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Miley Cyrus Hides Her Face After Haircut

Miley Cyrus Hides Her Face After Haircut

Miley Cyrus covers her face with her arm as she steps out for the first time since cutting her hair on Monday (August 13) in Philadelphia, Penn.

The 19-year-old entertainer hid behind her fiance Liam Hemsworth, who led the way down the street.

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The day before, Miley cut her hair into a cute pixie look, and also dyed it bleach blonde!

“❤❤❤ feeling so happy in my skin” Miley tweeted after the drastic cut. We love the look!!!

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  • KissThis

    Seems like she might hate her new do now. Time to buy a wig!!

  • BabyXgirl

    Yeah right. She looks SO “happy in her skin” here!

  • reeven


  • shatha

    she probably regrets cutting her hair that’s why she is covering it and her boyfriend look upset about it too LOL poor liam

  • Alexandra

    @BabyXgirl: Maybe she was just trying to enjoy a night out with her fiance and didnt want to be bothered by the paps who she openly hates so much?

  • WTF?

    What is wrong with her? Now she’s gonna start acting all crazy to get attention. Please ENOUGH!

  • kara

    I think she looks great. I think it’d be so fun to do something drastic with your hair. Why not? It’s only hair. It’ll grow back before you know it. It’s so not the big deal people make it out to be. Plus she donated it to charily. How can you disapprove of that? Honestly, kudos. Most of us (including myself) wouldn’t do it.

  • Kim

    You KNOW all he’s thinking is “oh God what did I get myself into with this.”

  • Julie

    So sick of celebs twitting their photos then acting all shy because of the paps. She is clearly looking for attention. Who wants to bet no marriage will take place? Run while you can Liam.

  • Simon

    Let’s hope she saved that Hannah Montanna wig.
    No I’m just kidding… But seriously.

  • sarah

    Umm, she actually looks like if Liam had a little brother. Or lets be honest here. They look like a couple of guys hanging out. She must has some problems though. She has the tackiest tatto’s and now this. Maybe she wants to be a dude.

  • Megan

    It’s just hair people…. Miley Cyrus isn’t going around telling people how they should style their hair, so how are people affected by her actions? She did it for a good cause, to donate money to Cancer victims.

  • smh

    I can’t take yet another teenage ex Disney star losing her mind. Demi Lovato is barely holding it together and Lindsay has half lost her mind, Amanda Bynes is a wandering gypsy crashing into anything and blaming others for it. Selena Gomez is seemingly ok but who really knows? If Justin Beiber decided he’s had enough with her or worse if he starts losing his mind acting out, who knows what will happen to her.

  • kara

    I’m so sick of these “Poor Liam” comments. Were you all dropped on your head as children? He is not a prisoner. He wants to be with her. He loves her. Get it through your thick heads. And it’s disgusting how completely shallow some of you are. If you would love someone any less because they got a new hairdo you don’t like, you’re an idiot. But maybe that’s just silly me thinking there’s more to love than HAIR.

  • duh

    Im not a fan of hers, but i actually like this hair on her however unpopular that opinion is. It beats her cutesy disney tween days and makes her look a little more older and different.

  • mary

    i don’t look at these comment sections often but gosh you haters are such sad sad people. it’s just ironic, all these people judging this girl who is probably so much better than they will ever be. and not just cause she’s rich and famous, but because she’s a good person who wouldn’t say the nasty things you say about her to any other human being. she knows that we should be spreading more love instead of hate. there’s already so much hate in the world. just stop.

    and it is what’s on the inside that matters. and i feel really sad for you if you don’t believe that. i hope one day you do.

  • Kayla


    she didn’t do it for that. She just thought it would be a good move to donate the hair. I don’t get her. Her tweets are bizarre. She thinks the world is out to get her.

    But no one cares Miley. Your attitude sucks. Start planning your wedding or something.

  • menna

    Even she’s ashamed of her own haircut…

  • Ashley

    she always says things and acts contrary to her words, what a shame shes such a bad role model to all the du,mb little girls that likes her.

  • t

    its so sad that y’all sound so pleased at the idea that your hurtful words have made her insecure when she clearly felt so good just a little while ago
    why do people suck so much? I ask myself every day.

  • Megan

    Kayla, it doesn’t really matter what was her real motive of her cutting her hair… The question still remains, how are people affected by this?

  • anon

    Watch her run to twitter and bi8tch about whatever.

  • sookie

    she must be high as a f*cking kite when she cuts her hair

  • Mike

    I just don’t get it. If you feel so proud and the most comfortable ever….AND are posting tons of twitter pics of yourself what do you expect?

  • ALM

    I actually also think it looks good short – but it will probably take her a while to get used to it.

  • fashionista

    isn’t she on the cover of September issue of Marie Claire? this is a different look for her. Why is she hiding? She should be working that haircut, owning it with a badass confidence. Miley would be getting a ton of fashion bookings with that look!

  • -.-

    lmao at him being disappointed with her hair stfu haters,
    hes probably just equally frustrated with the cameras.

  • LoveMusic

    @smh: Demi Lovato is very successful right now, she’s on tour and has a new TV show coming out. Selena Gomez is in 8 new movies and Miley donated hair for cancer. Get your god damn facts straight before you go run your mouth.

  • lilz

    they tried to make me go to rehab i said no no noooo.. (coming soon though)

  • uh

    @LoveMusic: they will not take recently colored hair. get your information straight!

  • wtf

    look at these stupid comments, some of you act like you know exactly what is going through their head. “liam looks disappointed”? how do you know. he could absolutely love it, but he’s looking down to make sure he doesn’t trip. and just because miley hides her face doesn’t mean she’s ashamed. WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU HAD ALL THOSE CAMERAS FLASHING IN YOUR FACE? STARE RIGHT INTO THEM? you people need to grow up and worry about yourself for a change, when’s the last time YOU did something with your hair? you shouldn’t rag on anyone for cutting and dying their hair. that’s stupid and immature. how would you feel if you got a cut that you may or may not like and someone just randomly blurted that it’s “ugly” and “stupid”. would you feel like crap if someone said to you “omg you were so pretty what happened?”. some of you people are so rude.

  • lana

    I’m no fan of hers but as long as that INSANELY HOT boyfriend is with her she has no reason to feel bad about herself.

  • tsquared

    I’d hide too. It was a horrible hair cut. She could look really cute with short hair, but managed to get a cut that looks dreadful.

  • Jo

    I have no problem with her haircut I just didn’t think she could pull it off and going by these pictures neither does she. Miley tweets non stop pictures of herself and if she doesn’t want the paps taking pictures stop phoning them. Because it’s well known she does! She looks stupid because of this attitude and while Liam might think she is cute I don’t see these two making it down the aisle she is way too immature and she show’s it. Miley needs to grow up and act like a young woman she cut her hair by the way for the attention it would get her the cancer thing came after the fact so don’t act like she was doing this for a higher purpose. It was as per usual for herself. She really needs a job now if only she had talent she might get one. It’s another case of too much too young with very little talent to back it up.

  • sel

    no words. i mean… she’s never had good style, but this is just wow

  • Hammie

    omg…..she was always ugly…and now she is butt ugly!

  • jewel

    how about all of you counts shut the hell up about miley cyrus’s new haircut being ugly. ‘Cause she donated her hair. I’d like to see you guys chop off your hair and donate it to charity.

  • lord

    i get the hair cut is ugly and doesn’t match her face but get over its hair, does grow back.

    i dont get why so many people on the internet are going crazy over a hair cut.

    im pretty sure there are bigger problems in the world.

    plus she gave her hair to the cancer org to make a wig i saw on tumblr.

  • justin


    your points make no sense. yeah ..she donated her hair, so what?

    yet, she dyes in a silly color and the style looks like drugged up stylist did her hair.

    she went too extreme. simple as that.


  • Effy

    Personally, after a new haircut I feel great and love showing it off in public. Seems to me that’s not the case for her…hello, extensions.

  • TheDudeAbides

    Liam looks like Charlize’ handsome new husband at the end of The Astronaut’s Wife, circa 2012.

  • Meee

    Some of you really need to do your research. Clearly she didn’t donate it. A) it wasn’t long enough to donate b) they do not take dyed hair and her hair was bleached just last week. Give me a break with all these “she did a good thing” comments.

  • Tammy

    @lord: Because obviously tumblr is a great reliable source of facts

  • ..

    So many haters. Even if her and her fiancé break up, he’s not going for you, so give it up.

  • J

    Yuck im sure shell get tired of it and put in extensions….

  • haters suck.

    I love her hair short. She looks so mature now. The only reason she’s getting so much attention is because of you lowlife haters that have nothing better to do than trol. Seriously, it’s her hair. Get over it. I bet if any other star were to do this you’d all be ‘its so cute!’. She’s probably not happy in those pictures because the paps ruined her night out with Liam and if he judges her + leaves her for a damn haircut, there is something wrong with the world. That’s something kids do.

  • bukia

    Even if she hates it now it’s not leg, hair will grow back. But I think she look well in new haircut, little bit like tomboy, but in totally girly way. And big plus for courage! ;p

  • Sophie

    @kara: Well said! :)

  • -

    the term ‘hater’ belongs in just jared junior. children, take yourself there!

  • Izzy

    the term ‘hater’ is a form of speech. Just because someone uses it does not make them a child. Check the definition. Someone is not going to post ‘one that hates on another is not pleasant’ now are they?