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Chris Pine: Buff Biceps on Juicy Jog!

Chris Pine: Buff Biceps on Juicy Jog!

Chris Pine shows off his killer arms in a baby blue tank top while out for a jog on Thursday (August 16) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old Star Trek actor cooled off after his jog by picking up a couple cups of juice from a local shop.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Chris Pine

Keira Knightley has reportedly landed the lead female role opposite Chris in the upcoming Jack Ryan reboot after being the frontrunner amongst a host of young actresses.

10+ pictures inside of Chris Pine on a jog…

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chris pine buff biceps on juicy jog 01
chris pine buff biceps on juicy jog 02
chris pine buff biceps on juicy jog 03
chris pine buff biceps on juicy jog 04
chris pine buff biceps on juicy jog 05
chris pine buff biceps on juicy jog 06
chris pine buff biceps on juicy jog 07
chris pine buff biceps on juicy jog 08
chris pine buff biceps on juicy jog 09
chris pine buff biceps on juicy jog 10

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55 Responses to “Chris Pine: Buff Biceps on Juicy Jog!”

  1. 1
    Dee or Deemebr you know Says:

    OMG… bb you gorgeous… just looking for Jack Ryan!

  2. 2
    Bored Says:

    He’s so hot….these pics are so much better than the Gelson set with the fugly gf ruining the shots.

  3. 3
    Buzzy Says:

    Love Chris. Got any recent pics that don’t look like they were taken with a toy camera?

  4. 4
    Mrs Patrick Campbell Says:

    Chris appears to be a rather sour homosexual, sort of like homosexual Marky Mark.


  5. 5
    Butter_Fly Says:

    I want to, seriously I do. No matter how hard I try I just can’t. I can’t like this guy anymore.

  6. 6
    pesky paps! Says:

    Chris Pine was great in 2009, now he’s just a fake manipulative hollywood product. so totally sick of his cheap, bottom of the barrel gfs.
    tweety bird says she’s in LA, so i guess we will be inundated with a bazillion staged fugly pics???

  7. 7
    Curiosity Says:

    for who is the other cup of juice? girlfriend? where are the photos?

  8. 8
    GFdidn't answer silly question Says:

    then she hate her now

  9. 9
    Jana Says:

    No, for the boyfriend! LOL

  10. 10
    Why Says:

    why people use gay allegations to offend people? Since when should sexual orientation be offensive?

  11. 11
    erkdoessillyquestion Says:

    and has silly answer

  12. 12
    because Says:


    Oh, being gay is not offensive at all. But to beard is beyond offensive!

  13. 13
    Butter_Fly Says:

    @pesky paps!:

    Yes! He was cool back then! Amazing what famewhore’s, err, women can do! You’d think she would be ashamed and respect his want of privacy. Guess not. He’s nothing but a joke now. It’s a shame.

  14. 14
    CarolAnn Says:

    @Butter_Fly: Surely chris pine is aware of his gf’s tweeting and must not have a problem with it. So his bullshit plea of wanting privacy is just that, bullshit.

  15. 15
    S@n Says:

    WOW, even if the subject is not that there’s always someone “freaking out” because of his girlfriend!

    @ pesky paps!or whatever, we have noticed you are following Dominique Piek’s twitter, and at every opportunity you come to JJ expressing your frustration about her, okay you seem to need it to feel good, but it’s just your problem!

    Chris Pine looks great, is thinner than when he was filming Star Trek 2, surely preparing for Jack Ryan!

  16. 16
    Butter_Fly Says:


    That’s why he is a joke. That’s why I can’t like him anymore. If he doesn’t have a problem with her twittering then he shouldn’t act like a jerk and have absolutely no problem when someone asks him about his relationships, He should have absolutely no problem with someone taking their picture together. He should have absolutely no problem with being seen with her at events. That is all.

  17. 17
    Iknowwhatisyourproblem Says:

    do “stupid assumptions” is much more offensive further comment made by someone frustrated with the reality and that seems to have believed in the dumb fantasy, you know what i mean

  18. 18
    Iknowwhatisyourproblem Says:

    okay so now you do not like him anymore, you think he’s a jerk then stops to follow his girlfriend on twitter, you will suffer less

  19. 19
    Butter_Fly Says:


    Nope. Don’t do it. Never have. I just read what people post on here. No way could I follow her lol.

  20. 20
    CarolAnn Says:

    @S@n: I dont think they are freaking out over his gf. More over his bullshit and lies. How he says one thing, does another.

  21. 21
    Chaucer Says:

    He’s hot.

  22. 22
    pesky paps! Says:


    I don’t find DP’s twitter frustrating at all…. why? because it confirms again and again what a dim witted opportunist she is and what a faker CP is….it’s quite fascinating!!
    Also, if I want to read her twitter and discuss it here, I can. So what’s your problem?
    If you don’t like my comments don’t read them!

  23. 23
    because Says:


    Nope. what are you going on about???

  24. 24
    Marisa Says:

    @because: Lmao!! I dont think they even know wtf they are saying!! I like these pics bcz no sourpuss gf moping around..@pesky paps, dim wit opportunist sounds about right, didnt someone call her munster jr?! ROTF!

  25. 25
    pesky paps! Says:

    oh man, here we go again!!
    The “notoriously private” Chris Pine’s girlfriend informs the whole wide world that she’s gonna make his b’day “epic”!. – and I guess that little tweet will discourage people from discusing his private life?! LOL yeah, right.

  26. 26
    Jana Says:

    But that’s what a beard is supposed to do! lol

  27. 27
    Butter_Fly Says:

    @pesky paps!:

    LOL! I had a strange feeling she was going to tweet something about it. Now, how in the world did I guess that? She reminds me a lot of Miley Cyrus. Constantly has to update everyone about how much she loves everything in her life and how much she loves her man. That is so freakin funny. Dudes dating Hanna Montana! LMFAO and I thought Munnster was bad! Never thought I’d say this but Munnster wasn’t half bad now that I think about it. But shhhhh. We can’t say nothing…even though that is exactly what she wants.

  28. 28
    CarolAnn Says:

    I agree butterfly. She makes O.Munn look better by comparison. If only because it was obvious what Munn was doing, trying to leverage whatever they had to break out of obscurity. And it worked, she is doing well these days. This girl wants the same, she is mostly unknown and in modeling years, not very young..She tries to be less obvious but if she truly wanted privacy, she would never mention him or allude to him. Its that simple. She wants you to know all the while pretending she is not aware.. But again Pine must not mind. After all, he keeps her around. It does diminish his appeal somewhat i must say. Her phoniness is somehow projected onto him.

  29. 29
    pesky paps! Says:


    “But shhhhh. We can’t say nothing…” LOLOL
    Yep, munster jr sure seems to be graduating to munster sr level. you should srsly read her tweets. too funny! she recently called perez hilton posters “********” because they said she’s “ugly”!!

    @ CarolAnn
    ” But again Pine must not mind”
    I wonder why not? he seems to be awfully keen that everyone thinks he’s this real private guy. so why doesn’t he ask her to shut up? oh in a nice way of course!! I know he’s not yet ready to perform brain surgery but surely he ain’t that dumb?

  30. 30
    pesky paps! Says:

    the word blocked is a$$holes… LOL

  31. 31
    Butter_Fly Says:


    Yes. Your absolutely correct about his appeal dimishing. Actually it’s competely gone now for me. I only come here because he and his gf make it so entertaining. Not good when your a “serious” actor. Does she even realize that she is doing that? Does she care? And then for him to complain about people talking about him and his gf is mind boggling. I want to start calling him Whiney Piney.

    @pesky paps!:

    You mean she actually admitted to reading about herself? OH MY GOD! I kind of have a feeling Whiney Piney does too. Talk about two self-centered, narcissistic people! Goodness!

  32. 32
    vitaminXXX Says:

    Let’s do a short recap of this “relationship” shall we? Pictures appear of Pine and Piek but no one has a flipping clue who this brunette is. Half his fans think its his ex Beau. Conveniently a S.African jewelry company posts a picture and names her to tell us she’s wearing their designs. However did they find these pictures?? Or did someone (coughPIEKcough) alert them? So then his fans have a name for the random brunette and find her twitter.

    Fastforward to Halloween and suddenly privatePine is actually allowing pictures by VANITY FAIR of him and his mystery date. Clever, now everyone knows he has a gf. And thanks to SOMEONE we know this nobody’s name. Ms. Nobody suddenly becomes a trekkie and makes a point of alluding to him as much as possible.

    A long time passes with no new pap pics and I, being a gullible fangirl, start to believe maybe he really IS private. She’s in London for the TMW premiere but best she can do is show off her shoe on twitter. She is not permitted on the red carpet. Curious, non?

    Unless I’ve missed a set of pap pics the next time we see her (aside from a video from the end of trek) is after WEEKS fo her talking about Cannes, getting a dress for the red carpet. This is strange because after their big red carpet debut and after Lainey Gossip said it was obvious Pine wanted everyone to know he had a gf, PrivatePine claimed there was no plan, no great thought went into it, no strategy, it just kind of happened and he was upset with it because he didn’t like the “discourse” about his private life and wouldn’t say anything about Ms Nobody other than she’s a great girl.

    Let’s back up a mo. there was no plan. No debut strategy. Yet DP talked for WEEKS about it. Further, she had her MANAGER with her. This was just a vacay with her boyfriend, no? Why bring your manager along? Isn’t that for work related matters? Wasn’t this just her going off with her bf?? Oh, and what a coincidence that just as Cannes came, and the non strategic, not planned debut of the girlfreind occured Mr Pine landed a deal for his craptastic sounding screen play and Jack Ryan got a surge of life. Can it be any coincidence that just as Trek was to start filming and a certain co-star came out that Pine dug up a random model gf. On a trip to NYC with his daddy? And debuted her (nonstrategically of course) just as he had business deals to make? With her manager present?

    MrPrivate wants no discourse. Does he want her tweeting his fans? Announcing how she will make his bday epic? Announcing every time she sets foot in LA? I leave it to you to answer.

  33. 33
    vitaminXXX Says:

    One last thing: you don’t randomly walk red carpets at Cannes. It doesn’t just “happen” as a last minute thing. In addition: shortly after this there were tabloid reports with quotes from friends of DP supplying info on his trip to SA to meet her parents (when he’d known her for less than a month, when she herself was staying with her parents and he was at a hotel, per her own twitter) and this only about a month or two after breaking up with her exbf. And said tabloid (US WEEKLY) had quotes from her twitter, so she knows she is being watched, and thus her twitter is a source of info for that dreaded discourse Pine so hates.

    Everyone in Hollywood, especially someone who’s grown up in it and is as smart as Pine, knows what walking a red carpet with your girlfriend will lead to. And yet he tried to put that genie back in the lamp. Poor closet case Pine sucks to be bi, prefer men but feel the need for lengthy beardy relationships to maintain your career.

  34. 34
    pesky paps! Says:

    Dear vitaminXXX, you just took the words out of my mouth!! I’ve suspected for awhile that Pine was gay. only explanation I could come up with for the whole damn fiasco of lookity look at my gfs! Yep went with his daddy to NYC and to a fashion show too didn’t he? just couldn’t understand it at the time…..LOL

  35. 35
    vitaminXXX Says:

    @pesky paps!:

    I had to comment finally after reading all the convos here. It just irks me terribly and I still like the guy just think its sad he feels this is what has to be done for his career.

    Yes, went to NYC and had a sudden love of fashion! Ended up at Ms Nobodys’s magazine party for LoveCat Magazine. Ever heard of it? I sure hadn’t. But nobody models wanting a leg up make good beards. Oh don’t mistake me i am sure she is a beard with -ahem- benefits while Pine takes a walk on the straight side. But love love love as Ms Nobody wants us to believe or maybe stupidly believes herself? Maybe she should ask Beau Garrett how that all turned out.

  36. 36
    Butter_Fly Says:


    Whiney Piney is gay! I was kinda hoping he wasn’t but you do make some good, valid points. Was really believing that the only reason he’s dating a model (low end but still a model) so he can be like all the other little actors in HW and say, “yeah, I’m dating a model, too.”

    I just couldn’t believe that such an educated man such as Whiney Piney would be so stupid and use a “back door” excuse for being seen with your “girlfriend” at an event. And actually expected people to believe it! I dislike this “girlfriend” even more and dislike him for trying to be someone he isn’t.

    This is so interesting.

  37. 37
    CarolAnn Says:

    Vitamin *** u forgot her tweeting when he was on kimmel…and christmas. But that about sums it up! Good job! As butterfly it was his excuse about cannes red carpet that did it for me as well.

  38. 38
    Butter_Fly Says:


    Yep. He just needs to come clean because this has gotten beyond ridiculous and for her to call his fans (whatever fans he has left) a$$holes because they don’t like her and diss her then she really is ugly.

  39. 39
    pesky paps! Says:

    I just don’t get why people think PrivatePine ( LOL) is so smart/educated. guy has a degree in English??

  40. 40
    CarolAnn Says:

    So based on twitterwh*re tweets, chris is in nyc? God she doesnt even try to be discreet at this point.

  41. 41
    pesky paps! Says:

    Didn’t see that. is it in her twitter?

  42. 42
    Butter_Fly Says:


    She has no reason to be. I’m thinking the contract is almost up so she is trying to get as much out of it as she possibly can, while she can. I don’t see how you guys can stand to read her tweets. She would drive me bonkers. lol.

  43. 43
    vitaminXXX Says:


    Which tweet means that? Filming starts tomorrow for Pine in London.

  44. 44
    vitaminXXX Says:


    Didn’t she also retweet a screencap some fan of hers took of him at the indy spirit awards to comment on how adorable he is? lol and all he can muster in public is she’s a great gal.

  45. 45
    Butter_Fly Says:


    Yeah, she’s great all right! If your into annoying girls that acts like a preteen.

  46. 46
    CarolAnn Says:

    She didnt mention him specifically. She alluded to him in that annoying way of hers…She knows what she is doing and just how to word it. And sure enough, pine is in nyc. She is incredibly obvious. Wow about the screencap. Yes they are so “private”.

  47. 47
    Butter_Fly Says:


    Has she ever mentioned him by name? Maybe she doesn’t know how to spell it! Here I will help her W H I N E Y P I N E Y

  48. 48
    CarolAnn Says:

    @Butter_Fly: Not by name…but term of endearment.. I lOve his nickname, whiney piney, suits him! Lol!

  49. 49
    vitaminXXX Says:


    She has now tweeted a hehehe and a picture of Pine Street. Precious.

  50. 50
    CarolAnn Says:

    @vitaminXXX: Haha, yes i saw that. She reminds me of my preteen niece..except ms nobody part 2 is almost 30 and it is just not cute anymore.

  51. 51
    Butter_Fly Says:

    @CarolAnn: @vitaminXXX:

    Anybody find that a bit…odd? I asked if she ever mentioned him by name and boom, she goes and takes a pic of his “name”. Looks like we got us a lurker! Chris, you got a good one there buddy! Keep her! LOL Marry her! Father her children! I dare ya! LOL!!!!!!

  52. 52
    CarolAnn Says:

    @Butter_Fly: Hmmm very interesting observation butterfly!! Perhaps she is @peskypaps on another thread…..kinda sounds like her. What do u think? But what do i know im just a troll, lol!

  53. 53
    Butter_Fly Says:

    Haha! Apparently I’m a troll too! Nice to meet you! I wonder if we will we get t-shirt or a button that says, TROLL. Prefer to be a hobbit though.

  54. 54
    Butter_Fly Says:


    Perhaps she is @peskypaps on another thread…..kinda sounds like her. What do u think?

    I think you may actually be right! LMAO!

  55. 55
    CarolAnn Says:

    @Butter_Fly: told ya….LOL! we do have a lurker. i think i remember reading that munn used to do that too!

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