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Taylor Swift: Nashville Stroll with Conor Kennedy!

Taylor Swift: Nashville Stroll with Conor Kennedy!

Taylor Swift walks back to her car with boyfriend Conor Kennedy after having lunch on Monday (August 13) in Nashville, Tenn.

Later that day, the 22-year-old singer held a live web chat with her fans, during which she announced the release date and title of her new album, Red.

Taylor also debuted her new single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” which is now available to purchase on iTunes.

Over the weekend, Taylor spent time with Conor‘s family at the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port, Mass.

Bigger pic inside…

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taylor swift nashville stroll with conor kennedy

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  • Sarah

    So we can make headlines with cell phone pics now? Paps are getting lazy.

  • lil

    She’s “Never Ever” gonna grow up.

  • AppleJack

    New album and new boyfriend! too obvious! Taylor strikes again!!!

  • its obvious

    you all know wht this is about , right? A few weeks ago there was some article about how Carolyn Kennedy and others were concerned about the current rep of the kennedy family and the next generation will inherit that and won’t be able to just have doors open for them with their name any longer. ( that day is long over carolyn, but whatever)…but this is all a bit contrived….its a win win for both. Press on both sides and an attempt to but some supposed glamor back in the family for the next generation and a way for them to get some positive press.

    does anyone really think these two are really ‘in love’?? and of course ethal is support- she wants the positive press after the arnold bit and the mary kennedy killing herself ordeal.

  • Jaime

    She is eternally fifteen. Her boyfriend is going back to high school, while most her age are graduating college. WTF is she doing? Seriously?

  • June

    Enough of her!

  • evie

    taylor mom always sending these pictures to the press.

  • Gossipgirl

    Gross and creepy! He is still in high school!

  • kami

    fall of the year is approaching. time to buy new school clothes. for those entering 7th and 8th grade, time to listen to another taylor swift breakup song and hate on the dude you held hand with last year who’s holding hands with another girl now.

  • WTF

    Their age difference is so weird. She dates a 30 year old and then a 18 year old, creepy!!

  • Louise

    Go away talentless Taylor Swift.

  • Carly

    Her boyfriend is in the high school yet? She waits for the school bus with him too? WEIRD!!!! She’s only dating him because he’s a Kennedy!

  • countryclowns

    She’s another joke.

  • ex-swifty

    Taylor Swift worked so hard to have that squeaky clean image, no booze/ no drugs and then turns around and hang out with Kennedy’s which is known for that.

    She wants to find love and doesn’t want to have her heart broken and yet got a boyfriend from a family known for cheating.

    All the forums/blogs are pretty much in agreement that she should stay away from the Kennedy’s because they are dangerous and surprise, surprise she bought a house next door.

    What am I missing?

  • Zileuton

    Taylor, have mercy on this innocent kid! You might be percieved as a ‘NICE, GOOD GAL’ in the media, but you’ve proven yourself to be quite a vamp when it comes to your boyfriends. You use your fame and NAUSEATING songs to date people and then misuse it to get back at them! I don’t get it, dressing in the 1920′s trends and singing songs for little toddlers, but having as many boyfriends (or more) than any other train-wreck-holding-fame celebrity doesn’t title her as a notorious gal, as long as she acts the way she does!

  • pickles

    @its obvious:
    I agree, but I still think it’s kind of sick for Taylor to be promoting herself with a kid who is still grieving about his mother’s death?

    Taylor is well known for having one of her friends or her bodyguard or an assistant take phone photos and pass them along to the agencies. She manages to get photo’s when SHE wants to be. Other times she isn’t photogrpahed at all. A lot of what we see is staged for our benefit. I agree. It’s alla bout the photo ops. I feel bad for Conor. It’s hard for an 18 yr old when a parent dies. especially suicide.

  • Di

    If I was a dude, I would steer clear of her. She scares me.

  • http://Comcast Marj

    She dated John Mayer and writes a song about him taking advantage of her. Come on, you are not 12 years old, do not blame someone else for your actions Taylor, you knew Mayers reputation.

  • very sad swifty

    I’m not buying Taylor Swift’s upcoming album. Skipping the tour , too.

    Kind of hard to root/support for Taylor that everyone know is making the biggest mistake of her life and yet Taylor’s just too dumb/ stupid to see it.
    This whole thing about the Kennedy’s is just so stupid.

  • ned


    Don’t worry about Conor, grieving his mom blah, blah, blah, his too busy getting into Taylor’s panty. He’s a Kennedy. You have to admire him the boy got game, he nailed Taylor.

  • Sam

    I do not get why this girl is so pressed for a man. Seems like every other month she has a new boyfriend. I’m fine with people dating whoever they want, but I’m starting to think Taylor has low self esteem or something because she goes from dating decent guys to playboys and back and forth. Sorry for the rant..

  • roberto

    I’ve seen a few pictures of the two of them together, and the Kennedy kid is always dressed like a bum. Dude, this isn’t some cheerleader you’re hoping to give wine coolers to after the dance and the try to get to 3rd base. Try dressing up a bit.

  • BUZZ


    For the millionth time, Taylor Swift been single for almost two years now.


    its not again conor, its her brother on the pix! though i dont like this boy kennedy for her

  • kj

    Run Taylor, run as fast as you can from these people or you’ll end up a drunken, pill popping mess and that’s if you make it out alive. What a shame. And I thought Taylor is smarter than this.

  • Emily l

    Why are all of these comments really mean? I think Taylor should be able to date whomever she wants without you guys ridiculing her and saying shes a talent less slut who’s only trying to get publicity for her album. Love You Taylor!!!!!!

  • kj

    @Emily l:

    What you really meant to say is Taylor can date anyone except any member of the Kennedy’s.

    Taylor Swift is dating a KENNEDY. Kennedy don’t have a good track record when it comes to women. Kennedy family are bunch of cheaters, druggies, alcoholics and remember Mary Jo Kopechne and marilyn?

    Most people everywhere don’t want Taylor hooking up/hanging out with the Kennedy’s for this reason.

  • http://Xoxanh anh

    Conor Kennedy I do not like any small bit

  • Emily l

    @kj i get that but it’s her choice, mistake or whatever else you want to call it, to make.

  • molly

    @Emily l:

    Self-inflicted heartache/mistake. Stupid much? Then everyone else have to suffer and hear about it.

  • heidi

    The Kennedy’s must be laughing their asses off about how Taylor Swift is acting all stupid and gullible.

    First, they managed to convince her to “date” the then ‘MINOR” Conor (Seriously, is that even legal?)

    Second, she moved next door to them. The Kennedy’s getting their hooks on Taylor deeper. Yup, Taylor is doomed.

    If I’m Taylor’s parents I will be mortified right now knowing my daughter will be alone with those people.

  • Emily l

    @molly no one’s telling you to listen.

  • kingsley

    @Emily l:

    I can’t believe those people who claimed they love Taylor, most Swifties included that they’re OK with Taylor and Conor dating. Have you been to other news sites? forums? blogs? Pretty much everyone have showed concerned for Taylor and feared for her life. But most of the Swifties, “if she’s happy, we’re happy” OR “her mistake to make.”

    What ever happened to PROTECTING the people you LOVE? Where’s the outrage?

  • Emily l

    @kingsley Taylor never even looks at articles about her and its not like she will brake up with some guy just because her fans don’t like him.

  • hey

    Even if Taylor Swift ‘claims’ she doesn’t check any news about her, I’m sure her people know. Most people’s opinion of her turned negative especially after moving next door to the Kennedys?
    Stupid? Dumb? CREEPY? stalker? I’m sure she knows.

  • grey

    It’s crazy that Taylor is putting her reputation on the line for the Kennedy’s I’m sure all the gossip sites are salivating about this. It’s only a matter of time. Can’t wait for the drugged up drunken Taylor. It’s gonna be fun.

  • http://justjared noble

    Does it even matter she can do whatever she wants to. She has read tons of books about the whole family and knows the history. So obviously she does not care what others think. If she did care what anyone would thinks she would not have gotten involved with any of them. She is a grown women who makes her own decision good or bad. Just because some people do not like the Kennedys they are not considered poisen to everyone else. This has just gotten crazy like the guy has killed someone or something. You do know him or any of the Kennedys or Taylor personally so how do you know what they are like. People just need to leave them alone and let them live their lives and stop judging them and look in the mirror at their own faults. Nobody is perfect because I know I am not so stop being hypocrites.

  • denise

    I wonder if Taylor’s going to Conor’s senior prom? or junior prom? Ugh.