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Jodie Foster: Leave Kristen Stewart Alone!

Jodie Foster: Leave Kristen Stewart Alone!

Jodie Foster is speaking out about the media’s take of the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal in an op-ed piece she wrote for The Daily Beast.

Here are some excerpts from Kristen‘s Panic Room co-star’s piece:

On media ruining young celebrities’ childhoods: “Lift up beautiful young people like gods and then pull them down to earth to gaze at their seams. See, they’re just like us. But we seldom consider the childhoods we unknowingly destroy in the process… I’ve said it before and I will say it again: if I were a young actor today I would quit before I started.”

On working with Kristen: “In 2001 I spent 5 months with Kristen Stewart on the set of Panic Room mostly holed up in a space the size of a Manhattan closet. We talked and laughed for hours, sharing spontaneous mysteries and venting our boredom. I grew to love that kid…”She doesn’t want to be an actor when she grows up, does she?” I asked. Her mom sighed. “Yes … unfortunately.” We both smiled and shrugged with an ambivalence born from experience. “Can’t you talk her out of it?” I offered. “Oh, I’ve tried. She loves it. She just loves it.”

On Kristen today: “Cut to: Today … A beautiful young woman strides down the sidewalk alone, head down, hands drawn into fists. She’s walking fast, darting around huge men with black cameras thrusting at her mouth and chest. “Kristen, how do you feel?” “Smile Kris!” “Hey, hey, did you get her?” “I got her. I got her!” The young woman doesn’t cry. F–k no. She doesn’t look up. She’s learned. She keeps her head down, her shades on, fists in her pockets. Don’t speak. Don’t look. Don’t cry.”

On moving on from a scandal: “Eventually this all passes. The public horrors of today eventually blow away. And, yes, you are changed by the awful wake of reckoning they leave behind. You trust less. You calculate your steps. You survive. Hopefully in the process you don’t lose your ability to throw your arms in the air again and spin in wild abandon. That is the ultimate F.U. and—finally—the most beautiful survival tool of all. Don’t let them take that away from you.”

For Jodie‘s full piece, visit!

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  • http://- Kate

    Totally agree with everything she said. This made me love Jodie Foster even more than I did before!

  • PuertoRicanGurl

    Shut up you diesel *itch!

  • kenny

    Very much agreed. Say whatever you want, i adore Kristen !!

  • Yo’

    Glad to see there’s people actually seeing that a mistake don’t have to define your whole career and of course neighther your life. Glad to see people supporting both of them. Carry on, both!

  • Tough

    Sorry, but any person who doesn’t have respect for somebody elses marriage and family, gets every bad thing they deserve. And the married person risking everything for a cheap fling deserves just as much, if not more, c r a p that comes their way.

  • http://gabbyrules …gross

    Shut up, Foster. I bet if Trampire had an affair with your husband whom you had children with you would not be saying much of anything. You would be too mortified, broken, and hurt. The trampire participated in a selfish, destructive act. The director is just equal of a scumbag. This is the backlash she gets. I bet Kristen loved how she was being touted all over for her so-called acting so I guess she has to take the good with the bad period.

  • Tam

    Oh please, Jodie! We don’t want to ruin her career by any means, but we are only talking about the huge mistake she made which are two separate things, I’m sure you are old enough to know that.

  • maria

    Sorry, Jodie. Doesn’t change what she did. She IS a cheater. Is she evil and bad? No. But she had no concept of the hurt she could cause by her stupid dalliance. It’s stupidity for an adult woman to not be able to think that through. Not to mention the great guy she has lost and hurt deeply. Yes, it will “blow over”, but she has probably caused irrevocable damage to her relationship and a marriage.

  • http://gabbyrules Reality

    Wake up people. Kristen is not a saint. The reason why people are pissed is because all along she has acted like she was above everyone. What a hypocrite. I bet if Foster knew the person who had an affair with her husband (acting like she was her friend) Foster would feel the betrayal even more.

  • Sara

    I’m glad she’s taking her side. Not that I agree with cheating but I’m sick of people sl*t shaming Kristen because of her private life. She lost movie roles yet the married man who ALSO cheated is still directing? Revolting. Hollywood is such a misogynistic place—this would have never been so blown out of proportion had it been Robert doing the cheating.

  • Kirsten

    I like Jodie Foster andi realize that everyone makes mistakes. However, I don’t think she should defend Kristen for cheating on her loving boyfriend with a married man. What about Liberty, her kids and Rob’s feelings?Perhaps she should write a letter for them, because they are the innocent ones who have gotten their hearts crushed.

  • djdog

    I can’t take her seriously since she defends Mel Gibson and Roman Polanski so passionately. Kristen is not as bad as these 2 but she is still a crappy person.

  • see

    Leave Kristen alone?? Then MAYBE Kristen should have written a PRIVATE apology to her boyfriend. Kristen brought all this on herself, and she wanted it. For in a interview expressing she wishes something would happen because she felt like a bore, AND for CHEATING in a PUBLIC place with .. i give up.
    Go back into your closet Jodie. People are gonna start talking about YOU since YOU talk about people(Kristen).

  • http://gabbyrules hypocrite

    You mean to tell me that it’s okay when the media is giving praise to Kristen when she gets roles and appears on covers and gets paid millions in the process, but the media “should leave her alone” when she goes an have an affair with a director whom she knew the wife and children. How professional is that of Kristen. Sorry, Kristen and that dog director made their dirty bed and hurt many in the process so they should both lie in it.

    Tell that to those kids, Foster who Kristen played with and acted all fake around. Tell that to the wife, Foster. How insensitive of you.

  • Halli

    I like Jodie, but no.

  • Brooke

    Jodie Foster is sooooo full of sh!it. It’s such a hardship to be a celebrity!! doesn’t matter all the BS their PR feeds the public over the years? yeah, we should all feel so sorry for them. NOT

  • Lil

    Foster just lost all the respect i had for her. what the hell woman. if it was your husband then you would have probably killed kristen. why the is she cleaning kristen’s
    nutcase. i bet she’s thinking of getting back to the industry so people need to talk about her and thats why shes talking about this now.

    kristen is a sl.ut and she has no talent what so ever.
    enough said.

  • reeven



  • http://gabbyrules What? Huh?

    Jodie, you should be embarrassed. What that trampire did is not a small thing. A broken home, a broken trust resulting from both the directors and Kristen’s behavior is not something you just wake up from or that fixes itself overnight –especially with children involved.

    Jodie, please go back into the panic room because you are trying to trivialize something with serious consequences. Kristen is a public figure. Comments and opinions come with the territory, especially when the public support these figures by supporting their movies, music, or whatever else.

  • cho

    Jodie doesnt seem to be denfending her but point out facts about this life and the media. I didnt take it fully as defending Kristen.

  • Ken

    Jodie Foster’s response is a tad bit dramatic. I’m sure this girl will go on to have a great career despite her lack of acting skills. Cheating scandals have followed many people over the years and I don’t see her standing up for them.

  • http://gabbyrules hell no!

    I’m sorry but the idea that these public figures do not complain about all the millions they receive and extensive media coverage to promote their movies or projects but want to scream “leave me alone” when things are not too peachy is such hypocrisy. Take the good with the bad. If you do not want the bad, don’t go messing with a married man. Same goes for the scum director. Keep things professional, Not slutty and deceiving…

    Foster, you need a grip on reality.

  • K

    2 lesbians.

  • Scarlett

    She shouldn’t of said anything.

  • http://gabbyrules ….who set her free

    who set Foster free from the Panic Room. She needs to rethink her statements. She gives no regard to the wife and children. A true friend will and should tell you when you are wrong. Kristen’s acts were very wrong. The cheating husband actions was extremely wrong. Both were wrong. Perhaps if Kristen never acted like she was above Hollywood and everyone else on the planet …people would not be so appalled by her participation in an affair, but we all know that is not the case. What happen to no comment, did Foster just want to get on headlines. That’s very classless of you, Foster.

  • shu

    do you all have a brain? seriously !?! go get find one
    Well said Jodie F.
    not every one in hollywood wants to have a public life, like some stupid celebrity. she just want to play in movies, thats what she loves and want to do!

  • http://veryverysexyandhandsome sharyllee

    Too bad!! Kristen should know better!! shame on her.

  • Lil

    I dont understand how people forget liberty and the kids. its always kristen.
    whats with the world these days. kristen has that vibe on her. and no matter how much you try to clean it you are who you are.

  • niagirl

    Honestly people grow up. I doubt Jodie is condoning what she did. That just goes to show you twats didn’t read. What is saying is that Kristen is a 22 year old female. We all know 22 years olds do dumb stuff. She cheated. So what? 95% of the human population cheat and everyone is acting like she’s the love child of Adolf Hitler or Khan. Seriously. The pictures released weren’t even that serious. Yeah she kissed him. Yea she let him touch her. What a scandal!!!! She’s been with Rob for 3 years and before that she had a long relationship with Michael. Chick doesn’t know what she wants and while it IS WRONG what she did. People do it. She’s 22! People make DUMB decisions all the time and regret them. She probably feels like crap. Not only did she mess up her career but her relationship too. All the while still we can praise people like Morgan Freeman, Woody Allen, and Roman Polanski…hell even Angelina Jolie and be ok with. GTFO. All the women being like “Yay, she’s down and out” ought to be ashamed. What if it were you? Your mother? Sister? As a woman, it’s not right our people are dogging her or Rupert can still get a job and she’s getting dropped left and freaking right. He OUGHT to know better. He cheated 2 years before. If anyone is to blame, it’s him and if their is to mock it’s him…maybe even Liberty because they’re fine and she took him back once again. This was a mistake on Kristen part and I agree with Jodie. She’s 22. They’re dumb and don’t think until the damage has been done-unfortunately.

  • lil

    Kristen CHOSE to act. Like she CHOSE to cheat AND ruin a whole other family. These people in the industry still don’t realize the PUBLIC makes or breaks your career. We don’t need you.

  • daidvito


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    When Dre and another dog got out of their garage on July 26th, they were understandably freaked out. They spent the day barking and startling the neighbors. Although it eventually took five police officers to catch the frightened dogs, not one single person was bitten or scratched.

    One of the dogs, who is not a pit bull, was released almost immediately. Dre, on the other hand, has been labeled “vicious” and put into quarantine.

    On August 10th, Dre will go on trial. Will you join me in standing up for him?

  • NO!

    she’s a hoe

  • http://gabbyrules ….

    How about you tell the media “no comment”? How about you say something neutral such as like “I feel for all parties involved” and leave it at that. Your input in this mess completely disregard the wife and the children. Shame on you, Foster. If it happened to you or your friend, I bet you would not publicly come out and support the ones who betrayed you or your friend. I agree that a married director and anyone he or she works with need to learn and strive to keep things professional, not sl*tty and sk*nky.

  • Sihaam

    If you really think about this issue, you would know that it was the married man who compromised his family. she only cheated on a boyfriend there are no attachment & no children. She can offer to make mistake the man in the other hand did something awful to his family. However, people are letting him get away with it while Kristin gets all the nasty media attention. This isn’t fair at all and yes leave the girl alone. Follow the the man who cheated on his beautiful wife with two beautiful kids. Ask him how he feels about all the pain he has caused????

  • http://gabbyrules wow…

    Unbelievable for people to say or suggest that just because you are not married to someone who you are in a relationship it means that the person does not deserve or expect your loyalty, faithfulness and respect. I really do wonder what some people are smoking. Rob deserved consideration period. The tramp slept with a married man while knowing fully of the children and the wife — even if the trampire was not in a relationship it would still be wrong. Get a grip, golly. As for the director well he is just lower than dirt. He wrecked his promise to love and honor… what a mess. And let’s not forget the children.

  • Oh Pls

    @niagirl: So just because crime and murders are common and “95% of the population” has committed a felony makes it OK? Didn’t your mother ever tell you just because everybody does it doesn’t make it right? No matter how you try to sugarcoat it, wrong is W-R-O-N-G. Period. No ifs ands or buts.

  • Gena

    This whole episode conveys the propper message:
    deceit will land you in a bad place
    class and grace in the face of being victimized will bring admiration

    Screw all those making excuses. You are resposible for trying to make wrong ,right.,and this world more of a Sh*t hole than it already is.

  • Oh Pls

    @Sihaam: You must be 4. Sooooo, it’s completely okay to cheat on your boyfriend because you guys aren’t married? And because this person is not married, it makes it okay to sleep with a married man because the wife and kids are not her ‘problem’? You’re messed up. For people to even try to justify her behavior with stupid logic makes me pity your future family and children. Believe it or not, but we’re all accountable for our own actions.

  • helo

    she also defends Roman Polanski and Mel Gibson

  • Theresa

    its enough already. Leave the girl alone. She got it already. imagine her state now

  • vera

    I loved it! As we are cruel when it comes to failures of the other. The Kristian is the only villain, until the director is holy.
    How many people are getting from their suffering?? Let them heal their wounds.

    they would be judged as severe, if it was Rob? Do not approve of treason, but we have no right to judge pu condemn anyone. What have lived, live or will live truly never know.

    What counts in life is to be happy. The best solution is that which comes from the heart

  • vera


  • ugh

    I am so sick to death of Kristen Stewart and I am more than thrilled this miserable and whor -ibble so called actress is in hiding..spare us from seeing her. As for Pattinson he’s an idiot for even dating that dirt. No other star is coming to this whor-ibble person’s defense because cheating with a married man is low ball. remember how everyone thought Sandra Bullocks dirt ex husband was a low ball for cheating on his wife with some trash,

  • vitor

    Totally agree. This made me have more respect for her.

  • Teri

    Okay, some ppl on here, what the f, did you not read?
    I agree what Kristen did was totally wrong, not respectably.,etc what Jodie is trying to say is to take a chill pill. Stop calling her a tampie or whatever. Cuz that makes you look like some dumb idiot, bully even. Makes you look bad not Kristen. shes 22, young she made a dumb mistake. Its not the end of the world. Yes she should have realized he was married, but don’t you think he should have realized that too?? Especially since he was the one married w/kids, hes like 46!
    Yes, actors make millions, whatever. I’m sure majority of them who give millions to keep all the paps out,its not cool when a grown man yells at you like a dog and clicks pics of you everywhere. They hide in bushes, they are disgusting. Its not cool w/bloggers, twitter ppl pick at you and judge you. I live in a big fat family, I can tell privacy is a very underrated thing. Actors choose to be actors because they like acting,its their passion, they want to do it. Thats what Jodie said, sadly today the media has become the biggest enemy along w/the paps. Thats what she is saying. Money does not equal happiness nor privacy. Also if Kristen is soo bad for sleeping w/a married man, how you guys forget Angelina did the same damn thing w/Brad and Jen. He was a married man, isn’t she also a trampie? also she was 30? Did she not knw he was married?

  • Good Point

    Ang is certaintly a tramp.

  • http://gabbyrules huh?

    I love how some people cannot make their point without bringing Angelina Jolie as an example. Sorry, but nobody on here said Angelina Jolie was right. What she did was wrong and what Brad did was wrong. You better believe Jolie was ridiculed just like that singer Leanne Rimmes/ and the husband are still ridiculed every once in while. The fact remains this sort of behavior is hurtful and for some people they can never recover or it can take years to. Pretending like it’s not big deal is the wrong attitude. Kristen’s age is irrelevant because I am 100% sure she knew darn well what she was doing was wrong, all the while she was probably smiling in Rob’s face and the wife probably thought her husband communicating with Kristen was nothing—only to be betrayed so sneakily. Put yourself in the wife, the kids, or Rob’s shoes. Not nice, not pretty.

  • lurking

    I think you have it right
    well said

  • Get real Jodie Foster

    News flash, Jodie. People grow up and change. She’s grown up and changed and is/was f**king around with another woman’s husband.

  • http://gabbyrules it’s never easy

    Sometimes you can forgive but you can never forget. Do you think Jennifer Aniston had an easy time dealing with Brad’s cheating? Did Angelina not know about Aniston? Did Brad reflect on his vows? I’m sure the cheaters are only able to leave with themselves by convincing themselves that what they did wasn’t a big deal, or blah, blah, I could not resist, we make such a good pair, or that’s my soul mate talk, –whatever– the fact remains those affected sometimes can forgive but they can never forget. Such behavior have lifelong consequences be it emotionally or physical (separation or divorce). What the bum director did was selfish and wrong. Kristen is also wrong. Both parties can go on to live a different life even a seemingly ‘successful’ life (whatever that means), but it does not make cheating right — it never does.