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Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson: Sunset Stroll in Vancouver!

Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson: Sunset Stroll in Vancouver!

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger hold hands during a sunset stroll on the beach on Sunday (August 12) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 36-year-old actress and the 34-year-old actor enjoyed a romantic dinner at the Boathouse restaurant later that night.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Diane Kruger

Earlier in the day, Diane and Josh held hands as they strolled through the city during the sunny afternoon.

Josh‘s show Fringe will be back on the air on September 28!

FYI: Diane is wearing a yellow sweater and floral leggings by H&M.

10+ pictures inside of Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson out and about in Vancouver…

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diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 01
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 02
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 03
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 04
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 05
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 06
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 07
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 08
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 09
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 10
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 11
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 12
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 13
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 14
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 15
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 16
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 17
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 18
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 19
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 20
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 21
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 22
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 23
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 24
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 25
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 26
diane kruger joshua jackson sunset stroll in vancouver 27

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88 Responses to “Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson: Sunset Stroll in Vancouver!”

  1. 1
    candice Says:

    how i love them!..they’re perfect

  2. 2
    felicity Says:

    what a stylish couple!

  3. 3
    michiko Says:

    Wow joshua is super hot!


  4. 4
    farida Says:

    they both have great bodies! they look like models

  5. 5
    gina Says:


  6. 6
    heh! Says:

    In before the trolls:

    hysterical troll mode on…

    Does she ever smile?
    She’s always ignoring him!
    Why isn’t he working?
    She’s not *insert another actress’s name* and she’ll never be! How does she dare have her own identity?
    He’s taking a walk with her girlfriend! He’s her slave!
    Why is this site always posting pictures of them? I’M NOT INTERESTED… although I’ll never fail to check and comment on these entries.
    Her body doesn’t conform to my standard of beauty. For shame!

    /hysterical troll mode off…

    Great pictures, but the ones of Joshua in that white t-shirt, UNNNFFF forever!

  7. 7
    zarioh Says:

    oh, so sweet. she visited him in vancouver.

  8. 8
    zarioh Says:


    haha! that made me laugh out hard! that’s so true

  9. 9
    fabian Says:

    this woman has the most horrible legs I’ve ever seen

  10. 10
    di Says:

    diane has the most amazing legs

  11. 11
    lililili Says:

    diane kruger is lovable

  12. 12
    stefania Says:

    they like each other so much
    they will last a lifetime

    he’s so into her

  13. 13
    bablo Says:

    joshua jackson new movie inescapable:

    It’s studio/distributor is Alliance Films, who also did…The Expendables 2

  14. 14
    zoe Says:

    v-neck shirt
    tanned body

    yes, josh you look extremely good

  15. 15
    fa Says:

    She is getting thin and old, that way due to drug use many of these actors use drug,he was once arrested for drug use.always he appeared in any event, seems to be drugged.

  16. 16
    fa Says:

    he is a loser, has no personality or talent to build a career.

  17. 17
    Georgina12 Says:


    And where is your proof that josh was on drugs or arrested for drugs? The only arrest josh had was when he got into a fight at a hockey game and did his community service so try again, pal.

  18. 18
    monroe Says:

    i cant wait for season 5!
    keep up the good work, josh

  19. 19
    sylvie Says:

    you know diane is in town, when josh starts wearing v-neck shirts. LOL
    but i love it and i love them together

  20. 20
    mary Says:

    she is skeletal, his legs are thin as a stick, his face looks aged, how this guy can be attracted by this garbage,he must have a very good imagination and stomach to support it

  21. 21
    Georgina12 Says:


    You’re the loser. josh has been in this business for 20 years and has NOT messed up his life. Josh has a girlfriend that lasted for 6 years, two steady TV Shows that lasted 5-6 years unlike some actors who do 2 TV shows that last for only ONE season, has not any type of controversy, has done 20 films (blockbuster or not, a film is Still a film) , he has won awards on his own merit like the genie award for best actor for one week.

    So fa, you are the loser. Josh is living his life, too bad you are so insecure about your life that you bash josh for living his.

  22. 22
    mary Says:

    the droda help him bear her .

  23. 23
    fions Says:

    I’m so jealous of Diane Kruger’s beauty, style and man

    she’s a lucky gal

    she’ll be a huge star a la angelina , penelope, cate and the like

  24. 24
    melanie Says:

    joshua est trés beau et il a un killer body. je l’adore depuis mighty ducks.

  25. 25
    alex Says:

    Excellent Actor.

  26. 26
    s Says:

    canadian cuties!

  27. 27
    diane kruger frenc actress Says:

    check out diane kruger new (french) movie “plan parfait” (perfect plan):

  28. 28
    connie Says:

    they look beautiful. just imagine how cute their baby will look like.

  29. 29
    mariah Says:


    ugh, please no babies.

  30. 30
    preston Says:

    yes, he has new flip flops. i hated those red ones.

  31. 31
    fer Says:

    this guy must have low self esteem,to stay with a woman like this

  32. 32
    gg Says:

    she must be the vision of hell, she looks like a walking skeleton, with little hair, thin legs and she looks older than madonna

  33. 33
    CF98 Says:

    Had you not shown the other pics I’d say they looked real distant based on the top pic alone

  34. 34
    gg Says:

    she looks more balding than he

  35. 35
    taylor Says:

    josh doesnt look near his age.
    34 years old? he looks so young, especially in that blue shirt.
    he looks in his mid -twenties.

  36. 36
    baba Says:

    this woman is a ***** like kristen stewart must have done the same thing she did to get his holes in the fims , only now she’s old and ugly, and gives no more to do this, so its career is declining, it also must use drugs explains his appearance not healthy well as its rapidly aging as lindsay lohan

  37. 37
    baba Says:

    shes getting uglier and uglier

  38. 38
    natt Says:

    This ***** couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag, She could not be neither a porn actress because her body skeletal

  39. 39
    cavill Says:

    you can hate all you want on diane kruger, but she is not going anywhere.
    she’s got a hold on him, big time
    and it doesnt look like she has the intention to let go.
    she knows very well that a man like josh doesnt come so easy.
    she knows how to keep him happy and satisfied.

    she metioned many times that she cooks for him a lot, she makes sure he dresses well and above all, she keeps the fire burning in the bedroom, by buying sexy lingerie and puting on make-up.

  40. 40
    venturine Says:

    @cavill: @cavill:

    course, just a guy dumb , without personality, low self esteem certainly Drug addict to stay with a woman shallow, old, skeletal, anorexia, bald, with no discernible talent decadent actress who does everything to appear, in fact they are the typical couple famewhores , overexposed, because not have any talent to show

  41. 41
    viva Says:

    Love him!! I’ll take him… I mean really I WILL TAKE HIM!!! LOL

  42. 42
    wilson Says:

    i want him so bad. diane you lucky lady

  43. 43
    ju Says:

    she looks like the zombie, may be the effects of excessive use of drugs, which makes her look so old, thin, and makes your hair fall

  44. 44
    fabian Says:

    ugly and anorexic model,them are two useless famewhores

  45. 45
    marcos Says:

    she look really awkward LOL.

  46. 46
    Daddy's-girl Says:

    Josh is Suri’s dad!

  47. 47
    mario Says:

    these European women look so ugly when they age

  48. 48
    wonderboy Says:

    i love him on fringe. he is so talented. he makes fringe worth watching.
    and it doesnt hurt that he is easy on the eyes.

  49. 49
    fil Says:


    australian women too, just ask josh. he KNOWS.

  50. 50
    denise Says:

    diane kruger has an amazing body. she looks so fresh and young.
    i cant wait for her new movies in the next couple of month.

  51. 51
    carla Says:

    josh is so cute. i want him so bad.

  52. 52
    randy Says:

    yay, next month, joshua will attend the toronto film festival 2012.
    i hope ALL the cast members will attend!

  53. 53
    tilda Says:

    i love, love, love this couple. they seem so into each other.
    may they stay together forever and ever.
    they are made for each other.

  54. 54
    joshane Says:

    he is really good on fringe. i like him a lot. he has chemistry with every single person on that show, especially with his on screen dad.

  55. 55
    michelle Says:

    I love fringe too, watched every episode. Joshua Jackson is hot! Love Walter too!

  56. 56
    Really? Says:

    Are you nuts? This woman doesn’t look young or fresh. She has become so thin lately that her body is gross. Her hairline is ridiculous, my father who is just a few years older than her, has a better hairline. The reason we don’t see her smile is because she has those long yellow teeth and when she smiles we see all her crows feet. This woman is far from young or beautiful.

  57. 57
    denise Says:

    you mean so ugly like this: *sarcasme*

  58. 58
    fatima Says:

    what’s wrong with this woman I would say everything!his face is weird and aged, his hair is thin and she is going bald, your body is very thin,she looks like a walking skeleton, his legs are thin as a twig, her whole body is Flat as a chestboard, , furthermore ,she is one of the worst actresses in the world, if she can be called an actress.

  59. 59
    denise Says:

    another one:

  60. 60
    wally Says:


    the worst actresses would be the one on fringe. and ugly too.

  61. 61
    alexandra Says:

    Aww, I just love this precious pair!
    too cute

  62. 62
    ange Says:

    she looks ugly with the devil

  63. 63
    cele Says:

    he is a mediocre actor, the worst of the cast of fringe, not only as cast lead, but also between the supporting cast

  64. 64
    wally Says:

    i think that the lead actress is the worst of the cast on fringe. she sucks big time. so bland and no personality.

  65. 65
    melodie Says:

    HE is so talented and overlooked as an actor.
    i hope i can meet him at the toronto film fesitval. that will be a dream come true.

  66. 66
    tik tak Says:


    aw, i kinda like olivia. i want to sh*t on her face and wipe my *ss off with her hair. that’s how much i like her.

  67. 67
    cele Says:

    the lead actress gets all the critical acclaim, is nominated for awards
    and win prizes Performance: Without question, Anna Torv’s nuanced approach to Olivia Dunham’s emotional gamut run completely obliterated our expectations and has buoyed the phenomenal first half of the season to new heights. If any performance from any actress on any show so far this season screams more loudly, “I Deserve An Emmy,” this is the one.

    “We don’t have enough money in the budget to pay Leonard Nimoy for another appearance.” Mama can’t get enough of Olivia’s “possession” by William Bell, played by Nimoy before the character’s death. After watching last week as Olivia hilariously adopted Bell’s persona, including Nimoy’s distinctively craggy voice, and witnessing the dual Olivias earlier this season, Mama doesn’t understand why portrayer Anna Torv hasn’t snagged an Emmy nod yet. This week, Fringe heads back to the alternate universe.

  68. 68
    kelly Says:

    josh is so good-looking. he should wear more blue.

  69. 69
    salute Says:

    OMG,i hope all the DC cast members join the show “dont trust the b*tch in appartement 23″. i love that show.
    that with be so cool! i wonder if josh and james van der beek are still angry with each other.

  70. 70
    tik tak Says:

    @tik tak:

    but first, i have to f*ck her hard. LOL

  71. 71
    trolls Says:

    crazy patty and that psycho anna torv fanatic are at it again.
    i hate comming here because of them, they make me sick.

  72. 72
    sébastine Says:

    joshua est tellement beau. j’éspère le recontré un jour

  73. 73
    rose Says:

    maybe she suffers the same problem

  74. 74
    rose Says:

    she’s just skin and bone

  75. 75
    Georgina12 Says:

    Dear Anna torv fans, take your crap and go over to an Anna torv site. I am sooooo sick of people shoving Anna’s success down my throat. Just shut up and stop going to Joshua Jackson sites.

  76. 76
    Bridget Says:

    I would so love to see a Dawson Creek reunion. I really loved Josh and Katey. I also liked Michelle and Kerr. I think I could even handle a little James as well. So loved that show, Pacey and Joey forever!

  77. 77
    jesse Says:

    Really nice couple!

  78. 78
    Sammi Says:

    I’ve noticed a few things about the recent posts on this couple’s sightings: 1) people tend to like Josh, 2) people seem to post negative comments when he is with his girlfriend who doesn’t seem to be popular and 3) there seem to be some crazy people stocking Josh who clearly hate Anna. I have always loved Josh since his DC days, even though I have not watched his show with his costar Anna. He seems to be happy with his girlfriend, even though I don’t like the way she parades him around. Any way you look at it, even if we don’t like Anna or Diane, we all seem to have some obsession with Josh.

  79. 79
    Bee Says:

    Thank you Patty for your multiple comments again.No wonder they get almost 80 comments each an every time.Can i ask you something?Do you touch yourself when you troll? lol

  80. 80
    brenda Says:

    Damn I always forget how hot Joshua is . They always look good together but their beach outfits are just great . I love how their outfits match perfectly without being too obvious.

  81. 81
    lily Says:

    I need a guy who dresses like this, that is all I ask.

  82. 82
    erika Says:

    stop being the perfect couple. so jealous

  83. 83
    greta Says:

    ich liebe dich, josh

  84. 84
    brooke Says:

    He is a amazing actor, you can tell that he’s a sincere gentleman.

  85. 85
    stephanie Says:

    My fave Hollywood couple – they’re always come across as funny and easygoing with no airs and graces about them.

  86. 86
    Anon Says:

    This couple is not a Hollywood couple, maybe a red carpet couple. They are both B-rated actors, she is barely known in the acting world and he will always be known as Pacey. If they are known for anything, it’s for being a joke. How can you not laugh at a woman who thinks she’s a bigger star than she really is and a man who allows her to dress him up like a Ken doll. Need to fill a seat at an event, call Diane and she’ll do it to make herself feel like a star and she’ll drag her doting boyfriend along because he doesn’t have the balls to stand up for himself. Done trolling now.

  87. 87
    tyden Says:

    joshua jackson and diane kruger are my favourite hollywood couple. i adore them

  88. 88
    Peggy Says:

    Diane is one ugly woman, he could do SO much better. Maybe it’s time he trades her in for a newer model, pun intended.

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