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Miley Cyrus Hides Her Face After Haircut

Miley Cyrus Hides Her Face After Haircut

Miley Cyrus covers her face with her arm as she steps out for the first time since cutting her hair on Monday (August 13) in Philadelphia, Penn.

The 19-year-old entertainer hid behind her fiance Liam Hemsworth, who led the way down the street.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miley Cyrus

The day before, Miley cut her hair into a cute pixie look, and also dyed it bleach blonde!

“❤❤❤ feeling so happy in my skin” Miley tweeted after the drastic cut. We love the look!!!

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  • !!!

    For all those calling her immature, she donated her hair to charity, to make wigs for people with cancer. I think that’s pretty great. And while she doesn’t look her absolute best, her hair will grow back in.

  • Mush

    A woman’s hair is her choice. I can’t believe how many people are afraid of girls who get short hair. It’s hair, it’s fun, it’s their decision. Lighten the hell up. Who takes life and HAIR this seriously????? For the record, I think she looks darling in the earlier photographs.

  • Rebecca

    I am so sick of Miley and her boyfriend. I am so sick of her immature attention seeking. She went and got a hair cut. She obviously does not like it but instead of being mature and just owning up to it she hides it. Which draws more attention to her because she is acting strange in public by doing that. She could have explained it away or made excuses but no she has to behave in that manner. What an idiot. So tired of her.

  • maria

    She is going to regret cutting it, and the painful slow process of growing it in. Yeah, great, everyone needs a change. But doing something this drastic is fun for a few weeks, and then the reality of what you did kicks in. Especially if you are planning a wedding. I know… daughter cut hers to a few inches below her chin a year before her wedding, and it did not grow as fast as she wanted. She needed extensions to have the wedding do she wanted, and that is her only regret from her wedding day. I hope she thought long and hard about it before she did it.

  • -

    @Izzy: snoreeeeeee

  • -

    @Izzy: if you’re a grown woman using the term hater you need to re evaluate your life

  • Paul

    no way she donated that hair — it was not long enough and they do NOT take hair that has been dyed. She lied.

  • Cecelia

    I don’t think people are reacting to the hair as much as the constant twittering. If you need to constantly update people about your freakin’ haircut, you had better be prepared to hear the comments, good and bad. This one is as mature as a 12 year old. Less secure, too.

  • pinkdawg

    Im fed up with her insecurity and her immature ways. This doesn’t make her interesting. What happened to her? She became famous with 15 years old.

  • SwiftlyHeStrikes

    @mary: Your comment: “She’s a good person who wouldn’t say the nasty things you say about her to any other human being.” WTH are you talking about, Mary? Watch the monologue she did when she hosted SNL… All she did was s*** on other people… besides talking about smoking salvia… …and giving guys older than her daddy lap-dances at age 16… …that monologue’s kind of what made me sour about her… …one day she likes the ‘cut—and twittin’ it for the world to see, the next she’s hidin’ it like a pedophile from a tv reporter! What the f***, Miley?! She got a real identity crisis on her hands right now… …hope she figures it out before it’s too late… …good luck, GIRL…

  • Maggie

    If she loves it so much, why is she hiding from the camera? Most haircuts that drastic are mistakes. I speak from experience.

  • Love The Shoes

    Liam looks like the child Ryan Reynolds & Ryan Gosling would have if it was biologically possible. He looks most ike RR.

  • Love The Shoes

    @Alexandra: Don’t even waste your time Alexandra with these idiots. Some of these kiddies posting live to find something negative to say no matter how innocent something is.

  • (・∀・)/

    I am going to donate my hair so I too will be cutting it and I have 4 more inches to go :D
    I will be donating my hair to cancer victims ( children)
    1. it clearly states that they do not want hair that’s been bleached( pretty sure her is. most places don’t want hair that’s been dyed )
    2. they want hair longer than 10 inches longs ( her hair was short; with short hair you can’t make wigs)
    3. they want the strands to be the same length ( short hair is unusable)
    4. you are supposed to tie your hair in four different sections in order for it to be even.
    they are very picky as to what they want for donations.

    on a website hair.lovetoknow:
    Dyed or Color Treated Hair: Some manufacturers dye the hair donations they receive in order to make high quality wigs, and hair that is already dyed or has been subjected to color treatments such as hair highlights will absorb dyes differently and will not hold color as well as untreated hair. The same problem can occur with bleached hair as well.

    ( they also dye the hair so it can all be the same color but from different donors)

  • Hollywood22

    @Alexandra: I completly agree. I’m surprised you received so many thumbs down, I guess people would rather say she hates her haircut than the more obvious fact that her fiance is back in town and this is probably their first night since he’s been back. She’s a confident enough girl and the haircut isn’t atrocious. Non-story.

  • Peapo

    Look how much controversy her haircut has caused. She and her twitter pics are everywhere. Which makes her a top news story. Wgich makes her papparazzi pictures worth more than usual. Which makes the paps hungry so they go out in FULL FORCE. So Miley is probably hiding her face and eyes from all the stupid paps. If she was going to hide her hair wouln’t she wear a hat or so something. THINK PEOPLE
    I personally love her hair and give her credit for taking chances. So many celebrities look a certain way, dress a certain way, wear their hair a certain way so they are accepted. She goes out on a limb and non creative, peer pressure fearing, people acting like children make up ridiculous reasons for cutting her hair (a mental breakdown? Give me a break!) or predicting that her fiancé is going to leave her. Obviously after knowing her for as long as he has, Liam must know and love her crazy, fun, independent spirit. It is who she is.
    Whether her hair was donated or not, her heart was in the right place.
    I commend her from doing something that you all are obviously terrified of. Being independent, alternative and original.
    Go back living in your generic, plain, ordinary lives.

  • hannah

    Oh my gosh when i first saw that i was like damn she looks like a man! And no lie she does, Who the hell would wanna do this to themselves? She is looking for attention!

  • trolol

    she’s an attention seeker

  • Blackcat9

    Miley! Don’t hide your face girl! Your new haircut looks FANTASTIC!

    Don’t let a few HATERS! Bring you down!

  • SB1990

    have you guys ever seen videos of celebrities getting photographed by paps at night?? it’s insane! and extremely bright. she’s probably covering her eyes from the blinding flashes going off every .5 seconds. i’m sure you would too. she’s obviously not ashamed of her haircut if you look at her twitter. i give her major props for doing whatever she wants.

  • Gossipgirl

    She is so stupid! Why cover her face; she puts up twitter pics every other minute!

  • http://lilycheungg lilyy

    it’s a haircut, get over it people.

  • why miley why

    i just have to chime in here and say that i Loved her party in the usa hairstyle. i don’t like the blonde at all.

  • urbigfatasses

    when 10 year old girls don’t listen to ur shitty music anymore and you have lost ur audience and identity you cut ur hair and act like a spoiled cry baby , the dots all connect ….

  • JT

    The fact that ‘good’ comments about her or againts haters has so many thumbs down it just shows how pathetic haters are. It’s so funny how they take their time to criticize a 19 years old and act like they’re all mature and know everything while they’re a bunch of inmature people with no life.

  • JoD

    It is weird to tweet all five minutes and let the world watch you at the hair-dresser’s, and then be all shy when the thing happens that she had actually gone for: She vied for attention, she got it. What did she think? That the twitter pics are it, no photopraphers will try to capture what that hair really looks like? Its one thing to pose and take a pic, but the next day, that haircut is a whole different story. She is just a stupid little girl, and she sure does not want to be an actress anymore (hallelujah!), because what kinda roles can you go for with that kind of hair? And I agree: To her fiancee she must be like a guy now, that all female air is gone. She should just go away for a year, figure out what she wants and then come back. Or not. Liam Hemsworth her husband? Yeah, right, and John Cusack mine.

  • Sarah

    If you have to hide your face after getting the haircut, then you probably shouldn’t have gotten it. Idiot.

  • Di


  • A

    There are ways to work around with an edgy haircut like hers. I’m sure she has a hairstylist to give her tips. However I really wish she wasn’t hiding like this – it gives off the wrong impression – who knows what was happening at the moment when they were getting ambushed by the paps. Keep your head held up high Miley there’s nothing to be ashamed of!

  • justin


    oh, grow up. In the meantime…go get some much needed therapy for yourself.

  • Spazzy Jazzy

    She should bleach her eyebrows too, so it will match her hair color. In her other photos she looks like she loves her hairdo, especially since it looks like they’re all her own photos from her phone. In this picture I’m sure she is just openly showing her dislike of the paparazzi….again.

  • Tiffany

    That’s okay, Miley. I’d be hiding my face, too, if I had that haircut and color.

  • Koree

    People really love giving Miley Cyrus s*** for just being her and living her life. She can’t even breathe without it being a problem. I’m so tired of people picking on her and I’m not a fan of hers, but I’m not a hater either.

  • Bobbie

    Her hair is just short for awhile, It’s all of the tattoos that turned me off from her. What a shame. :(

  • claire

    I dont know one person her age (female) who had long hair all their lives , got it cut short and immediately liked it.

    You feel the air on the back of your neck and feel like you are walking outside nude. it’s a weird feeling ontill you adjust to it.

    and too like others have said it’s only hair and will grow back.

    With her kind of money if she really didn’t like it which i don’t know i am sure she knows too it will grow back, she can get hair extensions while it’s growing back it.

    The pic i saw yesterday i thought it was cute but she will feel weird for awhile.

    I betcha she had hoardes of paps around her flashes like crazy so felt a little more comfortable walking behind her b/f ontill they got to their car.

    It’s easy to take pics in the comfort of your home (twitter) but a whole different matter to have paps coming at you from all sides.

    Miley C has millions of Fans who adore her so her hair will not change a thing.

  • Jasmine

    Aw, not feeling so good in her own skin now, huh?

  • Sheigh

    Remind me why Miley Cyrus is so famous ?

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