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Jennifer Aniston: 'The Campaign' Showing!

Jennifer Aniston: 'The Campaign' Showing!

Jennifer Aniston heads to a nearby movie theater to watch
the Will Ferrell-Zach Galifianakis comedy The Campaign on Friday (August 17) in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The 43-year-old actress hid her left hand and engagement ring in her pocket as she left the set of her latest movie, We’re the Millers.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

News of Jennifer and Justin Theroux‘s engagement was confirmed this past Sunday by their reps.

FYI: Jennifer and Will Ferrell starred together in the 1998 comedy, The Thin Pink Line.

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  • Kennifer Kardashian

    photo op time! no doubt we’re gonna be bombarded with pictures of her while she creates “buzz” around her yet-to-exist engagement ring. this is what she wants, right? attention to her almost non-existent career.
    is she a kardashian? maybe she’s the exiled ugly kardashian sister. she’s known more her relationships than anything else. that sitcom was so loooong ago. why is she famous? she doesn’t seem to have any talent and seems to be known for hawking bottled water and perfume.
    she seems to read internet comments about herself. why is she wearing such high platforms? she’s deceiving no one. we already know she has short legs in proportion to the rest of her body.

  • anna

    Hiding her left hand in her pocket. What a manipulative woman. Its so obvious she is doing it on purpose. Dragging the whole thing out for maximum publicity. But really what can you expect from a woman who was married for less than 5 years but dragged the divorce out for 7 years.
    Anything for the next People magazine cover, isn’t that right Jen.

  • Kennifer Kardashian

    she obviously didn’t find the campaign very funny. her expression looks more forlorn than when she attended that funeral a while back in a hooker outfit. the only indication that she’s happy is that her nip implants are saying hello as usual. trying to use those to distract from the otherwise unattractive everything else about her.

  • jmho

    The Thin Pink Line? WTF, who has heard of it. I checked Rotten Tomatoes and it has one audience member review, that’s it. “i feel bad for whoever made this movie its so bad!” So now Aniston stars in movies with Will Farell eh, oh that’s hilarious.

  • Angelique

    @jmho: The movie was so bad that it wasn’t released in the United States. I believe there’s a video of her in it on youtube.

  • lori

    Why hide the ring? His Rep annouced their engagement to People Mag. Its not like its a frikking secret!

  • Angelique

    @lori: Because the paps get a lot of money if they capture her with that ring, so she doesn’t want them to profit off of it.

  • Angelique

    In other words, Joan rivers said “Naiomi Campbell said she wouldn’t wear fur until hell froze over, but she figured since Jennifer Aniston got engaged…” lmfao Joan rivers is funny!

  • JL

    @Kennifer Kardashian: Good question:
    why is she famous?
    Of course because of her bottled water and her perfume.
    She came to Hollywood to sell her water and perfume.
    That was the start of her career.
    Producers tried her bottled water and :
    “WOW! This girl is good for “Friends”!
    Like that, right?

  • Angelique

    @JL: and WOW, its about to be over!

  • Kennifer Kardashian

    ‘friends’ was a looong time ago. wouldn’t you say she is more famous than courtney cox and lisa kudrow, even though their characters were just as, if not more, interesting? so why, pray enlighten me, does she have more media attention? what do we know about lisa kudrow’s personal relationships?
    come on, is it that hard to just admit she is famous for her relationships and the products she hawks? if you’re going to be a fan, at least be a fan for who she really is, not what you would like her to be.

  • LeeSeol

    Miss high and mighty can’t drive herself to the movies? Jeez.
    Well if I was as rich as her I guess I wouldn’t drive myself anywhere either.

  • JL

    )@Kennifer Kardashian: Lisa Kudrow can sell an own water (even vodka) and nobody will care.
    Because Jennifer is INTERESTING to people.
    Because she is TALENTED in all she does.
    Did you see women copying Kudrow’s style?
    Did you see Kudrows painting?
    May be Kudrow is a great home designer?
    May be Kudrow looks better?
    Go google her latest pictures.
    Lisa Kudrow is a good person
    but she had stopped.
    Unlike Jennifer.

  • PR stunt

    How many articles in the last week about we can’t see her hand under her towel she’s carrying ….. Can’t see it the way shes walking ….. Can’t see it in her pocket. This is such a pr stunt to drum up interest in her engagement. This is ridiculous and no other celebrity used their pr agent to act like this. Ridiculous.


    I guess since her engagement news came in with a big ol’ dud she is going to plan B to try and drum up interest for something that obviously no one cares about, Aniston and her pr bought engagement! She’s falling fast and everyone is on to the manipulative ways of this tabloid celebrity.

  • Scully

    She has been looking good in the past few years but her face is starting to show her age now. Sucks. Well she should be grateful for the years she had lucky bec they’re coming to and end.

  • Misty

    Are you Brangelina fans in Middle school? You sound so childish and jealous.

  • JL

    Why are you if It’s ridiculous?
    If you know she uses pr agency?
    If all of this is a pr stunt?
    WHY? :)

  • Aussie Surfer

    Reese Witherspoon, have you heard of her? Well she does the same thing when it comes to PR and since her, Jen and Chelsea are BFF’s, they all have the same PR! Total Bullsh!t! Except Reese took it two steps further by marrying an agent and having a baby! Let’s see if Jen can top that!

  • JL

    sorry: HERE
    Why are you HERE if it’s ridiculous?
    It’s a question for ‘PR stunt’ and the rest of “well wishers”.

  • Jill

    Justin T wouldn’t be half bad if he didn’t dress like he was a 19 year old hipster when he is like 40, it’s really weird.

  • http://Justjarde Jen fan

    Love her

  • http://Justjarde Jen fan

    She looks great

  • http://Justjarde Jen fan

    Cute pic

  • Isla

    It doesnt seem like she has a ring (yet?).
    Maybe his proposal ws just that spontaneous lol
    Or Maybe the ring is getting sized haha

  • http://Justjarde Jen fan

    ThanKS JJ

  • http://Justjarde Bit**angie

    The haters gonna hate

  • Keely

    She has to get credit for highest paid actress, most famous, and still gwithholds all the time with nothing to show for. No awards. And absolutely all her movies fail!! Hello, If I were a studio exec I would be afraid to hire her and yet here she is on another set.

  • http://Justjarde Bit**angie

    I like her

  • http://Justjarde Bit**angie

    Best wishes jen

  • JL

    @Aussie Surfer: Do you remember her agents name?
    Did he find new great projects for her?
    Where is her Oscar with all these husband’s efforts?
    For now she smells pumpers – no more…

  • JL

    @Keely: “…No awards. And absolutely all her movies fail…”

  • Halie

    This is why she and her pr agent decided to come up with this new pr stunt so she could get as much attention for yet another pathetic movie of hers. Bet that little man is trying to line up some jobs of any kind in Hollywood which is why he drop a 15 year relationship to hook up with JA. So glad she found a pathetic little fameho of a man from CAA that will play her pr games. All the other men would not give her the time of day for this pr garbage. Sad when you got to use your body and pr tricks to get media attention. She is so C list.

  • agree

    She doesn’t have a ring on. You can still nothing is poking out from her pocket. If the rumors are right you would see indication. You know like what is poking out from her shirt all the time. LOL She is such an attention whore.

  • rainer

    she loves some wedges…

    anyway not crazy about the outfit. It looks a bit dated.. And her hair in the back looks damaged. I guess form the extensions in and out.

    Wonder when she will show the ring. This seems like a bit of a tease to me.

  • rainer


    and reading your name just proves that point. You Jenhens are just such hypocrites. You really need to look in the mirror first before you start spouting off crap. BUT I guess the rules are you can dish it out but can’t take it

  • Amyg

    haha that rob pattz bodyguard too

  • Jovy Dunner

    Love her. She is fabulous. Hide the ring Jen. Otherwise, nno matter how gorgeous it is, it will be the subject of so many criticisms from fans like the ones bashing you now. They are just so jealous of you because the think girl’s engagement did not get this much attention. Atta girl.

  • Lamey Gossip

    “Timing, of course, as is the case, always, with Jen vs Brad and Angelina, is paramount. They [Jen & Justin] did not release their statement on Friday, when it would have been buried by the Olympics. They did not release it on Tuesday after the weekly magazines close their new issues. They chose to wait until Brange made it through the weekend without a wedding, and almost right after the flames were extinguished in the London cauldron, and sent PEOPLE a confirmation statement, ensuring that, post-Games, their story would dominate all headlines. It was the lead-off story on most sites and most morning news shows last night and this morning.”

  • intric8

    Washed up. Over the hill. These broads should just retire and make way for younger talent.

  • Dd

    Her rock must be smaller than her nipples that’s why she kept her left hand in her pocket

  • tsquared

    Very unattractive out fit on her. And surely she knows there are padded bras that would, um, hide her assets? Oh wait, then people wouldn’t be talking about her nips.

  • Isn’t She Lovely

    Isn’t She Wonderful

  • jentheho

    she must has a gigantic nipples. why are her nipples always showing?

    She might have a young body but her face is just old and damn ugly.

  • Sam

    ^ ^ so true and so funny !

  • http://Justjarde Bit**angie

    Jen rocks

  • http://Justjarde Bit**angie

    On the top

  • http://Justjarde Bit**angie


  • http://Justjarde Bit**angie

    Jealous haters