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Jennifer Aniston: First Post-Engagement Pictures!

Jennifer Aniston: First Post-Engagement Pictures!

Jennifer Aniston is spotted for the first time following the announcement of her engagement on the set of her new film We’re The Millers on Monday (August 13) in Wilmington, N.C.

The 43-year-old actress accepted a proposal from her boyfriend Justin Theroux on his 41st birthday last week. She did not wear an engagement ring on set, though she was dressed in character for a scene.

Justin Theroux had an amazing birthday Friday, receiving an extraordinary gift when his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, accepted his proposal of marriage,” his rep said in a statement.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston on the set of We’re The Millers

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jennifer aniston first post engagement pictures 01
jennifer aniston first post engagement pictures 02
jennifer aniston first post engagement pictures 03
jennifer aniston first post engagement pictures 04
jennifer aniston first post engagement pictures 05
jennifer aniston first post engagement pictures 06
jennifer aniston first post engagement pictures 07
jennifer aniston first post engagement pictures 08
jennifer aniston first post engagement pictures 09
jennifer aniston first post engagement pictures 10
jennifer aniston first post engagement pictures 11
jennifer aniston first post engagement pictures 12

Credit: Chris Watts; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Liverwurst

    Love how her Dad played along! How sweet!! Congrats to the lovely couple!!

  • JL

    @jilly: I’m nice to Jen.
    I don’t say Justin is a loser and gigolo.
    I told he looks like a kid.
    A very decent definition.
    He has three motorbikes, and a Mercedes – it’s cool.
    If he has enough money for gas for these vehicles.
    Justin is not a loser.
    No way!

  • http://Justjarde Jen


  • http://Justjarde K

    Great day for aniston

  • http://Justjarde K


  • ha ha

    it’s funny how many posts she gets, but still her movies flop

  • http://Justjarde H
  • JL

    @jilly: I guess Justin is not her, but Huvane’s choice.
    Huvane must demonstrate a better creativity for money she pays him.
    She is his big client, not a victim.

  • JL

    @ha ha: Wanderlust is not “her movies”. This is a one mistake. Theroux is able to make any movie a flop.

  • mean and unnecessary

    @jmho: whether or not you think she’s hot is your personal opinion. there are many other people who think she is hot… i think she genuinely is a sweet person – has she ever done anything unethical or mean in the public eye? everyone of her costars tells the same story about how sweet she is – where do you get the evidence that she’s not “glowing and sweet”?? plus, there are MANY actors out there making terrible movies and making a lot of money when they can’t act. why do you have it out for her specifically?

  • jilly

    @Forever eX: You need to go and hit your tiny head to the wall several times to get the poison out of it. Why are you so boiling over her engagement, nothing but jealousy! Shame on you.

  • MJ

    Anuston! Anuston! Anuston! Can this woman have any originality left at all? Obviously, too much stalking on Angie. If this is not her idea to copy Angie, why can’t she refuse to do it and make a suggestion that is different than the director’s idea. Her outfit(color grey and long sleeve) and the color of her hair(blond) which obviously they got it from no other than Angie in her movie SALT. This woman and her pr pitbull love to link themselves to Angie. It seems like, without Angie connected to them for Anuston, she’s nothing. I’m sure, the director of this movie would love to use Angie because he knows that Anuston is not worth it. Ahhhh! Poor woman.

  • jilly

    @MJ: You sound like a psycho, for real! Angie and her wig in Salt caused Jen to have blonde hair!!! Never heard anything more stupid. FYI, Jen’s ring is 8 carat diamond and she loves it! Eat your heart out and go kiss the boney ugly skeleton’s a$$ some more. The poor woman is Jolie who nobody wants to marry, even after 6 or 16 kids!

  • JL

    @MJ: MJ,
    Director of this movie will never invite Jolie,
    because he needs an attractive WOMAN,
    not a bony skeleton.

  • JL

    her hair is dark brown. She can change the color as often as she wants.
    You may be sure she checked the shape of her nose better than you.
    So relax, her nose is PERFECT.
    Not like your little brain.

  • http://Justjarde Mike

    I like you Jen

  • JL

    MJ’s comment is not awaiting moderation, right?

  • scotsgirl


    Seriously who the hell are you? Who made you god you moron. Go live your life. You don’t like Aniston no problem don’t read articles about her.

    Stupid moron get a life and stop stalking someone you don’t like. She makes more money and has more class in her finger than you could possibly have in your whole body.

    You can always see Jolie fans a mile away they smell just like their slut icon

    go get a life

  • scotsgirl


    She is on the set of her movie you stupid moron. Doubt the ring is in the script.

    God why are people so stupid

  • ariele

    Maniston is looking so bad these days even with all the work she has done on her face and her trainer, make up artist and hairdresser with her 24/7. Whats up with her saggy face?? and Look at her body, she is becoming thick and she is not even pregnant.

  • scotsgirl


    Scrawny, self mutilating, psycho who admitted herself into a psych ward 2 years before she stalked a married man. You idiots fall for her bull

    The NY Times has stated twice that Jolie is the biggest master manipulator of her image barnone.

    But hey I have some swamp land for you.

    Aniston was honored by GQ for having Class and Integridy when Slut slept with Jen’s husband. But hey if whores are your thing that you picked the right person to adulate.

  • African Girl

    She looks like she should be on one of those Real Housewife of Somewhere show….I think the New Jersey one will be a perfect fit.

  • D@L!@


  • D@L!@


  • The Real Emma

    @mean and unnecessary:

    I don’t follow other celebrities. I am a Brad Pitt fan and Aniston stuff keeps getting thrown into my path, I cannot avoid it. Her team has been throwing her into his slip stream for so long that I unfortunately know every move she has made in the last seven years and when you know her in that much detail you start to connect the dots. She is not what her fans or even co-workers think she is, IMO, of course. If you don’t believe me, judge her by the friends she keeps — that is always a good indicator of a person’s character.

  • Maybe?

    Ya’ll do realize your idol, Jen, has some crooked ass bottom teeth, right? There gang-banging on you loonistons lmfao. I guess braces aren’t in her budget?

  • Oh My
  • GIN

    Where’s her long chin?


    Pic#8 this is the face of 50yoa, all the face fillers and wigs will not hide the fact she is not 43.
    Rachel making the same movie over and over and over…

  • Oh My

    scotsgirl @ 08/14/2012 at 7:56 pm

    Aniston was honored by GQ for having Class and Integridy when **** slept with Jen’s husband.
    yeah she was honored as “MAN OF THE YEAR” LMAOOO!! who would like that title .. oh man .. she really look like a MAN hence the monicker MANISTON!! LOL

  • Kikicohen

    @JL: Would you knock it off with your racist comments?? What country are you from, JL?? I’d love to know. You manage to diss every poster who is black, from a foreign country, Jewish, etc.

  • aha

    She was holding out for Bradley Cooper, Gerald Butler …Unfortunately they are not interested in her. So now she would pay for and support any dude willing to marry her. Entering Justin. This guy is looking for his 15 mins of fame.

    Another bomb movie in the making.

  • norma

    You know I feel sorry for all of you that can throw mean words against a person that you don’t even know of course she looks older she’s 43 years old if she looks like 20 years years then you guys will say she had so many work done on her to look so young, have you look at your self lately if not why don’t you look at your self before making mean comment if you don’t like her why are you following her every move and maybe read the news on whats going on the world around us maybe that will make you a better persons, i feel sorry for all you just shut your mouth if you don’t have any good thing to say.

  • aha

    She is aging NOT WELL. That is why she is paying this guy to marry her.

    Another stinking bomb movie in making.

  • aha

    GQ is for guy looking at guy.

    They dont know crap about real sexy women. Her PR must have paying them to say this thing about her. Her stupid water ad…Ha Ha Ha

  • aha

    She is a 43 y old who is still trying to pass as a 20 y old. That is the sad thing about her.

  • Gorgeous Jennifer

    What on earth are you talking about? She has a very sexy figure unlike
    the most ugly actress Angelina Jolie.

  • Gorgeous Jennifer

    So what is the problem? Some women in their forties are younger looking
    than girls who ARE in their twenties.

  • Angelique

    So when Brad Pitt ages, he’s old and ugly; But when Jen ages, it’s a natural part of life. Hypocrisy? I think so

  • Not impressed

    Getting really tired of Jen nowadays.

  • IMO18

    Dried up, old has been? I don’t think so. She has all you haters wrapped around her pretty little finger. You spend hours and hours posting how much you hate her…is your life so sad that you waste so much time on someone you supposedly hate. I think the haters should look in the nearest mirror and they will see the true loser, dried-up old, has been.

    By the way, congratulations to Jen and Justin–they appear very happy–and good for them. I don’t know them personally, but I wish them years and years of happiness.

  • http://Justjarde Jack

    She has great body !!!

  • Dd

    There’s a description of her engagement ring: 8 carat emerald with tapered baguettes. To me it Almost like Angie’s ring. Really no originality!!!

  • Gorgeous Jennifer

    Your post describes Angelina Jolie. She is the one who is on her way to being WASHED UP AND FINISHED.

  • AGA

    Oh JJ using the first sighting of her to start a thread to get hits??
    Maybe all you Hens should be happy now that she’s found “True Love” with this loser.
    This movie plot sounds like a bomb or staight to DVD movie,,who wants to see a movie about trying to smuggle drugs??She must of been desperate to take on this shite.
    Kikicohen–I agree The Thing is out of control with her Anti-semetic posts. In the previous thread IT had the nerve to compare a mild HW divorce with the Holocoust & Hitler. Who would post that?? JA has the worst Hater fans ever.

  • Anon

    Who care about this outdated Hag? Oh right I saw it on TMZ yest where they called her a spinster cat lady LMAO bc that’s her fan base,boring woman who have been dumped so sympathize with her BS. Her fan base are also cruel racist & horrible posters,but who all have nothing to whinge about now Do YOU?? Also maybe her fans should actually go see her movies

  • carole

    Jen does not look old. She looks absolutely fantastic for 43! She’s an inspiration.

  • MJ

    to #71, Hey! scotchbrite, you said that NY Times has stated twice naming Angie the media manipulator which was a coincidence, they made that statement right after Anuston begging NY Times to interview her. Hmmm! no wonder why? And don’t worry I am not surprise that GQ magazine name Anuston whatever title they can give it to her because Huvane, Anuston’s pr pitbull owns GQ magazine but it’s funny how GQ honored Anuston because she herself don’t have any class at all. Anuston even went out f**king with Vince V. the same time when Brad was seen chasing the love of his life, Angie. Brad knows that Anuston don’t have any class at all. Brad knows that during their marriage, his wife was SPORTF***K to her so called best friends. Brad Pitt knows who is the epitome of class, the woman that he chose to be the mother of his children and stays with her for over 7 years and more to come. I rather trust Brad Pitt’s choice when it comes to the woman with class and not from so called magazine. And by the way, GQ is not well known for a magazine with class. How do GQ knows about class? They are trashy magazine. So, don’t be serious on GQ when they honored Anuston as classy maybe they meant trashy.

  • JL

    So what is the result of this discussion?
    Jennifer looks GREAT.
    But one part of authors can say it directly.
    Haters can’t leave this thread.
    They NEED repeat the same things more and more.
    It’s an obsession…

  • JL

    you are not a friend with intellect.
    Just brutal lie, and lie and lie.
    Your TASK here – to trash JA.
    You afraid JA charisma.
    This is a big compliment to Jennifer Aniston.