircut, few people can pull off that look so good luck!! personally I like it XD

  54. 54
    stef Says:

    Why you hating? I look fab ! @MileysPixie

  55. 55
    @wtf Says:

    It’s not the short hair. Anne Hathaway has short hair. Robyn has short hair. ( Kinda looks like it) Gosh Vanessa Hudgens has short hair. It just doesn’t look right. Hers just look like she got in a fight with scissors and lost. I think its the blonde that throws it off. Maybe she is gonna dye it? ……..

  56. 56
    andy Says:


  57. 57
    @Ryan Says:

    Lol doesn’t have anything to do with being in Disney. Please.

  58. 58
    sophia Says:

    She looks like Amanda Bynes in “She’s the Man”

  59. 59
    may Says:

    Just a guess here and I could be wrong. While she was on contract Miley may have not been allowed to cut her hair. Now that she’s off contract this hair cut may be another way of moving away from the “little kid”. As i say, I could be wrong.

  60. 60
    Clarence Beeks Says:

    Horrible. You have to have a beautiful face to pull off hair that short. Forget about the yarn yellow color….

  61. 61
    jane Says:

    I like it……and I like her. Deal with it.

  62. 62
    ....hmmm! Says:

    The people saying what’s the big deal she can always get extensions or grow her hair long again, clearly sees that Miley’s hair at it s current state looks like a hot mess. If she got the cut for a movie role sure… but this rebellious, seeking headlines, impromptu haircut looks borderline crazy.

    The funny thing is Miley makes sure the media catches her every move, such as when she cut a few inches off her hair, then the color change, and now this hot mess… Cut it out Miley. Go relax on a beach somewhere, your focus right now should not be to scare Liam off. I wish her luck, as I do not understand this obvious meltdown, wanna-be hardcore, anti-Disney image. I’m over it.

  63. 63
    gier Says:


  64. 64
    gier Says:


  65. 65
    Jo Says:

    It’s either going to be a long engagement or she has decided not to wear her hair up for her wedding! It looks very eighties.

  66. 66
    okiedokie Says:

    lol mileys gonnna cast a spell on you guys if you keep calling her draco malfoy!

  67. 67
    Kristen Says:

    There is only one Rhianna – I bet she will be regretting this cut quickly and we will see extensions soon.

  68. 68
    A Says:

    Hideous. I think she’s going through an identity crisis. Girls always do when they DRASTICALLY change hair like this

  69. 69
    Matt Says:

    Her haircut is offensive to lesbians.

  70. 70
    seeaaaa Says:

    lezz be real here for a sec, yes the cute is cute and punky, not everyone can pull off, most people can’t, and she DEF cannot. she doesn’t have the features for it

  71. 71
    glenn Says:

    justin bieber goes blonde?

  72. 72
    sushi Says:

    she doesnt have to have britney’s breakdown or anything. she’s not as legend as britney, tbh. sigh!

  73. 73
    Effy Says:

    Michelle Williams can easily pull this look off. Not you Miley. Why does it look like you’re balding in some spots? I don’t think Liam is interested in marrying a Justin Bieber look-a-like…

  74. 74
    BeBe Says:

    Yay for the hipster look! *sarcasm*

  75. 75
    kekwd Says:

    @oh please: they did it for MOVIE ROLES. Mileys just doing it for attention.

  76. 76
    holly Says:

    She looks like an inbred hillbilly boy.

  77. 77
    Missy Says:

    identity crisis much.

  78. 78
    aleja Says:

    she looks like a lesbian..(no offense to homosexuals love you guys!)

  79. 79
    Missy Says:

    maybe that’s what she was going for…

  80. 80
    Romance34 Says:

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  81. 81
    anon Says:

    @cami: That is an insult to Draco Malfoy!

  82. 82
    blah Says:

    Haircut is horrible and she looks awful. Also seems like she’s trying very hard to shed her Disney girl image and prove how tough and ‘rocker’ she is and so she decided to emulate Pink.

  83. 83
    original miley Says:

    1. i dont see a engagement ring
    2. i dont see the love tattoo in her ear.

  84. 84
    Faye Says:

    straight up, she looks like peeta.

  85. 85
    hi Says:

    this is literally disgusting. females with short hair are just ugly and look like dykes

  86. 86
    TheDudeAbides Says:

    No kidding. The second I first saw these new Miley hair pix, a mosquito started buzzing around my ear. First one I’ve heard this season.

  87. 87
    shatha Says:

    her friend was like everyone is gonna copy you now miley
    WTF i think she’s copying emma watson she won’t be that brave if emma didn’t do it first

  88. 88
    boochoo Says:

    She’s NOT pretty enough to pull that kind of hairsyle – very short or androgynous style – FAILED!!!

  89. 89
    KK Says:

    OMG….WHHYY Liam.. WHY???? Manlier then Bieber..irrghh what’s wrong with this girl…?

  90. 90
    Di Says:

    Attention who-diggity-re! She’s thinking, “Let me do something CRAZY since I haz no special skills or talents, just an annoying VOICE! YEE HAW!”

  91. 91
    Jasmine Says:

    All her recent hair changes, tattoos and revealing clothing…Here’s a girl who is not only unhappy with herself but someone starving for attention.
    That being said, I DO like the haircut…just not on HER.

  92. 92
    joone Says:

    Short hair or long hair… brown hair or blonde hair… A ChipmuncK would ALWAYS look like a ChipmuncK

  93. 93
    WAlterBisho[ Says:

    At least we won’t ssee her sumo bun for a loooong long time

  94. 94
    Gee Says:

    Aww, all you people are adorably sickening:3 So what if she “chopped off all of her hair?” Why, because it’s not the picture perfect hot girl that society claims is correct? Why does EVERY female celebrity that previously cut their hair have to keep it that way? Because most celebrities that cut their hair get bad reactions to it. It seems that whenever a celebrity like her changes something about them that isn’t conformed to what society deems as “the norm,” they get negatively criticized about it. Do you guys understand that she said she’s never felt more herself? Shouldn’t her fans or people who previously liked her, love her for this? She’s not afraid to show who she truly is and she’s HAPPY. Shouldn’t that mean something? You people are SICK and DISGUST me. Every single one of you. Just because she cut her hair and it’s new and different and not the plain long hair that EVERYONE has, it’s ugly. The girl has got a gorgeous face and body, and her hair is something that makes her feel more herself, and she’s happy and loves it. If that’s not enough then you people are selfish as all hell.

  95. 95
    Pokemon fan Says:

    A wild Justin Bieber look-alike appeared!

  96. 96
    karl Says:

    hot for once…

  97. 97
    Lara Says:


  98. 98
    robbie Says:

    At least we don’t have to see her in that ridiculous bun anymore. Although. . .this is still kinda gross looking.

  99. 99
    Effy Says:

    Anyone else not bother to read Gee’s whole comment/paragraph defending Miley?

  100. 100
    Jess Says:

    love it!!!! extreme!! unique

  101. 101
    Christina Says:

    Guarantee she will realize it looks like **** and she’ll have extensions within a month…

  102. 102
    greenieweenie Says:

    Cut my hair off for the first time around her age…loved it. Did it three more times and might do it again at the ancient age of 32…good for her. F* society, f* gender norms and f* ppl too dense to see how short hair can be totally hot.

  103. 103
    Allie Says:

    It doesn’t look that bad but i remember always watching hannah montana and wishing to have beautiful long wavy brown hair like hers :(

  104. 104
    lori Says:

    I think its cute and looks way better than that God Awful bun she’s been wearing for the last few months.

  105. 105
    Kim Says:

    I HATE how these Disney girls do **** like this to “shed the Disney image” how about instead of making yourself look like an ass, dressing ******, and doing drug you GROW UP to become a classy woman? Get good movie roles, dress well, be poised and mature. THAT is a way of showing the work you aren’t 14 anymore and don’t work for Disney anymore. I just don’t understand it.

  106. 106
    minah Says:

    Omg no no no girl, you dun goofed!

  107. 107
    creep Says:

    well, the only things that i can think of when i see this is:
    2: well, at least we won’t see that dam n bun anymore

  108. 108
    Miley is nasty Says:

    Can you say publicity stunt? It’s a cute cut, but her face was better off with all that hair hiding it. You need a great face to pull off a cut like that and this spawn of fuglies doesn’t have one. See Mia Farrow in the classic film Rosemary’s Baby if you want to see a beautiful face that can wear super short hair.

  109. 109
    Short hair rocks Says:

    But not on Miley. greenie I’m betting your 10x more attractive than Miley. Most women are. She didn’t age well. Chubby face, puggy nose, dopey eyes. Nothing special there.

  110. 110
    V Says:

    It’s her hair, it will grow back.
    Didnt people read what she said?

    “if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all. my hair is attached to my head no one else’s and it’s going bye bye! :)”

  111. 111
    creep Says:

    @V: well, yeah, it’s her hair, but she’s a public person, therefore, she must know that people are entitled to like it or not, and to express their likeness or dislikeness.

  112. 112
    Hope Says:


  113. 113
    KissThis Says:

    Aww no! Definitely not my favorite look for her. Hopefully it grows out before her wedding.

  114. 114
    Chris Says:

    Wow!!! Looks good!

  115. 115
    Ava Says:

    @….why, why, why!: I agree with you. I can’t help but feel this is more of a psychological/”i’m lost” issue. I can guarantee you any woman of any age would not have all these hair issues in the past month, unless there was something going on internally. Women only decide to go bold with hair if they go through a break up or facing a life experience. With this girl, I don’t understand. It’s like she’s bored and is wanting to pee her pants to badly, she has to do something crazy to keep the flow in her.
    - all these yoga classes that’s making her body look outrageously skinny. Not only that but everytime she’s got paps waiting for her, the mid drift needs to be exposed. And we see all these pics on her twitter with her mid drift again
    - the engagement
    - she had a haircut, then dyed her hair blonde, and now has a pixit cut within the last 2 months.

    Something is seriously wrong with her, I don’t care what any PR team or publicist says. She almost reminds me of Lindsay Lohan back when she was in that serious relationship with Wilmer… it all goes downhill after that…

  116. 116
    K Says:

    And the demon **** from within is finally REVEALED.

  117. 117
    spice Says:


  118. 118
    Kath Says:

    Riot Grrls making a come back. I like it.

  119. 119
    toni Says:

    Whoever cut her hair needs to refund her her money. That looks like they just grabbed pieces of her hair and snipped it.
    If she wanted to go short she should’ve went to a better person because they messed her up and gave her an ugly cut.

  120. 120
    TheDudeAbides Says:

    …why, why, why!; Miley got freaked out by that gold ‘M’ ring on Johnny Depp’s index finger in Don Juan DeMarco. Coming on the heels of her look alike character in Fool’s Gold. That said, the cut is kind of cute, and reminds me of Charlize Theron’s short blond hair in The Astronaut’s Wife, that came out in 1999.

  121. 121
    blackBeauty Says:

    not go anything nice to say about the short hair look on her but think she is just trying to stay in the media otherwise people will forget about her or she is just bored as liam is busy filming a new film then he will start filming the hunger games catching fire so i expect miley to continue doing anything possible to get attention

  122. 122
    kim Says:

    i think it looks good but its from a diagonal angle she is taking her pictures. the straight on picture i don’t dig the hair but for some strange reason i like how her hair looks when she angles herself. lol.

  123. 123
    Liz Says:

    omg not flattering at all

  124. 124
    Isabella Says:

    Wow, that’s so punk rock of you Miley, i think i’ll buy your cd now…….NOT!!!

  125. 125
    Adam Says:

    She’s making a statement that it’s okay to be yourself.

    A step in the right direction considering the fact that she’s been getting bad press lately for sending an unhealthy message to younger girls.

  126. 126
    Kim Says:

    I like Miley, I really do. But she needs to stop following Liam around from movie set to movie set like she’s doing now (and most likely will do when he goes to film catching fire in a few months). She needs to go back to LA and try and get another job. Why isn’t she out there auditioning for movie roles? Is she above that now or something? She’s becoming famous just for being famous. She needs to get back to work.

  127. 127
    Tania Says:

    I honestly don’t think her cheek bones/ face structure is right for this chop.

    Oh well, it won’t be long before she can grow it long enough to wear hair extensions.

  128. 128
    WTF Says:

    Liam should find himself another gf!

  129. 129
    Harlie Says:

    Oh, God…WHY?

  130. 130
    Andrei Says:

    wowww Miley!!! biggest fan but I do not like it !!! where miley last year or two? you stood up so well with your hair a few days ago, well it was like two years ago but …

  131. 131
    Kristine Says:

    I like it and I’m not surprised at all. She’s obviously not the girly type anyway. It suits her personality, and I believe her 100% when she says that she feels more like herself now than ever before. Way to go!

    I’m not even a fan of hers, haha.

  132. 132
    Kay Says:

    Does anyone remember the episode of Hannah Montana that the Jonas Bros were in? I think she’s channelling her dress up from that episode…. Her “boy” was a little too convincing. ugh.

  133. 133
    Capoeira Moves Says:

    Dye half of it blue. Maybe it will look better
    How to capoeira

  134. 134
    shanghai Says:

    For a supposedly top hair stylist I dont like his work. That style is a bit too short and drastic for her plus the colour seems harsh too.

  135. 135
    Sni-or Says:

    Not gonna say… not gonna say it…

  136. 136
    Katarakta Says:

    She looks cute. Nice cut. Fit to her. Good Choice. ;)

  137. 137
    Someone Says:

    Okay, what’s the big deal in this, seriously?
    Have none of you EVER had a hair-cut in your life before?? o.O
    If she wants short hair, let her. Why would Liam stop liking her because of her hair?! Come on, get real! I’ve NEVER heard of a guy who breaks up because of his girlfriend gets a HAIRCUT -.-

    I’m not even a fan of Miley and I don’t think (based on these pics) that her hair fits her. But going from there to make such a big deal outta it and say Liam would walk away from her is just too overrated! -.-

  138. 138
    AGA Says:

    Oh Miley WTF would you do this. And a top stylist is responsible? He should be sacked. She knew people were going to hate it–That’s why she put the bit in about not saying anything if you don’t like it. That’s just silly,,she is a celeb so of course people are going to comment on a dramactic new do!!@Someone: @Someone: Agree That ikt’s silly for posters to say that Liam would walk bc of a haircut–BUT it’s a very Bad haircut and does not suit her at all.

  139. 139
    Sheila Says:

    Her mouth and jaw on that profile pic, yikes. She looks SO MUCH like her brother with her hair like this, the Cyrus parents produces unusual looking kids, all jaw, beaver teeth and overall trashy. Miley is not cute enough in the face to pull off this look.

  140. 140
    biker mike Says:

    well that is the final end of her career, , ,, it looks horrible, most likely talked into it by somebody that wanted miley no longer being where she was, in WWII , the nazi’s would cut the Jewish concentration camp prisoner women’s hair like this to make them unattractive to the German guards, so they could not influence them into favors or escape

  141. 141
    tash Says:

    It’s not that nice but she donated the hair to cancer so who cares!

  142. 142
    Cleo Says:

    this is NO good. This haircut AND COLOR is not good for her!

  143. 143
    JessicaK Says:

    soo what you’re saying Miley, is that you are going for the Taylor Momsen trashy, perma-walk-of-shame look? that’s cure, I’m sure your fiance is real proud you FREAK! that’s right, I’m going to trash the way you look, b/c you look ridiculous, the most you’ve ever felt like yourself?! why did you lie to yourself for 19 years then Miley, why all the sudden do you want to look ‘hard-core’ and ‘punk’ you are a poser, you always have been a poser, and you always will be a poser, you can’t sing, you can’t act, you were grandfather in b/c your father had 1 hit back in the day. just give up PLEASE! get married, have kids, get fat, and GET OUT OF THE MEDIA! ! ! ! !

  144. 144
    JessicaK Says:


    seriously, can’t she just get over herself already, the world has moved on ya freak show! ! ! !

  145. 145
    D.Scott Says:

    Lol at the Draco Malfoy comment. I think it looks nice, though

  146. 146
    JessicaK Says:


    you are JUST as dellerious, if not more than Miley is.. are you kidding me?! it fits her small frame?!?!! she looks like a boy, like she has just been through a 6 month binge, and duck lips in the one picture?! really Miley, you’re that cool.. please just drop off the face of the earth you skeeze! you will never be anything, your 15 mins is UP!

  147. 147
    JillyRo Says:

    I mean we all know that Miley was never the cutest of the Disney girls. And this shows she is certainly is not cute enough in the face for this short haircut, it only makes her bad face shape (witchy long chin, horrible overbite mouth) stand out even more. Poor Liam, he will feel like he got engaged to unnattractive little boy because she looks like prepubescent 12 year old boy trying to be edgy. She does look like that white-haired dude in the Harry Potter series.

  148. 148
    Justme Says:

    Nope, try again Miley. You are still NOT cute. Hahahahah, Draco Malfoy, she does look like him now, could be his twin!!!!!!!!!!

  149. 149
    L Says:

    I think Selena Gomez is more mature than Miley, I mean.. Miley has to do stupid things like this so she can look more “mature”, but Selena is so natural, she lives according her age and enjoys it! Miley is always trying to grow old so fast

  150. 150
    Chris Says:

    @Gee: What you said!!!!

  151. 151
    Yawn Says:

    Wow talk about fugly.

  152. 152
    dw Says:

    she’s so irrelevant she has to resort to changing her hair every 2 days. go away unless you wanna get a real job no one cares

  153. 153
    charles Says:

    just because she have a short hair have to look like a boy.. wow..

  154. 154
    mimzie Says:

    so i am bored and everyone is stating their opinion about her hair so i decided to write mine here too. lol
    i don’t like it. like, it’s good that she did it for charity but it’s too short. like, she could have cut it short and it still to be cute. i mean, look at vanessa hudgens. she had short hair but it looked fine. it looks, like some people said, like a blind person cut her hair. and it’s too blonde. but she has the money to get extensions if she decides she doesn’t like the cut. and i’m sure she won’t in like a week or 2.

  155. 155
    Maggie Says:

    Ok, I have nothing to say.

  156. 156
    Sophie Says:

    looks like Butters LOL

  157. 157
    an Says:

    relax people it is just hair …

  158. 158
    cher Says:

    @Lucia: Maybe she got lice…

  159. 159
    Ken Says:

    I’m calling BS on the donation of her hair. No one takes color-treated hair as a donation, and her hair was not long enough. My daughter has donated a couple times and the rules are consistent across the several organizations that accept donated hair. Lies, lies, lies.

  160. 160
    somewhere in europe Says:

    It looks amazing! Are you kidding me?! This is finally her own style not some boring old extensions/ prim look that everyone in hollywood feel the need to do. I get the feeling Miley should come to Europe…she’d be much better off here.

  161. 161
    Kristine Says:

    This is the first time I’ve read through a thread of comments where every NEGATIVE comment gets rated up, and every POSITIVE comment gets rated down. You guys call yourself her fans.. I’m disgusted, and like I said in a previous comment; I’m not even a fan of hers. Show some respect!

  162. 162
    yeye Says:

    I dig it.

  163. 163
    courtney Says:

    This haircut is hideous. She looks like a lesbian.

  164. 164
    Dani Says:

    She’s changing and dying her hair every other week. It’s her hair as she said, but it makes me think about why she’s doing it. She obviously doesn’t know what to do with herself. I just hope she doesn’t do a Britney and shave it all off. If she needs a certain haircut to feel like herself, I’d say she needed the inside worked on, not the outside.

  165. 165
    S Says:

    If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. All this hate and the bitchin’, just stop it already.

    It looks so great on her. :)

  166. 166
    ha ha Says:

    the profile pic, you can see how really ugly her face is, her days with Liam are numbered, not just the hair thing, she’s going toward a meltdown…….

  167. 167
    what? Says:

    this hair cut really emphasizes her weight loss. and her 90s look needs to go. put some clothes on and shower. theres nothing attractive abt looking homeless.

  168. 168
    Kel Says:

    she has a monkey face

  169. 169
    S!u"n§hine Says:

    I like this haircut…It’s cool. Many girls change their style at that age cause they don’t want to be a mainstream teenager anymore….

  170. 170
    lafamepoma Says:

    she looks like a man, horrible, scary, you will be nobody in the future

  171. 171
    Anna Says:

    I think that her hair was damaged from overprocessing, so she had to cut it. It will grow back healthy. But it would have been better if she didn’t die it platinum blond.

  172. 172
    becka Says:

    where’s the engagement ring?

  173. 173
    joymc Says:

    That is not a haircut, that is a butcher job, it looks horrible! IF she is getting married soon she needs to grow up a little. Her looks were already pretty bad but this really makes her looks ugly.

  174. 174
    Yohji Says:

    Yet another talentless wannabe who thinks she is ‘edgy’. Not by a longshot.

  175. 175
    Chris Says:

    Gross. Poor Liam. I hope he doesn’t mind suddenly finding himself engaged to Draco, rolling over in the morning and finding Draco Malfoy laying next to you in bed. I’m sure he’s thrilled. Might actually be an improvement.

  176. 176
    Andrei Says:

    made a very nice gesture, I had hair for cancer patients Miley bravo! not many celebrities do this …
    are the biggest fan. I love you I love you I love you MILEY!!!

  177. 177
    Zileuton Says:

    Poor thing…she’s under so much stress with her hairdos that she has to change ‘em every month. It’s really hard to be her in this world. Who knew she’d be so unemployed one day that she’d chase around Liam to his sets and change hairdos every day when in fact Liam was the one, whose career really took off after dating Miley; even his brother’s(he was pretty never-heard-of actor before that). I’m not saying Liam isn’t talented, he’s gorgeous(way out of miley’s league), talented and quite decent (from my observations at least).,,but in this industry, all that isn’t always enough and you need to have some kinda ‘FAME push’ to really get you out there. Miley gave him just that. She was pretty big then thanks to all the little people who watched her hanna show and thought she’s hanna in real-life too! I’m not sayind liam and his older brother, Chris Hemsworth whose in every movie these days, pretty overrated he’s become, aren’t good but miley’s fame added to chris hemsworth’s reasonably ok fame, made them big stars that they are today. And, miley now crawls around Liam and her hairdos to be in news. It’s funny how things change so fast!

  178. 178
    aberdeen Says:

    just why are that wierd i mean u could of cut one side but dis is just a **** CHOICE

  179. 179
    Peapo Says:

    Damn, the real crazies are the people who are writing that Miley got that haircut because 1 she had a mental breakdown 2 she did it for attention and ridiculous state,eats like her fiancé is going to leave her because of her hair.
    Grow up girls! It is a fun summer haircut and it will grow back. The best thing about hair is you can play with it, color wise and length and style wise and IT GROWS BACK. I think Miley is happy and in a good place and she wanted to show it with a fun pixie cut.
    And I bet she doesn’t give a da,n what you think. Because if you get a haircut or an outfit or a tattoo THAT YOU LOVE- It will make YOU happy. And that is all that matters.
    And girls,because that is what you all sound like- catty high school girls- some guys like women with short hair. It is true. And if you cut your hair short you do not immediately turn into a lesbian. And by the way not all lesbians HAVE short hair.
    Grow up and be happy that Miley has a haircut SHE LOVES.
    I have never read such immature nasty posts in one place.

  180. 180
    mel Says:

    Don’t think the photos really show it from her best side, it could in fact give her a stylish edge.. although hard to tell with those unflattering pics.

  181. 181
    viki Says:

    i imagine liam’s face when she got home, it looks great on you….NOT!!!!

    and besides just because anne hatthaway, emma watson and michelle williams have this haircut (which they rock by the way) doesn’t mean you have to!!!!

  182. 182
    delilah Says:

    This haircut is appropriate for someone about 15…I thought she was finally growing up.

  183. 183
    delilah Says:

    This is appropriate for someone of 15. I thought she was finally growing up.

  184. 184
    sarah Says:

    hope she kept her hanna montana wig

  185. 185
    rayan Says:

    Love to se her long to pixie .. Love love love….

  186. 186
    Cadda Says:

    I think it looks great on her. I like those haircuts

  187. 187
    RJ Says:

    She got herself one unsightly haircut. No woman should wear this bizarre punk style without a ransom note clenched in her teeth.

  188. 188
    elfsstilettos Says:

    She’ ll get extensions soon

  189. 189
    starsh Says:

    Awesome, really suits her. What’s so bad about a nice, short haircut? Only Americans are still conservative enough to insist on girls having long hair.

  190. 190
    Blythe Says:

    Now that Miley’s hair is cut, you can see how basic her face is. Long hair really does make one attractive!

  191. 191
    Love The Shoes Says:

    I can’t believe how much I love it! I really really love it. She looks great! Not a fan fan but i give her props for at least being more about doing stuff because she wants to instead of solely for attention. She’s a free spirit.

  192. 192
    duffBeer Says:

    It’s GORGEOUS!!!! She looks adorable and sexy.

  193. 193
    Love The Shoes Says:

    @Asha: I’m hoping love will triumph. I hope it isn’t her hair he’s in love with if he is in fact in love. If hair trips him out it’s certainly better she learns that one now. God forbid she loses it for medical reasons!

  194. 194
    Sarah Says:

    strangely, she looks justin bieber LOL

  195. 195
    A Says:

    She’s a beautiful girl but this is a hideous haircut. I don’t get her. Such a shame.

  196. 196
    elena Says:

    she tries way too hard to be edgy

  197. 197
    elena Says:


    I dont think she donated to cancer, you’re not allowed to donated if your hair is bleached and she just recently bleached her hair so yeah

  198. 198
    Elizabeth G. Says:

    In the pic where she’s w the guy she looks like a mixture of Robin Tunney in ‘Empire Records’ when she shaved her hair (which wasn’t a flattering look for Tunney) and Demi Moore in ‘Ghost’ when Moore also had a boy-ish hair cut which isn’t my favorite look of hers but she did pull off the short do better.

  199. 199
    Elizabeth G. Says:

    @Andrei: she didn’t donate her hair

  200. 200
    why miley why Says:

    oh miley! what have you done!?!

    needless to say i don’t like it.

    You had such pretty hair before. what made you do that???

  201. 201
    why miley why Says:

    sorry but i don’t like anne hathaway’s (another big mistake) or michelle williams’ cut either. and i don’t know who emma watson is no opinion there.

  202. 202
    jamie Says:

    I think a bit longer and not bleach blonde and she would have been fine but I think she got it cut off too quickly, When I decided to go short, it gradually went from my shoulders to a full on pixie crop in a year so I can get used to the look, and when it came to dying my hair, I started with a semi, but now I stick to highlights because the more natural look is the best look

  203. 203
    shelley Says:

    if she was gonna go for a pixie cut she should have gone the rihanna or frankie sandford route. NOW SHE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER FROM HER SNL SKIT………

  204. 204
    JULES100 Says:


  205. 205
    Mia03 Says:

    Maybe she didn’t want the same girly long hair all the time. It’s boring to have the same hair all the time, it;s fun to change it up. It’s different and I like people that do different things not the same boring hair all the time. I like her topknot better but if she likes it that’s all that matter’s. She needs to dress for herself not everyone else but I think the way you all are talking about her is horrible. I say it’s her life whatever floats her boat, it not hurting me or you so I don’t know what the uproars about. I love that she is not scared to be different and conform to everyone else’s style and what they think she should look like.

  206. 206
    HannahMontanasheisnt Says:

    Did she lose a bet or something? Coz she looks like a little boy with that haircut.

  207. 207
    Belinda Brown Says:

    Well what do you say? We have a platinum haired Justin Bieber but in a female version……

    All I can say is that I know I have bad hair days but Miley is having the worst day ever!!!! Looks horrible….

  208. 208
    anymouse Says:

    The new hair cut makes her look boyish with round face features. Whoever let her get this style, steered her wrong! She doesn’t have the right facial features to pull off this hair cut.

  209. 209

    Cute haircut….ugly girl

  210. 210
    Molly Says:

    Now she sounds like a man ANNNNNND LOOKS like a man!

  211. 211
    Jade Says:

    wow these people really have no life.

  212. 212
    marter Says:

    she looks like a now.

  213. 213
    maryjane Says:

    Now she looks like Justin Bever…HA HA

  214. 214
    S Says:


  215. 215
    Yesi Says:

    She look hideous and looks like a lesbian its definitely a NO!

  216. 216
    shecky g Says:

    She looks like an anorexic justin bieber!

  217. 217
    Mary Says:


    What a silly comment! You don’t marry someone for their hair! Love is love. If you truly love someone you love them warts and all. Whether their hair is long or short. How old are you? Five!

  218. 218
    Mary Says:

    Well I think she looks beautiful.
    Long hair is for little girls.
    Short hair is for stylish women.
    So many females hide behind their hair….think Jennifer Aniston.
    Takes a confident sassy female to go short.

  219. 219
    Nini Says:

    Do any of you realize that she cut her hair and donated it to the cancer society?

  220. 220
    Beatrix Says:

    Oh darn, she doesn’t look like every other celebrity anymore.

  221. 221
    reham abu faris Says:

    lOve yOu you always sO cool miley ^_^ but i think a long hair is better

  222. 222
    fiona Says:

    come on guys calm down! so she cut her hair, big deal, i mean all this hate is starting to turn into bullying!
    I think she looks cute

  223. 223
    jane Says:

    she looks more like a man than bieber.

  224. 224
    leah Says:

    She looks like a jackass

  225. 225
    Xiolablu Says:

    I think it’s cute, I did the same cut and color when I was 19! If you have the little frame you can pull it off lovely.

  226. 226
    CarlitzEstFabulous Says:

    I like it :D SHes always been kinda punk at heart :) besides it is her hair and it will be brown again :D I THINK EVERYONE SHOULD DO SOMETHING CRAZY WITH THEIR HAIR AT LEAST ONCE IN THEIR LIFE :D

  227. 227
    MarybO Says:

    Drug addict and Britney Spears syndrOme..she’s fallinnnnnnng so quikly, so fast…

  228. 228
    charlot Says:

    she looks like JUSTIN BIEBER now :((

  229. 229
    may Says:

    @charlot: so TRUE

  230. 230
    Kris Says:

    For all those calling her immature, she donated her hair to charity, to make wigs for people with cancer. I think that’s pretty great. And while she doesn’t look her absolute best, her hair will grow back in.

  231. 231
    Siya Says:

    I love Miley, always will, but… WTF!? That looks bloody horrible. o_O

  232. 232
    Eve Says:

    I think it’s hilarious when some people whine about her “poor” fiancé. Why is he poor? she’s a pretty girl and a boy should not judge his girlfriend by the length of her hair. If a guy does this, he should not be in a mature relationship. She’s young, she should try new things and her hair will eventually grow back. So what?! I like it!

  233. 233
    rebecca Says:

    Unrecognizable. I would have no idea wtf that is if there was no caption that it is Miley. Her features were much more suited to her previous long locks. Well, it’s her prerogative to change her hair. We’ve all done it to one degree or another. I am sure she will go back to long when it grows back.

  234. 234
    rebecca Says:

    @charlot: Nah, Justin Beiber is prettier now.

  235. 235
    aina Says:

    some comments are downright pathetic!

    1st she looks nice and it’s a well done haircut which suits her persona!!
    2nd no guy with an inch of personality breaks up with a girl because she’s have had a hair makeover!
    3rd ****** and superficial people will always complain!!

    4th I’m not a fan of hers and don’t give a damn about her life!

    see ya!

  236. 236
    Fan Says:

    Rihanna was EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL with her new haircut
    But this girl, she seems to become a wh*re who just wants people’s attention and she’s no longer that innocent hannah montana
    What the hell is the Fame doing to these girls????!!
    I’m sorry for Liam
    This girl is not her suitable wife-to-be!! He’d better break up with her

  237. 237
    Suck My Dick Says:

    She’s trying so hard now. If you look at her over the years. I know people grow up and all but really? It’s something you grow out of, the whole grunge ****. that shoulder length hair looked so much more attractive. The bleach is not pleasing with her skin colour and the length makes her ears look even bigger.

  238. 238
    fill Says:

    Nice post. I was checking continuously this weblog and I’m inspired! Extremely helpful information particularly the final phase :) I care for such information much. I used to be seeking this certain info for a long time. Thanks and best of luck.

  239. 239
    Jang Says:

    I think it’s an alternative to the bun hair she’s been sporting the past few weeks/months. I’m sure she was just tired of the long hair plus the summer heat.

  240. 240
    kelso Says:

    i like the new hair cut>>why are pple complaining>>its not like its yallz heads….dare i say its kinda sexy…i am teamMileyShort

  241. 241
    umehime Says:

    she looks justin beiber… hahaha

  242. 242
    see Says:

    ”never felt more me”
    her haricut is a total ripoff from swedish pop star ROBYN, who had many hit songs around the world for years!!!!!!!!

  243. 243
    Kati Says:

    Looks so good when done right (no bedhead pictures please). Had same hair few years ago. And Miley really looks happier and “herself”. No more that sleezy weird smile that her dad made her grin. Love!

  244. 244
    V Says:

    Although I think she looks better with long-ish dirty blonde hair, she looks cute :). Sorta reminds me of tinker bell. And all those who’s hating on her and saying mean stuff, as she said, it’s her hair. Stop whining about it, what’s done is done, and if she loves it, then you should accept it!

  245. 245
    hannah Says:

    ew gross. This is the girl i used to watch all the time on Hannah Montana. SICK………………

  246. 246
    Zo Says:

    @ivanka: Have you ever thought that maybe she’s human, and people like to cut their hair in a while and change.

  247. 247
    basira Says:

    miley you looked great in long hair specially in henna montana … this does’nt look good!

  248. 248
    MIMI Says:

    SICK….gross, yack………i can not hold it any more longer must go to throw up….

  249. 249
    audrey Says:

    hate it so bad hate to see her like that on two and half men

  250. 250
    audrey Says:

    I hate it. and the way she acts on two and half men. She acts like a dumb hillbilly and looks the part we watched her for years cant believe she turned out like this so sad

  251. 251
    Alex Says:

    It looks wierd, but it totally fits on her!

  252. 252
    Alex Says:

    It looks wierd, but it totally fits on her!

  253. 253
    Alex Says:

    It looks wierd, but it totally fits on her!

  254. 254
    Alex Says:

    It looks wierd, but it totally fits on her!

  255. 255
    Alex Says:

    It looks wierd, but it totally fits on her!

  256. 256
    Alex Says:

    It looks wierd, but it totally fits on her!

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