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Olivier Martinez & Nahla: Weekend Shopping Trip!

Olivier Martinez & Nahla: Weekend Shopping Trip!

Olivier Martinez carries his fiancee Halle Berry‘s daughter Nahla while out doing some shopping on Saturday (August 11) in Los Angeles.

The duo grabbed a few grocery items before hopping in their car.

That same day, Olivier, Halle, and Nahla caught a performance of the musical Mary Poppins!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Olivier Martinez

The next week, on Monday (August 13), Olivier went out to lunch at The Little Door Restaurant in Los Angeles.

10+ pictures inside of Olivier Martinez and Nahla doing some shopping, and Olivier leaving lunch…

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  • anna

    These photos break my heart. It should be Gabriel taking his daughter on a saturday shopping trip, not mommy’s latest boy toy. I’m sure Oliver is a perfectly nice man, but still its got to sting if Gabriel saw these pics.

  • Sayer

    Olivier is like Nahla’s REAL father. He spends more time with her than Gabriel.

  • peachypie

    I agree , it should be Gabriel. and I’m not “sure” Oliver is a perfectly nice man. He could very well be a pervert. Mommies should not allow their boyfriends unsupervised time with their children. If I were her father, I be really pissed!!!

  • peachypie

    @ Sayer…now I’m really worried. We hear about child abuse every day in the paper. When will women learn. Your children are your most precious assets. Next, we’ll hear “he bathes her and everything”. No, I am not a victim of child abuse, but it makes me so mad when I hear of instances (which lately seems daily). Pedophiles are not all “dirty, old men”. Many are young and handsome, and always seem to find women with young children. Gabriel, get your daughter and have a talk with her. As mommy seems to be “too in love to care”

  • Bella

    Halle may be a bit psycho due to her troubled childhood, but Gabriel is a racist a-hole. There’s no excuse for ignorance.

  • Brittany

    Come on people really????

    There are many families that have step parents. That is going to be her Step father. There is no reason why he “shouldnt” be alone with her. Im sure Halle wont not get engaged to a man if she felt her daughter was for any reason in harms way with him.

    Stop being so judgemental. So im assuming you all think that families with step parents should always have the biological parent present?
    Give me a break!!!!

  • Brittany

    @Bella: He’s racist but he is engaged to a black woman?

  • BabyXgirl

    @anna: These photos BREAK YOUR HEART, really? Seriously?? GET A LIFE

  • Menina

    Olivier Martinez should have had his own kids, if he likes them so much!
    I bet he was too busy being a womanizer when he was young, or may be he’s infertile.

  • DC

    Man, some of you people are sick! Can you just take it for what it is? Maybe Olivier wants to be a good father figure to Nahla! Maybe he loves her as if he would for his own biological daughter? And–shocker!–she may love him (as a father)!! O.M.G.!! -__-

  • Fitz

    I found those pictures very cute ? Olivier is French and love Halle and her child so much, he’s behaving like a real man, not trying to take Gabriel’s place, but just trying to bound with the apple of Halle’s eyes…
    you hating on Olivier girls are just so bored..get a life, get lost or keep hating ion JJ, whatevs! you are so pathetic and sad it’s worthless to giving you a reply , or trying to understanding your your dark hearted of yours.

  • Fitz

    I found those pictures very cute ? Olivier is French and love Halle and her child so much, he’s behaving like a real man, not trying to take Gabriel’s place, but just trying to bound with the apple of Halle’s eyes…
    you hating on Olivier girls are just so bored..get a life, get lost or keep hating ion JJ, whatevs! you are so pathetic and sad it’s worthless to giving you a reply , or trying to understanding your dark heart of yours.

  • Bella


    He called her and the nanny the n-word multiple times and racially abused her in other ways. He’s also not engaged to a black women. Nice research!

  • Anon

    Nahla is so beautiful! She looks like her father.

  • jani

    For all of you haters who hides behind a computer and bully people. Nahla is four years old. Halle has been with olivier nearly two years. He probably lives with them. Her father lives outside of the home so of course she is going to bond with Olivier. What is wrong with that? How comes you evil don’t say anything about JLo and her boy toy always having her kids? give me a break!

  • jani

    Big Teddy You know what be concern about your self and your family. Stop worrying about halle and her family. Get a life!!!


    jani so do you get a life do you know them DO you live next door .MISS I have two grow son and I NEVER leave them alone with my boyfriend or have sex with him with boys right their, I PUT THEM FIRST MY SONS LOVE ME BECAUDE I PUT THEM FIRST THANK YOU. she will lean the hard way


    HALLE GROW UP you can not fool the court these pictures with Olivier and NAHLA are over kill and fake


    just jared if you can save a child from abuse you should put it out there no hide it

  • SAKI

    Why should this be Gabriel? So don’t you think Gabriel has his time with her? Perhaps this is Halle’s time and Olivier is out with them. Why are you folks acting like you know these people or their every move? Sickening..

  • sea

    @peachypie: you wrote too much. I just see a cute family.

  • Maxing Outfits

    just jared are you working for halle berry like TMZ

  • Halle goes to court

    Besides the Halle’s extended bday with OM & Nahla–damage control posters could be right–she goes to Court today:

  • HB & OM show true colors
  • rosalyn

    @Bella: Hi Blle, I think the person she was referring to was Gabriel. He is the one who is supposed to have used the terms in dealing with the mother and the nanny. According to the judge in the case today, he has not seen original documents, that will be problematic for Gabriel because those will be original work documents and those are what it resulted in the final report indicating “personal issues”. A term I used to use when I had to write reports to get drug hiked doctors off a college campus or where they had problems with alcohol or underage females and the like. Doesn’t look like he might have a drug or alcohol problem, but his might be of a social issue, i.e., trouble with races, etc. That woul be enough to identify in the “personal issues” category. Especially if you have to get the report to the head of an area and don’t need it seen by secretaries and the like. Hope this helps.

  • rosalyn

    @sea: I agree, I see a cute family. My grandmother had a best frind who lived next door when they were both young married women and they remainred friends throughtout both their lives — my grand died at 68 and her friend at 64. To this day our failites are still so close that her son said about month ago its like we are blood. I say this because I was in my mid to late 20′s before I learned that the oldest two of their children were not fathered by the kin d and gentle man. And even after learning that, it took me while to grasp. This man reminds of him. He is trying to do the best he can to express his love for the mother and what better way than by showing her what a good father you will make for the person she loves more than anything. Most women even when you marry for the second time and get a really good man still can tell the difference between the children you bring to a marriage and the ones coneived, but there are a few men in this world who really are capable of making a family appear seamless and this guy look like the real McCoy. Glad for her and glad for any other women in the world who happen to find this kind of man for their children.

  • rosalyn

    @rosalyn: Now I am a bit confused as to who I am supposed to be answering. Was it Bella or Brittany who thought that Olivier was racist? Guess both of them need to read my reply to Bella. But he certainly is not have read some interviews that he gave years ago where he refused to talk abou whether he liked working with folks from GB and his reply was that he does not deal with the nationalities or races of people, and in a Miami interview he says that is why he likes there because it is made up of various cultures.

  • Ugh

    Boooooooo!!!! This dude rubs me the wrong way!! Ugh! Plus, he’s just Halle’s new Manny. And yes Gabriel should be carrying his child. This dude needs to look down and go somewhere. Plus, why can’t Gabriel have a new woman and have that woman carry Nahla around. Halle is selfish as hell! And Olivier is an idiot for entertaining the idea that Halle and Nahla should move thousands of miles from the BIOLOGICAL father, Gabriel.

  • rosalyn

    @Ugh: I was going to write a reply, but thought that I would let your remarks stand for themselves. Then, nah, just a few words. Haven’t you heard, Mr. Aubry is having trouble getting dates. But let you tell it, he is such a fine catch. Women in their right minds run away from men like this! Now there may be few, but given time they will find out how wonderful a man, father, and human being he is, and he will be single once again. But guess, what, he can always date you!

  • http://justjared teresa

    I don’t care how long Oliver have been with Halle. He still have no business being alone with Nahla. Did you guys see when he allowed Nahla to kiss him in the mouth topless on the beach? Wtf would you allow your gf’s child to kiss you in the mouth? Wtf is wrong with Halle crazy behind for allowing this to happen? We all know or should know that most abusers are the ones that have been in child’s life forever. Oliver also knows that Nahla can’t tell her parents anything with her being autistic. I can’t understand why the biological father have to have supervised visits but the bf doesn’t. Don’t worry Ms. Berry, your selfishness gonna come back and bite you in the azz. Sad thing will be it will be Nahla that suffers.