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Joshua Jackson: 'Fringe' Set with Georgina Haig!

Joshua Jackson: 'Fringe' Set with Georgina Haig!

Joshua Jackson wears a futuristic cop outfit on the set of his show Fringe on Monday (August 13) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 34-year-old actor was joined on set by his co-star Georgina Haig, who plays the role of Henrietta Bishop on the hit sci-fi show.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Joshua Jackson

Over the weekend, Joshua was joined by his girlfriend Diane Kruger for a stroll along the beach and a romantic dinner at the Boathouse restaurant.

25+ pictures inside of Joshua Jackson on the set of Fringe

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joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 01
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 02
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 03
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 04
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 05
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 06
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 07
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 08
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 09
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 10
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 11
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 12
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 13
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 14
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 15
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 16
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 17
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 18
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 19
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 20
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 21
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 22
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 23
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 24
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 25
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 26
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 27
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 28

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197 Responses to “Joshua Jackson: 'Fringe' Set with Georgina Haig!”

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  1. 51
    Duh Says:


    I would say Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson have an equal fame quotient but in different areas. She is better known in Europe than here in America, but she does get parts in American films because she can speak English without much of an accent. She is also a model so of course she is constantly getting in front of the cameras – that is her JOB.

    Josh has not had any high profile movie roles, but having starred in two cult TV shows with small but enduring followings, is nothing to sneeze at either.

  2. 52
    suzan Says:

    i like your comments. i agree on everything you just said

  3. 53
    rose Says:

    ana fans, most,are the , sweetest and gentle people in the world, they also like him, will also not only girls but also boys

  4. 54
    deni Says:


    hmmm…..the sweetest end gentle, hé?
    wasnt this you comment?:

    “@rose: yeah!!! josh appears in this site with a pretty girl”.

    yeppe, you are the sweetest alright.

    like i said before can all the bitter anna fans go away! thank you

  5. 55
    lyn Says:

    I’m really curious as to why Peter’s in Uniform

  6. 56
    Gabriela Says:

    but… you just gotta be kidding, right? I laugh so much with all these jealous of Anna. you guys, say Anna it is not a good actress since fringe started, you didn’t like olivia, so you blame it on Anna, but the most incredible is that you are so stupid that don’t think about the fact that ANNA IS AN ACTRESS (AND GOOD) and her character was just something she had to do. so, please,if you don’t like her character don’t blame it on her because she is very different of olivia. and more, you should ask more things about anna before come here with your stupidity and jealousy. an actor or actress don’t need to do a lot of movies and/or tv shows to be considered good. and anna is an example, she’s so much an example that you just can’t shut up your damn mouth and go away with all jealousy.

  7. 57
    Georgina12 Says:

    This is getting tiresome. Why cant there be a Joshua Jackson post without some annoying Anna torv fan coming on and ADVERTSING Anna as if she is the only one who is on this show.

  8. 58
    rose Says:

    not everyone who makes negative comments from him on this site are fans of Anamany do not like the way he himself sells in the media, as a doormat of a model anorexia,with no personality, that does not value your own job,the way he himself sells in the media, does not favor him
    he look as a loser who does not have a he wants to build a career of success have to be valued as an actor, do not overexpose himself this type of site seek to improve their performance as an actor.and seek for respect in his career

  9. 59
    Xiolablu Says:

    I love dreamy josh.

  10. 60
    rose Says:

    it is showing pictures of the filming of fringe whose main star is Anna, sure that will appear here fringe fans

  11. 61
    Jo Says:


    Celebrities go to events ALL the time. 80% – 90% of those photos never see blogs. Blogs use photos of celebs that they think will provide traffice for their site. Advertising/traffic are what pay the bills.

    Josh and Diane appear on this site all the time now due to incessant trolling by individuals who provide traffic on this site for their photos. So, hence photographers seek them out now, because they know they will get paid for their photos on this site.

  12. 62
    Duh Says:


    OK, for the less mature and less informed of those among us…

    Josh does not ASK for these pictures to be taken of him. In fact, he was yelling at the paparazzi who took THESE photos because he’s sick of them stalking him and Diane when they are out together. The paps know the photos sell to outlets like this, so whenever they find out Diane is in town, they snap her, and usually Josh is with her, because apparently he likes spending time with his gf whenever possible. (I know, I know — ISN’T THAT BIZARRE????) You act like Josh arranges for these pictures to be taken or something.

    As for all the stuff at Cannes and so on, that is part of what his girlfriend does for a living – she’s a model and she is paid to wear designer dresses at red carpet events. Usually, a date is brought to these events and that happens to be her boyfriend. Pretty simple to figure out, huh?

    As for Joshua Jackson’s career, what can you say to get through the numb skulls of people who don’t realize that being on a TV show is an exhausting full-time JOB nine months out of the year? Despite this, he’s filmed two movies in the past year, one of them during Fringe filming. Whatever, folks. Whatever.

    I could ask what Anna Torv is doing with her time (why hasn’t she done any films lately?) but I just assume she’s BUSY WITH FRINGE as is everyone else on the show, as anyone with half a brain might guess.

    We don’t yet know if immature Joshua Jackson fans would jump on and attempt to take over every thread that’s about Anna, because, well, no one ever writes about her.

  13. 63
    Duh Says:


    Let me explain to you how fame works. Famous people get covered on gossip sites. Famous people already have a following, usually because of something they’ve done in the past (e.g., Josh in Mighty Ducks and on Dawson’s Creek). Joshua Jackson has been famous since he was 13 or 14 in the Mighty Ducks. He has a fan following of people who are a certain age who grew up with him thru Mighty Ducks film series and Dawson’s Creek, now he’s on Fringe as well.

    Anna Torv is UNKNOWN in this country except for Fringe. You cannot possibly expect her to get the kind of gossip site coverage as an established star like Josh is going to get. That’s not how fame works. Anna needs a few more hits and more projects under her belt before she’s going to be noticed by the mainstream. I wish her all the best after Fringe because she’s talented.

    But, I’m sorry, you can’t just stand there and stamp your feet and cry because your favorite actress is not famous yet and she isn’t getting the coverage that YOU think she deserves. That’s not how it works.

    BTW, every time you Anna groupies come on here and leave a zillion comments about Anna, you’re just making the owners of this website happy because their *Joshua Jackson/Diane Kruger* posts are getting all your web hits. Result: more pictures of Josh.

  14. 64
    Georgina12 Says:


    A little factoid, Anna had LEFT FOR THE DAY before these pictures were taken.

  15. 65
    rose Says:

    no one becomes a fan of an actor because him saw on a website or magazine but because he saw his work in film, theater, or television show he has fans because of dawson’s creek and fringe you do not see real stars like Christian Bale expose himself the way that he himself exposes

  16. 66
    Georgina12 Says:

    How come people NEVER seem to blame the PAPS, they always blame the ACTOR? An actor can just be walking to a gym or a zoo and the PAPS will be there snapping away. I mean come on! Josh is just hanging out with the woman he loves, he has NO CONTROL over PAPS.

    If you hate Josh and Diane so damn much, then tell the DAMN PAPS TO STOP TAKING PICTURES OF THEM IF THEY ARE SO IRRELEVANT.

    God, leave Josh and Diane alone.

  17. 67
    Georgina12 Says:

    BTW, if you hate seeing the “personal” pictures of stars and just want to hear about their “career” then GET OFF THIS DAMN SITE AND GO TO ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. dumbasses.

  18. 68
    rose Says:

    what a fan of the said Aaron Pau:l” There’s just not enough I can say about his talent. I thought I would go to his IMDb page and see that he’s in a million projects, but he hasn’t been in very many shows/movies since Breaking Bad. Why aren’t directors and producers blowing up his phone? His acting, especially in season four of BB, is SUPERB! He’s so underrated.”the truth they do not need to use their free time to make B-movies, they are in shows that give them visibilidade and respect,

  19. 69
    papito Says:

    he made three films that do not had any repercussions on his career, he did more to earn extra money, thing she didn’t need because she is rich

  20. 70
    papito Says:

    you guys are so fond of watching him explore his personal life, the way he is conducting his career he will stop in a show of reality as Big Brother

  21. 71
    Georgina12 Says:


    You don’t even follow Josh’s career, moron.

  22. 72
    deni Says:


    hahahaha….anna richer than josh. what have you been smoking?

    the guy has:
    an appartement next to designer karl lagerfield in paris,a house in los angeles,
    a (chilhood) home in topanga canyon
    and a house in vancouver

    yes, he is so poor. poor guy.

    i will not be suprised if, he’s the one who got paid the most in fringe, because he is the most famous. new actors in the USA (like ana) get only 30000 dollars per episode to begin with.

    anna was living off her credit cards, she had no money. (before fringe)

    so josh made 2 movies out of creativity, anna did not because of laziness.

  23. 73
    deni Says:


    idiot, christian bale appears a lot on this site, all the famous people do.

  24. 74
    deni Says:


    yes, and anna will stop her career in a playboy magazine.

  25. 75
    deni Says:

    rose, papito and fernanda is that famous crazy, psycho anna fan.

    who is the first to blame josh for being on justjared, but at the same time, i can bet my money on this, she will be the first to comment in here, when anna ever appears on this gossip site. jealous much?

    it comes down to this; she wants anna on this site, and NOT josh.

    poor miserable thing!

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