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Lady Gaga: Emergency! Emergency!

Lady Gaga: Emergency! Emergency!

Lady Gaga holds on tight to her pet pooch Fozzi as she exits her hotel on Saturday (August 18) in Vienna, Austria.

The 26-year-old pop star happily greeted fans who were waiting outside for her and even posed for a couple pics!

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The talented musician recently tweeted about a fun task for her NYC fans.


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Credit: Lucas; Photos: Baurergriffinonline
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  • D E E A

    i suggest she makes a fur vest out of Fozzi. Lol.Maybe she better understands the process.

  • Hap

    What an attention hoar. I don’t understand how someone who owns a dog or any pet can wear the fur of an animal. Must be emptiness in her head. So over this dumb broad.

  • katy

    I have never seen such an ugly woman

  • what?

    Famewh*re. She is exactly what she claims not to be….

  • dee

    She is making fun of all the Pro-Fur people. She is blatantly throwing this in our faces. The fact that she can joke about this issue is so Vile. She already joked about it on Twitter now shes using a Dog? I hate this fake hypocritical lying scum.

  • Sheree

    She could care less about the dog, he’s only an accessory. If Hermes decided to turn him into a fancy hat tomorrow she’d wear it without a second thought.

  • katie


  • Miley

    How nice all she cares about is money from little monsters pockets.

  • Guy

    I dont want to be that person that judges someone they don’t know just because they are famous but I really don’t think she cares about that dog. I don’t know, something about her mannerisms just don’t show a relationship, she holds him and that’s fine but it’s like she is holding a bag and not a living being, I think that when you see someone with a dog (and this may sound weird) but you can usually get an idea about their dog-owner relationship by the way they are together and nothing about them seems…affectionate. It might as well be a purse, It would suit her much better…no offense and maybe I am wrong about them but that’s just me…

  • Lisa

    This woman is one of the biggest frauds ever to hit the music business. She made her name by pretending to be a underdog, but is really part of the elite crowd. The elite crowd tend to think highly of themselves and think their opinion is always right, even when its wrong. She pulled a fast one over so many people, but I am not surprise. No difference between Gaga and Gwyneth Paltrow. Both rich private school girls with pretentious views.

  • Michael

    Bored with her. Thankfully Pink has new music coming. She’s the real deal. Gaga is such a poser and wants to be Madonna so bad it’s ridiculous.

  • James

    EMERGENCY EMERGENCY, Please shut the eff up dumbazz GAGA!

  • okk

    Gaga is saying ” You should care about MY causes but YOUR cause can suck it, meet my future handbag Animal Loving Freaks!” I hate her. If I ever see her I will spit on her. Please your thing with this worthless trashbucket.



  • Jan

    That dog is so f-cking adorable! I feel bad that he has such a d-uchewad for an owner.

  • KissThis

    Lame. She’s such an attention whore. Desperate to trend on twitter? That’s pathetic.

  • Dooley

    You won’t here Pink Bully Gaga for wearing Fur..A Bully knows who they can Bully and who they can’t.

  • wywh

    Ok this is like the first time I’ve ever seen her wear a t-shirt

  • Kelly

    I have no idea why she’s famous…It’s bad enough that her music is TERRIBLE but she’s desperately seeking for attention now?! She’s messed up. The dog is so adorable though.

  • Troy Erickson

    Whoah, whoever is spamming this article with Gaga hate in multiple accounts is ridiculously obsessed, hahahaha!

  • Val

    I feel sorry for the dog because he’s obviously just a fashion accessory. And I’m having a tough time understanding why this woman has so many fans. Completely overrated, can’t sing, her lyrics make little to no sense, she defends killing innocent animals for ‘fashion’ and she just generally seems really uneducated and ignorant.

  • Val

    @Dooley: Pink Bully Gaga? What? Do you even know what you’re writing? Because it makes no sense. At all.


    GAGA The GREAT !! Her dog little Fozzi is so cute and he reminds me of a bear. To all the people talking trash about furs, are you going to make people who eat meat feel bad. Will there be a BAN on meat? Where do you think hamburger, steaks, hotdogs, chicken etc comes from. Is the vegan socitey going to bash people who eat meat. You have to kill animals for the meat we eat. People get a life. If Gaga wants to wear fur, she can. If it want to eat meat, I can. We live in a free country. If you are not a vegan and you made those negative comments about Gaga, think about what you said when you bite into your jucey Hamburger from Mcdonalds this week. That is a dead animal you are eating and therefore you are a HYPOCRITE. Animals are also used in other products like soap and so on. I don’t wear fur but I’m not going to make someone else feel bad if they do. We love you Mother Monster.

  • lafamepoma

    th puppy is very lucky it travels around the world free

  • Matthew Brehm

    @Guy: I understand what your saying, but she’s had that dog since May and people are only noticing it after the fur drama, she films him in her webisodes and she genuinely loves him.