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Jennifer Lopez Covers 'InStyle' September 2012

Jennifer Lopez Covers 'InStyle' September 2012

Jennifer Lopez is gorgeous in a Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci top and skirt on the cover of InStyle‘s September 2012 issue, on newsstands August 17.

Here is what the 43-year-old entertainer had to share with the mag:

On love: “The most important quality the man in my life should have is that he is sweet. I like the good guys… The hard part is that you never stop believing in love. You never stop. But that’s also the best part. You never stop believing, and you never, ever give up.”

On surviving tough times: “I live by the mantra that God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. It’s not until something bad or difficult happens that you really get to grow. And then you realize that those difficult moments, the times when you feel pain, are when you do a lot of your growing. You realize: There’s no reason to be terrified of things. Either way I’m going to be OK.”

On being a parent: “Of course, I’m the same as any parent. I feel the pressures of wanting to be a great parent and of wanting to do right by my children. I feel the pressure of knowing you can’t be perfect even though you want to be. One thing I’ve learned: Being a mom, or a dad, is the most important job there is. It doesn’t matter who you are. You have to embrace it for everything that it is.”

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jennifer lopez covers instyle september 2012

Photos: Michelangelo Di Battista
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  • fions


  • Ben Sean

    I think she’s a smart woman
    she has great style, beautiful face and gorgeous body

    casper is one lucky guy

  • anna

    Her wisdom is mind blowing.
    Listening to her about relatioships, how she likes good guys, OMG….

  • Mimi

    Of course she thinks everything’s going to be OK, she’s got the security of knowing that she’s got more money than she can ever spend. Must be nice!

  • NotaJLOFan

    JLO is a nympho…..always has to be with a man….. not smart exposing her young kids to her boytoys…..Casper is transient….who’ll be next..
    we all know that her present relationship yet with another backup dancer is temporary….here today and gone tomorrow….wait until Casper strays away…just saying.

  • NotaJLOFan

    @Ben Sean:

    of course he is, he’s milking her…no pun intended

  • Sheila

    JLO is now so ridiculous in interviews, she talks like a 16 year old (or like Taylor Swift, but Taylor is only 21). JLO is constantly harping about love and rainbows and hey…unicorns are likely next because JLO will never give up on love!! JLO is MIDDLE-AGE, and needs to realize that creeping towards 50 yet constatly talking all moon-y and like someone half her age makes her sound like an idiot. “God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle”, what was so difficult for her to handle?!!!. A divorce??! So have millions of others (and with much less money, no help, nannies, ect), big whoop. And the ink is not dry and she was in the arms of another, parading around, barely parenting and spending all her time with a guy who could be her son. She is ridiculous.

  • JillyRo

    I’m so glad JLO is off American Idol. Now her career can fade to black like it was doing before she joined Idol. The only reason people tuned in to AI was to see what she was wearing anyway. She’ll have plenty of time to hang with her 3 kids now.

  • helen


  • tictoc

    @Sheila: AMEN. Every interview is the same shit different day. Read or watch an interview with this broad from 10 years ago and it would be the same crap except now kids are interjected here and there. Lopez always has been completely oblivious to how she sounds. Over 40 and it sounds like the interview of a 22 year old, no adult discussion or conversation, just more of her in love with love b.s. You don’t have to be jaded or bitter but Damn can you ever just sound sophisticated or mature?

  • hegotgame

    I’m sorry but what the hell is she even on the cover for? Can Instyle ever get some fresh blood for cryin out loud. How many times can you interview the same stupid people about things they clearly aren’t good at. Adult mature relationships, maturity and character aren’t this woman’s strong point. What is her strength oversaturation and exposure in the media. She could teach a course on that.

  • brandon

    Yeah jenn you and nelson mandela. You’ve really been through some “tough” times. God shut the hell up

  • marilyn

    Reading her is like reading emptiness. I just can’t believe a word she says.

  • Ava

    @tictoc: I agree with you both. I read these statements like J.Lo and Kim Kardashian with “I never stop believing in love” and it just sounds crazy to me. I’m in my mid 20′s and that’s something I don’t say right off the bat…and I think bc most of the time, i feel like I don’t need to. I’m not pessimistic when it comes to love but I am real. I’m not all “fairy tales and princess” but I do have faith. I know and feel the kind of love I deserve and the kind of man who is right for me. If someone asked me that same question, I would reword: ““The most important quality a man should have is his dignity. There are many good guys in this world but there can only be one that may be right for me, who knows? The hard part is people who doubt you but no matter what, you stick to your guns. Have faith in yourself and beliefs and you never stop. Do not settle for anyone who you believe does not deserve you and your love.”

    BAM – take that J.lo! haha

  • Hashim 100% Albanian.

    She is always too promiscuous.
    How come PuertoRican people in America have so much freedom?
    As a Kosovo Albanian I believe in Allah, but even your western decadent Bible says that one-third of humans should be “servants of the servants”…That is the law of God…just ask Spain.



  • Elena

    Exactly! Whys is on the cover of a magazine again? I am tired of her and can’t wait for the time when she will fade again. Without AI it will happen very soon, thank goodness!

  • Elena


    She can write a book on divorces, lol!

  • Vaneza

    J.Lo is a glowing goddess. Learn how to get her gorgeous bronze skin here

  • Mary

    Yucky tranny. made 100% of plastic skin bleach and blond weaves.

  • lol

    With a slu t for a mother and a crackhead father her twins don’t stand a chance.

  • solecito

    I feel sorry for her children they will have numerous mental issues when they grow up just like mom and dad.

  • Josie

    She says “being a mom or dad is the most important job there is”. She should be ashamed of herself for talking that BS. This woman has sacrificed absolutely NOTHING to be a mother to her children. She’s everywhere, all over the place, fulfilling her own needs to be in the limelight, dragging her kids around while she’s on tour, showing them no stablility, just a mother that puts whatever she wants to do FIRST, and those kids come last. She couldn’t decide “well I have 2 kids now so I’ll have to cut back on my touring time, NO, she’s going worldwide! Where is the LOVE for them and their need for their mother? So what did she have kids for?

  • Crook C*ck

    @Hashim 100% Albanian.: Albanians are just light skin sand n*ggers. Albanians should be the slaves. I hate Jlo by the way.

  • Marie


    Leave Marc Anthony out of this . He is not a crackhead, where did this come from? Marc is a nice guy and a good father.

  • fake happiness))


  • She Stinks!

    She is not ‘in style’ she is yesterdays news. With getting fired from Idol, poor record and concert ticket sales and her boy toy running around cheating, she’ll be back to obscurity any minute. Is that JHO or Octomom? She has the nerve to comment on parenting? The only child she parents is Casper.