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Orlando Bloom Leaves Chateau Marmont, Miranda Kerr Hangs with Flynn

Orlando Bloom Leaves Chateau Marmont, Miranda Kerr Hangs with Flynn

Orlando Bloom flashes a smile as he leaves Chateau Marmont on his motorcycle on Wednesday (August 15) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 35-year-old actor’s wife Miranda Kerr was recently spotted at a park with their adorable little guy Flynn! The duo also brought along tiny family pup Frankie.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Orlando Bloom

Miranda recently rocked the runway and showcased designs by Romance Was Born during the David Jones Spring/Summer 2013 season launch. Be sure to check out the pics in case you missed them!

FYI: Miranda is carrying a Loewe Flamenco bag in candy. Miranda is using her Nuna Pepp stroller!

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  • kathryn

    I can’t stand her but her baby is pretty cute

  • ?

    We looks handsome, as always! But is Miranda back from Australia already?
    Such a gorgeous family!

  • tinki

    so orlando and miranda has spend about 10 days without each other.
    not ideal for any marriage.
    anybody has any dea when she will head back.

  • ?

    *HE* looks handsome. HE!
    *slaps forehead*

  • DemiTasse

    I don’t think those pictures of Miranda and Flynn are in LA where Orlando is. We saw some photos maybe three weeks, or more, of them going on “vacation” except the Orlando is back home in LA less than a wekk later, and she had Flynn with her in Australia doing photoshoots and modelling jobs.

    I think something is off. I wonder what is going on with them. They are together more than apart and Flynn is usually with her even if she is working. Flynn spends time with his father, but not as much as with Miranda.

    Also, everyone knows the Chateau Marmont at night is a place to drink, score drugs, and party, maybe hook up with someone. Yes people also go there just to hang with friends, but it has a well deserved bad reputation. Chateau Marmont is where Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and that type used to be found.

  • @3

    Hi Megha!
    Since this was the same stupidity that you posted on Bellazon, I thought that everyone should know who they were talking to.
    Oh, and the fact that you are a DELPH-IDIOT.
    What’s wrong? Is delphi so dead that you feel the need to spread your filth across yet ANOTHER Miranda thread?
    You really are OBSESSED with her, aren’t you.

  • Forrest

    It’s ok @?. We know what u meant. This isn’t school. It’s not an essay and we’re not your parents.

  • @5

    Reaching pretty far, aren’t you.
    The Chateau is also where Orlando used to live. It’s seems to be one of his favorite places to meet friends, since the dining room is so private.
    And those pics of Miranda have to be in the US. Frankie would not be allowed in Australia.

  • jesse

    I’ve always had a feeling Miranda Kerr wasn’t into Orlando Bloom that much she just wanted a baby because she always said she really wanted to be a mother.

  • Lola

    I bet he had a real good time at the Chateau…

  • derp

    @8 The United States is recognized by Australia as a country where rabies is highly contained/controlled so the quarantine times vary. The dog was probably in quarantine while they were in the Hamilton Islands or even not at all. I know you want to think that she is home with her husband but nope. He’s out partying without her.

  • Dieter

    SHE HAS AN IQ OF 160 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOTALLY CREAMED MY JEANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • derp derp

    @6 It cracks me up that you are so quick to accuse others of being obsessed and yet you attack them with lightning speed after they comment as if you were waiting here, obsessively, ready to pounce. With another window open to a different MK thread, I might add, to see if and when they comment there. You might want to seek help for that. Or take a walk once in a while. You have a lot of rage and that can’t be healthy. I am only saying this because I am concern for you and your health and well being.

  • @11

    The minimum lengh of stay for a dog or cat from the US is 30 days.
    More if there has been less time since the animal was vacinated for rabies, up to 120 days.
    This comes from the Australian government. Unless you think that your sources are more acurate??????

  • ta

    Isn’t it funny how snippy those delphi girls get when they are caught red handed?
    And even funnier when they try to claim that fans are obsessed, when they themselves spend hours a day commenting on every thread that they can find, creating hate blogs, fake twitters, and posting THOUSANDS of times on their own pathetic little site.
    Too darned funny.

  • gtfo

    So that’s the secret to a happy apart for at least 2 weeks at a time lol

  • sea

    They were on a cruise in Australia just a few weeks ago. She works a lot, so what? They can be a great and devoted couple even if they don’t share hugs and kisses in public.

  • @gtfo

    Don’t say “lol”. I seriously think that’s a fantastic idea. According to statistics, most marriages break precisely after spending holidays together. Which means, that during the working part of the year, when both wife and husband are working and doing their stuff and see each other not for very long during the day, they’re ok, but when they spend all the time together on holidays…the sh!t hits the fan.

  • Gossipgirl

    Wow! Orlando has some serious birthing hips!!

  • derp

    Approved Countries and Territories recognised by the Australian Government as Countries and Territories in which dog mediated rabies is absent or well controlled. Quarantine Time Varies & Rabies Vaccination (Information Package 4)

    Antigua and Barbuda
    British Virgin Islands
    Canary/Balearic Islands
    Cayman Islands
    Czech Republic
    Hong Kong
    Malaysia (Peninsular, Sabah & Sarawak only)
    Netherlands – Antilles and Aruba
    Puerto Rico
    South Korea
    St Kitts and Nevis
    St Lucia
    St Vincent and the Grenadines
    Switzerland (including Liechtenstein)
    The United Kingdom
    Trinidad and Tobago
    United Arab Emirates
    United States of America (not including Hawaii)
    US Virgin Islands

    Quarantine Times Vary. United States of America. As found on the Australian Government website.

  • Kay

    @Gossipgirl: Just what I was thinking! For a guy who loves skinny chicks (first Bosworth, now Kerr) he doesn’t seem to care that much about his own body. He sure has gained some weight and most of it on his hips. Funny considering he’s not the one who actually had the baby…

  • hah

    Orlando looks nasty

  • Lola

    @Kay: Reg. his like of skinny girls: don’t forget he’s admitted to having a huge crush on Keira Knightley during the filming of the first Pirates movie, too.

  • Nessa

    omg this shortleg humster cant even go for a walk with a baby without gigantic heels, Flynn is so cuttie <3

  • @20

    Again, even if the dog is from a recognized country, the MINIMUM stay in quarantine is 30 days. Dogs aren’t allowed at all from countries that are not recognized. That is the difference. It either that they are allowed after quarantine, or not at all.
    Keep reading, and you will find that fact as clear as day.

  • no

    She is either back in LA, or that is not Frankie.

  • @20

    We have a rabies problem here in the US. There is no way that a country like Australia would allow an animal in without quarantine.
    No way.

  • :(

    Maybe she has 3 Frankies: One in LA, another in NYC and another in OZ… looool

  • @20….

    Frankie would not be allowed in Australia without a MINIMUM stay in quarantine of 30 days, usually it’s 3 months. When I returned to Australia from the US our dog was in quarantine for a month and that was only possible because for 6 months before we had to take her to the vet once a month for blood tests to prove she didn’t have rabies, lime diesease and ticks. You then had to give all the paperwork to quarantine to show that the dog had been checked and tested by a certified vet. Australia has very strict rules and it doesn’t matter if you’re famous or not they will not let your dog into the country without being in quarantine first.

  • sara

    Love them!

  • nepenthes

    Orlando babe, you’re a hottie and you know it, but even YOU cannot work these fugly pants.

  • FFS

    Is there nobody left in his life that can talk him into being the hottie that he used to be? It’s not because he is older either. It’s because he looks and dresses like he only showers once a week and lets his mother do his shopping for him (no offense to his mom). Nice toddler pants Orlando!