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Kate Bosworth: Cher Coulter to Design AG Jeans!

Kate Bosworth: Cher Coulter to Design AG Jeans!

Kate Bosworth visits a friend at her house on Friday (August 17) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the day, the 29-year-old newly engaged actress congratulated her stylist via Twitter. She wrote, “Nice one! @CherCoulter for AG Jeans as seen in 8-8 @womensweardaily.”

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Early next year, Cher will help inaugurate the AG Stylist Series, releasing a 14-piece collection with the premium denim label including floral-printed jeans, shorts, work shirts, dresses, rompers, and fringed scarves.

“That’s what I love about denim – it’s a fun canvas,” said Cher.

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  • danica

    wanna see her ring.

  • Next!

    The paps just happen to be waiting for her at a private residence. Yeah okay, not too desperate looking. But I guess a girl has to do something for attention. I mean, it’s been over a week and she can’t let Jennifer Aniston get ahead in the engagement game.

  • Marcos

    yes! finally a popular celebrity on this site!

  • Marcos

    she might be one of the prettiest girls on the planet

  • love her

    oh my, she looks stunning. she is really gorgeous.
    you could tell, she really takes good care of herself. good for her! big fan!

  • love her

    beautiful and talented lady

  • love her

    who is she?

  • hgk

    This site is crazy!

  • hgk

    to me, she is the twin sister of Diane Kruger, only she is more famous and popular.

  • lord

    good news for Cher…i dont get how this justifies a post with kb. she’s useless compared to Cher

  • Lilla

    Congrats Cher!

  • notyourfriend

    eat something, anything!

  • Jeannie

    Good for you Cher & good luck!

    @Next, what you don’t think the paps just happened to be at the same place & time as KB? haha!

  • Helen

    Isn’t she an actress,why doesn’t she act then instead of chasing paps then complaining that they bother her

  • ??

    It says cher coulter to design jeans, but i dont see cher !!!???

    And is that her natural hair color? wasnt it sort of whitish/ blondish colour for a long time ?

  • Chinese Whisperer

    Could people please stop Kate-Bashing! Hear me out on this… We are all aware of 1. She is a celebrity rather than an actress (name more than 3 movies she’s been in… Come on,try!) 2. She is a ‘style icon’ because she is the client of one of the best stylists (She styled her Coachella outfits. Yes! You heard me. Her stylist dressed her for a music festival) 3. She cheated on Askars (Don’t say this was never proven. There is easily a distinctive timeline and The Viking and The Hobbit do overlap) Now that we all know this please, PLEASE, stop giving all her articles a million comments. It’s what someone like her (drama queen/narcisslut/one who constantly seeks personal affirmation) wants and infact needs! You are all enabling her. Any publicity is good publicity… And for a celebrity like Ms. Bosworth, no words could be so true.

  • Lois

    The best JJ and her PR can do it say she twatted omeone else about their new career opportunity? That’s got to be one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever heard.

    Seems like KB is out of the loop since she didn’t do the shoot for Cher’s new jeans line. I wonder if RHW is modelling for Cher? Kinda speaks volume that Cher also replied to Women’s Wear Daily instead of just KB.

    Cher Coulter ‏@CherCoulter
    @katebosworth @womensweardaily thanks dood!! Can’t wait for u to see the shoot we did with Naj for it!

  • reb

    Stop talking bad about her. She is working, her in two films in post-production, one in which a is directed by her boyfriend Michael Polish

  • Bread


  • Food

    Kate you need me…..

  • Cake

    I am your worst nightmare Kate Bosworth!

  • reb

    Diane is a GODDESS

  • Eeeew

    Somebody need an intervention…hookah looks starved and busted…

  • Lois

    KB is promoting her new role in Desperately Seeking Attention.

  • reb

    you all are jealous of her, they want her life, her boyfriend, her everything.!

  • Lois

    I see Frick, so where’s Frack? Is he still remixing Big Suck?

  • mforman

    @Lois—I totally agree with you, I think if she didn’t use RHW for the jeans shoot she probably picked people that she actually wants to work with now.
    Notice once again KB is wearing no JM, she used to never be photographed without one or two pcs on, now she wears nothing, she knew she would be photographed because the paps ususally don’t hang outside of your friends house unless you tell them where and when.
    That is the tweet you send the person you consdier your “BBF”, that friendship is long dead. That is the first tweet Cher has even sent to her in ages, and it wasn’t just for KB. These two now have just a professional relationship that is it.
    The funniest thing is this has nothing to do with the creature, but JJ got the photos and had to somehow put them into a post, so he puts her in a post that clearly belongs to Cher.
    Don’t you love how they say “her stylist”, whenever the two of them used to be mentioned it was always, “stylist and long time friend”.

  • WTMF

    Where’s her JM? That’s her only job & she’s not wearing any?

    Good luck Cher.

  • Lois

    Love the colour and cut of the jeans but it looks like she stole them from an Olsen twin. High waters are not cute.

    Btw, anyone else notice she’s got some big @ss feet for her size? Reminds me of a Hobbit.

  • Lois
  • chelle

    @reb: why do you weirdo stans always go to that “your so jealous ” crap. She has absolutely nothing I want need or desire except maybe MAYBE some free time and boy does she have plenty of that! I have a wonderful beautiful husband whom I didn’t have to bribe or drug to be with me a wonderful career…. if I ever finish my fellowship… ugh!!!! And here’s the best part…REAL FRIENDS!! Ive managed to do this all on my own with nothing but support from my family…… here is the big question that NOBODY seems to be able to answer…..why do you really like her? Dont say because shes so pretty because thats a cop out answer. What is the real reason you are a fan?????

  • Melody

    like Eleanor implied I am stunned that some one able to make $6188 in a few weeks on the computer. did you look at this link (Click on menu Home more information)

  • Strange

    @31- why are you comparing your life to a person on a gossip site? Damn, Kate Bosworth is obviously just a stand in for that woman or women that messed with your self esteem way back but hey this must be good therapy for you to get it all out, I guess.

  • donnadew

    Pathetic that she feels she has to get her face into the media to compete with Miranda Kerr’s gorgeous photo spread in the New York Times –with photos taken by Orlando, no less. No one gave a rat’s ass about this rag’s “leaked” engagement so now she’s trying to spin news out of her FRIEND’S collection. Why doesn’t this famewhore just retire, already. She has no career, nothing to say, nothing.

  • she
  • she
  • chelle

    @she: Seriously?! I just lost my dinner with that stoopid picture. Thanks a bunch…..

  • ladybug

    I see the troll has been let back on its mom’s computer.

    Does Miss Fashion Icon not know how to choose bra to go with her top?

    I like the booties, at least they’re not her usual ones.

    @?? : her natural hair color now is probably a very light brunette. She looks better in warmer colors, like a honey blonde, or even something in the red family. And she should chop about a foot off it, it looks terrible when not styled for a fashion event.

  • Whycantipost

    Hahhaahahahaa a KB-post that only mentions Cher. Hilarious. THe only way she is featured (once again) is by talking about others or news about her lovelife.

  • Whycantipost

    I am sure Jasper is commenting here too, since she also comments on mean stuff said about JMvids on Youtube. Look for an account with ‘Pita’ in the name, very obvious it’s her. Sad, letting a teen do your talking, then just take the LeAnn Rimes road and full time pimp out the kids and respond to mean people yourself, making yourself look like a fool. (Oh wait, KB already does that, except the responding to comments herself).

  • Eresyn

    Isn’t this post should be about Cher, since the news it’s about her, not Kate?????? *sigh*


    Ladybug, you’re so right. Why???? showing your bra is not sexy at ALL, it’s so awful!!!…although ,since she seems not to hang around with her stylist anymore, who knows, maybe it was hard for her to actually choose a decent bra to go with that t-shirt *rolling eyes*
    I’ll give her something, her hair color is much prettier when is darker, but she needs to cut it off asap. Unhealthy hair does not look on anyone, no matter how pretty the color is.

  • ladybug

    @Eresyn: She might as well have not worn a bra at all, for the good it’s doing for her.

    In the last thread I’d worried that she hadn’t been papped since the engagement ‘announcement.’ and voila! But it’s not even a thread about her, its about a fashion line from her stylist. A line that’s not even coming out anytime soon. And JJ doesn’t even mention JewelMint.

    @reba: “She is working, her in two films in post-production” Um, those two films were done over a year ago, she’s not done anything since.
    But! She does have a movie coming out on the 29th, Little Birds. Admittedly, she’s not got a large part in it. But JJ did do a whole post on the trailer, way back in Spring. And apparently hasn’t mentioned it since.

  • Lois

    It just occurred to me that KB may have been so far out of Cher’s loop that she really had no idea about a denim line when asked at Sundance.
    At 4:00 on this video:

  • ladybug

    @Lois: I can’t tell if she’s really out of the loop, just totally clueless or just a bad interviewee.
    Wasn’t it at the Nylon party last year she couldn’t even coherently answer a question about Jewelmint?

  • mforman

    @ladybug—-You are so right. All she kept saying was um, um and yeah. It really made her look like an idiot. Also, what is with that ridiculous laugh of hers, I mean really is that geniue or fake.

  • ladybug

    @mforman: This interview, the Nylon interview, the Hugo Boss interview, the interview last spring for the JM/JJ charity thingy where she couldn’t name what charities she supported.
    I understand being nervous for interviews. But she’s been doing this for over ten years, shouldn’t she have gotten better at it, just through practice? Or had RB and her minions work with her on her presentation?

  • Macy

    Those jeans are way too short. Where’s the flood? LOL

    She’s not smart. She might be book smart, but in other way, not so much. She consistently sounds like a bumbling idiot in her interviews. Can’t remember her own jewelry line, doesn’t know her supposed best friend is designing jeans, can’t name a charity she wants to support, can’t pick a specific outfit she likes at a fashion show…the girl is vapid beyond belief.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: I don’t doubt that she reads all those books that she claims to. But she seems unable to actually get anything from them, she only regurgitates, doesn’t synthesize what she reads or seems able to form her own thoughts.

  • Macy

    Like I said, book smart. I’m sure she was good in school but she is poor with social communication. She’s not spontaneous at all, she’s totally vanilla that she can’t make a response that isn’t mundane and rehearsed.

  • Lois


    I don’t even think she’s book smart; she just has a good memory and is able to parrot information.