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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Fro-yo Fun!

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West:  Fro-yo Fun!

Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Kanye West get frozen yogurt for the third time in a row at Yogurtland on Friday (August 17) in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The 31-year-old reality star got strawberry yogurt with strawberries on top!

Afterward, the twosome headed to Kanye‘s studio in Hawaii Kai.

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If you missed it, check out Kim and Kanye getting fro-yo during day one and day two!

And check out the video below of Kanye‘s in flight during Australian Tour 2012, as shot by choreographer Yemi AD.

FYI: Kim is wearing Kanye West x Giuseppe Zanotti heels, which reportedly sell for about $5,800. She’s also wearing Emerson Ryder‘s “Bella Bar” necklace.

Kanye’s Dancers in flight – Runaway Fly Mob

10+ pictures inside of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s fro-yo fun…

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kim kardashian fro yo kanye west yogurtland 01
kim kardashian fro yo kanye west yogurtland 02
kim kardashian fro yo kanye west yogurtland 03
kim kardashian fro yo kanye west yogurtland 04
kim kardashian fro yo kanye west yogurtland 05
kim kardashian fro yo kanye west yogurtland 06
kim kardashian fro yo kanye west yogurtland 07
kim kardashian fro yo kanye west yogurtland 08
kim kardashian fro yo kanye west yogurtland 09
kim kardashian fro yo kanye west yogurtland 10

Credit:; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • ivanka

    he can do much better than her, i lost a bit of respect for him. I’m sick and TIRED of the kardashians but more of this filthy, gold digging wh*re that never seems to go away! UGH

  • ricku

    What the f–k is she wearing?!?

  • Asha

    Who on earth dresses like that in Hawaii??? She should be in a maxi dress with sandals instead of looking like a corporate business worker. She looks so uncomfortable in that outfit and really bloated.

  • Becca

    She looks ridiculous…


    Let me just puke! I swear a god every time i see these two ‘specimens’ it’s like looking at a pile of sh’it. Utterly disgusting!

  • amy

    Just imagine, she did a porno where a guy literally pi-ssed on her. Her mother sold the rights to it for millions, she has made millions, free trips, when she names what designer she is wearing she gets it FREE, free cosmetic surgery, free jewelry, etc top it off she gets between $20,000. & $50,000 a tweet. Yeah ok what is that telling young girls? Yep stay in school. That is beyond MESSED UP!

  • allie

    theres nothing to say – that outfit insult her just fine


    I think she should stop letting Kanye dress her…like for reals.

  • Capoeira Moves

    This is beyond horrendous

  • anon

    Wtf is she wearing. It’s better than her last outfit but seriously wth. I think she missed the memo about her being in HAWAII.

  • yeezy

    does her stylist before kanye still have a job now?, because CLEARY he’s dressing her. its sooo obvious. he dresses all his girlfriends.

  • selly

    She’s actually bigger and wider then he is. Yes he does have a gienormis head. But look at her shoulder. Geez she could play foot ball with thos big a-ss shoulders. She’s like 5’2″ high and pretty sure that’s how wide she is. Anyways she lovessss to have her picture taken. Note to Kim, if you fill you lips and cheeks up any more they WILL explode.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …Dope video.

  • Lynn

    Guys, in her latest interview, she was talking about expanding her fashion line… LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL I wonder if she is promoting her fashion line by wearing this garbage?

  • Sasha

    Like she needs anymore ice cream……

  • cristine

    Kim is beautiful but she needs to stop letting Kanye pick out your clothes!!! her style before him was fine and suited her.

  • liz

    frozen yogurt is healthier than ice cream and has fruit.

  • Susan

    What the hell is she wearing? She looks like a fool!

  • hater

    then don’t look at their pics stupid.

  • Looselipz

    She should be eating celery and lettuce to reduce the size of her asre and her ego. And yes, this outfit is as tacky as ever. But then again, I’ve never seen her wearing anything remotely attractive…

  • Cookie

    Hideous outfit. She’s also looking bit chunky too. Too much fro-yo.

  • Cookie

    @liz: Frozen yoghurt isn’t any healthier than ice cream. Common misconception. Unless you’ve made it at home, using plain yoghurt and fresh fruit, it’s not any healthier. It’s high in sugar, and sugar = carbohydrates. Just an FYI.

  • Marcos

    Kim Kardashian is the real celebrity this site



    Eat Kim’s sh’it!

  • ===

    Hmmmm, what is she wearing. On second thought, they both look like a hot mess! They must be sweating bullets. And how many times are they going to tell the photographers to meet them at the ice cream and yogurt place? Two famewh*res!

  • cat

    she looks like a pig omg !!!!

  • D



  • toni

    Please excuse my language but what the f**k does she have on? Like really and in Hawaii at that? What the hell is going on in her mind where she thinks she looks cute.
    I’m seriously thinking Kanye is trying to embarrass her on purpose because she’s been looking like a complete fool ever since she’s been with him.

  • Marcos

    will they Have forgotten kate Bosworth and Michael Polish! I miss them

  • ex nihilo

    fro… yo! lookit that big a$s!!

  • http://bbaby famewh+res

    The photographers must be sick and tired of Kim calling to take pictures in an ice cream/yogurt shop only to show up to see her and Kanye in their Eskimo/Alaskan gear.

  • A

    Lol I can see where all the yoghurt goes in the end. HAHAHAHA

  • Sooo Stupid!

    Hawaii is the best place for Sno-balls and all they can do is go get over priced frozen yogurt. No wonder her a$$ is ginormous!

  • Melissa B

    What The F*** Is She Wearing? Why? Why would you do that?

  • Moon

    Wow!! I can’t believe that cow went out in that outfit!!!


    seriously…KANYE STOP DRESSING KIM. YOUR FASHION STYLE FOR WOMEN SUCK ASS. Kim i suggest you call Monica Rose and have her ship you some clothes to wear while ur in Hawaii….this shit is getting too much for my eyes to take…

    a concerned viewer of

  • Afi

    wtf is she wearing. those shoes are ridiculously horrible>< she looks so uncomfortable in that dress + her boobs look like they wanna jump off that dress!

  • WTF

    she looks fat in that outfit!

  • kd

    This is such an ugly outfit and makes her look so fat and ugly that I feel so personally offended. Someone punch her and make her go away

  • Rio

    LOL! looking at the thumbnails one might have thought she had on her gym attire. when i clicked a photo it turned out to be some sort of a bad costume.

  • Jo

    Kim has always been his and miss with her fashions but since hooking up with Kanye she is way more misses and really, really bad ones at that. She is in Hawaii or wears something that stupid there? Or does mr bighead Kanye know best and everyone else is wearing the wrong clothes? She is wearing those butt ugly over priced shoes again too. Guess she isn’t too stressed about the divorce.

  • Fuggthischick

    Kim needs to get out of everyones life. Pull your support from this lame azz attention hore, peeps.

  • NickB

    She is so ugly!

  • Lola

    5,000 dollar shoes…what a focking joke.

  • Lisa


    Not only is your post idiotic, its factually incorrect. Kim has a net worth of almost 40 million dollars. She is not a gold digger. She in fact is incredibly smart & a dam near marketing genius.

    His last GF was broke stripper & he dated her for 2 years. But you didnt lose respect for him then?

  • Lisa

    Not only is your post idiotic, its factually incorrect. Kim has a net worth of almost 40 million dollars. She is not a gold digger. She in fact is incredibly smart & a dam near marketing genius.

    His last GF was broke stripper & he dated her for 2 years. But you didnt lose respect for him then?

  • Rebecca

    I hate her out fit.Its horrible. What is she wearing?! And is it just me or is she gaining weight.

  • lafamepoma

    she has no style for wearing clothes like this on Summer him is ok , and another thing, if she wants to be on shape she shoudn’t eat so much yogurt is very fat, and in my country, don’t know in USA but these bottles of ice-creams are huge in my country we don’t make so bigger like these ones

  • katy

    beautiful cuple

  • IvYbLuE

    Horrible outfit that even tacky Beyonce wouldn’t wear. The skirt is beyond ugly and looks itchy and especially inappropriate for hot and relaxed environment in Hawaii. The top looks like something she picked up at Walmart, cheap cheap cheap looking. You aren’t going to a sk@nky night club Kimtrasshian! ewwwwwwwww