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Kristen Stewart: 'Vogue' 120 Feature!

Kristen Stewart: 'Vogue' 120 Feature!

Kristen Stewart glances over at the creative director for the house of Balenciaga, Nicolas Ghesquière, in this new feature from Vogue‘s September 2012 issue.

The 22-year-old actress was chosen as one of Vogue‘s 120.

“Every era has its stylish faces, talents, and voices that profoundly influence the moment. Those featured on the Vogue 120 list (honoring the magazine’s 120th anniversary) are bringing fashion to life right now”and for years to come,” the mag describes.

The feature can be found inside the September issue, which features Lady Gaga on the cover. Pick up your copy, on newsstands now!

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Credit: Norman Jean Roy/Vogue
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  • ajak

    lady gaga on the cover and kristen stewart as a feature of vogue? *vomits*

  • nina

    forever in love with this actres

  • brenda

    I wonder if she was doing this guy as well.

  • Lailah

    ANOTHER director K-Stew? Tisk, tisk.
    I kid I kid. But seriously, you know you were thinking the same thing.

  • Sophie

    AHAHAH all these new photos make her even look worse! You fail trampire! This is literally the best career suicide since Mel Gibsons racist slurs!

  • http://gabbyrules ….the trampire

    appears the trampire just won’t go away. Golly. I’m over her.

  • LaCroix

    Stop forcing K-Skank down our throats Jared. No one gives a crap about her anymore.

  • http://gabbyrules ….Not a good look

    I would not want my brand anywhere need this cheat. Is she aging? Hmmm… is that what happens when you have an affair with a director with wife and children? Her acting is bland and for whatever reason she looks/acts practically the same in every movie…. I knew she did not get that Snow White role on her own merit. She was horrible and unconvincing. Go figure.

  • Jaime

    She’s inappropriate with her superiors. I wonder how long she’s been diddling her bosses? She was sexualized at such a young age, she probably banged Sean Penn.

  • JillyRo

    A Creative Director…hmm…so was she getting “creative” in a mini with this director too, haha..couldn’t resist!!

    It’s funny that she is hiding out, considering she flips the bird to everybody usually. I don’t feel sorry for her, KS is so unlikeable, shruggy, spoilt, awkward and acted all bad a** and above it all, so since she was so adamant and acting so non-Hollywood and like she doesn’t care, she shouldn’t care about the jokes made about her either.

  • cibelle

    She was very charismatic, all smiles, looking very relaxed and hugging all who.

  • Fugo

    cheating butt… smh

    Lace Front Wigs R the Leading Cause of Forehead Cancer in African American Women ..JOIN THE MOVEMENT..

  • sunny-r54

    Did you sleep with him KESTEW? Ew…

  • KStew SUCKS

    She never deserved her fame or fortune. Terrible actress that we all could see now she’s very loose as well. No young person in their right mind has an affair with a married man & exploit it in public like she can’t be stopped or hurt. I hope she retires from acting.

  • lizzie

    Ghesquire is gay so I very much doubt it, but I certainly wouldn’t have her anywhere near anything I’d designed or created, but then I was of that opinion long before she started screwing around.

  • Johanna

    Damn, I don’t know how old are the people who look at this website but I am seriously scared. If you want to trash her, get all the facts straight, He’s GAY. And second of all, give her a break? People do dumb things in their lives, that doesn’t mean you have to hold it against them for the rest of their lives. Jesus. I am losing faith in humanity.

  • Rach

    Arghh make it go away! I’m going to close my eyes and count to 10 and when I open them she’ll be gone right? RIGHT?

  • KStew

    banged him

  • STFU

    @Johanna: Oh shut it up. If you want to condone committing adultery then go right ahead.. others have morals & values.

  • ajfknjanjkn

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  • will not age well

    Pointy Nose and Chin

  • Sim

    Sorry but I can’t like this girl anymore. Can’t forget or forgive or support someone like her. People are judged & viewed by their actions not words. Her actions speak volumes. We don’t need to forgive her. She needs to make amends. She should try donating some of that money of hers to charities or something. But she hasnt done anything but try & wait out the storm.. not good behavior.

  • LaCroix

    @Johanna: are you serious? losing your faith in humanity cus people don’t agree with her toxic behavior? get a grip. No one is going to forgive her & they shouldn’t. Would you if that was your husband? Don’t think so.

  • niagirl

    I am literally disgusted with some of the comments. People are ignorant. It’s for a freaking magazine and if you look inside of the issue she is not the only one. FYI, this guy is gay. I hate how just because she cheated with ONE guy everyone assumes she must have done everyone else. Seriously that’s poor taste. I don’t even like the girl nor her acting but the way people are acting is beyond ignorant. Straighten the hell up and have some respect. If not for her but Vogue and the feature.

  • Fitz

    #16 Jo rules!!!!

    Hey Kristen, dry you tears Pecan Pie, we love you.
    l’erreur est humaine.Mais était-ce une erreur in the first place?
    Love You Stewart! Keep calm and CARRY ON

  • Laira

    I don’t think what Kristen Stewart did is okay. In fact, I think it’s deplorable. With that being said, why is Rupert getting off so easy? He was the one with the wife and children! Honestly, he should have been the stronger one, he had so much more to lose. I don’t know, it just makes me angry. I think they should both get the same amount of criticism.

  • ROblova

    Not going to buy that magazine for sure.

  • catdog

    @niagirl: @niagirl: You ask people not to assume anything and yet
    you say she cheated with only ONE guy. May i ask how do you know that?
    Do you know all Kristen’s secret. Get a grip, you hypocrite.

  • catdog


  • Aiai


  • Beth

    @LaCroix: Well, that’s exactly the point. The only person who has a right to judge her is Liberty Ross. Everyone else needs to shut their judgmental pie holes.

  • Fitz

    get a life, get off your freaking PC you lifeless poor kids! and oh, yes, for a strat get yourself a boyfriend!! LMAO

  • catdog

    She is the one who made it a public matter. She cheated on public, released a statement for everyone to read, and kept saying, in every oportunity that she had, how real and authentic she was. Damn sure I will judge the hell out of her.

  • nepenthes

    Damn, that’s one unflattering picture (the first one).

  • Fitz

    @cath DOg: you need the hell to go heal yourself and consult a’re so full of hate it stinks…hard! eeeewwww

  • jamie

    Trampire needs to go. She’s a cheater and a horrible actress.

  • xo

    Nicolas Ghesquière is openly gay, but yeah, this is an awkward picture considering there’s a similar picture of her and Rupert. I just hope Balenciaga drops her, she was a flop spokeperson even before the scandal.

  • catdog

    Ok just jared’s psychologist, I’ll get a boyfriend and consult a shrink about my hate issues lol. I find it so funny when people act like they are better than everyone else…in a gossip LMFAO.

  • Gh

    I cant believe how Kristen destroyed her public image entirely. She was the highest paid actress, was on the peak of her career despite her zero talent and then the person who even hadn’t held her boyfriend’s hand in public, out of sudden makes out with her director and destroys everything.

  • Lailah

    @niagirl: it’s a joke girl, calm down.

  • http://gabbyrules

    Anyone who believes that Kristen just “made out” with that filthy, lowlife, cheating director is delusional. They have been cheating for months. The bums were so comfortable in their filth, they had the audacity to do get caught in public. If you looked at how comfortable both cheats were — you would know better. Both are douchebags. Their significant other deserve better.

  • aaw

    PEOPLE IF YOU DON’T LIKE HER , it’s easy SKIP THE POST ! no need to be so mean, she is a human with feelings,
    the world is crazy right now..
    what she did wasn’t right but it’s none of our business! she gets to much hate for this!
    you are just asshole, it’s so easy to sit behind your screen and judge her, you know nothing about her, about them and about the situation!
    get a life and a brain! and SHUT UP

  • LaCroix

    @Beth: Sorry but what you’re saying is if it doesn’t affect us directly we should have no opinion on it? that’s totally barbaric way if thinking. When you are in the public eye & are counting on the public for your job. You are being judged constantly. so if you think an adulterer is someone you want to support go ahead.. you are in the minority tho.

  • sweetness

    Wow this thread is telling. Kristen is persona non grata.

    Ms. Too Cool for School has reached zero likability factor.

  • persian221

    The same loons who never liked her and pretending to have higher values than KS. Rupert lying cheat -this is not his first time- Gets a Free Pass??
    Let it go and move on- hypocrites

  • LK

    There should be social stigma attatched to extreme anti-social behavior. Throughout history it it what has helped keep people in line so they don’t destroy themselves and each other. Maybe it is making a comeback?
    & In time foregivness after trust is restored

  • Hashim 100% Albanian


    I agree what LaCroix said (despite his godless nickname). Americans are barbarians! Allah hu akbar!

  • Anna

    @niagirl: I completely agree you. This is ridiculous. This girl made a huge mistake. We all do them. She might have learned a big lesson. It is what she is going to do professionally from now on that matters. Stop the ignorant despise.

  • deej

    I don’t hate her but after this cheating scandal, Kristen Stewart comes across as a very fake and self centered person. She courts the spotlight with all her Vogue, Elle, and Bazaar covers and photoshoots with Karl Lagerfeld and her involvement in pieces of crap like Snow White and the Huntsman, and then she turns around and says “I HATE THE MEDIA I DON’T WANT TO BE FAMOUS I JUST WANT TO AAAAAACT”. That’s not how it goes. Selling your image for a designer perfume isn’t acting. It’s a way to increase your fame and also sell yourself.

    You know, I want to feel bad for her..but then I think of all those times in the past 4 years where she’s been interviewed and said I’m so real, I hate Hollywood, I’m not like that, I’m so honest, I have nothing to hide, I hate fake people, etc. I just can’t pitty her or her fake persona.

  • Lauren

    Lol. Bad timing.