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Joshua Jackson: 'Fringe' Set with Georgina Haig!

Joshua Jackson: 'Fringe' Set with Georgina Haig!

Joshua Jackson wears a futuristic cop outfit on the set of his show Fringe on Monday (August 13) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 34-year-old actor was joined on set by his co-star Georgina Haig, who plays the role of Henrietta Bishop on the hit sci-fi show.

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Over the weekend, Joshua was joined by his girlfriend Diane Kruger for a stroll along the beach and a romantic dinner at the Boathouse restaurant.

25+ pictures inside of Joshua Jackson on the set of Fringe

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joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 01
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 02
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 03
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 04
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 05
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 06
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 07
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 08
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 09
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 10
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 11
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 12
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 13
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 14
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 15
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 16
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 17
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 18
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 19
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 20
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 21
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 22
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 23
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 24
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 25
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 26
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 27
joshua jackson fringe set with georgina haig 28

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • alex

    i wonder if anna is jealous of georgina haig.
    it must be hard for anna to be on set with a very young actress.

  • zae

    why is anna still single after all those years?

    remember when anna was still married to mark valley and she appeared on some television interview.
    she was saying that mark was her mate and he was her best friend. she added that she was so happy. she sure made a fool of herself! LOL

    and then, a few months later, mark left her ass.
    and since then, her ass has not been touched for years!
    if you know what i mean.

    she must be a terrible person to live with.

    all her castmembers are in a commited relationship.

    she must feel so lonely, poor thing.

    maybe georgina can take her out. and introduce her to a (potential) boyfriend.

  • katie


    well, first of all, anna must come clean about her age.
    how old is this woman?
    anna, girlfriend, even if you are actually 40 years old, dont be ashamed.
    because we already could figure it out.
    anna could pass as the mother of joshua. she looks so old compared to him. all those wrinkled lines on her face and neck……so nasty!

  • who?

    anna torv is an average actress, and i find her looks even more bland.
    Boring and plain looking.

  • an Old spinster cat lady


    she should find a man and KEEP him. she is not getting any younger.

  • quinton

    joshua……you beautiful man!!

  • CF98


    I doubt how he looked on DC was the main reason why she didn’t want to watch the show if you know what I mean..

  • xavier

    I’m all in love with Joshua Jackson. He’s so dreamy.

  • heh!

    @alex: Actually you and the article are right. There is a picture where Metro Police can be seen very clearly on the badge. Duh! :’)

  • BUSTED!!!

    this comment board is full of anna deluded torv fans!!


    if you say something nasty about joshua jackson, you get a tumbs up or nothing


    if you something nasty about the anna torv, you get tumbs down!!!


  • veronic


    these are pics of the filming of fringe,and everything that relates to fringe will attract the fans of show.


    try again!!

    you could have gone to other site (fringe-retated sites), and you could have seen the pictures there too, but nooooooooo.

    you had to come up here, and talk trash, you jealous psycho b*tch.

    who are you trying to fool!!!! b*tch

  • veronic

    this comment board is about joshua jackson, yet if you say something positive about him, you get max. maybe 6 tumbs up.

    but if you say something about anna torv, which i find odd, because she is not evenpicttured in this photos above………., you get 20 tumbs up or more.

    what does this mean?

    the delusional anna torvv fan are everywhere. they are so insecure . they are so afraid and so miserable/envious.

    so they have to keep talking about her and keep mentioning her , even if the article is NOT about her! LOL

  • draq-queen

    i cringe everytime anna torv puts on a dress. it doesnt look good on her at all.
    she is too masuline looking. she looks like a draq queen.
    and that voice!!!………..can you see manly voice!!!! so scary!!!

    anna, please, let dresses to womem who look feminine.
    just stick with pants!!!

  • veronic


    within les then 2 minutes, i got already 3 tumbs down!! LOL!!!
    see, i told you this comment board is full of anna torv psycho fans!!! LOL!!

    i think her fans dont even sleep, they stay up, to keep up with this comment board!!! LOL

  • veronic

    to her crazy fans:
    if you insist on wanting to make make anna torv famous, maybe after fringe, she can do a “kirsten stewart”.
    come on now, anna, dont be shy, i know you already went down on j.j.abrams.

    but this time, she have to find a bigger, famous director. and spread her legs for him.
    anna has a big mouth, men love that!! she can s*ck their d*cks really good with it!!
    oh yeah, anna you better work it, after fringe, GO DOWN AND DEEP.

    we KNOW you can do it, good luck!!!

  • alex

    let’s rip this b*tch ( aka anna torv) apart!!!!

  • veronic

    yeah, that’s right!!! lets show this wh*re the real deal!!!!

    they wanted her name on justjared,
    well, be carefull for what you wish for!!
    we are not on some *ss s*cking fansite of anna.

  • veronic

    LOL! i see that her crazy fans are still here (check out the thumbs down).
    i just gonna keep on posting, i never gonna let them sleep!!!!!!

  • veronic

    it must now really, really hurt , you guys……you know, being her fan.

    you are so used to s*ck anna *ss on her site/tumblr or somewhere else.
    and then you come here, and this happens. so tough!!! LOL

    now, now, dont start crying……………

  • veronic

    her fans wanted to come here, and talk about her?
    well, their wish has come true.
    i’m only going to talk about her!

    but i didnt say i would do it in a nice, *ss, s*cking, way, like their are used to.


    (her crazy fans are still up, im gonna go imsomnia on their *sses)

    i know her fans cant go sleeping, as long im still talk about their wh*re anna torv .

  • veronic

    so much thumbs down, ohlalala, LOL!!!!
    crazy, psycho fans, still up , i see?

    another one: if you ever see anna torv on an article being praised for her average acting, i mean “good” acting,
    you know she used her “big mouth” very well.
    THAT GIRL can S*CK, big time.
    i wonder if anna torv ever going to release an s*x tape?
    time will tell….

  • veronic

    her crazy fans are just like those justin bieber fans.

    they like everything he does, everything, and nobody can tell them otherwise.

    oh, to live in a delusional, lala world.

    they like to defend their sweet, little wh*re (aka anna torv), arent they?
    she is their cute sl*t.
    maybe if anna is donne s*cking directors, she can give some of her “big mouth” to her hungry fans?
    they spend all the time defending her,
    anna could at least go down on them.

    fair is fair, dont you think? LOL!!! im having a blast!!!!!

  • veronic

    oh no, a lot more thumbs down. crazy fans are getting angry LOL

    her fans are getting cranky, do you blame them? they cant catch a break or go to sleep, they have to monitore this comment thread 24/7.

    anna is still a WH*RE, no matter what!!!!!

    anna, poor thing, all those s*cking c*cks and spreading her legs, and still so single.

    maybe men are on to her and they can smell it on her , that she ‘ve been “around”.
    i feel sorry for her. i really do.

  • alex

    i heard a lot of rumours this season, about anna wanted to sleep with joshua.
    she would flirt a lot with him, but he was not having it.
    he was like: b*tch please close those filty legs of yours, anna.
    i’m already taken. leave me alone. anna, you can really act like a sl*t sometimes. why dont you try to be a classy lady instead.

    how low can you go, even her castmembers are not safe!!!

    anna, you are a very naughty girl!!!! im not impressed, at all!!!!

    taking your wh*reness to the workplace is too much ,anna!

  • veronic

    oh,i have to go to the movies now.
    thanks for following me the whole time, it was nice, right?

    now, you crazy fans can go to sleep………………………..until i come back for more LOL

    see you in a couple hours!!!! bye!!!

  • montana woods

    Okay you Anna Torv bashers. You are without doubt the most “aa’ adiniih achaan ‘aghadaana ‘ igii yataski” that walk the face of this planet.
    If you want a translation of what I just called chance..learn Navajo!.
    Go and attack your own “perfected lives” and leave decent people to live theirs.

  • http://Ho Georgina12

    @montana woods:

    I’m sorry, you worry about Anna torv being bashed? People have bashed JOSHUA JACKSON in every post about him. So shut up.

  • barbara

    It is the Soul’s ulcer
    it’s horrible O’ Brother
    It eats up all the good deeds of a man
    like termites that spoil a wooden lane
    Envy brings man down to failure from success
    envy brings man from bright light to fierce darkness
    No more love, passion or sympathy remains in the man
    only hatred, despair and tyranny remains in the man
    It’s the hindrance towards the progress
    it aye resists to achieve the success
    It’s the the moral lesson of humanity
    be an upright man, never go for ENVY
    Rate this:

  • barbara

    I thought I was perfect the way I am
    But there’s something about me that I can’t stand
    I’m greedy, jealous, and easily miss leaded
    Thinking everything she has is what I needed
    Because every time I walk down the street
    There’s always someone there I just can’t stand to see
    Because she’ll have everything I want
    Leaving me on a stump, truth is
    I Envy you, I hate it how you have what I need
    I Envy you, I want it, and I don’t like how you have it instead of me
    I envy so many people, for the silliest things
    I can’t help it, because I always feel there’s something missing
    I hate it how her hair shines brighter than mine
    And how guys would rather stare at her behind
    I hate it how she’s got perfect skin
    And I’m the one on prescription
    I hate it how she’s hot and center of attention
    When I only need someone to listen
    I hate people like this, when all you want to do is punch their lip
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    Sugar Bear

  • veronic


    BRAVO, you just described “anna torv fans”.

    thank YOU.

  • veronic

    @montana woods:

    “aa’ adiniih achaan ‘aghadaana ‘ igii yataski”


    BACK AT YA, sweetheart! LOL!!!!

  • Carla


    PaceyWitterlove paty deep down you wanted to be her, I even think you like of Olivia, you’re an insecure person’s career josh , let him live his life and live your, stop caring about the success of Anna

  • veronic


    i stop, when you crazy, psycho fans stop following joshua on justjared.
    stop mentioning the wh*re name (aka anna torv) if she is not pictured on this comment board.
    my advice to you; stop being jealous of joshua jackson career and love life : anna is never gone be on the same level as him. so drop it.
    wh*res always finish last. LOL

  • Mass Effect

    Anna Torv is hot.

  • veronic

    @Mass Effect:

    well, hello there, crazy psycho fan.

    why do you mention anna name, when she is not even posted on the pictures above.
    cant you go to some other *ss s*cking site of hers, and kiss her *ss there?
    why so jealous, why do you have to go all the way over here to say that anna is hot, are you that insecure?

    why do all the anna wh*res fans keep insisting, following josh eveywhere?

    anna torv is a filty wh*re, who f*cks her way up. that makes her ugly, inside and out.

  • alex

    @Mass Effect:

    well, yes of course……………..if you like the manly types.

  • crazy


    are you writing this stuff tumblr?
    What world do I live in? I live in a world where Anna torv wins awards 4 times in a row, where Anna’s name is all over Emmy lists, Where she gets to play William bell and 4 versions of her character, where her character is fully developed and people love her. Josh got NO awards, his name is HARDLY talked about in the media, his character is underdeveloped and has been gone for 8 episodes. That’s the world I live in.

  • http://Ho Georgina12


    Veroni is not PATTY you moron. I am! so stop accusin innocent people of being me. But I guess when people defend Joshua Jackson since I am not the ONLY one who likes him, you will accuse them of being me. So shut up and leave them alone.

  • victor


    the day that average anna gets an emmy nomination, than i take everything
    i say this, because i know she ‘s never gonne get a nom, let alone win one.
    that’s the world i live in.

    she is a fake *ss wh*re, who should thank her “big mouth”(who she can s*uck really good with), that she is on fringe.

    nobody even knows she exist in hollywood, she is a nobody.
    kim kardashian is even famous and richer.

    BLAND/AVERAGE anna torv plays 2 characters in fringe;

    olivia= anna without a wig, and never smiles.

    alt-olivia= anna with a wig and smiles non-stop.

    how is that good acting? and she talks with her hands even when she is ‘in character.

    william bell? how embarrassing must this have been for her. she never sounded like him. and the producers only chose her to do it because she has a manly voice. I BET THEY LAUGHED THEIR *SSES OFF WATCHING HER. lol

    saturn awards? are nothing, they are like the teen choice awards, they mean sh*t.

    a lot of people hate her. a lot.

    her fans have clearly no place to express their “dying love” for her, so they wait and wait……..

    then joshua appears on justjared, and her crazy psycho fans have to sqeeze her name into this comment board.


  • alex



    when the cast is doing an interview/panel? josh always takes the spotlights. ALWAYS.

    on hiatus? we see and hear only josh.

    out and about pictures? we only see josh.

    movies coming out? josh is the only one doing movies.

    and i can go one and one , but i can feel your tears coming up.

    and above all:
    josh is a man, he has a lot of time left in hollywood. 50 years old and he can still play the eye candy.
    anna is a woman, her time is precious.
    hollywood doesnt like old (manly) ladies.
    but she can still do some reality show or playboy. we’re not gonna judge you, anna! LOL

  • alex

    in the beginning of fringe,when everybody fringe was just playing one character, average anna was the only one who got bashed in the media.

    what did desperate/average anna do? she s*cked jeff pinkner and joel whyman c*cks really good, she gave their c*cks the special treatment.

    and you know, when you give a man “head” ,they cant think clearly anymore.
    so they said to average anna: okay, we are gonna give you a double to play, so that people will think you can act. but you have to come evey week to LA and give head to all the men in the writingsroom.

    if they havent given anna that double to play, where she can smile and wear a wig (because that’s all she does), she would still be branded as a bland/ugly/bad actress.

    what happened during season 4?
    wh*re anna was fed up giving head to everyone every week, so she wanted to stop doing it. she tought that she was a star.
    BUTthe writers and producers punished her by taking away her double character and jeff pinkner was so angry at her, he left fringe.

    average anna torv takes her wh*reness to the extreme. nobody is safe!

  • veronic

    well, that’s it for me for today!
    such a beautiful day today, i’m going to the beach.

    stay tunned, my fellow psycho fans.

    be back, in a couple of hours.

  • alex

    it’s very simple: dont mention anna’s name again, when joshua jackson’s name is on this comment board.
    if this happens we gonna leave anna alone and maybe respect her one day.


    if you insist on naming her, then we will continue to rip her apart.

    your choice!

  • http://Ho Georgina12


    Thank you!!!! I mean I HARDLY see josh fans going on Anna torv sites and bashing her!!!

  • veronic

    i see that those crazy psychy fans anna torv fans have been here. ( look at the thumbs down). LOL

    it most be hard for them to defend an average/bland actress,like anna torv.
    poor, poor, psychos. i feel for you, guys.

  • veronic


    forever and ever!

  • veronic

    i’m sorry guys, but i ‘m keeping it short today. it’s really hot outside, today.
    i’m going to the beach again.

    i see you later, my dedicated crazy psycho fans.

    dont worry, i will be back later today. BYE lol