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Miranda Kerr: David Jones Season Launch Show!

Miranda Kerr: David Jones Season Launch Show!

Miranda Kerr shows off her rockin’ bikini bod as she hits the runway on Tuesday (August 14) at David Jones Castlereagh Street in Sydney, Australia.

The 29-year-old supermodel showcased designs by Romance Was Born during the David Jones Spring/Summer 2013 season launch.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

The week before, Miranda was spotted looking fashionbly chic as she did some shopping solo in Sydney.

In case you missed it, check out Miranda‘s fully naked spread for Harper’s Bazaar‘s September 2012 issue.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr at the David Jones season launch…

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45 Responses to “Miranda Kerr: David Jones Season Launch Show!”

  1. 1
    JJ Says:

    Jared she’s a model. NOT A SUPERMODEL

  2. 2
    ha ha Says:

    She looks better in clothes than naked

  3. 3
    the great kate Says:

    nobody cares about this famewhore…

  4. 4
    A Says:


  5. 5
    sookie Says:

    beautiful .. i love her dimples

  6. 6
    LisaLipps Says:


  7. 7
    Seriously Says:

    She really is beautiful. I don’t know what she does, if she eats the stuff she promotes, but she looks stunning.

  8. 8
    Babe Says:

    She looks amazing! Absolutely Stunning! WOW

  9. 9
    Babe Says:


    She is actually a supermodel.

  10. 10
    dee Says:


  11. 11
    Mimi Says:

    Her fat face is so ugly. She has no bone structure, which used to be essential to be a so called supermodel.

  12. 12
    Nina Says:

    She’s a dog!

  13. 13
    KissThis Says:

    She looks like a perfect plastic doll

  14. 14
    Arturo Says:

    She is a SUPERMODEL…. precisely the ninth highest-paid model in the world. Call her famewhore, ugly, b**ch … whatever you want … She will always remain one of the highest paid models in the world and one of the most beautiful women in the world … and she doesn’t give a f**k about u!

  15. 15
    sookie Says:

    @Nina: jealous much??

  16. 16
    Em Says:


  17. 17
    Marlon Says:

    She looks so beautiful in this pictures. I also like her pimples, so unique and feminine!

  18. 18
    anon Says:

    She’s opening doors for full round faced models who have curves. Kate Upton would not be as famous is Miranda didn’t pave the way.

  19. 19
    nessa Says:

    Her legs are too short and like column…how did she became a model dot know..only because her dimples????

  20. 20
    Bullseye Says:

    Arturo, she is a model, but the term “supermodel” is no longer used, because it truly doesn’t exist, at least not in the way it was initially intended. Read the following Forbes article to see what JJ meant:

  21. 21
    fanny Says:

    The person that wrote that forbes article is a stupid fool. Supermodels of today are earning millions and millions every year. And securing multi million dollar contracts from L’Oreal to Maybelline to Victora’s Secret and brands all over the world. People know there faces the buy the products they sell.

    The person who wrote that article must be stuck in the 90′s. Someone like Adriana Lima. Can someone say she isn’t famous?!!! That would be stupid. Miranda is a household name in Australia and people in other countries know her name. Yea, she might call the paps, but regardless, she’s famous. It’s true that supermodels of today don’t marry hollywood stars, but why would they do that if they can make it on their own? Miranda has appeared in a music video, appeared on a sitcom etc. In recent years, I’d say Miranda and Adriana are more famous than Gisele. It’s clear that forbes loves Gisele, but besides earning lots of money, what has she done that captured tha attention of the masses (other than her remark about the super bowl)?
    Forbes just need to give us a break. I guess even they can write none sense

  22. 22
    Bullseye Says:

    @Fanny, based on your comment, I’m not quite sure you even read the article. The person who wrote the article acknowledges everything you just pointed out- that these women are well-recognized, have multiple modeling contracts and yes, are very, very successful. Please go back and at least reread the last two paragraphs of the Forbes piece. The article isn’t about bashing these girls; it’s about redefining the world of modeling in the modern era.

  23. 23
    agree Says:

    @fanny: Agreed. Alessandra Ambrosio held a majr part in the closing ceremony of the Olympics. Such a thing was never done by any supermodel in the 90′s.

  24. 24
    fanny Says:

    @Bullseye: sorry, your are right. I was just mad about how they made it sem like models back then are better than models today

  25. 25
    sara Says:

    She looks so gorgeous!

  26. 26
    hadhu Says:

    Miranda as famous as ADRIANA LIMA?! and more famous than GISELE BUNDCHEN?! This is not funny guys. This fame ***** could never!!!

  27. 27
    @26 Says:

    Gisele is the more respected model, but I think that Adriana is more famous than her to the average person. And Miranda is hot on Adriana’s tail. Miranda is getting more famous everyday.

  28. 28
    Bullseye Says:

    No worries @fanny :) The way the article starts, it does seem like that’s what’s being said, but the last few paragraphs really turn that sentiment around.

  29. 29
    ha ha Says:

    I think she’s trying to become the new Kate Moss, she will strive to be on a gazillion fashion mag covers, tho i dont think i’ve seen her on any yet, she wants that type of fame. Kate was doing same type of stuff in the 90′s and as soon as MK’s VS contract runs out she will prob lobby for a major ad deal, like Kate did Calvin Klein.

  30. 30
    @29 Says:

    Actually, Miranda has been on the cover of numerous fashion magazines, including multiple Vogue’s. And in even more hf editorials. Not to mention many hf runways.

  31. 31
    Plain Jane Runway Model Says:

    Miranda could NEVER compare to the REAL SUPERMODELS of the 90′s.
    None of them had breast implants or any kind of plastic surgery and they still BLOW HER AWAY. Why does Miranda always have to wear chunks
    of makeup only to become somewhat pretty?

  32. 32
    kelly Says:


    hah a sorry but miranda has no curves, sure she has some boob but there are no curves,
    kate upton is curvy miranda is not and certaintly did not advocate it
    maybe bar and adriana lima but not miranda

  33. 33
    kelly Says:

    @Plain Jane Runway Model:

    ok haha miranda does not have implants, she has no boobs and tape, the right bra (vic secrets stuff must really work) and photoshop is what gives the illusion she has boobs

    granted i agree with you in which she doesnt compare to the models of the 90s but who really does these days besides gisele

    and a lot of people need to wear a lot o makeup to seem ‘pretty’

  34. 34
    florence Says:

    I REALLY don’t like her, but gotta admit she looks great on the runaway, must be why they pay her for it! Plus the outfits are amazing, that red dress specially.

  35. 35
    lana Says:

    @ha ha: the will never be another Kate Moss. Just like there will never be another Cindy, Gisele, Naomi etc.

  36. 36
    tam Says:

    Gorgeous girl! I love her sweet smile!

  37. 37
    pea Says:

    @lana: and there will never be another Miranda, just like there will never be another Tyra Banks. So please

  38. 38
    annie Says:

    @pea: Miranda is pretty forgettable actually, I’m not saying she isn’t beautiful but she is NOT in the same category as Kate Moss, sorry. I don’t think she’ll be remembered that much once she quits modeling…

  39. 39
    @38 Says:

    Well, Kate is still modeling. As are Naomi, Cindy, Gisele, etc. So you really can’t make that statement.
    Who knows what Miranda’s career will become. She has already crossed over to high fashion, and her skincare line is doing very well. She may become her own brand, much like Cindy and Kate.
    The public likes her. That will determine her longevity, and nothing else.

  40. 40
    frisbee Says:

    Then I guess the next step for her is to cameo in a sitcom or a music video.

  41. 41
    @40 Says:

    She’s already done that.
    She appeared with the other VS angels on How I Met Your Mother.
    And she was in the music video for Pharrell’s ‘Number One’.

  42. 42
    ageing Says:

    Her age is visible. She looks good but she is almost thirty. Look to the skin under her armpits- all wrinkled and without tonus, in spite of all Kora organic products she is using. Also check her tights. Still good, but very soon will not be good enough for underwear supermodel. And I agree, she looks better dressed than naked- here and especially on this naked (boots) session.

  43. 43
    @42 Says:

    Are you kidding? Kidding? Delusional? Or blind?
    She looks AMAZING!
    Desperate haters are so pathetic.

  44. 44
    @42.... Says:

    Oh please, jealous much??? Miranda looks absolutely flawless on the runway, killer body, amazing super toned legs and beautiful face. In other words she has the the whole package and that’s why she’s so successful, popular and one of the highest paid models in the world. So no matter how many delusional comments you post about her it will NOT change the facts…

  45. 45
    frisbee Says:

    @@40: She’ll have to do better than that to become more recognizable. But it’s a start.

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