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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Studio Cafe Sweethearts

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Studio Cafe Sweethearts

Vanessa Hudgens wears her hair up in a messy bun while out and about on Saturday (August 18) in Studio City, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress was joined by her beau Austin Butler for lunch at Studio Cafe.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

This year, Vanessa is a 2012 Variety’s Power of Youth honoree! She will be honored for her work with the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

The goal of Variety’s Power of Youth initiative is to encourage the next generation of entertainers to support the philanthropic and humanitarian causes closest to their hearts – and to use their positions in popular culture to encourage their peers and millions of fans who look up to them to do the same.

FYI: Austin‘s 21st birthday was yesterday! Happy belated B-Day!!!!!

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188 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Studio Cafe Sweethearts”

  1. 1
    Caroline Says:

    She has a great fashion sense!
    I always keep Vanessa’s photos just because of her outfits.

  2. 2
    abbimorgan Says:

    the lovely vanessa shows up¡¡¡ girl i hope you’ve enjoyed of the festival outside lands this year..

  3. 3
    daniel Says:

    wow vanessa¡¡¡ you’re shining girl BEAUTIFUL¡¡

  4. 4
    ehryle Says:

    Awesomeness!!! lovely V lovely couple!! perfect combination :)

  5. 5
    Selma Says:

    I just love her dress so much ! She’s really beautiful <3

  6. 6
    Mmmmmmmmmmmm Says:

    Awwwwwww did she not have a party for his 21st. Obviously not worth it. Lol

  7. 7
    Melany N Says:

    Love love love her bohemian style…. this year is the best… and austin happy 21th birthay♥

  8. 8
    BOJI Says:

    Gorgeous as always, I’d have like to see his 21st birthday celebration pics.

  9. 9
    sony Says:

    @Mmmmmmmmmmmm: warning : bitter person online be careful people ¡¡¡
    btw vanessa looks great

  10. 10
    maria Says:

    @Mmmmmmmmmmmm: How do you know she didn’t? She does have a BIG private life outside of the two second pics here, you know. I think she looks great, love the dress and cute shoes. I’ll bet she had a nice get-together with their closest friends last night, or they went out so he could order his first “official” drink. Vanessa is big on birthdays, and always splurges on her guy on his birthday.

  11. 11
    Xo Says:

    Her dress is really cute! And apparently he did have a party according to a tweet from Ashley Tisdale. Plus they were seen eating with his mom and sister. Not everyone has to go buck wild to have fun on their birthday. He seems really chill.

  12. 12
    hermaione Says:

    wow im late ..when vanessa arrived? either way she looks so pretty i loved the shoes and hey vanessa’s fans i think gimme shelter is on the way i read this JEFF BILLINGSLEY ‏@COBBLESTONEMM
    Stay tuned for our upcoming #movie Gimme Shelter featuring Rosario Dawson #vanessahudgens and the #legendary It was about tim3

  13. 13
    Tina Says:

    I’ve been wondering this for a while, but why is Vanessa so popular among Just Jared readers?

  14. 14
    tina Says:

    That Tina is not me. Good to see them back. Of course, Ashley would tweet about his ‘private’party.

  15. 15
    LouRose Says:

    I love her dress ! She’s so pretty.

  16. 16
    tata Says:

    So pretty

  17. 17
    Kylie Says:

    What is up with the high bun fad? Anyways she looks nice :) Looks like Big Lips got a hair cut under his hat

  18. 18
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Happy birthday Austin hope he had a nice time with Vanessa and his friends. He looks good for it being the day after his big 21st not trashed or anything. Good for him.

  19. 19
    luna Says:

    she looks cute

  20. 20
    luna Says:

    Happy belated birthday austin!!!

  21. 21
    luna Says:

    ashley tisdale and a couple of his friends said he had a party yesterday

  22. 22
    luna Says:

    and yesterday morning he had lunch with Vanessa and his family at Venice beach, probably his party was there, i think someone said V has a house there.. I dont know if thats true.

  23. 23
    Don't Thumbs Down Says:

    Vanessa characterization on this Gimme Shelter screams “look, I’m fat, ugly, full of tattoos and piercings, I’m looking like a boy with this haircut and clothes, I’m pregnant and was dumped from my home, I am a rebellious and poor girl” lol

    Good luck for her, because if it goes wrong she will become a joke

  24. 24
    ivanka Says:

    i love her fashion sense :)

  25. 25
    Tamra Says:

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  26. 26
    kelly Says:

    theyve been together a long time now seems like.
    happy for them.
    plus they have toned down their rampant PDA a touch.

  27. 27
    Xo Says:

    @Don’t Thumbs Down: Considering it’s an indie that most people probably won’t even see, it definitely won’t make or break her career. The only way I can see it having any sort of impact is if it’s really good. Plus she’s got 3 other movies coming as well, so she’ll be fine.

  28. 28
    sara Says:


  29. 29
    Bo Says:

    mmm private party or is it no party ! I wonder why ! Considering the way she had been behaving with Austin , I thought she’d have a big blast . Guess she didn’t want to spare few thousand of dollars on a guy that probably won’t end up marrying her , considering that all the dollars have to come from her pocket as Austin doesn’t have much to his name.

  30. 30
    Bo Says:

    her necklace is like a nawa guna wela ! love it ! remind me of ma grandma , she always had that when meditating

  31. 31
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Why do you care even care? If Vanessa gave Austin a big party or not, what she does and does not do is none of your damn business. I don’t understand why youre so obssesd with what Vanessa does it doesnt concern you. You live your life let Vanessa live hers.

  32. 32
    yolo Says:

    A.SS SHOT !!!

    if she wan’t to be taken serious, then she need to stop acting like a joke.

    i think its her bad luck that no matter what she does and where she goes she keep exposing something.


  33. 33
    tina Says:

    I really wonder why people feel Austin has no money. He has been a WORKING ACTOR since the age of thirteen, do you people feel he was paid in potatoes? He’s a low key type of guy not spending his money foolishly that doesn’t mean he’s broke. He had a party, they just didn’t invite the paps.

  34. 34
    Xo Says:

    @yolo: Um, the wind blew her dress up and you saw part of her bottom, it happens. How is that ‘acting like a joke’?

  35. 35
    tina Says:

    The wind blew her dress up. So f-ing what? She wasn’t holding her dress up she was holding it down . Get over it.

  36. 36
    Strawberry Fields 4Evr Says:

    I love Vanessa. Hope she is basking in happiness.. But… I wonder when/if she dumps Austin, he will go off the rails like Zefron did/has? I wonder….hmmm.

  37. 37
    hermaione Says:

    she looks adorable¡¡¡

  38. 38
    maevy Says:

    She does not deserve the award. Because she has not done anything for charity this year.

  39. 39
    Xo Says:

    @maevy: How on earth would you know whether she has or hasn’t? Not everyone makes their charitable contributions a public show.

  40. 40
    Haters Suck! Says:

    You were saying? Know what you’re talking about before opening your mouth.

  41. 41
    anne Says:


  42. 42
    anne Says:

    i’m so glad they had fun at his party last night

  43. 43
    rikki Says:

    @Strawberry Fields 4Evr: zac hasn’t gone off the rails… wtf? you people are very funny. i don’t like “zefron”, but i always felt like he wasn’t into the relationship as she was. he didn’t give a F. like austin does.

  44. 44
    Bo Says:

    Tina , You mean doing a bunch of uncredited , nameless ,guest starring or supporting roles in several TV shows and films and appearing in a couple of films that didn’t collectively gross as much as his gf’s Sucker Punch did worldwide , which was also another big flop , Sure he is a WORKING ACTOR .

  45. 45
    jr Says:

    You’re very brave for someone who hides behind a computer screen.

  46. 46

    @Mmmmmmmmmmmm: he did give a party! :) Ashley Tisdale recently tweeted it! <3

  47. 47
    Bo Says:

    jr , I know you meant it otherwise , but I’ll take it as a compliment .

  48. 48
    sophie Says:

    OMG ! Did you see this ? Look how ugly her b u t t is .

  49. 49
    sarra Says:

    @sophie her b u t t is more beautiful than your face bit**ch

  50. 50
    sophie Says:

    sarra , I bet it’s your face that you are talking about , you b u t t ugly

  51. 51
    BOJI Says:

    Well, her butt looks mighty fine to me, no wrinkles or crinkles there.
    @sophie, have you seen your butt? How does it compare with Vanessa’s?

  52. 52
    Bo Says:

    Yuck .Shameless girl , walking about waring no underwear as if we haven’t seen enough nudes of her .

  53. 53
    maria Says:

    @Bo: She is wearing a thong, and the wind blew her dress up. Oh, my, so that must mean every woman in America is shameless, cause many of us wear thongs with dresses. Shut up, and quit judging. She still had your boy for FIVE years and YOU will never have him. And in the last three posts of his, you’ve made TWO comments, yet you can’t stay away from her posts. What kind of a stupid fan are you??

  54. 54
    tina Says:

    It’s called a thong, you trog. Check his IMDb you’ll find your wrong.

  55. 55
    BOJI Says:

    Miss Bo Peep, here is not only crass, crude, and classless, she’s also obsessed with people having s e x and she’s also like a scratchy record which keeps repeating itself. She rants and raves like a lunatic, trash talks and it makes me wonder what kind of society she lives in. Not to mention she picks up all the expletives and uses them like mana from heaven. Is she an off your rocker adult or a mindless tweenie? It just makes me wonder.

  56. 56
    Strawberry Fields 4Evr Says:

    @Bo: Yeah right. Stay tuned.

  57. 57
    Bo Says:

    I know what a thong is, you need not explain me that .But I can’t see the strip . I think she isn’t wearing any underwear .She didn’t wear any apparently when she wore that skeleton sweater .If she is wearing a thong here at all , I’d say bad choice considering how short the dress is and how windy the atmosphere is .Guess she needed to give some awesome a s s shots . Guess who’s gonna sleep in peace tonight ! lol ! Yes , I checked his IMDB , d u ng !

  58. 58
    Bo Says:

    My dear BOJI patiyo , love of my life , when did I ever say in any of my comments that I’m obsessed of people having s e x ? My lovely love , it seems you are in a total misunderstanding about me .Mage pane , my sweet little rabbit with a pink nose , why would I ever oppose se x which is exactly how I was conceived too?

  59. 59
    tina Says:

    Evil always sleeps peacefullly.

  60. 60
    maria Says:

    @Bo: BO peep, you have made 7 comments here, but only one on your little boy’s post. Again, what kind of a fan are you? Or are we just more interesting to talk to than the ” he’s so hot” crowd?? Still don’t get what your purpose is here. You are clearly not a fan now, but liked her when she was part of zanessa. Strange. Wonder how you would feel if your friends hated you for no longer being in a relationship that was going nowhere. But since you are not a fan, what is your point?? You have a toxic attitude, and a filthy mouth. Or do we just bring out the best in you? Hmmmm. Tells me a lot about you.

  61. 61
    Strawberry Fields 4Evr Says:

    @Strawberry Fields 4Evr: Actually this comment was meant for@rikki:

  62. 62
    Strawberry Fields 4Evr Says:

    @rikki: Yes..right. Stay tuned.

  63. 63
    Intric8 Says:

    Same clowns here, same lame compliments for pudgens, same stoopid pics of her acting like shes trying to avoid the paps when in reality she desperately needs them, this is friggin sorry ass i tell u….

  64. 64
    Intric8 Says:

    Boji if u are not indeed PAID for your round the clock manning of each Hudgens post and your worshipful defense found therein, then i would seriously be worried about the state of your mental health. Its just not normal

  65. 65
    Bo Says:

    maria ,Relax , it’s not your job to figure out what I’m doing on this site posting so many comments and why I’m not posting much comments on Zac’s threads .That’s entirely my business , you have no hand in it .I assure you ,I was done with her when I found out about those photos .Part or non part of Zanessa I didn’t like her after that .To clear the cobwebs off your brain ,I liked Zanessa as a whole not Vanessa .True , I preferred her then than I do her now , but that has very little to do with her breaking up with Zac .If you’ve read my comments earlier , you’ll see that I don’t want her back with Zac .

  66. 66
    Bo Says:

    @Intric8: Well , there are the a s s shots you’ve been waiting your entire life for ! I think they exceed your expectations , afterall you weren’t expecting a naked b u t t , were you ?. Hope you’ll sleep well tonight ! lol !

  67. 67
    tina Says:

    @maria: This person reminds me of the old adage “there no one blinder than he who won’t see” She had made up her mind to try to find something wrong with Vanessai if that means bring up old things or trying to look up her butt cheeks for a string. Zac wouldn’t allow his fansite to talk badly about Vanessa and I’m sure you won’t score any points with him for doing it now.

  68. 68
    Well Well Says:

    Intric8 you lucky dude,
    finally got the a$$ shots you wanted. ha
    man, it’s sooo weird she keep doing the things we talk about here.
    the bodyguird and now this.
    i am sure she’s reading this. thats why
    intric lets ask her for a sex tape. maybe we will get to see that too.
    hey vanessa i wan’t to see your sex tape. (you and austin)
    man she’s good at nothing. she has to be calling the paps.
    nobody get papd like this unless they are willing to be paped and calls them.

    you can see the attitude she has on her face in every pic. she loves it. oh yah she looove it.
    whatever she won’t last long. when you act like a joke nobody takes you serious.
    considering her age she acts like a 10 year old.
    lucky zac got out of this mess.

  69. 69
    Bo Says:

    Oh tina , Your sense of idolizing a person is way way different than mine .I like Zac , he’s my idol , but I don’t worship the ground on which he walks on nor lick his b ut t which is obviously what you’re doing here on this post for your idol .I don’t care a s h i t whether he likes or not my bashing her .I don’t like her so I bash her .I don’t need anyone’s permission for that nor care if someone doesn’t like me doing it .Good night !

  70. 70
    tina Says:

    @Well Well: Stupid ass that wasn’t a body guard it was the security guy from the building she was in. Keep making your inane commnets and then we are insured more pictures. The next months are going to be busy ones for Vanessa promoting her films. Say what you will, she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  71. 71
    Bo Says:

    Well Well , Agreed . She always has that smirk on her face , she loves it but trying to pretend otherwise not succeeding much .She is now a total joke .

  72. 72
    Well Well Says:

    Tina i dont care about her bank. yeh she is working now. but she isn’t gonna last. wait and see. you will remember i said this when it does happens. it isn’t gonna take long. just wait.

  73. 73
    tina Says:

    @Bo: Wernn’t you the one who said you were “available” for him? You really need to learn more English because I dont think but tlicker means what ypu think it does. Buy a dictionary. Grow the he ll up.

  74. 74
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Not only is zac a jackass but he’s also got the most evil to the core fans out there. Right up there with Justin bieber fans but at least Justin isn’t a giant douche and know how to treat his girlfriend well.

  75. 75
    tina Says:

    @Well Well: Because your a psychid now right. What are the lottery numbers?

  76. 76
    tina Says:

    sb psychic

  77. 77
    jerk's paradise Says:

    @Intric8: “Same clowns”…yup you said it chump. You need to put yourself in that mix since you are always on here too.

  78. 78
    jerk's paradise Says:

    @Bo: You are really a lonely person who is probably ignored at home and by your friends. Law of attraction sweetheat. You attract what you put out.

  79. 79
    jerk's paradise Says:

    @Well Well: Who cares. She is set for life thanks to all of the Disney merchandising in regards to HSM, HSM2, HSM3. Her biggest payouts probably come from endorsements i.e. like Neutragena, She will be fine come what may.

  80. 80
    tt Says:

    Maybe he didn’t treat her like a queen becouse she don’t dserve to be.
    she seems like a sweet girl but nobody knows her personaly. and zac didn’t go worshiping her and being her servant like austin does.

  81. 81
    tina Says:

    First it was “she’s only known as Zac girlfriend” which was strange to me because they both acted In HSM which brought them to fame. Then it was “she’ll be nothing without Zac” she stars in a box office success. Then “anybody could have done that” Now again “it isn’t going to last” So if five or fiffty years from now she decides not to act anymore or gets married and decides to stay at home with her kids will you consider you won something? She still will have accomplished more in 23 years then you will your entire life.

  82. 82
    Well Well Says:

    she certainly cant act. so better do indorsments.
    and money has nothing to do with happness.
    she keep showing us how happy she is. trying to prove something or trying to show somebody she’s happy. not buying it. w/e

  83. 83
    tina Says:

    @tt: … or maybe he was just the kind of man that looks and behaves good to everyoone but his girl. Liliy Collins didin’t stay three months. Austin been here almost a year. Do the math.

  84. 84
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @well well
    Stop acting like you’re a damn mind reader. You don’t have a clue what goes on in her head. Vanessa has always been a naturally happy and positive person that’s one of the reasons I like her so much. She’s always been like that and hasn’t changed.

  85. 85
    Well Well Says:

    Tina not fiffty. lets say five. and she won’t stop acting couse of the reason you said above but becouse she wont be gettin work so she obviously gonna stay home.
    and don’t hurry she isn’t gonna be married by the time you think she will. it will take longer.

  86. 86
    tina Says:

    @Well Well: Obviously the directors and producers who choose her disagree with you and who do you think she cares about.

  87. 87
    tina Says:


  88. 88
    jerk's paradise Says:

    @Well Well: She’s happy and I would really doubt she cares about naysayers. She is beautiful, has friends and family who love her and support her. Her boyfirend is hot and even if he wasn’t he has stood by her side. Her firends do not sell her out or tweet her whereabouts or take advantage of her for publicity, fame and to plug their business ventures. She is not out everynight trying to self medicate her unhappiness or anxiety. So it really doesn’t matter if her career plummets although I don’t think that will happen. She is happy and rightfully so.

  89. 89
    maria Says:

    @jerk’s paradise: Amen!!

  90. 90
    a portuguese in L.A Says:

    shame for what?. it’s windy. she have a good heart LOVE HER !!!

  91. 91
    maria Says:

    @Well Well: And you can’t spell to save your life. You should spend more time worrying about being uneducated, instead of focusing so much on why you hate Vanessa.

  92. 92
    ehryle Says:

    She is doing well and a great person with a high spirit!! so deal with it!! leave in the present she just living her life to the fullest. If you don’t mind just stay positive.. chillax she just human like us!!

  93. 93
    BOJI Says:

    Those who come here to trash talk about Vanessa ESP. The Ex-Zanessa fan or so she claims and the Efron fans are just here to get their daily fix something which they can’t get on the Efron threads. This just goes to show what kind of loonies his fans are.
    Intric8, I do believe Miss Little Bo Peep has a thing for you. She keeps on about our imaginary flirtation(something that only exists in her mind.) perhaps she’s not been getting any and envies the hell out of those who do. You’re this macho kind of guy who’d rather spend his time on an adult website but it still boggles the mind what you’re doing here. Anyways what say you abt teaching miss Little Bo Peep what it is like to be with a real man?

  94. 94
    shahad Says:


  95. 95
    luna Says:

    @jerk’s paradise:

  96. 96
    luna Says:

    Intric8, BO, and Well well, are the same person in this post… same ip adress…

  97. 97
    Intric8 Says:

    Same ip address, huh? Ok. Post it.

  98. 98
    maria Says:

    @luna: LMAO….why doesn’t that surprise me??

  99. 99
    tina Says:

    Should have known, she needs to get hooked on phonics.

  100. 100
    Well Well Says:

    Luna you smartass how about you prove it. just post it here and prove it.

  101. 101
    BOJI Says:

    Jerk’s paradise #88, and I’ll second that.

  102. 102
    simple Says:

    I think her friends don’t use her like zac’s friends couse they won’t get much hits as her ex.
    her friends are out of work as well i think so there’s no point so.
    and as #88 says zac parting every night, how do you know He does, are you one of his friends who are also using him?

  103. 103
    Intric8 Says:

    Lol, 20 different names here from 4 different people. Sad sad sad. I wonder if stella posts here too, and vanessa herself.

  104. 104
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @well well
    Proof? Since when do efron fans even believe in proof. I honestly think they were aware of the concept. Luna said it on here for a great majority of efron fans that in and of itself is proof enough.

  105. 105
    BOJI Says:

    Intric8, you may post under different names. And I’m sure Miss Bo Peep here is one of the guilty parties. Nothing is happening on the Efron threads so why not hop onto the bandwagon, join the party and have some fun at the expense of destroying a person’s livelihood. I wonder has it occurred to you how much pain it causes Vanessa’s family and herself if they were to read the trash that some of you spew out. Put yourself in her position or better think still of the sibling that could have made a mistake such as hers. You are never going to forgive her for the rest of your life, is it. Some even resort to murder for the sake of family honour. Truly sad….

  106. 106
    NINA Says:

    Never will understand why lot of people come here to bash her. never seen this much hate on the exes thread.

    and why do people bring zac up on here alot.
    they are over for good. whats the point. 2 years already so get over it.
    never seen people bringing up vnessa on his threads much.
    why is it that way

  107. 107
    BOJI Says:

    Nina, because most of her fans are respective enough not to post anything on his threads despite taunting from his fans. They’ve now resorted to bashing her on her threads instead. They want to see some action and I do believe these are just a handful of nothing but trouble makers posting under different names. I tell you some people are never satisfied until they draw blood. Just goes to show the state of mind of some of these bashers. The trouble with cyber space is the truth behind all that bravado and devil may care attitudes lie deep seated issues and troubled or misunderstood personalities. I come here to support a celebrity I happened to take a liking to and not to dish trash on her ex. I can understand why some of her fans don’t like him but that is their opinion and they have given grounds for their opinion. But for his fans to trash her every move, her choice of bf, clothing, doing a movie, not working and just going about doing what she has always done even when she was with him I think is going way overboard beyond obsession. Perhaps, JJ should post more pics of the ex to take away the heat on her.

  108. 108
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Mainly because zacs little d i c k suckers believe the entire god damn world revolves around him. Everything is about Zac even when it’s not they try and find a way to make it about him. They are a lot like monkeys, they stick their hand up their ass and throw their crap everywhere.

  109. 109
    Birdie Says:

    I think lot of people come on her threds to bash her couse of vanessa’s feels as though that she loves the attention. and she keep doing things that brings more attention to her in the wrong way. i have always felt she loves it. sure her fans have thought about it at some point that there has to be some truth to this kind of pap following.
    its just not normal.
    for some reason the things she does are kind of tops what outher disney girls does. (miley , selena , ashley)
    and if she or her management is calling the paps it is already affecting her in a bad way. we dont have proof but the people in the industry knows how it works and they are already pointed her out as one of the hollywood clowns.
    i never got that from zac atleast he keeps things private. And don’t act like he loves it.
    and i have also felt how he was never that much in love with her. it was better for both of them to break up. austin seems more like her type. and i wish they would get married. if she won’t have a career then atleast she will be happy over that.


    don’t think he can afford it now.

  110. 110
    Birdie Says:

    I think lot of people come on her threds to bash her couse of vanessa’s feels as though that she loves the attention. and she keep doing things that brings more attention to her in the wrong way. i have always felt she loves it. sure her fans have thought about it at some point that there has to be some truth to this kind of pap following.
    its just not normal.
    for some reason the things she does are kind of tops what outher disney girls does. (miley , selena , ashley)
    and if she or her management is calling the paps it is already affecting her in a bad way. we dont have proof but the people in the industry knows how it works and they are already pointed her out as one of the hollywood clowns.
    i never got that from zac atleast he keeps things private. And don’t act like he loves it.
    and i have also felt how he was never that much in love with her. it was better for both of them to break up. austin seems more like her type. and i wish they would get married. if she won’t have a career then atleast she will be happy over that.


    don’t think he can afford it now..

  111. 111
    NINA Says:

    @haters suck
    monkeys do that?

  112. 112
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Just because you THINK Vanessa loves the attention, and THINK she does stuff for it doesn’t mean she actually does. I know efron fans believe you’re mind readers but you’re really not. Just because zac lives his life one way doesn’t make it right doesn’t make it wrong either. Same goes for Vanessa. Just another example of an efron monkey sticking their hand up their ass and throwing crap.

  113. 113
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Ever go to a zoo? They are in cages but if they are having a bad day or you piss them off they’ll take their crap and throw it at you.

  114. 114
    ha ha Says:

    haters suck talking from experience there.

  115. 115
    ha ha Says:

    People judge her becouse she keep doing things that make people question her.
    her ex haven’t.

  116. 116
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @ha ha
    Something like that. School field trip to a zoo, split into groups while me and my group was checking out some kind of rare bird I see some of my other classmates run like they saw a ghost. Was told by my friend two monkeys started throwing crap at them. Luckily no one was hit. I laughed my ass off while my friends tried to get me to shut up.

  117. 117
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @ha ha
    Like going to strip clubs, sticking his tounge down his co stars mouth on national tv, basically ******** another mans girlfriend on a beach with him watching, just to point out a few. Ya know stuff like that.

  118. 118
    ha ha Says:

    Funny story indeed. Lucky YOU didn’t get any on your face or elsewhere. i heard it iches. poor monkeys. maybe your friends Tried to sexualy harass them. lolol

  119. 119
    ha ha Says:

    They weren’t ******* Alright.
    about the famew.horing,
    he does it rarely. she does it regularly. she should do a reality show and get her place in the industry.
    little kim k wannabe.

  120. 120
    BOJI Says:

    @ Birdie your accusations hold no water ie you have not proven evidence. So what you think Miley and Selina are doing, normal? Miley keeps tweeting her pics. She has taken risqué pics of herself and even a nude one ( n i’m not talking abt the artsey fartsy one either) and the clothes she wears, you call that normal?! Even Selina is frequently papped and her pics are posted on other sites and you call that normal and Vanessa’s not normal?. Miley smokes openly and has even been shown bonging or whatever you call it, is that normal. Selina’s PDA with Justin, is that Normal? Now, this is what I call being biased and discriminatory.

  121. 121
    NINA Says:


  122. 122
    Bo Says:

    luna , Last time I checked I was definitely a single person , not a conjoined one . No I definitely am not Well well or intric 8 .Look at the time of their posts , it’s like dead of the night here by which time I’m peacefully asleep . BOJI I bet you are tracing our ip adresses , i believe those are the ”sources” that you one day said you refer to .So you full well should know that comments coming from an ip adress of Sri Lanka should come under a single name, my name , BO .You know that but still you are misleading others on the site saying I am posting under different names .No , I don’t .I’ve done it once or twice during the very first few days I started commenting on this site , but after that I’ve come under this name and this name only .I assure you I don’t need to change my name repeatedly to post hateful comments , there’s no need for that ’cause there are so many haters willing to do the job.

  123. 123
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @ha ha
    Having his hand on her ass, on her bikini bottoms, sucking on her neck , pretty much groping her all over the place call it whatever the hell you like you don’t do that crap with some else’s girlfriend. Has Vanessa ever talked about her relationship with Austin? No, haven’t heard her say a word about it. Has she discussed her break up with zac? No. Has she trashes zac at all? No. You can say she calls the paps all you want but until the day comes you can actually prove it, and I’m betting on hell freezing over before that happens, it’s complete utter b.s.

  124. 124
    BOJI Says:

    You say Vanessa is fame whoring, go complain to JJ.I don’t see the others ie Selina, Miley, Demi, even Lilly Collins doing anything different on other sites. Then, you should be calling them fame whores as well. Just because JJ is partial to Vanessa does not make her what you choose to call her. Then if you think her attention seeking why are you giving her the exact attention you so accuse her of? It doesn’t make sense,

  125. 125
    Birdie Says:

    I said in a way she tops what they does. didn’t say what they does is any less than what she does.

    Whatever it is her management need to do something about all these regular candids. its really not good for her career.
    the more exposed she becomes the less respect she gets.
    i think she’s smart enough to know she isn’t that good for nothing so why don’t just get what you can when you can.
    all this glamour is gonna go away soon so until it does i am gonna call the paps and act like i hate them(vanessa’s head)

  126. 126
    Birdie Says:

    Hollywood’s current top five famew.hores.

    1. vanessa hudgens

    2. miley cyrus

    3. ashley tisdale

    4. lily collins

    5. demi lovato

    note that the last two may change From time to time.

    @boji sweet list there you go happy now. write it down somewhere.

  127. 127
    BOJI Says:

    Birdie, why are you still here posting on Vanessa’s thread? Even your list is a mockery and shows your bias ness. Do you go to the other celebs’ threads and give your 2 cents worth as well?

  128. 128
    Haters Suck! Says:

    You don’t know a damn thing about anyone of these people and I’m the last one who would defend tisdale over anything. You don’t know $hit and why is everyone on your list a female?

  129. 129
    Bo Says:

    Haters Suck , ’cause list is about ”w hores ”

  130. 130
    BOJI Says:

    @Miss Little Bo Peep, you should know shouldn’t you? You’re nothing but an attention seeker yourself. Shame on you with your foul mouth. Other Sri Lankan girls don’t behave like you, a classless act, surely.

  131. 131
    nessa Says:

    i love her looks here.
    after almost 1 year im starting to love Austin.

  132. 132
    Bo Says:

    BOJI , Think you are talking ’bout yourself .What kind of a mother flirts with a guy who constantly asks for a s s shots of a girl who’s probably her daughter’s age .Shows how classy you are and if you are saying it’s happening in my head , go back and read previous conversations between you and that person .So called classy mother went on as far as to call that person a ”real man” and asked him to teach me how it feels being with a ”real man ” .Such a person calls me classless because I bash her idol .What a joke !

  133. 133
    maria Says:

    @Birdie: You’re a shameless Efron junkie. How is it famewh*ring to walk into the gym, or go to lunch? Yeah, that’s real exciting stuff. Ohhhh, let’s call the paps so everyone can see me!!! Do you get how stupid that is?? Is she not allowed to leave her house so she doesn’t risk having a picture taken?? Or is it better to “be private”, wh*re around, party with known druggies, and have everyone speculating about who you’re bedding, girl or guy? Ummm, I prefer an occasional pic of her having lunch with her nice BF, or going to the gym, thank you. Much to your chagrin, it won’t hurt her career for JJ to post pics more often cause he likes her, cause the other tabloids don’t. So no overexposure worries. Oh, and your self-made list? What a crock. You left off the best ones, like any Kardashian, LeeAnn Rhimes, Rihanna, or the ones who pose for their candids, like Lea Michele. Nice try…….go back to your nest.

  134. 134
    BOJI Says:

    Spare me the insults you close minded prude with a mouth so foul, that her mom would be shocked when she finds out her daughter has asked Vanessa’s fans to stick their fingers into…… It is just too despicable to mention.

  135. 135
    Bo Says:

    BOJI , oh! you filthy woman , weren’t you the one who once said taking nude photos of oneself from your cell phone is ok eventhough oneself knows they are not safe and could be hacked. I wouldn’t expect a woman with such ideas to fuss this much over such a comparatively minor thing as a slang .You are just showing off .

  136. 136
    tt Says:

    Maria are you saying that vanessa doesn’t pose for her candids, get glasses
    she is the biggest famewhore everybody knows who she really is. just her five fans don’t want to, well what can we do

    And for that list, the ones you mentioned clearley rank behind that five.
    there is various kinds of famewhoring. and that five tops it every way. maybe not lily. she is the only one who by far have kept it classy. but still,

    @birdie lets put rihanna and lea there. and put lily and demi out. so it will become the perfect five. their famewhoring is the same kind. lily and demi’s ways are diferent. kim rank after lean i believe.

  137. 137
    Bo Says:

    man ara kiyapu thenata oya ennedda ?

  138. 138
    MoreThanWords Says:

    Oh for goodness sake, different day, different post, the same people spinning the same ole haterade $hit. It’s worse than a fcuking vintage broken record. Vanessa is still a star to her larger fanbase, it’s highly improbable that any sway in opinion will be formed at this, or any other stage. A very pervasive a strong following, and besides she looks absolutely fab!

  139. 139
    MoreThanWords Says:

    The trouble that people gone through to psychoanalyse Vanessa is astounding! Good to see those Doctorates from milk cartons have proven to be rather useful……if you’re a weasel.

  140. 140
    Birdie Says:





    4. RIHANNA



    thanks tt.

  141. 141
    tina Says:

    @tt she is not posing. Coming from the gym with no make-up? Grocery shopping? Going to lunch? Which of these activities is something NORMAL PEOPLE DON’T DO? You need to get a grip.

  142. 142
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @Birdie: Parrot, regurgitated dribble is all I see. Don’t you have ANY new material? Are we to suffer by constantly reading your dung for brains posts? May I suggest something a little more substantial, and a tad less trashy? But then again, it takes trash to write trash.

  143. 143
    maria Says:

    Oh, so there are various kinds of famewh*ring? And walking down the street to get to your car is one kind? How about we put Efron at the TOP of the list for a REAL kind of famewh*ring? Going off to St Topez on a yacht to schmooze with an Arab director and an aging playboy designer? Or how about being taken all over Europe by the same guy? Partying with Paris Hilton and her crowd? LMAO. Spewing and leering at A list celebs like Nicole Kidman in public? How about standing on a very public balcony mostly naked with your hands down your pants? I’d say fame+wh*re are words that suit him just fine. Sorry, but I’ll take the “walking down the street doing nothing special” kind of famewh*re, not one who pimps himself out so he can make sleazy movies.

  144. 144
    Birdie Says:

    @Maria where is the proof that he does these things. don’t want it from you but where is it.
    i don’t have proof that she call them and i am not a expert on body language either.
    but its called common sense you learn it when you talk to people and observe them. i believe you don’t. i will say it again its all her behavior and the attitude she gives out. she clearly loves it. you are blind not to see it. don’t care what you think but any non fan of her could just look at her for a minute and say what i am saying is what it is.
    they florick infront of the paps wearing all sorts of skimpy outfits. shoving their amazing reletionship on our face. trying to prove the world she is happy. we get it. all that clinging on to that pig faced austin.(kinda sad she is the one always clingin. the guys doesn’t give any attention to her at all. lets see how long they last. 2 years mhhh) her behavior says it all. again she loves it. and don’t say going out getting lunch and shopping and on top of it calling the paps and saying where she is. that is all sorts of wrong there.
    if her ex can go unnoticed(who is a way bigger star than she ever be) how on earth can’t she. she calls them allright. believe what you want. who cares anyway.

  145. 145
    london Says:

    Yet still all the things that she has done for attention is way way worse than the bit he does.
    this girl is sick. man when will she stop.

  146. 146
    london Says:

    Its obvious she lost it when zac dumped her lazy famewho*ring a*ss for good.
    Austin run away dude,

  147. 147
    london Says:

    Walking down the street doing nothing special

    when was the last time she did that.

  148. 148
    Bo Says:

    Suppose this relationship stops ( of course it will) .Will she ever be confident in a relationship again ? Will any guy be confident in a relationship with her again? Both the relationships she’s had have been very serious ones or at least she showed the world they are serious and she has gone to the extremes with both the relationships .Zanessa looked like a relationship that certainly would end with marriage .Same can be said for Vaustin now .Still Zanessa failed .Same will befall Vaustin too .What is gonna happen to her when that happens ? Will men ever take her seriously after that ? I doubt it .

  149. 149
    Haters Suck! Says:

    It’s been nearly two years when are you efron monkeys going to let this go and move on with your lives?

  150. 150
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @Haters Suck!: When Efron ‘comes out of the closet’ he’ll have a whole new fanbase of trannies.

  151. 151
    tina Says:

    Why in the HEL L are all Zac’s fans here? Really just listen to yourselves. You “think” this or that. You can tell by her”body language” and my favorite ‘walking down the street doing nothing (which is exactly what she is doing) when was last time she did that’ Right here wtf is she doing if not just walking down street. Do you really want to know why no candids of Zac because NO ONE (INCLUDING ME) WANTS TO SEE HIM BLOATED AND FALLING DOWN DRUNK. So we get pictures of her going to the gym remember when he used to go with her? He used to run where are the pictures of that? His people will parade him out when he has a picture to sell he will be cleaned up and looking less bloated.

  152. 152
    tina Says:

    A girl who has had two serious committed relationships imo is a better bargin than someone who sleeps with anything with a pulse. I hold my husbands hand whenever we walk together. If I don’t he asks if anything is wrong. He opens doors for me (my son’s do for their girls, also) not because their any ones slave but because they were brought up with manners. If your in a relationship and your boyfriend doesn’t want you to touch him, start looking for a new boyfriend. If he doesn’t want you to hold on to him in public, guess what he has told someone you not his gf. Vanessa has moved on, can’t you do the same ? I really wish Za well because with fans like you he needs it. She is happy, Austin is happy will it last forever? Who knows? But all your ragging on them will not help Zac, or effect their relationship.

  153. 153
    BOJI Says:

    Exactly, Tina. This I gotta agree with you. It sure is nice to have an attentive and gentlemanly Boo. If I had one like that I’d be most proud to show him off.

  154. 154
    Tyra Says:

    You guys, austin is a great boyfriend but i think she will look great with james franco. maybe when spring breakers come out they can start dating. They will look great together. wish it would happen.

    go JAMESSA

  155. 155
    Bo Says:

    A girl who’s had two serious relationships but has had them both failed ultimately in short of marriage in a course of few years is not as good bargain as you say .It indirectly implies that while she can keep relationships for long , she cannot keep them long enough .Such a girl , I doubt guys would think as good bargain .I don’t know why you went on to explaining the courtseys of your husband and your sons here .I see no reason .For your information ,I’m not in a relationship nor have ever been in one .

  156. 156
    tina Says:

    You really need help. If you consider 5years a short time,so be it. Last time I looked Austin and Vanessa were still in a relationship so how do you how long it will last? With that I am back to ignoring ignorance.

  157. 157
    Bo Says:

    ha ha ha , BOJI , ” if I had a such a boo ,I’d be most proud to show him off ” So you don’t have such a boo . Poor you .Now I know why you admire Austin this much .

  158. 158
    tina Says:

    Omg, All this advice from someone who has never been in a relationship. So we know everything she says about what a guy wants comes from her imagination. Poor deluded child. Please see a professional.

  159. 159
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Never had a relationship of any kind. Well theres a shock. Can’t honestly say I’m surprised.

  160. 160
    tt Says:

    Didn’t boji say she’s married? hmmm maybe she’s lieing.

  161. 161
    tina Says:

    @Boji yes I am very proud if my men (I have three sons). They also carry all my grocery bags in so I can go inside to put them up.I make sure they have all the things the need. For the one who haven’t experienced it that’s how a relation ship works. Give and take. You do for them they do for you.

  162. 162
    tt Says:

    Its kinda surprising that tina, maria and boji have said that they are women and are married and have grown up children.

    well they certainly have way too much time on their hands as busy mothers.
    Or maybe they are lieing and are three men ignored from the world jacking off every time her pics come out. thats why they love having her pics here everyday.

  163. 163
    Haters Suck! Says:

    What do you need your mother taking care of you all the time? I have a mother but she has raised me to take care of myself. I don’t need her doing everything for me.

  164. 164
    Bo Says:

    I said that the relationships failed during the course of few years , not the duration of her relationship is short .Read carefully before you reply .On the other hand , yes , 5 years is a short time considering that a man and a woman’s relationship should be a life long one .I don’t know exactly how long this relationship will last but this surely doesn’t strike to me as a ”really serious ” relationship on either parties .It looks more like a pr to me . Vanessa is an inborn fame w h o re .Being with Zac didn’t exactly help her fulfill her famew horing temptations to her desire as Zac was more of a private guy. Austin , on the other hand is quite the opposite and I bet loves it as it helps him to be known in the industry .Truthfully , he was barely even heard of before he got involved with Vanessa .So , I don’t think he would oppose to being continuosly papped and I don’t think he would ever want to treat Vanessa badly specially in front of paps .So basically he would always show all the courtseys in front of paps , like opening doors , pushing grocery carts etc etc , even if he doesn’t want to do them for her .

  165. 165
    BOJI Says:

    @tt, dearie, I happen to be in a fortunate position to while away my time on my iPad. Take it everywhere with me, technology allows me the freedom to use it as, where and when I please. Nice try but you’re way off the mark.
    And Miss Little Bo Peep is either a teenager or a spinster. Take your pick, never been in a relationship but acts like judge and jury and Missknowitall. Why am I not surprised that you are overly obsessed with the bedroom antics of this couple. You crave something that is not within your grasp, have grandiose ideas of what a good relationship should be. Yet, you seem to know what couples do behind closed doors. I think the lady doth protest too much, don’t you?

  166. 166
    lulu montini Says:

    It clearly shows that she is running this reletionship. he looks like her brother while she acts like she’s his boss. i wish so too that she date franco. not james maybe dave. don’t think james will go for a little girl unless he is desparate for fame like austin.

  167. 167
    BOJI Says:

    Bo Peep, you are nothing but a gasbag full of hot air. You give credence to the saying ” Empty Vessels make most sound” Comprehende?!

  168. 168
    Bo Says:

    It’s disillusional of all of you to think that you should be in a relationship to understand the nature of relationships or the nature of men .If you live in the society and if you blend with it enough , you’ll gather enough experiences for your life that will teach you enough of men and relationships.I don’t ,like some people give prominence to my heart or my temptations I rather use my brain when I confront such situations , which is why I’ve chosen to stay away from a relationship till I am prepared both mentally and physically to welcome a man in to my life . I know I have one perfect match and he is still out there .I’m gonna wait for him and when I meet him our relationship would end no where short of marriage .That’s the system here .And BOJI , you are the most disillusional person I’ve seen , .Just my one single comment about Pudgen’s p u ssy was enough for you to get in to this bizzare conclusion that I’m obsessed about s e x and bed rooms . lol ! I’ll tell you one thing , at this moment , I am most definitely not obsessed ’bout it .

  169. 169
    tina Says:

    I work everyday as do my spouse and children. What a mothers do is raise there children to be good adults so they have time to do what ever they want. Will your mother still be cleaning up after you at 21? If so I feel sorry for her and you.

  170. 170
    tina Says:

    Sb what mothers do. I’m on my tablet. I’m mobile it’s 2012 I can also multitask.

  171. 171
    Bo Says:

    BOJI , You give credence to the saying he who enjoyed delicious meals in a palace craved for a bulto in a poor shack .You are like that .You crave for a good , caring protective ”Boo” for your life which obviously isn’t ”within your grasp ”. I tell you, the thing you said above isn’t ”within my grasp ” is absolutely within my grasp , I bet I’d have a better time of it than you ever did . lol !

  172. 172
    tina Says:

    Bo gross talking (fithy mouth) little girl living in a fairy tale. Not what I would want for my sons.

  173. 173
    ehryle Says:

    This all stuff negative comments is non-sense and useless.. Vanessa herself is not affected whatever you used to say to her..coz for her, life must go on she will do her things and craft as long as she never hurt anybody!! FYI JJr site is exclusive on V post coz she is a top celeb here so deal with it and thanks for posting a lot of comment here we did it to make her on top secondly Zac! look on other site like eonline, x17, celebrity gossip and other celeb site they have there own top celeb but not V so your own list is not accurate just saying!

  174. 174
    ehryle Says:

    I mean your Fame w hore list is not accurate just saying!! lol go to other site if you are annoyed to see our top celeb everyday pic at least she just leaving her life normal and healthy not like others here bashing her and do negative comments here may be your the one need attention here on V’s post!!.

  175. 175
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @Bo: Your written discourse leaves little to the imagination, work on it because everything you write makes you appear like a petulant child. The assumption that living in today’s society will ‘teach’ you about men and relationships is quite premature, and unless you have published a Journal Article with solid research evidence then you should keep such speculative theories invisible. What would you prefer Vanessa do? Become a recluse?

  176. 176
    telle Says:

    peace out people… haters are such a babies i think some people will never growing up..i feel sorry for them they can’t see the beauty of life
    im a peaceful VANESSA hudgens’s fan +

  177. 177
    maria Says:

    It’s pretty disgraceful that someone with NO experience with men and relationships dares pass judgment, in addition to knowing NOTHING of our culture. Hate to tell ya, little girl BO, but a woman with 2 long term relationships is considered to be GOOD here. It means she CAN be in a relationship for a good length of time, instead of being a wh* re and sleeping around, like her ex. And every long relationship does NOT lead to marriage here, especially one that started so young. Your country lives in the dark ages. We in the US definitely encourage our young people to experience a few relationships before marriage. Doesn’t mean a person is damaged in any way just cause their relationship doesn’t end at the altar. Means they are smart to know something wasn’t right.

  178. 178
    maria Says:

    @tt: That’s a completely ridiculous comment. Yes, I am a mother of 3 grown children, and DO go on the internet when I get home from work. What? I’m chained to the kitchen and the laundry room and not allowed to go online?? Being mothers give us an experienced view of life, love, relationships, and people. We know teenagers and how they make mistakes, but know they deserve forgiveness for them. Vanessa has handled her mistake and adversity beautifully. Any mother would be proud of her. I have no respect for the self righteous morons who think they are perfect and that Vanessa deserves life long hate for something she did a long time ago. Shame on you. All I can say is you will get what’s coming to you for your hate.

  179. 179
    Bo Says:

    tina ,With all due respect Aunty ,but I’d never fall for a guy whose mother spends most of her day on a particular gossip site defending an actress who’s had numerous disgraceful scandals . It gives me an idea of your sons .I’d rather prefer a mother -in -law who likes a more respectable celeb or someone who spends lesser time on these sites .Your preferring Vanessa this much gives me an idea of what kind of a girl you want for your sons .I bet you’ll love her more if she’s had several self taken nude photos leaked on the net .

  180. 180
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @maria: Dark ages rotflmfao?!!&!?$@€%#<^

  181. 181
    maria Says:

    @Bo: Honey, I wouldn’t worry about what kind of mother in law you want, cause you are NEVER going to have one. No one would EVER want you for a daughter in law, with your trashy mouth and self righteous attitude. I certainly wouldn’t. And about who spends more time here? Give me a break. You have more posts on Vanessa’s threads than her fans, or any of us. You spend MORE time hating and spreading your perverse lies, than on supporting your little golden boy.

  182. 182
    Bo Says:

    Aunty maria , why are you doing the work of others .I gave that reply to Aunty tina , not you .About who spend more time here , I think you got it all wrong .Tina has 22 comments on this post over the course of 3 days .That , i believe is the highest no. of comments on this post by an individual person .What kind of a mother is she ? Anyway now I’m wondering why you cared to answer to this .Mmm , now this is a little suspicious , isn’t it ? .I am wondering…. whether these two mothers could actually be the same mother posting under two names . mmm … yeah ! highly suspicious .

  183. 183
    J Says:

    lol at haters going berserk and righteous on her thong-ed a s s pics, while forgetting that they drooled when zefron’s obviously bare a s s said hello to everyone in his hotel balcony #hypocrites

  184. 184
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. There’s your winner, pay the man Sally. I shoulda thought of that about 100 comments ago.

  185. 185
    Bo Says:

    Anne , So basically , you are saying we all are the same based on your absurd assumption . I though by the way you were saying this , that you are at least referring to some ”sources” like someone here . lol ! That person at least refer to some sources even though it’s questionable they are reliable .You aren’t even doing that .Go buy some tracking softwares , will you ,? So next time when you are making these type of statements , it won’t make you look a total dumbass !

  186. 186
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Who the hell are u talking to you psycho??? Anne’s not even on this page or this post.

  187. 187
    ehryle Says:

    Attention seeker are mostly the haters and basher on this post! Thanks to you guys you make Vanessa’s comment to the top good or bad its count.. BTW Chillax still Vanessa is the winner and she’s doing fine and great so live on that! She gonna be busy soon promoting her movie GS & FG..

  188. 188
    tina Says:

    What you fail to realize is there are a least two people under the name tina.

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