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Beyonce's World Humanitarian Day Performance - Watch Now!

Beyonce's World Humanitarian Day Performance - Watch Now!

Beyonce performs her song “I Was Here” for World Humanitarian Day at the United Nations on Friday (August 10) in New York City.

Check out the video performance below of the 30-year-old global pop star. The vid was produced by Scott Robinson and co-directed by Kenzo Digital and Sophie Muller.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Beyonce Knowles

Anderson Cooper interviewed Beyonce on the day of her performance – check out a clip here!

And if you missed it, peep the official photos of Beyonce‘s performance here!

World Humanitarian Day is TOMORROW (August 19). Show your support at WDF-IWASHERE.ORG!

Beyonce’s World Humanitarian Day Performance – Watch Now!
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38 Responses to “Beyonce's World Humanitarian Day Performance - Watch Now!”

  1. 1
    Miley Says:

    Overrated and overexposed phony bit@h.

  2. 2
    Jay xyz Says:

    Disgusting. She is pretending to do some humanitarian work, when all she is doing is promoting her “I’m full of myself” song. I mean really up in that forum in a designer sparkly gown, while showing images of the real humanitarians and suffering people in the background… Really? She thinks she will leave that type of a mark? I bet she will submit this song for a grammy nomination and she will continue to award herself for all the tracks she released from the album.

    Disgusting. Tacky.

  3. 3
    LaCroix Says:

    after 10+ years in the she wants to devote some “humanitarian efforts” How about donating some of your 100 millions .. no you can only afford to give away 100k. pathetic.

  4. 4
    silva j Says:

    Such an AMAZING VIDEO AND WOMAN. Just FLAWLESS and all for a great Cause!

  5. 5
    stunna Says:

    I literally cried. Love Beyonce!

  6. 6
    WhitneyIsTheBest Says:

    Yet you’re the first to comment. Anyway…. I love it. Her voice is absolutely amazing.

  7. 7
    Sana Says:

    Love It and lobe beyonce

  8. 8
    SHAMROCK Says:

    Beautiful and powerful song by Beyonce!! My daughter just did a dance this week to this song and it was a very emotional and lovely thing to watch and hear!! I will make a difference tomorrow in some way for others in our world. Hope all of the people do as well.


  9. 9
    David Says:

    Beyonce has donated millions, DO YOUR RESEARCH!

  10. 10
    Tiana Says:

    There are so much Beyonce haters its so pathetic what has she done to deserve so much hate ummmm.

  11. 11
    Bennnnnnnn Says:

    @stunna: ” I literally cried. Love Beyonce”


  12. 12
    Lora Says:

    I like the song, I thought it was powerful. The lyrics were moving. Beyonce doesn’t have the most powerful voice in the world, but I thought she did well considering…
    But it definitely would have had a bigger impact on me if the vocals had been better. Someone with a more clear and powerful voice with more emotional depth would have been ideal.

  13. 13
    Lisa Says:

    Not buying the fakeness anymore. Most people see this new ‘humanitarian’ gig as a PR move. Beyonce is not an artist I look to for inspiration on the world. She has never been part of the solution, but part of the problem and that is greed! She spent $40 millions on a jet, but yet want to sing to me about making a difference. Not buying it!

  14. 14
    yo sista Says:

    phony as hell

  15. 15
    Mariah Says:


  16. 16
    Just NO Says:

    I agree with everyone else. Everything in this woman’s life is some sort of PR move. Pushing her group members out of the way, so the limelight would only be on her. Check. Marrying Jay-z to get more status, fame, and money. Check. Doing a documentary where she cries about being so gifted, and asking why God gave her so much talent. Check. Wearing a collapsible baby bump, while a surrogate carries the real child. Check. And finally, when she has exhausted all her pr moves, she finally is trying to be the new, African American Audrey Hepburn. Umm no.

  17. 17
    Mariah Says:

    What does her ass know about what is going on in Libya? Pakistan? Syria? Cameron? Lebanon? Tunisia? Zambia? Serbia? NOTHING! She’s standing there wearing a $10,000 dress singing and acting about humanitarian works. Pretending that she cares? No she doesn’t, it’s all theater. It’s just a piece of theater with the lighting, the Gucci dress & all.

  18. 18
    Ajoke Says:

    Beyonce: I was here…to steal all the writing credits from the people who ACTUALLY write my songs, so I could amass more wealth, while I flash images of poor, starving, traumatized people behind me. I was here alright.

    BS. This has to be some kind of joke.

  19. 19
    rikki Says:

    i’m not a huge fan but yay, she can actually sing. that’s refreshing

  20. 20
    cw Says:

    @Jay xyz:

    Couldn’t put it better myself…..perfection in your words

    this woman is a horrible narcissist – shame on her!

  21. 21
    JJJ Says:

    Wahooo i’m usually not the one to comment but let me say first all of , BeyoncĂ© is amazing there , and every day by the way . Why do you spray so much hate around someone you don’t know/care about ? You know she wasn’t born a rich girl with a super rich daddy right ? Same for Jay-Z if these two worth an estimated 1 BILLION DOLLARS today it’s cause of the hard work they put . You’d think she just wake up sings and shop ? Please get a life stop hating on people who makes everything in their power to get what they wants in life . You guys are bullies and you should be ashamed ! She is giving to charities all of the proceed of the song . Just because she’s rich doesn’t mean that she should give money if she doesn’t want to! I’m just pissed off right now JEEEEEEZ

  22. 22
    Koree Says:


    PREACH!!!! All of this hate for what? At the end of the day, what are all yall doing to help? Thats more important

  23. 23
    allie Says:

    beyonce still on her one-woman P.R trip then? — if anyone was going to make humanitarian day about themselves it’d be her.

  24. 24
    poop face Says:

    she has a big butt lol

  25. 25
    NYC Says:

    We had our fill of her the year she sang five times at the Oscars.
    It sucked.

  26. 26
    Oh Yeah!!! Says:

    Love Bey’s Dress!

  27. 27
    Tamra Says:

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  28. 28
    Tamra Says:

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  29. 29
    harmnot Says:

    why dont she start her humanitarian work by STOP WEARING FUR!!!!!!!!
    And for those who think this work that she is doing is such a big deal…there are thousands of americans who make so much less and donate a larger percent of their income….that is true charity. What she donates is a drop in the bucket and free publicity and huge tax deductions….remember this is the same person who entertained one of the most ruthless dictator. These are entertainers….not humanitarians….and actors who pretend for a living. If you want to emulate someone….find one that is giving in silence. These a–holes come with whistles and bells when they drop a penny!!!!!!!!!

  30. 30
    FluffBall Says:

    If you dont like her dont waste your time on commenting, she is never going to read it and any fan of hers on this page does not give a **** what you haters have to say so you might aswell skip her posts and save time with not writing.

  31. 31
    i Says:

    @FluffBall: if u know shes not going to read this then why defend her? you are just wasting YOUR time. get back on your tumblr and continue to kiss someones as*s that only cares about themselves.

  32. 32
    Kameron Says:

    I will never understand why people harbor so much hate & ill will towards a woman they’ve never met. This woman has earned every penny she has since she was 15 with hard work & dedication. Beyonce has done nothing but chased & turned a dream into reality without the need of a DUI or substance abuse scandals. She is the epitome of true talent & a beautiful soul. You have got to be a cold miserable lonely person to seek flaws & negativity in something like this. Live YOUR life be RESPONSIBLE for your own actions because at the end of the day I’m sure she has done more charitable notions than you ever will. Grow Up.

  33. 33
    ale Says:

    wow she can sing for sure really good performance!!!

  34. 34
    GiselleTea Says:

    I was crying. She is amazing, her voice is incredible…

  35. 35
    MC Says:

    smh beyonce why use a damn self centered song about your self as a damn humanitarian song!! i woldve feel a little better if she did a brand new song for it!! damn its like shes trying her hardest to be michael jackson give it a break!!! your music sucks and your not even original! i wish she would go sit down somewhere someone please let a new singer rise and make sure they speak properly or atleast graduated high school!! in a 100 years from now ppl will probably know beyonce as a selfish being and maybe for her performance but it will not definitely be her music or them movies sorry

  36. 36
    lol Says:

    Cool that everyone here is up to shout loud how beyonce is selfish and narcisist while you all are not doing a **** to change what is happening around the world.

    She may seem selfish for those who dont believe on her but shes actually doing a great job changing a lot of minds and changing a lot of lifes – its a fact.

  37. 37
    Emily Says:

    Flawless performance as well as her attire. This woman is god sent, no way she’s human!

  38. 38
    memory Says:

    why you haters always in other people’s bussiness go girl you have a gift may God keep blessing you dont mind about what people say you can not make everyone happy you can sing ,dance,act and you have a good heart

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