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Yao Ming: Ban Rhino and Elephant Hunting!

Yao Ming: Ban Rhino and Elephant Hunting!

Yao Ming travels to Africa for the first time to document the poaching crisis facing the continent’s elephants and rhinos.

The 31-year-old Chinese retired basketball player is using his star power, especially in China, to help WildAid bring attention to the hunting of rhino and elephants for horns and ivory.

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Yao has been working with the non-profit organization WildAid for several years now, notably for last year’s campaign urging people to “Say No to Shark Fin Soup“.

You can follow Yao‘s journey at

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  • Piper

    like, like, like!

    Asians need to stop believing in old wives’ tales like eating shark fins and other shitty nonsensical crap. it DOESN’T help you any more than regular food!!!! god, eat an apple!!

  • -_-

    its incredibly disgusting how cheap it is to hunt elephants/lions/zebras etc.. i don’t know how people can consciously kill these beautiful animals

  • eulala

    This is fantastic! Glad that Yao Ming is spending his retirement advocating animal rights.

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    I’m with you Yao! Ban Rhino, elephant and I would add SHARK hunting, big cat hunting, hunting grizzly, brown and Kodiak bears. If you must hunt, EAT WHAT YOU HUNT and ONLY HUNT FOR SUSTENANCE NOT SPORT.

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    I forgot the Chinese also need to stop killing male Tigers period. They kill male tigers for their penises which the Chinese believe increases virility in men. What killing tiger’s does is demonstrate their callus disregard for a tiger life, disregard for a species that they killing into extinction and their love of stupid superstition over reason and logic.
    Getting off my soapbox now.

  • pj.


    While I agree that eating shark fin is terrible, not all Asians believe in “nonsensical crap.” Just because they have different customs/beliefs, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong. It’s really stupid to paint all Asians with the same brush. You do know that there are different kinds of Asians, and that Asia is made up of different nations, ethnicities, and cultures, right? Also, what the **** do you mean by “regular” food? Anything that isn’t “Western”? You sound really ignorant. Please, go back and read a book or use Google.

  • pj.


    I agree. Also, Australians need to stop killing Kangaroos and the U.S. needs to create better facilities and ensure better conditions for livestock.

  • lojnb

    Great work Yao! :) Please urge Korea, China, Philippines to stop the killing of cats & dogs for human consumption. Its sad & disgusting.

  • tee

    @pj.: as an australian i have 2 say i didn’t know we kill them?! i’ve never even seen 1 in the zoo BTW. we kill more innocent dogs then anything (i work for the RSPCA)

  • l

    this is amazing. its so dangerous to try and film people selling ivory. actually most people who have tried had been shot and ki*lled. hes doing an amazing thing.

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    @pj.: You should to do your due diligence before assuming and accusing me of lying or of being racist. Sadly what I said is true the Chinese are the leader in killing Tigers and they do it to make a “medicine” they believe makes men’s penises larger. Sad, stupid and FACT. In this case I am NOT stereotyping, governments around the world KNOW who is killing the world’s tigers. They have arrested and prosecuted the offenders and still the Chinese clamor for tiger bones and penises for junk medicine. The tiger population of the world is dangerously low (there are only 3,200 or less living tigers period). The Chinese people actually managed to kill the subspecies of Tiger (South China Tiger) off completely in the wild. There are 47 – YES 47 South China Tigers alive and they are all in ZOOS for their protection and to try to breed that species back from certain extinction at the hands of the Chinese. There is only one country, one group of people currently ignoring that all subspecies of tigers are endangered and continuing to kill Tigers for ritualized “medicine” for make virility. That is China. The Chinese Medicine Practitioners employee hunters to travel into India and Siberia to hunt and kill tigers for this wildly properly “Medicine” which in fact does nothing. these hunters employed by Chinese Medicine practitioners have been caught hunting tigers INSIDE protected tiger sanctuaries. ——————From the Endangered Species Website: “Tigers are often killed illegally for their fur or their bones which are used in Chinese medicine. Also tiger populations were nearly wiped out up until the 1930s due to hunting for sport. The tiger is now legally protected and there are many conservation organizations dedicated to the preservation of this species.” So you can choose not to believe the facts but that doesn’t make what I said regarding who is killing off the world’s tiger population and the reasons why not true.

  • Darrellyqi

    as Dale implied I’m startled that someone able to make $7758 in a few weeks on the internet. did you look at this webpage (Click on menu Home more information)

  • pj.


    AND YOU SHOULD LEARN HOW TO READ!!!! I wasn’t accusing you of anything! I AGREED with you, actually. My comment was directed to Piper, the first commenter.

  • pj.


    Unfortunately, it’s true. Try googling it :( I’m sure a lot of countries kill more dogs too and treat animals badly, so it’s really unfair to vilify one country over another without first looking at one’s own home country and practices.

  • wow

    haha thumps up if u know him from facebook’s memes!! hahahahahaha

  • Piper


    Oh shut up with your political correctness and oversensitivity! I am Vietnamese so before you implying what we all know you’re implying why don’t you sit down and think for a minute that not everything is about YOU. Asian cultures, MORE THAN ANY OTHER, continue to tell each other the nonsensicle “benefits” of eating exotic animals so I am addressing this issue in general. I’d be here all day if I need to clarify and verify every single comment made!

    Again, not everything is about you and not every comment needs a plethoral of cavaets! So get off your pompous ass and look at the big picture before you engage in the next online verbal diatribe to satify your oversensitive pea-sized brains.

    You preaching to me about sounding ignorant and making assumptions?!?!? I’d laugh if I am not already comforted by your obvious delusion that you’re some beacon of intelligence.

  • tee

    @pj.: i didnt vilify any country. and just so u know, australia isnt crawling with kangaroos.

  • mee

    b*tch, please its 21st century there are tons of healthy harmless food