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Joshua Jackson: 'Fringe' Set with Georgina Haig!

Joshua Jackson: 'Fringe' Set with Georgina Haig!

Joshua Jackson wears a futuristic cop outfit on the set of his show Fringe on Monday (August 13) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 34-year-old actor was joined on set by his co-star Georgina Haig, who plays the role of Henrietta Bishop on the hit sci-fi show.

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Over the weekend, Joshua was joined by his girlfriend Diane Kruger for a stroll along the beach and a romantic dinner at the Boathouse restaurant.

25+ pictures inside of Joshua Jackson on the set of Fringe

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joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 01
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 02
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 03
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 04
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 05
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 06
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 07
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 08
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 09
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 10
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 11
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 12
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 13
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 14
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 15
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 16
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 17
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 18
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 19
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 20
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 21
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 22
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 23
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 24
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 25
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 26
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 27
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 28

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • debby

    joshua and his on screen dad are the reason i watch fringe.

  • http://Ho Georgina12


    She isn’t the queen of the universe so go away, NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT ANNA TORV!!! N

  • rose


    in these thirty films, which one was successful?, the quantity is not quality, which is valid in the career of actor are the good reviews about his job , it shows that you is doing the right job,and helps to get more jobs

  • Marcos

    not has nothing more in the photos of esquere, moreover ana seems to be very liberal she must have made ​​a lot of admirers,also no one will condemnan an actress by to be photographed of bikini, she just showed that he has a gorgeous body and perfect, in fact she ‘s all perfect, God was very inspired when did this woman

  • suggestion

    to the usual suspects here,who post every time their disturbing comments,i have to say,take a chill pill,go for a walk.

  • meg

    Josh is so sexy! Interesting photos, I can’t wait for S5!

  • frank

    Nice guy – The next George Clooney, who should be more in films.

  • cleavers

    Last night I did very dirty things with Joshua Jackson. Shame it was only a dream.

  • cherish

    I would kill to meet Joshua Jackson, oh my goodness.

  • tammy

    Awesome!! I freakin love Walter and Joshua Jackson is amazing!!!

  • paola

    @cosmo: So she is the leading lady of the poor ratings!

  • aimee l.

    I fricking love Joshua Jackson so much. I’m obsessed with him right now. He’s such a hottie!

  • Marcos

    Australian actresses have amazing bodies!!

  • emma

    So gutted Fringe is ending, i need to get my Josh jackson and John noble fix somehwere else :

  • chelle

    Mmmmm Joshua Jackson!!!! ………… That is all!

  • Xiolablu

    Josh the nicest guy around. Why so snarky?

  • jn

    OMG! , more than 100 comments ,a lot of people crazy here.

  • mr.

    Love Fringe – sad that its the last series!

  • jennifer

    Slowly falling in love with Joshua Jackson a littler more with each additional episode I watch

  • jn

    just jared or Saint-Claire !

  • gg

    many people here, is leaving to take your meds, Please bring the straitjackets!

  • elody

    super Josh en uniforme.
    et super la photo.

  • montana woods

    Why does the picture on Josh’s uniform remind me of a Babylonian temple relief?. Down with Illuminati symbolism!.

  • joe

    Looks great, can’t wait till September!

  • FLTY

    this woman does not look like the skeletal that appears with him this site, she is beautiful and her body looks incredibly hot!

  • angel

    I think I’m georgina and josh ship, she is much more beautiful and hot than diane

  • fringelove
  • Kerri

    I love Josh, but I’m worried about his career after this show ends. He’s so happy carrying his girlfriends purse around and playing the role of elbow candy, that I can’t see him really looking for the perfect role. He would do well with a meaty role that involved a love interest, he had such great chemistry when he was on DC.

  • sarcasm

    sarcasm,Georgina Is more famous than Anna because she is in jj

  • http://Ho Georgina12


    and out of Anna Torvs work, besides fringe, have been successful? It’s not like Anna has any academy awards, Emmy nominations under her belt so go away you damn hypocrite. Sorry but Saturn awards don’t count. Actually One week was quite successful since josh was nominated and won for best actor at the genie awards (the Canadian version of the academy awards) and josh starred in aurora borealis which was successful at film festivals and josh was nominated for satellite awards.

    So, rose, I suggest you use all your energy worrying about what josh is doing on your obsessive love for Anna torv. Ok dear?
    I mean what fan spends more time worrying out an actor they clearly hate and less on the one they actually like?

  • ajfknjanjkn

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  • http://Ho Georgina12


    You know Kerri, josh works 16 hrs a day 7 days a week and has been doing this for 5 years now. Unless YOU work those kind of hours, don’t criticize josh for using that free time to be a HUMAN BEING and having a life and hanging out with his own girlfriend.

  • sarcasm

    haven’t you take your medicine yet?

  • Mass Effect


    Actually Josh and the Fringe crew work 5 days a week (per SAG union rules.) Do your homework first before spewing off more nonsense.

  • http://Ho Georgina12


    I don’t need no damn medicine to defend MY FAVORITE ACTOR.

  • cele

    he works 17 hours a day and does almost nothing in the series, Anna and john how many hours they must work ? 34 hours by day?

  • http://Ho Georgina12


    Shut up. I hate Anna and John fans.

  • Sweet Pea

    I’m going to miss this show. Why do all the quality shows fade away and the garbage reality shows thrive like cockroaches?
    Fringe was an amazing show. I watched it faithfully, but, hopefully, we’ll get to see Joshua in other stuff.

  • provocation

    Her Olivia Dunham could’ve been another genre-TV mannequin: point your gun, look pretty, lean on the hunky leading man. But in Fringe’s four years on the air, the Aussie added layer after layer of depth, of longing, proving her both essential and irresistible. Could be the next … Jodie Foster.”

  • http://Ho Georgina12


    Moron, there is only 24 hrs in a day.

  • provocation
  • dominic

    I only hope Fringe would have continued with at least 2 more seasons.

  • Georgina12

    Anna Torv fans are some of the nastiest, rudest and arrogant fanbase there is. I hate them and I hate Anna Torv. I hope fringe ends so that aussie slut will go back to Australia and NEVER RETURN!

  • joke-list awards


    who made this list? was that person drunk?

    damian lewis already tried making movies after “bands of bothers”, it didnt happen for him, that’s why he went back to tv.
    same with nathan fillion.

    EMILY VANCAMP????? seriously??

    ALLISON WILLIAMS????? seriously???

    does this person who made the list actually watch those shows?

    anna torv??? now i know for sure the writer of this list was drunk.
    jodie foster can ACT,is intelligent and can speak different languages.

    anna torv, NOT so much. she talks/flaps with her hands like a ret*rd when she talks, so annoying. she looks really stupid when she does that.

    i’m still waiting on anna to show me a scene where she actually really cries. i want to see TEARs falling down her face and not some dry tears.
    maybe anna can take some acting lesson from georgina haig.
    remember georgina last scene( episode 419), THAT my friend is what i call really really crying, a really emotional scene.

  • bitula

    jealous fans of josh, all praise the press go to Anna and John, josh is out of praise, in these four years I never read any praise for his performance

  • miserable,psycho fans

    insecure fans of anna torv, they have now place for anna torv, so they have to wait until something appears on this site with joshua in it, so they can show her their love.

    why do they insist on naming her everytime josh showes up somewhere?

    so envious, so bitter and miserable.

    if you want anna to be famous, she can always make a s*x tape.

    she already went nude, the next step would be the kardashian way.

    then she will be famous, and maybe her psycho fans will shut their mounth.

  • miserable,psycho fans


  • provocation

    these are pics of the filming of fringe,and everything that relates to fringe will attract the fans of show

  • veronic

    john noble is the only and true star of fringe. the rest of the cast is okay.
    but without him,there is no fringe.

    even with the terrible season 4, john noble was the only one who got praise for his performance.

    he is the star!

  • Hinkley

    Here’s what I think is funny, Josh and his lack of his commitment ring. Everybody seems to forget that not too long ago he was making a fool of himself waving that thing around so proudly. He was declaring his undying love to his partner when she couldn’t seem to do the same. Sure Diane could mention how she made him a real fashionable man by picking out his clothes, while he is regretful that she threw all his clothes away. She could mention that she had never seen Dawson’s Creek because she didn’t want to see him bloated and pimply while he holds her purse on the red carpet looking like a fool. I think his relationship with this cold woman will last longer than his remaining time in Hollywood. Why you ask, because he’s an idiotic fool.