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Joshua Jackson: 'Inescapable' Trailer & Poster for TIFF!

Joshua Jackson: 'Inescapable' Trailer & Poster for TIFF!

Check out the poster for the film Inescapable, featuring Joshua Jackson, Marisa Tomei, and Alexander Siddig!

Here’s the film’s synopsis: One afternoon, on a typical day at work, Adib (Siddig) is confronted with devastating news: His eldest daughter, Muna, has gone missing in Damascus. Now Adib, who has not been back in over 30 years, must return to Syria and deal with his secret past in order to find her. Inescapable is a thriller about a father’s desperate search for his daughter and the chaos of the Middle East he left behind.

Inescapable, written and directed by Ruba Nadda (Cairo Time), will have its gala premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival later this year.

Check out the trailer below…

“Inescapable” Trailer

Bigger poster inside…

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joshua jackson inescapable trailer poster for tiff

Photos: Alliance Films
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  • jessa

    marisa tomei is the best.

  • looks good!

    thanks…this looks interesting- nice cast- LOVE Fringe, too!

  • Manny

    Wow how Liam Neesen’s Taken of them…

  • Mike

    So basically this is Alexander Siddig’s movie but since Joshua Jackson’s people paid for the post, he gets top billing. LMAO!

  • Jo


    The trailer and poster have been out on other entertainment sites/twitter for the last couple of days, so I doubt anybody is paying JJ to show this. People have already seen them. LOL.

    Joshua Jackson’s name is more familiar on this site than Alexander Siddig, so that’s probably the only reason why his name is on the post.

  • Mile

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  • Jorginho

    prediction , this movie will win the Oscar, the Golden Globe, Josh will win the Oscar as Actor In a Supporting Role,,this movie will have more box office than The Dark Knight Rises.

  • Apple

    Listen y’all Marisa tomei is like pushing 50 and she is looking about 30 years old holy crap. So pretty.

  • Quinn

    It’s exactly like Taken.
    But this Alexander siddig guy is kind of hot.

  • Maki

    This film had a budget of $6,000,000, as they may have made ​​a movie with so low-budget!

  • Jasmine

    @Manny: Because Taken is such an original plot, right?
    I love how they label this Joshua Jackson and it’s Alexander all over that poster. I was looking at that wondering, what Joshua Jackson are they talking about because it looks more like…and then I read the description.
    Give credit where credit is due, Jared. This is not Jackson’s movie.

  • Troi

    Alexander Siddig (Deep Space Nine) is the true star of this movie, why in the world would you give Joshua Jackson top billing? Joshua Jackson has such a small role, he’s more of a bit player. Marisa is such a great actress, My Cousin Vinny is my favorite movie of hers. Joshua’s acting is so blah compared to these two, please don’t insult this movie by giving him so much credit.

  • AAS

    This plot is just a rip off of Taken. Please Jared, Josh isn’t even the star of this movie.

  • dils

    i cant wait

  • felix

    damn, what’s with marisa tomai goofy accent! not good at all!

  • clémontine

    relax people,
    Alexander siddig is the star of this movie.
    his name is first on the poster.
    joshua jackson and marisa tomei are both supporting actors.

    but joshua jackson is the more famous one, that’s why justjared mentioned him first. that’s all.

  • lyn

    i love joshua jackson. I’d watch him read the phonebook. So cute. Diane is a lucky lady!

  • sina

    joshua jackson is such a realy handsome guy.

  • Sped

    Poor Josh, I feel sorry for him. He really isn’t an actor who is taken seriously. Even Chris Pine has more draw and interest in the movie industry. He is nowhere near the acting abilities that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has, who by the way is sooo much better looking. Josh will always be known as a TV actor who had the fortune of acting in the widely popular Dawson’s Creek and the cult show Fringe. Let him have the illusion that he actually stars in a movie.

  • jk

    Marisa Tomei won the Oscar and has two Oscar nominations,two Golden Globe nominations, several successful films but, she has few post in just jared, therefore josh is more famous and important that her.

  • heh!

    It’s true that this looks like “Taken” in the Middle East, but this is just a trailer and there could be a twist. Not that “Taken” was that original either. Joshua’s role looks very interesting, so I’ll definitely check it out.

  • heh!

    @Sped: Poor Sped, I feel so sorry for you. You live under the illusion you know what goes through Josh’s mind, that he has any kind of illusions or that he wants to be anyone else than himself. Are you also stalking other actors that don’t make it really big in Hollywood and that happen not to be Joseph Gordon-Levitt or is this a strange fetish you have about Josh?

  • ren

    looks really cool, joshua should stick to this kind of movies.
    he looks really good in it.

  • wenders

    I’ve had a soft spot for Joshua Jackson since right back in his Mighty Duck days right through his trials on the fringe and he’s good on this.

  • maksim

    i’m definitely going to see this movie and joshua jackson is sooo attractive

  • doun

    I have a massive crush on Joshua Jackson.

  • Mass Effect

    Unless you attend the TIFF, you probably won’t see it. It’s an independant Canadian film. It will be released on DVD/Blu ray and Netflix next year.

  • Mass Effect

    That being said…Alexander Siddig looks great in this film!

  • jamal

    The movie looks very intense.

  • caledon

    Wow! Looks like a great film, whit a lot of action! Josh is in a few scenes, at least in this trailer, but his character seems very interesting!

  • chic

    I’m really looking forward to this film. I hope it gets a wide release!

  • chic

    @Mass Effect:

    It’s studio/distributor is Alliance Films, who also did…The Expendables 2.

  • clee

    I wish every sucess for this film and for Josh.

  • ten

    Can’t get used to a clean-shaven Josh!

  • tim

    The trailer is gripping. And, considering the volatile status of Syria right now,

  • felicity

    Can’t wait . . . go Josh!

  • esra

    added to my watchlist

  • jelo

    Seems to be a great movie :)))

  • déjà

    wow super la nouvelle affiche

  • olivier

    joshua jackson- the next george clooney

  • paul

    josh is such a handsome man. i love him. he is a talented actor.
    funny and charismatic as well.

  • Mass Effect


    Uh…Alliance Films is a Canadian distributor. It likely won’t have a wide release in the US.

  • chic

    @Mass Effect:

    Uh……. The Expendables 2. did get a wilde release