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LeAnn Rimes: Bikini Beach Babe with Shirtless Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes: Bikini Beach Babe with Shirtless Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian show off their bangin’ beach bodies while spending the day with friends on a sunny Sunday (August 12) in Newport Beach, Calif.

The 29-year-old singer wore a bikini that she picked up earlier in the day while shopping with her gal pal Liz and later changed into another outfit.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn and Eddie were joined by his 5-year-old son Jake while practicing their volleyball skills on the sand.

45+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian at the beach…

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leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 01
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 02
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 03
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 04
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 05
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 06
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 07
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 08
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 09
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 10
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 11
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 12
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 13
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 14
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 15
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 16
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 17
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 18
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 19
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 20
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 21
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 22
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 23
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 24
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 25
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 26
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 27
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 28
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 29
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 30
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 31
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 32
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 33
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 34
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 35
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 36
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 37
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 38
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 39
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 40
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 41
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 42
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 43
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 44
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 45
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 46
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 47
leann rimes bikini beach babe with eddie cibrian 48

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  • gwen


    Says the person WHO has written over 8 posts in my name! Wow, seriously. Why are you having such a meltdown today? This is worse than anything we have ever seen. Why is ANON going berserk today? Did Leann’s album get CANCELED?

    Eddie said, “If Leann wasn’t such a butt ugly *****, she might be able to keep a man. Stop having sex on toilets with married men who calle you speedbump, **** AMEJEAN is a demented stakler.”

  • gwen


    Are Leann and Eddie happy? Happy people don’t pay sites like this to validate their marriage. If Leann was happy AMEJEAN wouldn’t be here making nasty posts about Brandi and using other posters names to make posts.

    I agree that the comment wars are unnecessary, but what you have to remember is that Leann Rimes is sending her fans here to make these posts.

    Have you see the other threads on this site? JUST JARED has a reputation for allowing posters to write mean and nasty things, why do you think AMEJEAN is allowed to camp out here and make posts when on any other site, his comments would have been removed by now?

    A little restraint and courtesy – maybe? Too bad AMEJEAN hasn’t learned that lesson seeing as how he keeps coming back each and every day using names that he stole from others!

  • Emily

    It looks like it might be two different days because they BOTH have different bathing suits on. Ed has a different hat on too. Unless they changed into different bathing suits on the same day?

  • gwenn

    How many abortions?

  • Tim

    They should be bathing suit models. There bodies are hot! If Eddie was gay I’d bang him. If I were straight I’d bang her.

  • gwen

    Does ANON’s behavior today(ie-excessive posts in my name and the “Brandi…toilet…ho…Gerald Butler” posts) in this thread today have something to do with these articles from DM and ROL about Leann arguing with a “fan” on twitter?

    Or is he simply preparing the way for Leann to release another staged photo-op? In other words once again ANON has been tricked by JJ into thinking that the number of posts in a thread=popularity? So JJ doesn’t want to make another post about Leann and tried to blow Leann off by telling her that her thread had to get to over 200 posts! Even though there are 4 threads that distincly show that JJ doesn’t use the number of posts to determine their Most Popular celeb or Thread lists!

    I also noticed that Eddie was wearing different clothing too. So this just proves what Fox News said about Leann being in cahoots with the paps. JJ, GG, DM, and ROL are writing what Leann is telling them to write. So when Leann claims that she has no clue that GSI is taking her pictures, people can point to the fact that every media outlet wrote the same thing and none of them deviated from the story. In order for them to think it was the same day, Leann had to have told them that it was the same day.

    Did you also see how in the beach fluffpiece, The Dailymail said that Lizzy was Leann’s mom? Now keep in mind that prior to writing the fluffpiece about the beach, they had already written the fluffpiece about Lizzy and Leann shopping. So why would they identify Lizzy as Leann’s mom in the 2nd staged photo-op? Because that is what Leann told them to do. So now Leann is using The Dailymail to take swipes at Lizzy just like she uses ROL/DM/PH to take swipes at Brandi! Why would Leann need to do that? Yo get back at Lizzy for sleeping with Eddie.

  • gwen


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Poor AMEJEAN! He can’t come up with anything else, so he makes posts in my name! You gotta love him. So basically things ARE REALLY bad for Leann because he only does this when Leann has hit rock bottom! I know you think you are being witty and clever by making the posts in my name, but once again you are only hurting yourself. You just provided even more proof to support what I am saying. Yesterday when you posted as ANON you whined about bullying and harassing and yet here you are making posts in our names! You are your own worst enemy. Yes ANON, we know it’s you because you are even making the same posts you made as ANON!

    I love that you have to stoop THIS low! Posts in my name. Where did this get you the last time you went on a spree like this? When you did this on Eonline, ALL of your posts were removed! Only on JUST JARED can you get away with this. Which once again shows that JJ has a deal with Leann.

    Eddie asked Leann, “How many abortions?”

    @TIM: Wow, you are STILL hijacking names? Since TIM posted right after the post you made in my name it’s obvious that TIM=ANON!

    Eddie said, “Lizzy should be a bathing suit model. Her bodies is hot! I’d bang her. Oh wait, I am. That is why AMEJEAN is making all those posts in GWEN’s name.”

  • gwen

    These are Leann’s tweets from ROL article:

    1) “correction…we broke up our own marriages,” she responded, also stating that “people have nothing better to do than judge something they know nothing about.”

    Says the person who sits on twitter judging people because they are not buying into her “rainbow” and “sunshine” farce. Look at all the posts that AMEJEAN has left about Brandi as result of this article.

    We know plenty about Leann because she is very public about what goes on in her life. Perhaps she should close the twitter account and stop setting up the staged photo-ops.

    Since Leann slept with a married man and actively pursued him, Leann is just as responsible for breaking up Eddie’s marriage to Brandi as much as Eddie is. And the same goes for Eddie. Why does Leann seem to think that she holds no responsiblity for what she did to Brandi and Brandi’s marriage when she and her mother had no problem blaming the woman who her father had an affair with? And then she can’t understand how people form these opinions about her.

    2) “excuse me? I have nothing to ‘prove’ we are happy and my fans are wonderful and no one is perfect. All I need to speak to about me and my sins is the good lord,” responded LeAnn.”

    Says the person who sits on twitter writing post after post about how she is happy and sets up staged photo-ops to convince people that her husband isn’t cheating on her because he engages in pda with her. If she had nothing to prove, why is AMEJEAN here making posts in other poster’s names?The same “fans” who use sites like x17 and JJ as a platform to trash Brandi?

    That’s the problem. Leann isn’t speaking to God about her sins. She is making an album about it, tweeting about it 24/7, and setting up staged photo-ops about it. If she were happy, then AMEJEAN wouldn’t be in this thread today acting like this and using my name to make posts.

    3) “Remember you can’t break what’s already broken. I’m not anything like what you read about. It’s all lies and anything you’ve read about no matter who or where it comes from….well, let’s just say its a game for so many to hurt others. Time to move on, everyone else has.”

    Why does this sound SO familiar? Isn’t this what ANON has been writing all day in this thread using all these different names he hijacked?

    People’s impression of Leann is formed from her tweets, staged photo-ops, and interviews. So it’s not all lies. It just goes to show, ANON is either Leann or someone very close to Leann!

    Seriously? She actively pursued a man who called her a speedbump. If Eddie’s marriage was broken why was he going back to Brandi? Why did he call Leann a speedbump? Why did he sleep with Brandi when he was supposed to be committed to Leann?Why would Leann write a song like Borrowed if she truly believed that Eddie’s marriage was broken?

  • gwen

    @gwenn: @gwenny:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Did everyone see the post that AMEJEAN left on ROL? Whose name did he steal to make that post? So JJ allows AMEJEAN to make posts in other poster’s name and then AMEJEAN takes it a step further and hijacks someone’s name to make posts on ROL! You can tell it’s him, it’s the same post he made when he was posting as NOWAY/MunchBunch/ANON!

    Who knew that an article like that would send AMEJEAN over the edge like this?

    And you know that Curb has to be watching all of this. Leann took offense to what her fan said because it’s exactly what Curb told her when they decided to push back the release date of her album to 2013.

    You can tell that AMEJEAN knew that this article was coming! If you really want to know just how bad Leann’s career, just observe how AMEJEAN acts in these threads.

  • gwen

    Leann tweeted that she is helping bring up Brandi’s kids. Setting up staged photo-ops and tweeting about them on a public forum isn’t bringing them up. If she truly cared about the boys she wouldn’t be tweeting about them AT ALL. But then again Leann has something to prove, so out come the tweets about Brandi’s kids because what matters most is that convincing people that Eddie isn’t cheating on her. And if she had to throw Brandi and her kids under the bus to reach that goal, then so be it.

    How sad that she is tweeting about the boys after she whined about privacy and people talking about other’s lives. What a great message to send those boys.

  • gwen

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH No wonder Leann and AMEJEAN have been going nuts today and yesterday!

    Today is Lizzy’s birthday!

    Well that explains one of the reasons why Leann has been “MEMEMEMEME” about her birthday, it’s because she is competing with Lizzy for Eddie’s attention. So what did Eddie buy his mistress Lizzy? Leann had to buy her own bag, while Eddie used Leann’s money to buy Lizzy something very special!

    How did we miss this? I knew that Leann and AMEJEAN were acting worse than usual, and who knew that it would be directly linked to Lizzy? This is what JJ and DM should be reporting on. Lizzy isn’t Leann’s friend, it’s Eddie’s mistress. So Eddie spent lastnight with Lizzy so that he could be the first to wish her a birthday! No wonder Leann has been on twitter arguing with people. Eddie and Lizzy were doing some major pre-birthday partying.

  • betty

    Leann Rimes if you can read this it appears all you have going for you is your relationship with Eddie and bickering with fans about how you got the cheater. Who cares ,don’t you have a career at all,, have some kids if Eddie is willing. start a clothing line or write a column in a Brandi . Eddie is no prize he is jobless his looks are fading and except the women he can charm in bars no woman of substance wants this loser he has nothing but baggage to offer and just good for a one nighter.or a hit and run. You make yourself look foolish acting like this he might be the love of your life but you are not his.Do something constructive.!!!

  • Steph

    @jeri — yes, i do believe she likes even negative attention. her ‘go-to’ lines(lies) are so predictable and boring. leann is a broken record.

    @gwen — what other celebs do you know of that get into a twitter war with someone? NO ONE.
    dumb. dumb. dumb. she digs her own grave deeper every day.
    at least this way the media has finally reported something of truth..leann going apesh*t on twitter, which she does on the regular.

  • see

    even ”her” feet and ankles are as masculine as the rest of ”her”,
    - boy did that gender assignment surgery go wrong for this boy born without a peenis, guess the female hormones she was fed as a teen didn’t quite kill the boy ”her” body wants to be


  • gwen


    It’s interesting to see that there is a correlation between Lizzy’s birthday and Leann’s actions. The closer it got to Lizzy’s birthday the more unstable and out of control Leann became. To finally she and AMEJEAN exploding the day of Lizzy’s birthday. Well now it makes sense why someone got so upset because I pointed out how Lizzy was wearing the same on Sunday that Leann wore in January! I wonder if that was an early birthday gift from Eddie!

    In honor of Lizzy’s birthday ROL should do a photo montage of Eddie and Lizzy!

    I think you might be on to something. Did you see in the ROL article about how Leann pulls the “lies just lies” card? And how many “lies just lies” posts has my personal stalker written?

    I love that Leann’s anxiety over Lizzy and Eddie’s affair culiminated in AMEJEAN using my name to make posts. I have been so vocal about something going on between Lizzy and Eddie, so it makes sense why they would target me today!

    I can’t wait to see what ANON has planned for his 11pm and 3am-7am tantrums!

  • gwen

    Leann tweeted this: “My lizzy’s bday pic”

    Because Eddie and Lizzy come as a PACKAGED DEAL. Without Lizzy there is No Eddie.

    I love how Leann is working hard to convince everyone that “Lizzy” is her BFF and not Eddie’s mistress!

  • gwen

    Leann posted a photo of her and Eddie and then tweeted this: “Boat happiness”

    Of course your husband is HAPPY, he is with his mistress, LIZZY! Where is LIZZY because we all know that Eddie isn’t going to sit anywhere near Leann unless LIZZY is right next to him. And Leann said that she doesn’t have anything to prove. So why did she call the paps and is posting twitpic after twitpic? Well Leann shouldn’t be surprised by the backlash storm from her lastest Eddie isn’t cheating staged photo-op. It’s going to be huge.

    Brandi allows Leann and Eddie to get away with way too much. After Leann made the statement about how a grown man was lusting after a 13yo child, Brandi should have went straight to the judge. Why were those kids allowed to be around Leann today? When will the adults step up and protect those kids from Leann and Eddie before it’s too late? This isn’t going to end well for those boys.

  • mamee

    Just Jared brown nosing again.

  • Steph

    @gwen — leann is delusional. anyone can read her own tweets for proof. she cannot even keep her own lies straight from yesterday to today.
    she has ‘nothing to prove’ ..yet continues to tweet about it, respond to tweets about it etc
    she says she replies ‘with respect’ .. yet she called someone evil.

    not to mention she invites a STRANGER on tour with her, so said twitter stanger can ‘see how leann really is’ and that she wouldn’t last 2 hours… its this trying to prove things?? and isn’t it a bit creepy for a grown woman to ask another grown woman to come stay with them for a week so she can “get it”? sounds desperate

    MY FAVORITE PART — someone posted a pic of cake, with leann as the horse on top holding on to eddie for dear life, with the kids looking of the kids is downing a bottle of booze. leann said thanks for the great laugh.
    SHE JUST CAN”T HELP HERSELF. she loves talking about her.

  • Steph

    i’m sure numerous people can agree with me, my husband/partner would be so offended if i was on my iphone all day and all night. tweeting no less.

  • mustbejoking

    @gwen: You’re kidding, right? I am surprised the kids haven’t been taken away from their loose mom. She is gonna end up giving them a disease! SEX IN A TOILET FOLKS!

  • mustbejoking

    @Steph: You have no friends or fans so you can’t tweet all day and night.

  • anonagain

    Not convinced that paid for loser is really back with famewhore wife. If all is fine, then gimme pics of Lizzy and Eddie in same photos.Those Twitter pics posted by the twit don’t even look lke they were taken on the same day. Looked like a few old pics dragged out to tell a story. Is there a reason the Edster looks so sad?

  • mustbejoking

    @anonagain: Awww…are you confused? Again? Awwww…

  • betty

    @mustbejoking C’mon that Brandi bash is tiresome. If Eddie didn’t bring a disease home with all his bed hopping with different women the kids must be immune.

  • mustbejoking

    @betty: shuddup.

  • betty

    @mustbejoking GOTCHA!!! As I posted any bashing of Brandi I can make 20 or more negative comments about Eddie no lies just facts.

  • mustbejoking

    @betty: shuddup betty. you are a broken record…yawn.

  • betty

    Is Lizzy Leann BFF? She seems to be included in everything Leann and Eddie does. When Leann was”ill” where was Lizzy?.Leann never tweeted she brought her soup etc.or was with her when Eddie left her alone what kind of “friendship” is that? Lizzy is always around for the trips and parties but never seems to be around to help a friend in need sounds more like an associate than a friend. JUST SAYIN!!!

  • betty

    @mustbejoking You must BE joking. Who wants to be Leann? Regardless of what she tweets her life is in shambles she married a serial cheater and has fair weather “friends”. Unfortunately for her she has too many people dependent on her to tell her the truth. That’s one good thing about not being wealthy you know who your friends are because having money will never be a basis for friendship.or marriage.

  • mustbejoking

    Blah blah blah…nunya business is it?? Such a nosy girl, betty.

  • Angeleyes

    JetSkiGirlRN Barb calls Le horsey!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    HELLO mirror!!
    You bucktoothed LONG faced menopausal HAG

    Deb Old ROUGH face
    Fran fugly senior citizen
    Jezi Fat fingers with cheating hubby
    Annie so repulsive wont post present day pic!! only from 80′s!!
    Kristi Eddie munster dumpy bod
    Tia Cross eyes scarred hands boooo

  • betty

    @youmustbejoking If it’s on the net and on twitter it’s everybody business.If you want your business private keep it off twitter and the nets. Leann is always tweeting her business or papping herself and putting it on the nets as above photos and hungry for attention but she when criticized she’s offended.Well you can’t have it both ways. But having the gall not to take responsibility in her part for a marriage breakup is is Eddie. If Eddie marriage was so broken why did he go to couple counseling and said he was being stalked by Leann. The fact he didn’t moved out means he wasn’t ready for his marriage to end .Everything stated is public knowledge because I don’t know these clowns and they made their affair very public and flaunted it without respect. You are right it is not my business but when you make it public people will comment.

  • betty

    @AngelEyes GROW UP.Name calling is for KIDS!!!

  • mustbejoking

    @betty: shuddup.

  • Steph

    @mustbejoking — hey leann! nice to see you just can’t help yourself but to scroll the iternet looking for posts about you.

    and oh geez, if only i could have as many fans as you..then i would know my life has meaning.. and i could sit on my iphone all day and night tweeting. how fullfilling and satisfying. NOT.

  • Angeleyes

    @betty Oh that rich coming from YOU people. Grow thick skin Betts. BB dish it they can take it!!
    JetSkiBarb has LONGEST face in historia!!

  • Angeleyes

    “when ur my age, cough cough 54 (whispers) you only have so much time left to be considered hot”

    LONGface bucktooth tweeted THAT!!
    Jetskigirl Barb


  • Angeleyes

    Bucktooth LONGface tweeted BUTT pic!!
    HIDEOUS pale wrinkly scaley with freckles nightmares!! horrors!! looks like old crepe paper!! NIGHTMARES

  • Steph

    @betty — angeleyes is over the top, super jealous of you, betty.
    thats why people hate right?? cause they’re jealous and ugly and want what you have. right?
    poor angeleyes.

  • Steph

    here’s the lastest article from crazydaysandnights — (same place that released the blind item about eddie cheating)

    leann still thinks she didn’t cheat.

    the blogger whocaresnow12 is obviously leann. same leann excuses.. and is the only one sticking up for this pathetic ‘the heart wants what the heart wants’ bullsh*it excuse.

  • Jeri

    Another pedophile cake for Leann Rimes!
    So she posted pictures of Eddie eating a cake picture of her as a little girl! And tweeted about how he was happy to eat it. This, after her recent comments about Eddie having a crush on her when she was a young teen, and he was in his twenties. Wow, she really likes the pedophile associations of adults and children on birthday cakes. Gross!!

  • gwen


    Says the poster who came back at 4am with YET another different name writing the VERY same “Brandi…toilet” post that he made when he hijacked my name YESTERDAY.

    Wow, a poster shows up at 4am making more nasty posts about Brandi. Whoever could this be? ANON!

    Why is this a difficult concept for you? When Leann was sneaking off with Eddie when she went on the double dates with Brandi and Eddie, where do you suppose she was having sex with Eddie? Probably in a bathroom and toilet. Leann had sex with Eddie in a toilet, so then by your logic Leann gave Eddie’s kid’s a disease, right? And since Leann slept with a married man in a bathroom that means that Leann is loose and that the kids should be taken away from Leann. You know how this works, you spend your time trashing Brandi for something only to have it come out that Leann did the same thing. Remember how you made all those comments about Brandi making out with women on x17 and how Eddie didn’t like girl on girl action, and then photos of Leann making out with Lizzy and Eddie egging it on came out?

    Eddie said to Leann, “shuddup Le. you are a broken record…yawn.
    You have no friends or fans so you can’t tweet all day and night. Awww…are you confused? Again? Awwww…
    Paying people to kiss your behind, doesn’t make them your friend.Blah blah blah…nunya business is it?? Such a nosy girl, Le.

  • gwen


    How odd. Why does ANGELEYES show up just min after “mustbekidding” just posted? Because AE=ANON.

    Thanks for providing more evidence confirming that ANGELEYES=ANON and who you are on twitter! HAHAHAHAHA You can tell who it is because the people he listed are the very same people he was known to stalk and harass on twitter. You are your own worst enemy. So you go from stealing people’s names on twitter, to making posts in my name, to making a list of the people you stalk on twitter. So do you post these things about the BBs because you know that they read this site and will see what you are posting or do you post because you think that some of them are posting here? So you make these nasty comments about them because you are trying to see which ones are posting on this site and what names they are using?

    Why is Eddie going on a verbally abusive rant against Leann? Was he upset that Leann was tagging along on his date with Lizzy?

    Eddie in regards to Leann’s bikini photo, “Bucktooth LONGface tweeted BUTT pic!! HIDEOUS pale wrinkly scaley with freckles nightmares!! horrors!! looks like old crepe paper!! NIGHTMARES”

    Eddie in regards to Leann’s “sweet baby pic” post, “LONGface bucktooth tweeted THAT!!”

    Eddie said to AMEJEAN, “Oh that rich coming from YOU people. Grow thick skin AMEJEAN. Leann dish it she can take it!! Leannhas LONGEST face in historia!!

    AMEJEAN said, “Eddie calls Le horsey!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    HELLO mirror!!You bucktoothed LONG faced menopausal HAG”

    Eddie said, “Leann= Old ROUGH face, senior citizen, Fat fingers with cheating hubby, so repulsive wont post present day pic!! only from 80′s!!Eddie munster dumpy bod Cross eyes scarred hands boooo”

  • betty

    @Angeleyes It doesn’t take thick skin only maturity anyone can throw barbs back an forth but for what purpose.? Your put down of an older person is not funny, only shallow people think looks and being hot is a primary goal in life your character and values will be there when looks are gone..if you have any.

  • gwen

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Wow, ANON is his worst enemy. I checked out the posts made by “whocares” on CDAN and you are right, it is our resident “haaaa”/name hijacker poster! He is even making the very same comments that he made when he posted as CONCERNED(aka GWENIKENS=ANON)!

    And on another note. Did you know that AMEJEAN threatened the BBs by saying that he had their IP addresses and that he was going to use it to get them banned from twitter? Sounds familiar right? Because “StopCyberBullying” on this site and Teresa on x17 wrote the very same thing about how he had the IPs addresses of those who were posting in the threads! This just keeps getting better and better. And then he claims that everything that we say is lies!

  • Gwenivere

    That’s my boo!!

  • gwen


    Oh look, AMEJEAN came back and made another post in my name. And look what time he made the post? Remember when I said that my posts were being reported between 2:20 and 3 am, right before ANON shows up for his 3am-7am tantrum? So thanks AMEJEAN(aka ANON) for outting yourself. You are just too dumb for own good! The person who has been making posts in my name is ANON!

    So how many of my posts are going to report?

    Eddie said, “Lizzy, that’s my boo.”

  • gwen


    So when I point out that AMEJEAN is posting here on JUST JARED because he pulled the same “I have your IP addresses” stunt on the BBs that he did here when he posted as Stopcyberbullying and on x17 as Teresa, his response is to write a post in my name? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA And then he claims that we are telling lies. It’s nice to see that under pressure, that the best AMEJEAN can do is steal names!

  • gwen


    That’s 2/2, I heard that you are on another site using RK’s name from twitter to make posts!