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Jennifer Aniston: First Post-Engagement Pictures!

Jennifer Aniston: First Post-Engagement Pictures!

Jennifer Aniston is spotted for the first time following the announcement of her engagement on the set of her new film We’re The Millers on Monday (August 13) in Wilmington, N.C.

The 43-year-old actress accepted a proposal from her boyfriend Justin Theroux on his 41st birthday last week. She did not wear an engagement ring on set, though she was dressed in character for a scene.

Justin Theroux had an amazing birthday Friday, receiving an extraordinary gift when his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, accepted his proposal of marriage,” his rep said in a statement.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston on the set of We’re The Millers

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jennifer aniston first post engagement pictures 01
jennifer aniston first post engagement pictures 02
jennifer aniston first post engagement pictures 03
jennifer aniston first post engagement pictures 04
jennifer aniston first post engagement pictures 05
jennifer aniston first post engagement pictures 06
jennifer aniston first post engagement pictures 07
jennifer aniston first post engagement pictures 08
jennifer aniston first post engagement pictures 09
jennifer aniston first post engagement pictures 10
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Credit: Chris Watts; Photos: INFdaily
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  • france


  • Go Figure!

    She looks so old!

  • Saarara

    I miss my Angie..

  • nani

    She is ugly and old.

  • Danuuu

    Can’t wait till they do a Golden Girls reboot with her and Cameron Diaz. Any other cast suggestions?

  • cw

    she has really put on the weight
    she just doesn’t care anymore i guess
    too much alcohol will do that to you

  • Well…

    All honesty, I really don’t think most folks really care that much about her comings and goings anymore. She should give it up and just enjoy her life and stop selling her life to the public. Maybe if this was 6 or 7 years ago it would be big but know no one cares. Yet, since it is Aniston she craves to be acknowledged so the games will continue until she feels she has the last laugh.

  • Maybe?

    @cw: And that she’s getting older. It’s not that easy to keep weight off once you’re in your 40s. Also, she could be gaining weight to hold a child…

  • df


    I can’t beleive her fans still think she will ever get pregnant. She will be 44 soon, advanced maternal age. She also does not seem motherly to me. Her smokers voice/laugh would scare a kid and her insecurity would damage a kid’s own self esteem.

  • One last thing

    I bet the ring is either the one she always uses for her fake engagement ploys (hint: the one she wore on her failed pr vacation/same ring used for the V.V. fake out) or she’ll still wear the nanme ring and Huvane will spin it to cater to her fans fantasies.

    She is such a dud!!

  • One last thing


    Oh please give it a rest would ya!! This woman does not, I repeat DOES NOT want children. Didn’t she say in her last interview I saw someone post here recently that her last statement was “Kids Are Messy!” She makes this juvenille statement at 43 years old and you think she has interest in not only bearing but caring for a child, please. That is not a statement of a woman longing to have a child of her own, whether naturally, by serrogate, or adoption. She has been playing her fans for the fool all these years and you guys accept whatever lie she tells you. So stay tuned!

  • Dolly

    I think Jen Aniston is boring and so so bland. What does she stand for? What does she believe in? What charity work did she ever do? She is all about herself, her hair, her long list of sleep over men who hit and run. No wonder Brad Pitt got tired of her!!! Angelina flies a plane, does so much charity work, adopts children from all over the world, wanted to have her own children too. Angelina is so much more than a beautiful movie star. She is so versatile and well rounded. Aniston is just about Hollywood and parties and self indulgent activities. She must go out every day and walk the streets, hoping to get her photo taken. She stands for nothing!!! I bet this new man will find out how boring, bland and shallow she is!!

  • JL

    Don’t you love Huvane’s kitchen?
    It’s OK.
    Don’t stop eating.
    Anyway Jennifer looks great as you can see.

  • Maybe?

    @One last thing: But then people said her and Justin broke up….so anything can happen!

  • Misty

    cw, not everyone want to be anorexic. Jen has a normal body. I guess you don’t know a normal sized woman anymore since your idol stopped eatting a long time ago. A sign that something is not right in her life.

  • Justme

    I agree, she stands for nothing is and so boring. Ugh, it’s like one lame movie after another, all boring.

    She really needs her long hair to look good, without it she is so ordinary and likely she knows it, why she’s kept it the same style and color for over 10 years. She must be missing her spanx under that dress, looking little flat in the but and lumpy. Thinks the face injections is what is making her face look pudgy lately, she was like that in Marley and Me.

  • JL

    not ‘something’ but the lack of her soulmate’s wish to marry.

  • Anonymous

    I have nothing against her personally, she is not interresting enough to feel strongly about her either way. But when I see pics from her movies (who else releases SO MANY pics of a movie in advance but Jennifer A) I see Jennifer playing Rachel/Jennifer, she plays herself in every movie. And here my first thought was oh look Jennifer Aniston is changing her look for a movie, stop the presses, she put a hairclip in!!!!! And the other day she wore capris, woah!!! She is stretching her acting LOL!!! She has no range, can’t act herself out of paper bag. I wonder if she knows when she is making these movies that it’s likely another rom-bomb for her. I guess she doesn’t get offered anything else except these kind of roles. Jason Sudekis is not exactly a movie opener and leading man. From Gerald Butler, to Paul Rudd and now to Jason Whodaheckis.

  • Shiela

    Must say in every picture I see of her lately she is looking very much her true age. The body is still good, but her face not so much anymore, maybe it’s the bloating or injections or too much sun or just her face is changing as she creeps towards mid-40s, but she’s looking her age now. Actually scratch that, I see many 43 year olds who look better without her resources

  • Lop


    What is normal anyway? There is no “normal” body type. Everyone is different. So a thin person’s body is abnormal? Whatever.

    Jen is thick with a manly face. Angelina has thin limbs but does have a curvy midsection and large bust, plus a beautiful face.

    If Angelina had stopped eating, she would have been dead a long time ago. Idiot.

  • http://Justjarde Jen

    I want to see her RING

  • http://Justjarde Jen

    Best wishes justifer

  • http://Justjarde Amanda

    THANK JJ for Jen pics

  • bonnie

    she looks gorgeous as always!

  • http://Justjarde Amanda

    Loons looks upset today . Jen rocks

  • http://Justjarde A

    Glowing !!!!

  • http://Justjarde Truth

    Jen do not sell herself AS granglina do

  • Engaged

    of course she isn’t wearing an engagement ring yet. boy toy needs mommy’s credit card for that. plus she’s such a control freak, she would want it to be one of her choosing.. heaven forbid he gets to decide what ring she puts on her ring finger. maybe she’s hoping some jeweller will give her a ring for for free.

  • http://Justjarde Bt**h Angie

    Amazing pic

  • Shell

    @Anonymous: Sounds like you do care very much about her in a jealous way. Too bad for you.

  • tsquared

    #21 – 27 same person!

  • gia

    people should give her a break ,she stopped smoking so she gained a couple of pounds so what ,whos perfect ?she is beautiful.

  • ann h

    I think they are a good match. They both seem to need their security blankets. Him with his pink stained jacket he totes around in the summer and Jen seems to need her hair in her face and to be touching it all the time. Same type of friends. Jen has Chelsea Handler that calls another woman a c****, and is a racist. Joe what’s his name from Girls gone wild that gets underage girls drunk to flash their naughty bits. Justin has Uncle Terry the Perv and their favorite color is orange. If any body is meant for each other and deserves each other, it’s these two.

  • jmho

    Hey blue name changer, don’t you think we realize all your posts are from one person? Jen has such smart fans.

  • Ghost

    This is nothing more than a pr stunt. The pretend showmance will run it’s course very soon and the announcement will be made that Zippy and the Hobag of Hollywood have gone their separate ways. A relationship born out of deception can only end in disaster. Most rational thinking adults can see that the timing of their engagement is suspect and looks more like deception than a real relationship……………Love, The Ghost.

  • anonymous

    As much as JA doesn’t it want it to because JA and her PR team work hard to keep her in the news past 8 years post-divorce, her popularity seems to be fading. Barely any comments about this on this site or any other compared to what it would have once been. Nobody seems to really care. I can’t understan why she continuously picks these ridiculous awful movies. I think Hollywood execs are not considering her and she is not as A-list as media and her team make her out to be or else she would get offered better roles. The pictures the other day of her throwing a baby around *shakes head*, it’s like all her movies are just one long bad episode of Rachel in Friends.

  • puke

    boring..she’s not an sick of hearing about her..

  • Peapo

    I’ll believe it when I actually see it. she has got to be walking down the aisle (with Justin- not a lookalike) and saying I do and forcing him to say it too before I believe this is not a publicity stunt.
    A rumor B&A are going to get married this weekend and whoosh Aniston is engaged. Sure!

  • JL

    Robert Procop was busy with engagement ring ALL THE YEAR, and with wedding ring ALL THE YEAR…
    A very hard work!
    I don’t say about the time compression (2 years in to 1,5)… :)
    Poor Procop got 0,5 M for engagement ring, and 1M for 2 wedding rings. Just 1,5 M for TWO YEARS !!!
    Poor-poor Robert !
    BTW Jolie hates her engagement ring – I don’t know why :)
    May be because engagement was fake.

  • mean and unnecessary

    you guys are all so mean and judgmental. just let this woman be. she’s living her life and of course she’s going to look old – she’s aging! let’s see how all of you look when you’re her age.

    all this hate she’s getting is so sad because it seems to me that she’s a very decent human being. plus, she does donate to charities, she just doesn’t flaunt it.

    this is what is wrong with the world today – people just spewing hatred instead of trying to be nice to one another. it’s mean and unnecessary.

  • Ivermom

    Still young enough to have a baby but adopting would be great if she decides she wants a child. Many babies out there that need homes and Jen would be a lovely Momma!

  • somali girl

    Ugly, fat, old and masculine.

  • JL

    Jennifer has enough troubles with Justin-kid.

  • jmho

    @mean and unnecessary:

    I agree the comments are out of line and superficial, but her PR has created the monster. They sell her as sexy and hot when she is not. Her fans says she is glowing and sweet, when she is not. Her movies are crap. She is ripping off the public with her fake persona and lousy products. Why should we respect her?

  • jilly

    What the hell is wrong with you loons. Jen is fat now, how ridiculous could you all be. She is a size 2 and in a wonderful perfect shape. You worship the skeleton whose face is so sunk in that her chick bones are jumping out of her skin. I’m talking about the HO Jolie whose dying of jealousy that Brad is not marrying her after 7 years and 6 kids. Go worry about your own fat a$$es and just try to be happy for someone who found love for a change.

  • JL

    somali girl,
    everybody eats ones a week in Somali, right?
    So how can you know what is it “fat” ?
    Jennifer looks like a woman in her best time.
    She stopped smoking – don’t worry about her conditions.
    Her beauty is out of time.

  • olivia and popeye

    That wig looks uncomfortable. Wonder why they arent just using her real hair? It’s so much prettier than the wig.

  • olivia and popeye

    @Amanda: Why yes the loons are all in a bunch cause are girl is WINNING!

  • jilly

    I would love to see these pigs who call Jen fat. Show your bodies and then judge people. JL, you need to get over Justin and start being nice to Jen.

  • O’Feelya

    Jennifer is so very very happy:)))))