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Leighton Meester: 'Gossip Girl' with Ed Westwick & Chace Crawford!

Leighton Meester: 'Gossip Girl' with Ed Westwick & Chace Crawford!

Leighton Meester flashes a smile while on the set of Gossip Girl on Friday (August 17) in New York City’s Upper East Side.

The 26-year-old actress rocked two different looks while filming scenes alongside co-stars Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford, and Kelly Rutherford for the sixth and final season of the hit CW show.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leighton Meester

That same day, GG actor Penn Badgley was spotted riding his bike down the streets of New York City’s NoHo neighborhood on his way to the gym.

“Gossip Girl” Promo

FYI: Leighton is wearing [BLANKNYC] denim shorts.

25+ pictures inside of Leighton Meester and the cast of Gossip Girl filming…

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Credit: Tom Meinelt,TNYF, ACE, Jae Donnelly, Stefan Jeremiah; Photos: WENN, SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • ck

    Penn is like a walking, talking hipster handbook.

  • J

    Ed’s haircut is so strange.

  • ===

    Love Leighton and Ed!

  • gossipguy

    penn is like hot but he looks like he needs a shower idk how to feel about him

  • lissa

    ed is so ugly

  • lea

    why They always dress her like a 50 year old socialite

  • karen


    lol, it’s called class.

    but yeah sometimes they dress her “off” a bit. but not always for sure. she has the most iconic fashion on the show.. with chuck bass (for sure)

  • jennifer

    Leighton and Ed look amazing. Unf. Plus I LOVE how they did Leighton’s hair. So pretty!

  • ross

    If Blair and Chuck end up together I’m gonna choke a bitch, preferably one of the writers. Remember kids! Abusive relationships are perfectly normal. If he tries to hit you, it just means he cares too much

  • nina

    omg i forgot how ugly chuck is

  • annie

    GG’s fashion (particularly Blair’s) was so flawless in earlier seasons and now… It’s awful.

  • M

    Ed is so hot. Leighton’s/Blair’s dress is not so nice.
    Chair FTW, haters to the left.

  • clare

    i can’t believe people think chuck is good for blair. he brings out the bad in her while dan makes her happy and encourages her to be herself.

  • Julia

    Can’t believe people still watch this awful show.
    Also Penn is hot (:

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …I cant believe this is still on TV.

  • roXie


    lol NO. fyi “I thought she changed” DAN’s words. “Chuck makes me happier than I’ve ever been” BLAIR’s words.

  • Oppi

    What’s the NoHo neighbourhood? I’ve never been to New York so excuse me…I’ve heard of SoHo, but NoHo just sounds funny to me.

  • kate

    earge to watch the 6 and last season , dan and blair are beautiful and sexy

  • sara

    love dan and blair

  • LF

    Yay Leighton! More Leighton and less Blake. <3

  • Olivia

    Chair <3 Can't wait for S6!

  • ellen

    penn badgley is beautiful

  • Sarah

    I loved the promo for the new season!!. I’m so excited!!. Finally Chuck and Blair will be together and happy!!.

  • Megan

    Love the promo! Chuck and Blair together finally!!

  • Megan

    Also, Dair fans your “abuse” argument remains as ridiculous as ever but I do enjoy your constant butthurt right now

  • Lisa

    Ed looks hot and I’m not liking Leighton’s dress. And I love the Chuck and Blair part at the end, maybe the show will finally be decent.

  • Kristen

    I love the new promo! Leighton has more chemistry with Ed in half a second promo than she does in those excruciating gross drunk sex scenes she did with Penn. Thank god that Dairsaster is over and the show is back to CHAIR!!

  • sarah l

    Love the Chuck/Blair from the promo and can’t wait for them to be together. Plus Ed looks hot.

  • Jenny


    So excited for Season 6. Great to see my faves – Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester, Kelly Rutherford and Blake Lively – all looking amazing.

  • Chris

    Loving all these scenes Ed & Leighton are filming.Ed looks so hot & Leighton is sweet on that dress.
    Btw, whats the point of having a pic of Penn riding a bike posted every week,like hello who cares what he is riding?Post something else about him.Hate his hair too,it was better a month ago but now we are back to the season 5 look

  • Jennifer

    So happy with the promo! Finally Chuck and Blair are getting their happy ending. They deserve it. Season 5 was a total mess but the one thing they did right was have Chuck grow up and become a better man. Chuck has done alot of hurtful things but he’s changed. He was tested with Blair taking her heart away and insane family problems and reacted maturely. He spent almost all of last season putting Blair’s happiness first. He almost went bankrupt paying her dowry ANONYMOUSLY so she could be free to be with another guy. He encouraged Louis to not abandon her. He stopped the priest from ruining her wedding. He stopped Dan from ruining her engagement party. He was going to love and raise another man’s child with her. Oh yeah, he’s a real abusive BASStard. Please.
    They are endgame and they DESERVE to be endgame.

  • Luanarpg

    CHUCK & BLAIR <3

  • Meera

    Lol at all of the Dair fans saying how bad this show is…and yet you’re still taking the time to read and comment on gg articles. Yep, you OBVIOUSLY don’t care anymore. And I think the only thing hotter than Ed is Ed reading Hemingway.

  • janice

    The promo is amazing! So happy Chuck and Blair are ending up together. Love them so much! Gotta say, even though Chace is the best looking to me there is just something about Ed that is so hot. I don’t know what it is. He’s just sex on legs.

  • Danielle

    I’m very much looking forward to season 6 -”I’m all in” “And my bet’s on us” – it’s been 5 seasons of Chuck and Blair build-up, so I’m hopeul for the proper pay off in season 6.

  • Kendra

    I stopped watching Gossip Girl when they had Chuck sleep with ol racoon eyes. I tried to “dare to dair” in season 5 but was bored and tuned out again. I’ll tune back in for season 6 though since it looks like they are done screwing around with Chuck and Blair. Here’s to an all non-judging breakfast club endgame. Chace Crawford is just too too pretty. He and Ed are pure sex.

  • Shelley

    ITA with you @Jennifer and am looking forward to seeing Chuck and Blair get their fairytale ending. As for the other characters I’d like to see Carter come back for Serena. But Sebastian Stan has alot of other things going on. I wouldn’t mind Taylor coming back and Jenny and Nate ending up together too. I think it would be fine if not all the characters are matched up too. They are very young. No need to settle down for the rest of their lives. The only ones that absolutely must end up together are Chuck and Blair. It would be so wrong if they don’t. Most of the audience would be feel totally screwed over.

  • Tiff

    Ed is so sexy. I love him in Chuck’s wardrobe, if only they’d give him a shirtless scene already. Haters to the left.

  • simona

    I see why you put the picture of Penn above the cut. He looks hot.

  • KissThis

    I can’t wait to see what these 3 do AFTER GG. I hope they all have fantastic, long careers

  • julie

    There is no dan and blair GET OVER IT. Season 6 is all about CHAIR and hopefully Serenate.

  • Raina

    How does Ed look so sexy just reading a book? Dayum. Chace looks better all scruffy instead of perfect. Leighton is pretty but that dress is ugh. The promo makes me excited for the final season. Chuck and Blair FINALLY!!!

  • loljonnie

    Dair fans, do your asses hurt? I’m not a dermatologist but there are creams out there for butthurt bitches. Ed and Leighton look flawless as per usual.

  • linda

    LOL, I bet you stopped watching after GG ruined Dan and Blair like they were anything to begin with anyway. LMFAO. Trust me ALOT of people still watch the show.

  • simona


    Ed is kind of ugly and Penn on a bike is hot. Hot men make for better posts.

  • Jusea

    Ed is the hottest. Chace is the cutest. Penn is the one no one remembers because he’s so ordinary and average looking.

  • Charlotta

    LOL @simona. @Jusea is right. Penn has a very hard working publicist but very few people pay attention to him. He tries hard with his Occupy Wall Street hipster act but people are still more interested in Ed and Chace. Lainey said it best. Ed is a shame ****. Chace has a gay face because he’s so beautiful. Penn is whats his name. The guy no one cares about. I guess now he’ll be remembered as the guy Blake Lively upgraded from.

  • kely

    penn badgley love you love love very

  • Randie

    Penn would be considered cute if he was my next door neighbor but I agree he is forgettable for a tv and movie actor. Ed is the definition of joilie laide. He’s unconventionally hot. I can see why some think he’s ugly but he’s still SEX SEX SEX Sexwick. Now Chace? That man is beautiful. Easily one of the most beautiful actors today. I would lose the power of speech if I met Chace and my panties would drop all by themselves if I ever met Ed.

  • kate

    penn badgley beautiful sexy smart is cult