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Freida Pinto: Plan International's Newest Global Brand Ambassador!

Freida Pinto: Plan International's Newest Global Brand Ambassador!

Freida Pinto poses with some children during a recent trip to Sierra Leone as part of her new position as Global Brand Ambassador of Plan International’s Because I am a Girl campaign.

“Educate and empower a girl and she will help build a stronger community,” the 27-year-old actress wrote in her Plan blog. “Ask them what their dreams are and they will…tell you that they want to be accountants, doctors, journalists, politicians – but only after they say that they dream of a place that is rid of gender inequality.”

“I was asked by a journalist in Sierra Leone, what hope can I give these girls to which I said: “To be very honest, these girls have given me hope,” Freida added.

Check out Freida‘s video blog below…

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  • Liz

    Naturally pretty and compassionate too <33

  • sillyme

    Ah, another celebrity goes to pose with the poor African kids. Why don’t celebs ever go to India, South America, etc.? Poverty in those countries is just as bad.

  • kira

    help out the millions of orphans and poor kids in your own country first as you portray one in slumdog millionaire before jumping on some africa bandwagon.

  • Crystal

    Poverty in any country is bad. I’m just glad she’s doing something, Glad anyone brings out the dangers girls in these countries suffer because they are ‘female’. One documentary covering the dangers of female births in India had one woman who had already suffocated three of her new born baby girls because she couldn’t afford them. When asked why she just didn’t bring the baby to an
    Orphanage, she answered, “Why would I carry a child for nine months and give her to someone else?”. The very poor in India want boys, not girls. Girls light the fire on the death of a father and some poor families don’t have the dowry for a girl. It’s very very sad.

  • Crystal


    And what are YOU doing?

  • Another One

    Copying Ang

  • Kirsten

    @Another One:
    I love Angie just as much as anyone but come on. Compassion and helping others is not copying. Also, for the people who are saying that Africans are the only ones being helped, what are you doing with your life? I hate when people judge people for doing charity work. Really? Go Frida!

  • Mary H.

    Who cares if she didn’t help out her home country first? So what if she went to Africa instead of all of the other poor countries? Shouldn’t the fact that she’s trying to help be enough? People always find something to complain about when others are doing good. Celebrities don’t always got Africa anyway, Angelina Jolie doesn’t and one of the charities Justin Bieber is apart of build schools all over the world for countries in poverty.

  • matt

    i dont f**king care where shes from as long as she helps those in needs!
    You are beautiful Freida!

  • kumar

    Kudos to Freida for lending her Support to these beautiful kids.We have many bilionares and rich ppl in our country.But most of rich indians including bolly celebs are interested in only increasing there wealth.They never do any charity here.

  • alice

    Plan asked her for her help and she volunteered.Stop hating and being so petty.And guess What?? India is only behind US and China in its number of billionaires.By Global Standards,its Charitable giving is miserly.Quoting Newyork Times, India’s Wealthy are giving away 1.3-3% of there yearly Income as Compared to 9% Donated each Year in the US

  • rashid khan

    Lol wonder where are all those Indians haters of Freida..Just reading Comments in her Previous Posts in this Site its Very Clear that its Only Few Indians who keep on making many Nasty Comments about under different names.

  • Aishwarya Fan

    As an Indian im very Proud of Freida.But Sadly Most Indians Completely Hate Her Just Because She is Not Fair Skinned like other Indian Actresses.Interestingly Indians have No Problem in Accepting Most of our Male Superstars who are all Extremely Dark. But Actresses alone are expected to look very Fair Skinned to Succeed in Indian Film Industry.

  • Mimi

    @sillyme:who cares those people are not more or less important help is help, do you do any charity work or do you sit behind your computer bitching about celebs who do good!!

  • Salvadora

    I think it’s great that she wants to bring awareness for gender issues around the world. She’s just doing what many Hollywood actresses have done so I don’t think it’s much different just ’cause she’s Indian.
    But I agree it would be interesting if she, as an Indian and an Asian, would ALSO get involved in the region she was brought up in…you know as someone from that culture maybe she has a deeper understanding of the complex issues surrounding gender inequality in her home country. Lasting change many times, must come from within. Even if she herself probably hasn’t had much experience of being poor or extreme forms of gender repression…but still she probably has another type of inside knowledge about it just by sharing some cultural information..maybe. Plus she might have a bigger impact among her own people, than she does as an outsider coming to Africa trying to “bring awareness” or whatever it is.
    It’s also a little…misleading…that Africa is always the recipient of this kind of attention. Asia is still the region in the world that has the largest amount of individuals living in extreme poverty.
    But then again…maybe the sole objective with this kind of celebrity endorsement is purely to get people to give more money to the organization. Which is not a bad thing if their work is efficient and all they need to bring about gender equality is more money for their projects…?

  • Li

    @Aishwarya Fan: I don’t get it…she’s very beautiful. Just ’cause you have fair skin doesn’t mean you’re more beautiful. Besides, her name isn’t very natively Indian is it? I think I read somewhere that she has Spanish or Portuguese ancestry?

  • Story


    Learning history might help. The Portuguese colonized India, and there were forced conversions to Christianity . And with forced conversions comes replacing one’s own culture with that of their conquerors’. Her ancestors’ names were changed, doesn’t mean she isn’t 100% Indian.

    From Freida Pinto herself: ” The Portuguese people love to claim me as one of their own, and I don’t like that”

  • Amit

    my dream girl is here!! Come to Nottingham Freida, ill show you around where Robinhood spent all his years doing good for the poor!

  • Ivy

    Awwww…..Freida looks so fresh and young.
    Respect to anyone who does even a small thing to help the less privileged.
    So far no bigots calling her maid, slum girl, blackie etc……What a relief.

  • KissThis

    Love her, she’s a real actress. She stays out of the spotlight unless paps just happen to get lucky! She is so giving and sweet.

  • Chasi

    @kumar: Many indian celebs have helped out with chartites. Do you honestly think that Freida Pinto is doing this because she cares? I don’t think so. She just wants to show herself in a good light. She isn’t donating her own money, coming up with it or coming up with her own charities like Angelina Jolie or Bill Gates.
    Aishwarya Rai, Shah Rukh, Salman Khan have given aways their own hard earned money. I don’t think she has done that.

  • jamil dewsi

    Indian stars like Amir khan and Aishwarya do more chairty work than her. US stars like Angelina and Brad do more then her too. Why is it okay to insult them but not her? More wealthy,famous people have done much more than Freida Pinto. She is only doing this for her own gain, its obvious. Do those girls even know who Freida is? I doubt it.

  • Aishwarya Fan

    lol why do u have to make two comments to Support yourself? Aamir and Ash does charity?? Whats ur source? Are u talking about the Same Aamir Khan who earns 2 crore per episode for Satyamevajayate but Advices Doctors of India to do Charity?

  • Raj Kappor

    Do you have any evidence that Freida has ever donated money, help bulid homes for the poor, help with a natural disaster crisis? I have never even heard of Plan or any other celebrites who are apart of it. Where are your sources? Keep sniffing up Freida Pinto’s ass to feel better about yourself you pathetic troll.
    You like to keep mentioning the light/skin dark skin crap. Well why doesn’t Freida Pinto try to help poor abandon girls in India or take a stand agaisnt these lighting products? Why is she part of LOreal when they are the ones making these lighting creams? There are organziation in India that help these girls and have backing from indian celebrities. So why doesn’t she help them?
    I have never seen Freida do any chairty work before. Infact I have seen her do more of shopping around in NY than do chairty work or even her own job, which is acting.

  • Raj Kappor

    Oh and you can keep thumbing up your own pathetic comments and thumbing down anyone who doens’t agree with you. LOL giving yourself 11 thumbs up? What a loser.

  • jamil dewsi

    @Aishwarya Fan: You are an idiot. Aishwarya Rai has done some charity work and does donate her own personal money. She has donated to children hospitals in India. Amir Khan has his very own chairity. On one of his wesbsites, it says what his charity work is. Get your facts straight. Posing with poor african girls or traveling to africa isn’t charity work.
    Here is Aishwarya charity work
    Aishwarya Rai Foundation
    Eye Bank Association of India
    Smile Train

    And here is Aamir Khan’s chairty work on his site – Charity

    Now show me the proof of where Freida has ever done anything like that. Its obvious she is only doing this for her own gain. But you somehow fail to see this so I’ll leave you to your ignorance.

  • Manish

    Guys please don’t incite this troll. They only come here to pick fights with people and start saying racist things about indians over some third rate actress. This troll is on many sites featuring any Freida Pinto post and creates like 7 diffrent accounts to appear as more people. Ignore them. They are just some sad deluded person who can’t get a date from the looks of it.

  • Priyanka

    What the hell, Who is saying pinto is doing charity?LOL.She is saving her face,doing something to be in limelight.If her intention was to do charity then she would start from her home country but hey indian wouldn’t give her much publicity for that.

    To that moron who asked why amir took 2 core for satmayav per episode?Its his salary you moron.Is freida donating any money to plan?Isnt plan giving their websire space for freida?Isn’t that PR?
    Salman khan donates allmost 20% of his money to being human and thats a huge deal of money.Please explain when did pinto donated a rupee?

    This fake wannabee is doing everything possible to stay in limelight.Mocking indian,bad mouthing her own country 24/7 ..dont even dare to say she is doing charity.One pathetic fame whore she is

  • kk


    Someone named Radsuinda is doing this.She isall over internet defending pinto.Just check out the robin hood comment seriously I chocked my morning coffee.She took every negative comments so personally that it was assumed by other commentator she is someone relative with pinto.

  • kk


    Good work IVY.Congrates!!!What a reliefe you get when your celeb is not getting called name.Offcurse it is totally understandable.Go robin hood go!!Happy ass sucking : )

  • karan

    its great to see she has started to use whitening cream..Totally whitewashed.LOL!!she is the one who says I am too dark for bollywood.Even leading ladies like BIPasha Priyanka is two tone darker then her…LOL !!Hollywood said we need fair skin and she said yes sir..Ha ha ha ha.She never fails to disgust me..starting from slumdog she is playing this pity card game.Thats the only thing she is good at.A shame in the name of talent

  • Gari Smor

    this slumdog millionare loser hasn’t done anything to help anyone. walks around in expensive designer gowns and gives terrible 2 min performences in movies. she is a stupid kuthi with no talent or looks. i can’t belive why anyone would compare her to philanthropists like angelina or bill gates or a fictional character like robin hood? wtf.
    she is the indian kim kardashian or snooki.

  • Gari Smor

    @karan: who in the usa is giving her oppertunity? she was just lucky to have her movie get into the oscars. otherwise she would be in india taking roles as a lady who sell juice or lousy dancer.

  • koena

    Her career is fading away.Its sad but true that Hollywood is the most racist industry ever.A color woman with no acting talent can not survive more then 5 years run.Hollywood is still ruled by blonde and Caucasian beauties when there market is world wide.So pathetic!!If freida had the look to carry catwoman type charecter she could land some big role’s as charmer but her looks and expression are very girl next door type which is cute but expected from exotic actor.She doesnt have any big project any more.Desert dancer is a 5 Million $ project and suppose to be an art film.Nights of the cups also has little to provide her.What is she gonna do if desert dancer also choose the path of Trisnna?Only loreal can not make her famous all around the year.

  • Claire

    I admire her work for Plan.More celeb should charity……………………….BUT hey I dont get her appeal,,,are you telling me that black T-shirt girl is one of most beautiful woman in earth?HELL NOO.I personally know indian with far better features then her.She is a cutie and that’s it

  • Ivy

    Oh……So the ghouls did show up. Oh well…….that just adds up to many comments on Freida posts and that will make JJ pay more attention to her.
    Freida haters are such losers.

  • Manish

    @kk: Just Jared should do a better job at banning abusive commentors like this Ivy troll. Its obvious this person must be living in India. They know way too much about india and Bollywood. They seem to know nothing about Hollywood and ‘western’ countires. They are eating Freida Pinto shit and like to pretend to be a whole group of commentors defending her. Soon they will compare Freida with Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King. Wait and watch. Just leave them.

  • KK


    Good IVY..keep up the good work.Suck her ass in every possible websites that features her..put her photo in a locket and wear it ..ask mirror mirror who is the most fairest of them all?Is it me?…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    Its not>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


    P:S> If there is anybody except IVY is this post who doesnt understand this IVY is a troll whi has been sniffing up freida’s ass last 4 years non stop writing comments everywhere bashing indian…now everybody knows it..freida has no fan..she has one fat IVY

  • Deserie2

    She is a terrible actress. I saw Trishna and cringed at her acting. She needs take some acting lessons if she is serious about an acting career. As far as looks, please, she is very plain looking compared to beauties like Jolie or Rai. You can’t compare her with these ladies . Saying she is one of the most beautiful women ever is a joke.

  • KK


    She is not that pretty but thats not the point here..She cant act and also kind of career path she was forced to choose being a color woman requires great acting capabilities….its very very difficult to play varities of ethnic background..I think she was not prepared for this kind of acting.The thing annoys me most is how she talk about serious acting and like to mention great director and actor like jack nicolson when she doesnt know about thing herself…its all seem made up with her publicist…..anyway she has to coverup with BS to keep media light the rest of 2012 as there are no film coming up so be ready for some more fashion party’s and magazine shot’s on our way…….or Her next visit with hungry kids might be south sudan……you never know.

  • priyanka


    you are right man!Her career dried up after Immortals!I was wondering why she is not declaring any more big budget or great director films?Then came Nights of the cups and desert dancer.How sad!!Hollywood is very strange!overnight they made star then overnight drop them unless satisfied with talent and then you see snooki making millions.How pathetic!

  • kulfi

    Since when has Freida become so intrested in world issues? lol She disses india in the US to make people sympathize with her. All those people calling her sweet are probably the same people who would criticize Angelina ,Brad or Tom Cruise and say they do it for attention. But I do think that Angelina and Brad do care about the charity work they do. Freida and other people do it to make themselves appear philanthropic. To create an image for themselves. Very few celebrities are intrested in charity work.

  • Priya

    @Priyanka: I agree with you. She make up lies only to make people pity her. She is constanly playing the race and pity card. I mean have these kids even heard of Freida Pinto before? Just wondering. She is hardly that famous. Not in India and certainly not in North America or Europe. Is she even giving away money,food,clothes toys or anything?
    I am upset to see that this troll is still writing bad things about indians. They need to get some help. Attacking a population of 1.3 billon over a quasi-celeb is sad.

  • Rita

    @<a href="/2012/08/16/freida-pinto-plan-internationals-newest-global-brand-@Raj Kappor: Um… why are you always trolling under Freida posts on JJ? You’re obsessed…

    And to other saying Rai and Khan have donated money to charities? Where? Evidence. You will find none lol.

  • Rita

    Oh god, it’s another Freida post and all the bitter Indians (probably all one person) come out of the wood works to bash her lol. Stop being bitter because your favorite Hindi movie actress who cannot act for her life and whose looks are overrated beyond belief could not get the Hollywood career she tricked Indians into believe she has. And FACT CHECK, Freida did not bleach her skin. And everything Freida has said about India is true lol

  • Chasi

    Rita/Ivy/Rasuinada, stop it.

  • Chasi

    Whatever she has said about Indian/Bollywood is false. Aishwarya Rai has donated money and so has Amir Khan. Ever heard of the internet ??? When has Freida ever donated money or help out woth the poor? Rita/Ivy/Rasunida get some help. You sound like a mental patient. I am not gonna fight with you. You behave like a 2 year old, so immature.

  • KK

    HAHAHAH IVy has another identity now. Rita. loosser. keep talking to your hand. keep calling the bollywood actressesugly and untalented when pinto isn’t any better looking got negative reviews for her acting in Apes.This famewhore has bleached her skin, she looks much lighter since slumdog. Her face is constantly photoshopped idiot. LOL. Comparing freida with robin hood,angelina joli, bill gates,etc shows how stupid and dumb you are. Now you show some proof of this famwhore donating money,food,clothes,etc..Someone listed rais and khans charity work above, don’t you know how to read? looser.If anyone is trolling, it’s you. Keep sniffing up this famwhore’s ass. You piece of shit. You are on a mission to suck pintos ass since 2009, so pathetic lol. How long will you continue, even after pinto is gone from hollywood.

  • KK

    @Chasi: This person is on a misson to suck pintos ass. Since 2009 they have been doing it.they like to keep using the light skin problem and like to create many idienties to pass off as a ggroup of fans defending Freida. They like to put down beautiful actresses like aishwarya rai in order to sniff up Freida pintos ass. Look at them, pinto taking pics with poor girls is somehow charityy work to IVY, she ignore the fact that indian celebs like Salman gives 20 perecent to his salary to charity.Ingore this person. They are all over the internet defending freida and attacking people who don’t share the same views as them.