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Taylor Swift's 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' - First Listen!

Taylor Swift's 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' - First Listen!

Check out the first listen for Taylor Swift‘s new single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”!

The 22-year-old singer debuted the tune during a web chat earlier in the day, dedicating it to a “lovely ex-boyfriend.” No word on who Taylor is referencing in the song!

She also released the single art for the track.

During the same web chat, Taylor announced her upcoming album Red, which will hit stores October 22!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Taylor Swift’s latest song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”??

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  • hoe

    This is about Connor Kennedy?

  • KissThis

    Is this for real or a joke?? It’s a pretty awful, immature pop song. Guess she’s leaving country for good. Thank God!

  • Camden

    Lol oh man that was funny.
    That was cheesy as hell.
    And why she calls every guy she dated for 5 seconds her ‘boyfriend’.
    Is it really your boyfriend if you dated for 2 weeks? Even one month?
    She needs to hold back just a touch.
    Make them earn that title.
    It doesn’t mean play games or be overly cautious.
    But really it sounds like she jumps the gun too fast and they run.

  • ughhh

    to the next “man” who decides to dry-hump taylor swift; DON’T! — No more songs, please

  • hoe

    Lo único bueno es que Taylor se burla de sus propias canciones…

  • Anonymous


    Wish she’d leave the music business for good!

  • O-o

    Same shiz different day with this little one!

  • rikki

    this is the first song of hers i’ve heard and really don’t like. as a person, she’s very likable because she is honest and readily admits to her flaws and failures. not many celebrities keep that vulnerability

  • Magie

    Didn’t like the sound, the lyrics, everything. Her songs from Fearless and Speak now albums are a lot better than this.

  • taylor

    Duh, it’s about Jake Gyllenhaal

  • KissThis

    @Anonymous: SAME!

  • Magie

    She’s how old? She’s “never grow up” lol.

  • ace11

    It has to be Gyllenhaal

    im guessing

  • Mike

    Creepy video.
    Audience looks like a cult.

  • McKayla


  • http://@sandra Jenna

    horrible song :/ sorry Taylor your songs used to be way better!

  • Cho

    Can she write a song that’s not about her 1 minute flings smh this is what little girls look up to. I pray that the young girls in my family don’t think she is someone the should look up to and instead look up to the woman in our family who are doctors, lawyer and teachers. This chick needs a reality check and needs to grow up…22 stuck In a 13 year old mind frame.

  • No name

    Ok…seriously? Did an 8yr old come up with the title? “Never ever..” automatically sounds childish. Grow up.

  • Jase

    Haha funny how she is jamming to her own song as if it’s blasting DMX.

  • Jody

    Guess who the song is about. Tweenies cover your ears. Justin Bieber. Taylor said she gave hints in the song, and I always felt they fooled around behind the scenes several times. She made it so obvious in the lyricism, and unnecessarily added “ever” to the title, by placing an emphasis on the word “never”.I want some stuff to come out, cuz its entertaining when celebs get busted.

  • lc


  • Rachel

    can’t she sing about ANYTHING else? I can’t wait to see how much the Kennedy’s love her when she breaks up with Conor and pulls this stuff

  • ha ha

    She must be very clueless just writing the same song over and over

  • RWM

    Dear Taylor Swift: Stop. Just stop.

  • i

    @Jody: demi lovato blew him in her concert bus. apparently her uncle stood outside while it happened (check blind item – it might have been in a dressing room?!). so i wouldn’t put it past this girl either. not sure why people think wearing a flower skirt and braids in ur hair makes u a better (or) a more humble-down-2-earth person. im sorry but im more scared of someone in jeans and a sweater set then a girl with her boo*bs out..

  • Reba

    This is most likely about John Mayer since that was the longest relationship she has been in and it seemed like they were on and off a lot. She wasn’t with Jake Gyllenhaal long enough for this to be about him. They were together for like a month and I can’t imagine him crawling back to her and telling her that he loves her within such a short period of time.

  • Jody

    @i: Give me a link I want to read that.

  • Jody

    @i: I just read that article. Everyone in hollywood is having sex and cheating. I been saying this forever, but everyone thinks Jo Jo is crazy.

  • i.

    @Jody: ugh it wont let me post the links =/

  • April

    If you don’t like her music, then don’t listen to it. If you think it sounds too childish, maybe you need to be less serious. It relates to lots of girls and is catchy. If she wants to sing pop and country, let her. I mean, don’t you listen to both? Maybe it’s not top of the charts material, but come on, this has way more depth than call me maybe which was ridiculously popular. I like it.

  • Briana

    @Cho: As opposed to looking up to Miley or Britney Spears or Demi Lovato?! They’re great influences dude! I love Taylor. She’s a great person. Her songs are great. People who hate are jealous because they wish they could write songs about their exes and get famous for it. I honestly think it’s good song, and I PRAY that shs is a person my daughter looks up to one day. Not someone who’s not a good person!

  • Tina

    She’s in need of a musical makeover. I respect that she’s a talented writer, but she’s so immature when it comes to relationships. It’s like WE GET IT TAYLOR, he broke your heart. It’s like she has absolutely nothing else to talk about, besides all the men she dates. It’s almost as if she purposely dates these men, just so she can have something to sing about.

  • Kim
  • Megan

    Taylor Swift is boy crazy!!!!

  • loverducky

    I don’t know how she intends to have longevity in the music business if she continues to sing songs like this. It’s annoying to hear a 22 year old perpetually singing about how they were screwed over, and what a victim they are…let alone a 40 year old.

  • Kim

    Whats wrong with Demi Lovato? She had her own problems but she got help for them and seems like she’s on the right track now.

  • rikki

    i just realized the pop style and melody of this song was likely inspired by ryan tedder. when he and one republic started changing their sounds to more simple beats, more catchiness… that’s when people noticed them more. that’s what got them actual recognition

  • http://shannondruelo U

    HEY! it’s the song is for JOE JONAS
    check the lyrics carefully! Crap!

  • Sean

    All her songs sound the same and are about the same thing.

  • Cho

    @briana and I pray that when your daughter dates as much men as she does you will be so proud. This topic is not about those other celebs it’s about Taylor…the fact of the matter is it seems like she can only get her material from the men she date…such a young girl should not be writing about the past 6 men she has been with nor should little girls think its ok to jump from one relationship to the next because this chick does it and then writes about it in her song. But Briana I’m sure Taylor will pave way for your daughter future relationships and be her number 1 influence for future Heart break since her way of life shows that hey jump from one man to the next as quickly as possible so you can write a song about it and hope for a number 1 single.

  • TheDudeAbides

    Yeah yeah yeah…

  • TheDudeAbides

    KissThis; One has to admit, the Ellen Page look alike is pretty funny.

  • diebitch


  • S

    I don’t like the chorus, it sounds like Avril Lavigne. She shouldn’t have worked with people like Max Martin, I’m sure the album will be nothing like her previous (country) albums. :( But we’ll see.

  • michaela

    I actually like it! I have no clue who its about cuz she has soo many exes:P but its really catchy:)

  • M

    well, thank you Taylor for this catchy tune but we loved your country music much more than this pop-ish sound.
    she clearly wants to be back on charts, especially that non of the singles from ‘Speak Now’ hit nr 1 on Hot 100.

  • Lana

    She always writes sons about her ex ! how many did she have ?

  • KissThis

    @TheDudeAbides: Ellen Page look-a-like? really? I don’t see it.

  • pickles

    Please. She should be writing jingles for commercials for Old Navy or something, and she writes lyrics like the verses in a greeting card. Everyone knows her song-writing is “polished” and fixed by professionals in Nashville. She is a very successful brand who appeals to underdeveloped women and 12 yr olds. This song awful and it’s juvenile. Yes it’s the same as all the other songs she writes and it will be a hit with all the little junior high school crowd who buy her merchandize and go to her concerts and scream and cry for the chance to meet Taylor. When you say her music is “catchy” that’s not really a compliment. the Burger King commerical is catchy.

  • BernsS

    I’m guessing it’s Mark Foster of Foster the people although the rumors weren’t confirmed, he’s still the only legit ‘indie’ artist that she prolly dated. What’s the deal to write about John Mayer she would just ignite the ember between them.