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Katie Holmes Teaches Suri Cruise to Ride a Bike!

Katie Holmes Teaches Suri Cruise to Ride a Bike!

Katie Holmes gives her daughter Suri some direction while teaching her how to ride a bicycle on the bike path of the West Side Highway on Saturday (August 18) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress kept it casual in a white shirt and jeans while Suri wore a bright pink helmet and kept a stuffed animal in the basket of the bike!

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# 1

riding your bike in nyc would seem busy ?

# 2

I’m so over Katie tipping the paparazzi on her whereabouts and activities with Suri just so we can “see” she is such an “awesome parent.” Golly. And for the last time, when will she throw away those horrid boots!

# 3

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# 4

I respect Katie for trying to give her daughter a normal life but really, wtf did she expect when she married Tom Cruise??? I feel it will alll be for nothing though because I can almost guarantee Suri will want to move back to LA and live her father’s lifestyle when she reaches her teenage years.

# 5

All this for your upcoming Broadway show…. quite transparent.

# 6

How is this teaching? 6+ years old and training wheels? She should now how to ride by now at least with the wheels but probably without them also.
Anyway they both look good and happy these days

# 7

Anyone who believes Katie left Tom so Suri can have a “normal” life is delusional. Clearly, Katie still wants to make headlines, she is still pushing her product, she is still very visible — in fact, she is more visible now than ever. Every week she is on some magazine doing some “mundane activity” with Suri. It’s not like Katie left Tom to quit Hollywood altogether or move to a small town with a population of 5,000 people.

# 8

Leave those boots for a winter day, Katie. Are you really “teaching” Suri to ride a bike? I think not, just another photo op. I bet this lasted no more than 15-20 minutes.

# 9

I do not like those boots at all. She wears those boots with everything, even short skirts.

The title of her next Broadway project should be called Versatile Boots because Katie thinks her boots were made not only for walking but for all seasons.

These are several sasfety ruies for riding a bicycle in America.

First, wear a helmet to protect your head.
Second, wear shoes that cover your feet. Never wear flip-flops or go barefoot when you ride.
Third, wear pads on your wrists, knees, and elbows.
Last, do not wear headphones whlie you are biking.
If you follow these rules, you will be safe

Suri wear comfortable sneakers.


why would she want to move with tom cruise? she probably barely even knows him.

@MP: Assuming that Suri never ridden a bike startin her training wheels is the first step. After a while one Suri gets used to it she can take the training wheels off

When it’s all said and done, a person’s actions speak louder than his/her words. Katie is not exactly trying to shy Suri from the spotlight. Katie realizes Suri is the main reason that she Katie is still in the spotlight. In a few weeks or months, Katie will be quoted somewhere saying she would not want Suri to “get into the business” if she hasn’t said that already. Yeah right, Katie. Or she may opt for the neutral response “I’ll support Suri in whatever she chooses.” Yeah, okay.

She’s sooooo BORING. And leave this child alone. Why does she need to learn in front of paps. God will this woman ever stop using her daughter for publicity?!!

an opinion @ 08/18/2012 at 8:45 pm

All for attention.. You know there are probably 6+ paps watching that little girl trying to learn how to ride. Why not go to a private playground or to NJ. She is rich enough to rent a house for a day.

This photo is not about Suri “learning how to ride a bicycle” at all. It’s about trying to stay relevant in the news by being photographed doing anything possible. The next photo will be of Katie buying hot dogs from a hot dog stand in NYC or buying ice cream from an ice cream truck with Suri in tow.

I’ve been over Katie since Dawson’s Creek concluded, just like I’m over those horrible tan boots from first sighting.

Katie having Suri wear a short dress while riding a bike is so predictable.

@Clarrisa: NOOOO!!! Just throw them away already!!! She’s been wearing these boots for soooo long now – they’re filthy!!!

Katie, Katie, Katie, please rid yourself of those boots. You have my permission to wear something else. In the last month, I could count about 20 or so pictures with those boots on Justjared.

I don’t know why you guys are picking on her. Is she supposed to hide herself and Suri away? With regard to bike riding, there is nothing wrong with Suri using training wheels, she probably hasn’t had a lot of chances to ride a bike. As to all the gear one of you said Suri should where, I agree about the helmet and maybe sneakers, but the rest? Her mother is standing right beside her and she has training wheels. I bet if she wasn’t going out you guys would be saying she is depressed and hiding.

And about the boots, maybe they are really really comfortable.

There’s one thing about chance encounter and another thing about scheduled appearances for the pap. This is not a random chance encounter. And also, I agree Katie should burn those boots the first chance she gets.

What do you people want her to do? To raise her daughter locked at a penthouse? New York is probably the second city in the U.S in number of paparazzis per square foot, of course she’ll be photographed constantly. And no, I don’t think that’s why she moved to NYC, she did it so probably because of her acting jobs on Broadway. And besides, getting publicity by doing these kind of daily activities is very subjective. The majority of the people dont give a damn about it, the only ones who care/bother are the ones who read celebrity gossip. Paparazzis are just doing their jobs, they dont care whether it’s relevant or not. Plus, do you really think that these people spend the whole day at their offices waiting for some PR to call them and tell where to go to get pictures? Of course they probably get a lot of that but I’m pretty sure they also wander on the streets trying to find celebrities they can take pictures of.

@not again:
Bella are you a Scientologist? Why is it that if Tom Cray Cruise does a photo opp it is so cute? Tom is crazy and it is refreshing to see Katie try and help her child’s development. Why does that poor child have to be crazy like Tomcat? Stop it. Grow up and the next time you try to criticize Katie just remember Suri can stay in Cinderella’s world for a weekend. I am so sick of silly, empty comments like yours.

Oh, and one last thing, calling paps is for decadent people like Lindsay Lohan who desperately needs attention and publicity (no matter what kind). With all the news on Katie and Tom’s divorce, I really don’t think she needs to call paps for publicity.

Get rid of the training wheels..put proper shoes/clothes on Suri.6 is kinda old for training wheels

Honestly . My Respect for this girl has been growing by leaps and bounds
since the day she dumped that weirdo of a husband of hers. It will be hard to undo the damaged that they inflicted on their daughter but kudos to Katie for trying.

They’re her boots, if they annoy you guys so much, don’t look at her feet.
News Flash, Suri is Katie’s daughter, if she is fine with what Suri wears, why is it any of your business.
You guys need to take your beak out of other people’s lives, and check what is going on in your famlies.

Munchausen By Proxy... @ 08/18/2012 at 10:49 pm

and general proxy crap:
The paps are too much for Suri.
Suri needs a cupcake.
New York is Suri’s favorite city (Katie said this when Suri was 9 mos.)
Suri needs ice cream.
Suri is obsessed with fashion.
Suri needs a blankie and bottle.
Maximum exposure is simply Suri’s life.

Katie is exhausting. She needs a lot of attention.

I knew she wouldn’t be able to stay out of the spotlight for long. She hasn’t been photographed for about a week and that’s an eternity for Katie. She was probably hiding from all the bad press she and Tom were getting for dragging Suri in front of the paps daily. We haven’t forgotten. The bad press will continue.

Katie has a fashion line debuting at NY Fashion week next month and a Play opening in November, of course this is for publicity.

Gotta keep the public talking (good or bad) that way your projects get some attention.

“Dead Accounts”, also starring two time Tony Award-winner Norbert Leo Butz, are now on sale. >>>Pick up your tickets on Telecharge! <<<

A two- time Tony Award-winner is listed as "also starring"?

this miserable brat is over 6 years old and can’t ride a bike??????

geez…there is a little boy, just turned 3 that can ride a bike without training wheels like he has been riding for awhile.

This brat…clearly does not like what she is doing. She is way over pampered among other things,


Name changing gone wild on this thread.


It is hardly the kid’s fault she can’t ride a bike at age 6-1/2. It is the parents fault. Or the nanny’s. If they haven’t shown her how to ride until these pics then how is that Suri’s fault.? Yes she is pampered and over-indulged, but blaming her for not knowing how to ride a bike is ridiculous. Next thing you know she’ll be 7 and you’ll be screaming that she can’t drive a car!

Suri should have been able to ride a bike LONG AGO

Katie needs to relax and stop calling the pap! The boot police is on her trail so it’s best she stays out of sight.

These photos are not about living a normal life. These photos are about, yeah look at me, look what a wonderful job I’m doing being Suri’s mom… and by the way, I have a few projects coming up blah, blah, blah. And by the way, I’m living such a regular life now since I left Tom… more blah, blah, blah.

Katie has an odd shaped body. Her upper body doesn’t seem to match the lower. I guess that outfit is just not very flattering. It’d be cool if she dressed up a little, or maybe just different. A blouse or maybe even a polo-shirt with some regular, casual pants (and not those boots) would be more becoming.

Frankly, I think it’s cool that Suri is going to learn to ride, even if she has been so sheltered that she’s only getting started at 6 years old. Successfully riding a bike may help her feel accomplished and more confident as a child.

That bike is for a toddler. Suri is way too big for that bike. It’s for a two or three year old.

That bike IS for a small child.. Both of my children were riding without training wheels by the time thay were six.

I noticed that the paparazzi are not interested so much Katie and Suri. When Katie goes out alone is just a few photos taken by the paparazzi, and when she goes out with her daughter is always more than 100 photos. Not surprisingly it was a little?

Why do you claim that Katie calls the PAP? I do not understand. Why would she do that?

Katie Did not notice that Suri hates Pap?! AFTER what she’s with Suri in such a public place where there are paparazzi. In pictures Katie is always smiling to Pap, and Suri almost crying with rage when they see it.

Ah but its fine if Michelle Williams is seen 24/7 with daughter Matilda? I see no fake smiles here at all. Katie looks worried as Suri peddles away while Suri looks determined to get it right. Normal and awesome. First Katie was a hero, now she’s a paparazzi wh*&e. Make up your mind! Tom with Suri at Disneyland was just adored, while poor Katie gets thrashed online for doing devious things like taking her daughter to museums, zoo’s, and heaven forbid bicycle riding lessons.

I love Katie PR team.

Grandma of Four @ 08/19/2012 at 8:04 am

What is with all the critical remarks!? GOOD for Katie! Doing something millions of parents do worldwide! Teaching their kids how to ride a bike! Not one thing wrong with that whatsoever! Little kids…even Suri Cruise…take pride in being able to ride their bike! Those training wheels will be gone in no time!

Is Suri slow? I mean, she is 6 years old. I learned to ride a bike at 4 years. She even has those supporting wheels… omg.

I think it’s terrific that she isn’t “renting a playground”, which would spoil Suri even more. And I somehow doubt that Katie is calling the paparazzi, I am sure there is someone always around. Suri has obviously been sheltered and coddled, and is now doing things a normal 6 year old should be doing.

This is such a sweet moment, a normal mother daughter moment.

Coralline Grace @ 08/19/2012 at 11:30 am

My son is younger than Suri and can ride his bike since he was 4.Common children learn to do normal things such as riding a bike and walking before those poor rich children . I do not envy celebs AT ALL.

HEY ANGELINA JOLIE ! Look at that.
Chlidren is not accessory.

Katier’s heart is always with suri.
I’m touched by that.

Katie is beautiful mother than angelina jolie.


Hey, I’m no fan of the woman or her parenting, but it’s not like the kid has ever had a chance to learn in the past with all the traveling and such. And it’s not all that unusual for a six year old to still be learning to balance on a bike. My son didn’t get the hang of it until he was 8.

At least the JP’s don’t constantly pimp out their kids for photo ops like Tom and Katie do. If Brad and Angelina break up I bet we don’t see the pap media wars as to who is the better parent like Tom and Katie are “treating” us to!

Why the constant comparison to Angelina? And when was the last time any of the JP kids were or photographed? While I have nothing against Kate or Suri, that little girl has been photographed (much to her distress) like a million times since the divorce filing. Just check Jared’s archives!

@ that’s who
She really does remind me of Sophia Coppola

Chasing relevance @ 08/19/2012 at 1:15 pm

Katie is trying to show that she can stand on her own…. by making sure she is photographed doing “normal things”, blah, blah, blah. Let’s face it, if Katie did not have Suri would Tom, she would not be in the papers. You will continue to see Suri on publications because that’s Katie’s ticket to relevance.

I’m over Katie parading with Suri in NYC for pictures and somehow manages to ask for privacy. Just lies. Katie’s PR team have been hard at work trying to make her look “awesome and normal.”

I guess it was picture time again to show once again how Suri is doing normal things with her mom. I’m over these publicity stunts.

Love those “rules” for riding a bike. Why not just wear a hazmat suit?!
I do think you need to ride away from cars. On a path just for bikes. But really, knee pads? Elbow pads? In other words…DON’T HAVE ANY FUN!!

Isn’t there a place called Central Park in NYC? This path looks like it’s meant for joggers and experienced bikers. Not a place to be teaching your child to ride a bike. Poor kid.

@MIMIMI: I’m glad you figured it out. This path is not where one goes to try to “teach a child how to ride a bicycle.” It so blatantly obvious she was there for maybe 15 minutes or so for picture time. Yes, I live in NYC.

Why would anyone chose to “teach” a child how to ride a bicycle on a main strip. Not the place for a newbie, but perfect for a few quick photos it seems.

Why does anyone really doubt that paps hang around or pay people to know when Katie and Suri leave the house? Suri is probably the most famous child on the planet. In addition, Tom Cruise and The Cult of $cientology are always of interest. Quite frankly, Suri and Katie’s very pubic lives are probably the only thing keeping them from being thrown into a back of an unmarked van and taken for reprogramming. The $ciBots know they can’t try sh!t as long a people are watching.

Bottomline, Katie is living her life and newly found freedom as best as she can with her daughter. Btw, Suri probably never has ridden a bicycle….has anyone seen ANY of the $ciKids on a bike? Katie has a big job trying to change Suri from a child that the $ciBots felt could make adult decisions and do as Xenu wills to a normal child with boundaries, limitations and consequences. Seriously, look how big Ella Blue Travolta and poor Isabella Connor are; seems like they were never told by their very fit parents that they had to limit calories and exercise.

I wish that kid gets some privacy, the papps are all over her like a bad rush. All the time. And we should boykott pics with Suri and other celebrity kids too.

I cannot believe the ignorance of some of you! You still don’t get it do you? tsk, tsk, tsk…….. uh, they live their lives and do their own thing, the paps take the pics knowing they can sell them to magazines. because they know people like you will read everything and anything about certain people. and don’t tell me you don’t, we all see your childish comments on EVERY story about all celebrities (snicker.) and most of us know that when someone makes negative comments about people they don’t even know, it’s only to make themselves feel better about their own lives. gullible, another word to describe ya’ll who make the goofiest comments that don’t really make any sense, LOL!

katie will win an oscar @ 08/19/2012 at 5:20 pm

katie is rich leave her alone she can do what she wants.

pr person @ 08/19/2012 at 5:57 pm

Why is Suri learning how to ride a bike in a nightgown and pink dress flats? For that matter… why is Suri learning how to ride a bike in front of the entire world?! Nothing ‘normal’ about that.

Not if only now she’s first learning, #6? People learn at their own time.

And you know that how, #12?

Rent and entire house for a day to ride a bike, #17? Why can’t the paparazzi just leave these people alone.

Right, #25.

What damage, #29? Both are just fine.

Well he’s not playing the lead, #35.

You’re an idiot, #36.

How is not knowing how to ride a bike at all a fault, #37?

Why, #39?

Quit playing shrink, #42. What a self-righteous, condescending thing to write.

Cruise still gets trashed too, #48.

Exactly, #50.

How is that obvious, #52?

What an arrogant and self-righteous thing to say, #54.

We see Brangelina’s kids a lot actually and there is no war for public approval by TomKat, #58.

Poor kid, #65.

Maybe you should verify that before making such claims, #66.

Do you know how moronic you sound, #68?

She’s not in a nightgown, #72? So what if she’s wearing flats. So what if she’s learning to ride outside? That’s where she’ll be biking.

Apple Juice @ 08/19/2012 at 11:28 pm

Ohhh for nthe umpteeth time….this is so sad. No, some of us did not declare kaite the Madonna when she left the troll , Tom and are not turning on her now.

Suir, poor child…Prince Willima and Prince Henry had more privacy growing than this poor child. CHILD. Jacqueline Bouvier Onanssiss, say whatever else you want to say, but she made sure Caroline and John Kennedy had privacy, normalcy , American schools, right to grow, right to learn, right to privacy after her move to NYC and until her kids became adults., in college , still.

Suri is having no privacy. Kaite needs to tak Suri back. take her out of the press. Have the nanny take her and places and maybe have Kaite meet up..go in cognito…something. Go places entering with no paps. Underground ways. Give the Suir PR firm some years of cooling off and let the paps forget her. Stop talking her up in interviews as Tom and Kaite have laways done and still do and seem no stopping on doing.

Poor kid…

Apple Juice @ 08/19/2012 at 11:34 pm

Now after looking at the pics, the look at me pics….Suir in custom made Roger V. shows. A dress. Really off. How nice it would to see her in jean short/skort/overalls, Dora shirt or Tweey Bird, something kid like and tennis shoes.
Weird. Kaite and those boots?? WTF! NYC in August. She must think not is NYC in April.

Enough, Katie Holmes! Enough!

Suri will grow to hate both her parents at some point. She’s not old enough to know that they both are using her.But eventually she will figure it out. Katie has projects coming up and Suri needs to get back to work bringing in the press whether she like it or not. Without Suri, Katie and Tom’s threads on here get almost no posts.

Go posh go @ 08/20/2012 at 9:16 am

These photo ops are to keep the apps on her. Fashion week is coming and she needs to promote her line. Her time slot? Exactly when Victoria Beckham goes on. Who has the better show? My bet is on Beckham.


$600 Roger Vivier red patent flats on a child riding a bicycle? !!!!

Holmes, purchase and dress the child in shorts and sneakers for all sports.


PS: Don your own running shoes for pushing a child with training wheels, you might have to run.

PPS: Your suede boots are ridiculous in August and filthy.

Why Katie is treating Suri like a 3 year old girl ??? She should riding on bicycle freely on 2 wheels at her age …

Coralline Grace @ 08/21/2012 at 4:24 am

@Hamlet: Who do you think you are? YOU are arrogant and VERY self-righteous. Are you god or a judge?I just found very bizarre that a big girl like Suri CANNOT RIDE HER BIKE AS MOST OF children of her age. Children should play and run. Children prefer playing instead of visiting boutiques.

Coralline Grace @ 08/21/2012 at 4:26 am

@Emma: I totally agree with you!

@Coralline Grace: My girl was 3 year old when she was riding like now Suri …. now she is 5 and she is riding on 2 wheels :)

Shame on u! @ 08/24/2012 at 10:15 pm

Looks like Suri is below her age level. I’m sure she is not advanced academically. She’s only good for making Katie rich. Ugly Katie is busy dragging the child for media attention. No good mom will does what Katie does. Sad.

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